How to update google play services on Android

Not updated services Google Play. What to do

Apps downloaded from Google Play do not always run. In this case, the system requires the installation of special updates, which will restore the functionality of the software. How to update the services of Google Play, will be described in this article.

This error usually occurs on Meizu and Xiaomi phones. This notification has several reasons for occurrence:

  • Outdated Android OS version. Startup error often occurs after resetting the gadget to the factory settings. After performing this procedure, the phone gets the previous version of the operating system, which is not compatible with some applications;
  • Viral software. If the error appeared after downloading documents and files from the Internet, then a virus has penetrated the system, which blocked the work of the software. To fix the problem, it is recommended to download specialized software from Google Play and check your cell phone for malware;

List of Google Play services on an Android tablet

  • The user deliberately rejected the notification of the need to download updates. Google often sends such notifications, which are not recommended to ignore, in order not to update the software later.

Please note! Sometimes cleaning the device can not eliminate this problem. You should reset your settings if you are in this situation.

What is Google Play services?

Google Play services connect basic Google functions with other applications on your phone. They include service level and APIs, including location, maps, syncing, privacy settings, etc. Д. Many apps rely on Google Play services to work correctly. As a result, you cannot remove these services from your phone.

Unlike other Google apps, Google Play services do not appear in Play Store search results. Consequently, you may find it difficult to update them on your phone. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can update these services either from Play Store, or from other sources, as described below.

Errors in service software update and operation

There are several ways to fix the errors.

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Data loss

If the services have been updated, but they are working erratically or keep giving an error, you can try to solve the problem in the following way: open “Settings”, go to “Applications”, find Google Play Services in it and click on “Clear data”. After this action will remove all the information that the utility used previously, including error codes. To get back to work you will need to log in to Google again.

Sometimes even after a successful installation of the utility, some programs display the message “The application is not supported on your device”. Why it happens? The reason often lies in geographical dependence: many software developers select groups of users from certain countries or speaking a certain language as their target audience. To get around this problem, you need to download any VPN-client and select the server of the desired country.

Device OS version

Also connection failure often occurs due to outdated version of the firmware. In order to check whether there is an update available, you need to open the “Settings” menu and select the “System” line on your smartphone or tablet, go to the “System update” section in the list that will open, and press the “Check for updates” button. If there are any, you need to download the new firmware, install it, and then reboot your device.

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Checking for Android updates

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RPC:S-3 error

It is the most common among the system errors. In order to solve the problem, it is enough to delete the existing Google account, create a new one and link it to the phone.

Google Play services allow you to use the latest versions of applications, improve their functionality and performance. If you have an outdated version or if errors occur, you can update the service software in several ways. If for some reason this process does not happen automatically, it is recommended to update services via Play Market, and if the failure is caused by more serious circumstances. Reinstall the utility or download the file from a third-party source. Any of these methods won’t take much time and won’t be difficult even for a user far from modern technologies.

Error codes and their solutions

When loading or installing the application you usually get an error message with the code. Knowing this information you can easily fix the problem. Here are the most common errors and methods of their treatment.

Code Method of repair
505 Install third-party file manager and give it root rights. In the application, go to the system/priv-app/ and delete the folders GmsCore, Phonesky. After that, it is necessary to download and install Gapps
506 Stop and completely clear app data: Google Play Market, Google Framework and Google Services. Uncheck all active checkboxes in synchronization settings. Reboot your smartphone. Reactivate all the previously unchecked checkboxes. Reboot the device.
491 Remove any active Google account in your device settings and then reboot. Turn on the device and activate the remote account. Through the application settings, open “Google services and click on clear data, then stop the application.
413, 492 Clear Google Services data and stop the app. After that, delete the cache in the browser (in the default home one).
927 The error occurs during the installation of updates. It is necessary to wait for the completion of the installation. If the problem remains after that, you need to stop and clear the Google Services app data
941 Delete data and stop the Google Services app, then delete the cache via the Download Manager.

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, watch the video below. It shows everything clearly.

How to update Google Play Services on your Android phone?

As for Google Play services, they are updated automatically as soon as you are connected to the network (mobile or Wi-Fi). However, some users turn off automatic updates via Play Market, so you will have to update services manually.

Launch Play Market, select “My apps and games” in the menu.

Next is the “Updates” tab. Here you will see all the applications for which there are updates, including Google services, for example:

If you need to update a particular app, click on the “Update” button next to it.

It will download and update automatically.

Once an app is updated, it will disappear from the “Updates” section.

If you want to update all your apps at once, tap on the “Update All” button. This will update all the apps that have updates, including Google.

The update has started. Please note that applications are updated one by one.

For the future, it is recommended to enable automatic application updates. In settings it is necessary to choose a line “Automatic update of applications”.

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And select either “Any network” (if you have unlimited mobile internet), or “Only via Wi-Fi” if mobile traffic is charged.

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How to update on Android

This is done for free. In your smartphone, open: Next: Select: Next: Go to: If a fresh version is installed, the message will appear. If there are updates, you will see a message saying that a new version will be installed. Services will be updated automatically.

Use it if the above method did not work. To update without Play Market, you need an ARC file of the service. Download it on your PC and install it manually. Transfer it to your smartphone with a USB cable.

Download ARC file from trusted sources. Check it with antivirus before installing.

To update without Play Market Go to: https://www.Apkmirror.Com/APK/Google-inc/Google-Play-services/ to the download page. Do not use beta versions. There may be errors in it. It may be unstable. Once downloaded, install it as an app.

The main functions of Google Play services

All certified gadgets with the Android operating system have the official programs from Google. They interact with the search engine and provide stable work of the functions usual for the user.

  • Backups and data synchronization between all devices connected to the same account;
  • Automatic updates of installed tools and programs;
  • Display content focused on the needs of the owner of the smartphone or tablet;
  • Setting the power saving, navigation, interaction with the servers of the search giant.

The tools also affect third-party applications, such as activating geolocation and receiving Push notifications. All of the above functions will work properly only with regular updates.

Resetting Google Play services

This option is recommended only as a last resort. Reset settings will allow you to perform an update of Google services by one of the methods described above, or install an updated version at once. Additionally you will be able to get rid of errors that may occur in the service.

Following the instructions below will erase all the data and settings, and then the software from Google will be automatically updated to the latest version.

  • Open “Settings”. You can do this with the appropriate icon on the desktop or through the curtain in the case of “pure” Android.
  • Next, look for the “Apps” or “Apps and Notifications” section and switch to it.

Following these steps, “Google Play Services” will be reset to the original version that was installed on your smartphone by default. Updating to the current version should take place automatically if you have the appropriate settings enabled, or manually. In any case, the instructions discussed above will help you.

Fortunately, in most cases the updating of Google Play services occurs automatically. And yet, if such a need arises, this can easily be done manually.