How to unlock the Samsung tablet if you forgot the password

How to remove the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. Instruction

Hello everyone who has entered the newly and constantly reading my blog! I want to tell you several ways to unlock the screen of your favorite tablet. Why exactly this topic? Because I myself often forget passwords, but this has long ceased to be a problem for me. It’s not so difficult to deal with this task. The main thing is not to use this knowledge on other people’s devices. I don’t want to teach you bad! So, how to unlock the tablet if you forgot the PIN code? There are several ways, and I will tell you about each of them in great detail. All of them will concern devices based on Android.

It is Google that is the father of the Android platform. Everyone who own devices on this operating room knows what a Google account is. Those who were not too lazy and registered on this service are big fellows. Why, you ask? Because it makes it possible to restore forgotten passwords through your email. That’s how just! How to do it?

  • Do not panic after five times the introduction of the wrong graphics password. Smile! Everything is fixable!
  • Wait for the appearance of the touch button “Forgot the graphic key?”And click on it
  • Enter e-mail and password from it in the field. Remember, Wi-Fi should be turned on
  • Successful authorization will give you the right to change the password or even remove the screen lock.

Through SMS

This option is one of the fast and simple, but will help only those who foresaw the situation with a random blocking of the gadget and installed the SMS Bypass application on it in advance, and also received the rights of a super.User (Root). Naturally, the device should be equipped with a SIM cards reading module.

So, how to unlock an Android planet using SMS Bypass if you forgot a graphic key?

  • Install the application from Google Play. It is not free, but costs only 450.99. For installation, you need access to the global network and an account in Google.
  • Provide the application full access to the device.
  • Install a secret code for resetting a graphic key in SMS Bypass (its default value is 1234). So that outsiders could not do this, it is advisable to come up with a more difficult code.
  • When blocking, send from another phone to the SIM card number of your SMS tablet with the text “Secret_Code Reset”. For example, “1234 Reset”. The graphic key will be dropped.

Additional PIN code or Google account-only for smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and below

After 5 incorrect attempts, the item “Additional PIN code” will appear. Click on it and enter a code of 4 digits that you indicated when you came up with a graphic key.

If you do not remember the PIN code, click on “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) And enter the email address and Google password. The same mail should be added on the device that you unlock.

If the buttons “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) No, then the Google account is not added on the device, use other methods.

If you do not remember the password, restore it through a special form and enter it on the device. If the password has not been restored, use other methods.

Find My Mobile

Using the service is possible if:

  • On PC open the service page.
  • Enter the mail data. Name and password (account added on a blocked device). Enter it. If the user does not remember the data, you can use the button located under the input line. “Find out my identifier”.

[2021] How to Unlock A SAMSUNG Tablet without Password? Forgot SAMSUNG Tablet Password/Pattern

How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung tablet

This method of remote removal of the block is possible only if the owner remembers his data from the Samsung account. The manufacturer took care of forgetting customers, creating a similar service that allows you to find, close or open access to the gadget.

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Teams for resetting a password through the Android Debug Bridge (Adb) tool:

Recovery. Special mode, you can get there in different ways, depends on the device itself. Ideally, there should be a box and a similar description for a particular tablet. If not, you can try standard ways:

  • Press the power button with a clamped volume key to increase
  • The same thing, only the volume key to reduce (-)
  • Set the Home button, additionally performing the actions of the first or second point

In the Recovery menu, go from one item to another you need to use the volume control buttons (up or down). To select the desired section click on the power button. To reset all the system settings, you need to select the WIPE DATA or Wipereset section and click YES if necessary. Some models may request confirmation of actions in this case, you need to choose a Factory Reset.

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Modern Android devices can give odds to any computer. Information stored on such a device may contain various bank accounts, wallets with an electronic form of money. Naturally, they must be protected by certain methods. The simplest is when a graphic password is entered for unlocking or ordinary, text. Troubles begin if you forgot the password from android and you can’t enter it. This can happen to any device. A tablet of prestigio, digma, or on any other. In this case, the question is acutely, how to unlock the tablet on Android if you forgot the password from it.

Methods of unlocking

If there were a variety in the market of mobile devices, now the “exotic” is a few percentages, the main part of the tablet market is divided:

  • Apple family devices are well.Known iPad; How to unlock iOS devices described in detail in this article.
  • Other manufacturers whose devices operate on the Android operating system.

If in the case of “apple” products, the unlocking procedure is sufficiently standard (you need to enter your iCloud account). Then tablets with a green robot on board have many features depending on the manufacturer, the version of the operating system, etc. D. However, you can still distinguish some main methods of unlocking tablets based on Android in cases if the password is forgotten. Consider these methods.

Unlocking using the Google account

It is no secret that the Android operating system is developed by the famous Google Internet Monster. If you managed to use your tablet at least a little, then you must have acquired a Google account, without which it is impossible to fully use the Play Market Android Applications store, Gmail mail, YouTube video service and many other online services. Among other things, Google account allows you to restore access to the tablet.

What exactly is required of you?

  • You need to enter the wrong graphic key five times. And it doesn’t matter if you will try to remember the real password at the same time (it is possible that for these five attempts you will remember it and the problem will be solved by itself) or just introduce an arbitrary key five times.
  • If the miracle did not happen, after the fifth attempt the screen will be blocked finally. But if you look closely, from the edge of the screen (usually at the bottom) there will be a proposal to restore access. For example, the inscription will appear: “Forgot a graphic key?”When you press it, you will be invited to enter the address of your Google mail and password from it. You need to enter an email address that was used on this device.
  • In case of successful authorization, the device will be unlocked, and you can enter a new password instead of the forgotten or cancel the lock of the device in general.

Full discharge

If other methods have not helped, you will have to move on to radical measures, the simplest of which is a complete reset (Hard Reset or Wipe).

Important! Hard Reset entails the complete removal of all data on the device. If the tablet contains important data, apply a more gentle method of unlocking or contact specialists.

Full reset of the tablet, return to factory settings:

  • Once again, we are finally convinced that there is no data on the tablet, the loss of which will be painful for us, because the operation is irreversible.
  • Run the recovery mode (Recovery Mode). The launch of this mode may differ in various devices, but usually requires the simultaneous pressing of all the hardware keys of the device (that is, the “living” keys on the case, and not the icons on the screen) and retention for some time.
  • After turning on the Recovery Mode in the menu that appears, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and confirm the action.
  • Reload the tablet.

“Call to a friend”

This method of unlocking the device is suitable for owners of tablets, the design of which provides for installing a SIM card. Typically, a SIM card in tablets is used to connect to the Internet through a mobile network, but no one interferes with the installation of the “phone” application and use the device as a large smartphone. Of course, it will be possible to use this method of unlocking only if you installed a telephone application before you blocked the device.

In this situation, the owners of tablets with operating systems of old versions are winning: the old versions of the Android are already able to “out of the box” have an installed telephone application. However, many modern tablets, for example, some Samsung models, provide the possibility of phone calls.


So, on your blocked tablet there is a SIM card (or at least the possibility of installing it) and an application that allows you to carry out and receive calls. We are doing this:

unlock, samsung, tablet, forgot
  • If there is no SIM card in the tablet, but the design involves its installation, you need to install any active SIM card, for example, from your phone.
  • Using any telephone (at least stationary), you need to call the phone number of the card at the moment in the tablet. We take a call (“remove the phone”) on the tablet, after which we turn the telephone application with the “Home” button on the screen or body of the device.
  • Everything! While you have a “pipe”, you have full access to your tablet and the possibility of canceling the blocking.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this opportunity to unlock the device on most modern devices on Android, since it allows you to easily bypass the protection of the found or stolen tablet. So this method is not suitable for everyone.

Password reset via PC

Another way to unlock the password on the tablet is to use the computer utility ADB. This method works only on condition that the device is included on USB debugging. We go to the PC in ADB Run, first connect the tablet to the laptop and make sure that the latter sees it. We pass through two menu items: Reboot. Reboot Recovery. The application drops the tablet settings and removes the lock password.

Recovery mode

Recovery is a special mode with which it is possible to reset all user settings and return the gadget to the state in which it was at the time of purchase in the store.

unlock, samsung, tablet, forgot

To enter the Recovery menu, connect your tablet to the computer. It is important to consider that a USB debugging parameter should be activated on the tablet.

Now download to your computer and react the special Adb Run program, run it.

In it, the transition to the Reboot parameter, then in Reboot Recovery.

Recovery mode is on most gadgets working on Android

There are real trifles. You just need to say goodbye to the/Data/System/Gesture file.Key, ruthlessly removing it. Remember that even such a removal process will be difficult if there is no file manager on the gadget, so the prof is sure to establish such an “assistant”.

By the way, some users actively recommend installing a special update that allows you to simply reset the password, completely removing the graphic key.

And also as an option that opens access to the gadget, you can consider the processing process. However, for this you need to have appropriate skills and knowledge, so it is better to use the services of service centers.

So, in order not to become a participant in such an unpleasant situation, it is important to come up with a password that cannot be forgotten. And if it happened, to use the recommendations described above, and solve the problem.