How To Unlock The Remote Control From The Tv

How To Unlock The Remote Control From The Tv

Televisions, despite the variety of brands, sizes and models, have one thing in common. each of them has a control panel. This small device allows us to comfortably and with all conveniences enjoy watching our favorite shows and television series. But sometimes, by chance, it may turn off due to a lock. We’ll tell you how to quickly solve this unpleasant problem.

How to unlock the remote control from the TV: universal methods

There are methods to return the device to working condition, common to all models, regardless of the manufacturer and other characteristics. If you still have the manual, then use the section that describes possible malfunctions and how to solve them. For a locked remote, this may be a special key combination. If you lose the instructions, you can search it on the Internet.

ATTENTION! Before using the methods below, make sure that the batteries (or batteries) are in good condition.

Options and button combinations that work on most devices:

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote control. Press and hold the power key, replacing the batteries.
  2. Continuous pressing any button for 10 seconds can help.
  3. Try to press “” and “P” at the same time. If the LED is continuously lit, then hold down the buttons and type the sequence: “Channel Plus” and “Menu” (or “Sound ” and “Menu”).
  4. While holding “P” and “plus”, you can apply the universal sequence, “1234”. Or it can be a combination of identical signs, for example “1111”.

IMPORTANT! These combinations must be completed with the “” key.

How to unlock TV brands of various brands

Depending on the manufacturer, methods for restoring the health of the device may vary.

Remotes Samsung Models

They have a special built-in “Hotel Mode”. It is useful when staying in hotels, but at home it can create a problem for the user. When activated, the device performs only one action. switching channels. To disable this mode, you must go to the work menu using the keyboard shortcut specified in the instructions. If there is no operating document, you can try the sequence:

REFERENCE! For models of European assembly, alternately press “STANDBY”, “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER”.

TV sets Philips and Sharp

Devices can be unlocked using universal 4-button combinations. Or we use one of the methods:

  • simultaneously press and hold the power key and “Vol.”;
  • or together stick to the “” button and adjust the sound.

An empty channel appears, from which there is an exit to parental control. Disabling the latter will unlock the remote control.

ATTENTION! Do not violate the specified dialing order. In all these cases, you should press the keys quickly, without delay between clicks.

The Philips remote can be unlocked using the TV. We bring the device to the television panel. At the same time we press and hold for 10 seconds the teletext keys (usually they are red and blue).

In case of failure, we de-energize the remote control (remove the batteries) and the TV. Then we turn them on again and make another attempt.

If after using all of the above manipulations the device did not recover, then contact the nearest service center for help, specialists will help you figure out the situation.