How To Update iOS With Jailbreak

And more users are thinking about jailbreaking every day, but since this is a “hack of clean water”, many are afraid to do it. It is worth noting that after jailbreaking the device receives many new features, causing interest among users. Jailbreak has both advantages and disadvantages, after reading which you can conclude whether it is worth hacking your gadget.

What is jailbreak?

One of the main functions of jailbreak is the ability to modify the functions of iOS, as well as the individualization of the interface of iPhone or iPad.

What is an iPhone or iPad for?. Benefits. Disadvantages

  1. Possible problems with downloaded applications. Since tweaks from Cydia are not licensed applications, but only copies, problems with the stability of their work are more common, and their use can lead to crashes of licensed applications that previously worked stably.
  2. Different tweaks. Different problems. After installing or removing any tweak downloaded from Cydia, the system remains with the system tweak cache (garbage), which will remain on the device forever, as well as cases of tweak incompatibility, due to which they do not work.
  3. Ios update issues. It is impossible to update iOS in a hacked device, and when the update is released, the jailbreak always crashes, which is why all downloaded tweaks from Cydia and interface changes are deleted.
  4. Depriving those. Apple developer support and warranties. If it is necessary to repair the device, the user will have to get rid of the jailbreak, and if you need to use the guarantee, the service center will be denied service.
  5. Security Apple devices with jailbreak. Hacking the gadget will expose it to virus infection, after which personal data may be lost, including information about payment options (bank card details).
  6. Battery autonomy reduced. The iOS operating system is closed for a reason, because Apple developers optimize the load on the system hardware in order to balance battery power consumption and maximize battery autonomy.
  7. Loss of call quality. Many users have noticed that jailbreak can affect the quality of communication during calls. These problems are manifested by frequent interruption of communication, and sometimes even distortion of the subscriber’s voice.
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Jailbreak types

An untethered jailbreak is done once and works until the next flashing. At the heart of this type of jailbreak are vulnerabilities that allow access to the file system during each gadget download without any other intervention.

An attached jailbreak grants a user access to the file system of Apple devices only until the device is first restarted or turned off. When you restart the gadget, there are often problems with its launch or the device will start, but some tweaks will stop working or disappear altogether.

Installation Instructions

Using computer

To jailbreak, the user needs to download the free Pangu 9 software. Before starting the hacking process, you need to:

  • Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version.
  • Back up data via iTunes or iCloud.
  • Disable screen protection with password and Touch ID (Settings Touch ID and password).
  • Turn off Find iPhone (Settings iCloud Find iPhone).
  • Activate Airplane Mode at the Control Center.
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How to jailbreak a walkthrough

  • After installing the Pangu 9 utility for Windows or Mac, follow the link http://en.Pangu.Io/, run it as administrator.
  • Connect your device to the computer and after determining the program of your gadget, click the “Start” button.

After a subsequent reboot of the gadget, the jailbreak process will be completed successfully, as indicated by the inscription “Jailbreak completed”.

Without the help of a computer

  1. Open these instructions in the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Follow the link itms-services: //? Action = download-manifest url = https: // and click “Install”.
  3. Wait for the PP application required to perform the jailbreak to download and install.
  4. Go to Settings General Device Management.

Do not respond to incoming notifications during jailbreak installation.

After all the steps, the jailbreak is installed, and without using a computer and Apple ID account information.

The main tweaks worth Jailbreak. How to delete on iPhone or iPad

Today, there is a special tool, thanks to which you can remove the jailbreak, while resetting all the settings to the factory settings and without using any flashing.

Before proceeding with the removal of the jailbreak, you must perform a series of actions, namely:

  • Create backup via iTunes, iCloud.
  • Connect your device to the Internet (optimally via Wi-Fi).
  • Charge your device by at least 20%.
  • Insert SIM card.
  • Verify that the device is tied to your Apple ID with the Find My iPhone feature (if enabled).

Instruction manual

  • First you need to go to Cydia.

Possible problems and solutions

Jailbreak problems are very common, but their solutions are very simple.

Error Error 0A (freezes at 45%)

This error appears during the jailbreak, while the utility freezes at 45-50%. To solve the problem, you need to connect your device to the computer, open iTunes (should be a fresh version) and find your gadget in the list. Then go to the “Backups” and uncheck the option “Encrypt iPhone backup”. After the steps taken, you must try to jailbreak again.

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Start button gray

If the “Start” button is gray and not clickable, this means that Pangu 9 does not allow the device to be jailbroken. For the Start button to become clickable, you must disconnect the device from the computer and install the latest version of iTunes and try again. If the latest version of iTunes is installed, but the “Start” button is still gray. Try starting iTunes as an administrator or reconnecting to the Internet.

Icon Cydia did not appear. Cydia not starting

There are times when the jailbreak was successful, there were no errors, Cydia appeared on the screen, but the attempt to open it ends immediately after clicking on the icon. To solve the problem, you need to reset the device to factory settings, and then update the firmware version (if there is an update). Further, it is recommended to create a backup or check for its presence, if it has already been created and try to run Cydia again.

How To Update iOS With Jailbreak

Is it worth the user to decide whether or not to jailbreak his device on the basis of all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. There are a lot of opportunities after jailbreaking, which is only worth setting up the device’s interface to your taste, but is it worth it to deprive your iPhone or iPad of warranty service. A question that more and more users of iOS gadgets are asked.