How To Update Android On Smart Tv

Modern TVs with Smart technology today are close in their functional capabilities to personal computers. They provide the opportunity not only to watch cable, digital, satellite and analog TV shows with their output on a wide screen, but also connect to the Internet. Most models of the new type do not require additional devices for such a connection. Thus, with their help, you can watch TV shows, movies online directly from the sites, the sites themselves, connect to a laptop and TV.

Since Smart TVs go beyond the scope of a standard receiver, its software needs to be updated periodically, as it becomes outdated in any case. The main reasons why an update becomes necessary are:

Identification of errors in the TV;

The desire of the user to get new features and capabilities available after the update.

Before flashing the TV on your own, you need to consider that, most likely, all user settings will be reset, you cannot restore them, only configure everything again. In addition, one should soberly assess one’s strength, because due to improper firmware, the TV may be broken, and accordingly, the services of a specialist will become much more expensive. What else is important to keep in mind right away. in no case should you turn off the TV while the firmware is on.

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In automatic mode

Following a sequence of simple actions, there is no doubt that the performance of the TV will not be damaged. Haste and non-compliance with step-by-step operations, on the contrary, will lead to small or large problems that can cause a complete technical breakdown. Therefore, if something is not entirely clear in the instructions below, it is better to call a qualified craftsman.

There are only two ways to flash the device yourself. The choice depends on whether there is access to the Internet through the TV, whether there are traffic restrictions, what is the data transfer rate. If there is access, speed and traffic allow, it is most convenient to use the automatic update method. The standard sequence of actions includes:

Connect to an Internet TV (be it Wi-Fi or a cable connection);

Enter the settings menu through the remote control (Menu. Settings);

Go to the support tab;

Select item with software update;

After starting, the user does not need to do anything, just wait until the process is complete. If everything went well, the TV firmware is completed, the TV itself will turn off and then turn on.

How to Update Android On Smart TV

In manual mode

Before updating the firmware on the TV manually via USB, you need to use a personal computer or laptop. This method is relevant if automatic updating fails when, for example, the firmware has failed almost completely and a new one is required. Here you need a usb flash drive.

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To begin with, the user should specify the model of his TV (by looking at the sticker on the rear panel, by looking into the technical passport, by looking in the settings using the remote control). Next, you need to go from the computer to the official website of the company that is the manufacturer of the TV, go to the support section and select the update download tab. The model number is entered in the search bar, after which a list of available firmware appears on the monitor. It is important to consider if the device was previously regularly updated and updated, you need to choose the latest from the proposed options, if not, download all versions, from yours to the latest.

Next, you need to take a clean usb-drive (formatted or originally new), and copy the previously unzipped files onto it. Many Smart TV models start the so-called automatic update directly from the USB flash drive, as soon as it is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV. However, not always.

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Manual flash drive sequence:

If the automatic update from USB did not start, use the remote control to go to Menu. Support;

Next, select the item with the software update;

Activate and wait for the process to complete without turning off or touching anything.

The software is not updated very quickly, since the weight of the files is significant, therefore, if you have not previously interrogated the TV yourself, you should not panic because the process is slow. In the event that the device suddenly does not see the flash drive, it should be rebooted.