How to unlock the iPhone using an emergency call

The simplest ways to unlock iPhone

Users of popular smartphones from Apple often put a password on the gadget to increase the safety of a mobile device and avoid troubles. Theft, loss of a smartphone or just to protect their own data from people who can climb into the phone.

Despite the fact that the password consists of only several digits, it is often forgotten. In this case, the problem of unlocking iPhone (4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X) becomes relevant, since an ordinary user is unlikely to figure out how to remove the lock on his own. Of course, this is possible, but it is necessary to follow the instructions presented below.

Using an emergency call to activate iPhone

Emergency call function can be useful when activating iPhone without a SIM card. However, we do not recommend using an emergency call to activate your iPhone. If you think it’s good, you can do this:

When your iPhone appears an error “SIM card is not installed” on your iPhone, click the “Home” button to view emergency call options.

Phone unlock emergency call dial 1112110011#

Dial number 112 or 999 and immediately press the power on / off button to turn off the call when typing number.

A pop.Up window will appear on the screen, click the “cancellation” and complete the challenge. Your iPhone should be activated.

The success level of this method is not 100%. We recommend closing all operations as soon as someone answers the call. Since you call the emergency assistance number, this may lead to the fact that the police will penetrate your house. Please think twice before realizing this.

How to unlock the iPhone if Appleid is blocked and there is no check about buying

Article without excess water, only dry tips from the master of repair and unlocking Apple devices.

Do not try to drop, flash the device if you forgot data from Appleid. This method will not help you, since each Appleid identifier is in Apple base. You just get to block activation.

This article is suitable for those who forgot their username and password from Appleid, as well as for those who bought a blocked device from hand or from a store.

One. What types of locks exist:

-device for code-paralle, do not know the password from the screen and Appleid-if the device is tied to Appleid, and you remember the password from it, you can perform the firmware in iTunes or in 3utools. All data, in turn, will be deleted if you have not made a copy of the iCloud cloud.

-iPhone is blocked, connect to iTunes-you will receive such a message after 10 attempts to enter the wrong password.

ICLOUD LOCK or FIND My iPhone: ON. The device is tied to Appleid

ICLOUD STATUS: CLEAN. The device is not in loss mode

ICLOUD STATUS: LOST. Device in loss mode

Find My iPhone: OFF. The device is not tied to the Appleid account (you can flash or make a reset)

Blacklist Status: Lost or Stolen. A device on a black list, stolen or lost

SIM-LOCK: Locked-the device is tied to a cell operator (no network)

You can officially unlock the device only in these ways. There are no other analogues of complete official unlocking.

The check should be in excellent condition, not torn and necessarily the original from the store in which the device was bought. You can verify the store on the check on my site by ordering a paid report on the sales store and the activation date:

With the check you can safely call Apple support.

Numbers for other countries are on Apple website.

Be sure to say in support that the device is your. Not bought from hand, did not get from a relative or friend, but your. Claim that Appleid has been created for a long time, that you do not remember anything, and control questions were introduced at random. After contacting you, you will send a letter to download documents by mail. You download a photo of a check there and wait for a successful or unsuccessful answer within 30 days.

If there is no check, and also do not know where the device was purchased:

Learn the country of sales, shop, purchase date. You can do this on my site by ordering a device report:

Purchase Country: Russia. Sales Country

Sold by: Restore LLC. Sales store

Estimate Purchase Date: 20 Oct 2019. Buying date

With these data, you can contact the sales store and get a new purchase check, which you can subsequently contact Apple. For this method, it is recommended to attend a sales store with a box from the device so that all the remaining data that is not in the report is borrowed on the new check. If IMEI and serial number are not indicated in the check, then you can write them by hand directly on the check. But not all stores safely issue checks again.

-try to somehow hacking the device with the help of programs or physical intervention, having dismantled the device. These actions can be attracted to the breakdown of the device.

If none of the ways has helped you or has a different blocking status, trust your device to professionals:

This article does not call for nothing. Record and save passwords and answers to control questions. Never report your data from Appleid to scammers. When buying, carefully check the devices and reset directly on the spot.

How to unlock the iPhone using the recovery mode

This method will work even if you have never synchronized with iTunes and have not connected the function to find iPhone. When using it, both these devices and its password will be removed.

Connect the iPhone via USB to any computer and open itunes. 2. After that, you need to squeeze two buttons at the same time: “sleep mode” and “main”. Keep them for a long time, even when the device begins to reboot. You need to wait for the recovery window window. In the iPhone 7 and 7s, click two buttons: sleep and volume reduction. Keep them for the same time.

You will be offered to restore or update the phone. Select the recovery. The device may get out of the recovery mode, if the process is delayed, then repeat all the steps 3-4 times again.

At the end of the recovery, the password will drop.

Removing the iPhone lock through the “locator” (“Find iPhone”)

If your disposal has more than one iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch, on which the “Locator” function was activated and configured and, therefore, access to the location, is easiest to solve the task through the applied application on this device, performing it with its help resetting settings. Before starting the implementation of the instructions, it must be borne in mind that all data on a blocked device will be deleted.

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    Open the Locator application and go to the “device” tab.

Touch the point “Wipe this device”

Expect, while the iPhone is carried out on the parameter reset procedure, at the end of which you can configure it as a new one, authorized in Apple Idi. You can also restore data from a backup or transfer it from another device.


If the device was previously synchronized with iTunes, you can get around the lock precisely using this program installed on the computer.

In this case, iTunes can also be used for complete recovery, but the reset process can only be launched if the “Find iPhone” option is disabled on the phone itself.

unlock, iphone, using, emergency, call

Earlier, our website has already been covered in detail by the issue of discharge of the digital key using iTunes, so we strongly recommend that we study this article.

Iphone/iPhone locking types

SIM card lock is needed so that the phone is used only with a specific operator. In most cases, this is used in the United States, when the cost of the contract together with the phone is much less than a free phone. For a significant discount, up to a price of one dollar, you have to pay a ban on the use of SIM cards of other operators.

After the global renewal of the operating system to the 7th version, the visual components of the shell changed, and the option of minimizing the thefts of mobile technology appeared also. We are talking about the “Find iPhone” service, which does not imply reserve third parties. In the case of purchasing a used phone, if the initial owner sells it with the “Find iPhone” function on (not untied from his account). Then the gadget will be blocked for the new user.

For this reason, service centers that offer iPhone unlock services began to function, but only part of them really solve the problem. Apple technique is one of the most difficult and repairing the hardware of the smartphone can only be for those who have specialized tools and knowledge in this area. For all the security of the phone, the forgotten password is not a sign of the fact that it needs to be taken for repairs, since there are ways to unlock the iPhone/iPhone yourself, without even knowing the intricacies of the OS. [adsense1]

Frequently asked questions about how to unlock the disconnected iPhone

How to unlock the disconnected iPhone without itunes?

Icloud. This is another way to unlock the disconnected iPhone without iTunes. Of course, you can also try Fonelab iOS Unlocker. A third.Party IPhone password removal tool with one mouse click.

Is it possible to unlock the disconnected iPhone without a computer?

Yes. But your function “Find iPhone” should be turned on earlier. Then you can enter your iCloud account and remotely delete the password.

Iphone is disabled to connect to iTunes how to unlock?

unlock, iphone, using, emergency, call

If your device cannot connect to iTunes, you can try Fonelab iOS Unlocker. This will help you easily unlock the iPhone.

This is all about how to unlock the disconnected iPhone without iTunes, icloud or computer. We are sure that there will be the one that will satisfy your request. Why not download and try right now!

Fonelab allows you to translate iPhone / iPad / iPod from the DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphones, etc. D. In normal condition without loss of data.

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