How to unlock the iPhone if the button does not work

What to do if the “home” button in the iPhone does not work

The “Home” button in old iPhone models often breaks. If this happens with your smartphone, the easiest way will be immediately attributed it to the service. You may not even have to pay for repairs. If you bought your iPhone less than a year ago and did not fill it, the Apple warranty is still applying.

However, there are several ways to solve the problem if you cannot or do not want to contact the salon.

Unlock iPhone through iTunes

This method is suitable for those who remember the password from Apple ID. Provided that you start unlocking the phone in this way and you will not know the login and password, your phone will be blocked forever. Also, you will not be able to unlock it as you can unlock the iPhone through iTunes.

This method is suitable for those who want to know how to unlock the iPhone without knowing the password. Follow our instructions to restore access to the phone:

To introduce your iPhone 8 and further in the Recovery Mode, hold and release the Volume button.

Next, click and hold the volume button, before the Recovery Mode appears.

To translate the IPhone 7/7, plus into the Recovery Mode, turn off the phone, and then hold together and hold the switch button and volume until the recovery mode appears.

When entering the SE /iPhone 6s, click together and hold the shutdown button and the Home button. After the recovery mode appears, the buttons were released.

Itunes. This is a legal way to enable the iPhone turned off. In any case, follow the following actions to know how to unlock the iPhone using iTunes.

Now that your phone is in recovery mode, click the icon of your device in iTunes. Itunes will automatically find that something is wrong with your iPhone, and a pop-up window with recovery and updating parameters will appear.

Itunes will take some time to clean all the data on your device, including the password, and you can configure your iPhone as a new device and start using it again.

Note: Next, you need to download the necessary IOS version, in case of error 3004, then turn off all the browsers and put Internet Explorer with a default browser.

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To restore access to the iPhone by resetting software, you will need to enable DFU mode. Iphone 6/6s provides this function if you simultaneously press “Home” and “Turn On” within ten seconds. With iPhone 7 or 7 plus you need to do otherwise:

  • 01 connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  • 02 simultaneously reduce the volume and turn off the phone until it turns off.
  • 03 You will understand that you are in the mode when the Apple logo does not get on the screen.
  • 04 check the updates and start the phone recovery using pre.Downloaded firmware.

In order to restore access to the iPhone by resetting settings and firmware, you will need to enable DFU mode. Iphone 6 and 6s provides this function if you simultaneously press the “home” and “turning on” buttons within ten seconds. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 plus, then you need to do otherwise:

Effective methods of unlock iPhone without pressing the “home” button

How to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button? If the “Home” button on your iPhone does not work, for example, when switching to a new screen or damage to the iPhone, you need to enter the iPhone without a “home” button. Just learn more about 5 ways to unlock the iPhone without pressing the Home button from the article.

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Unlock the iPhone using Assistive Touch

Select the parameters common from the file on your iPhone. And then you can choose the availability of the option.

Find the AssistiveTouch parameter to switch the parameter to. This allows you to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button.

Open the AssistiveTouch menu by pressing the Virtual Home icon, and then click the device option and select the screen.

Turn on the supporting finger to open it to unlock the iPhone

Enter the parameters of the application on your iPhone and select the general opportunity to configure the fingerprint to unlock iPhone.

Click on accessibility option and select the main menu button to turn on the finger to open the option.

After that, you can just put your finger on your iPhone instead of unlocking the iPhone without the Home button.

How to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button through iTunes

Connect iPhone to iTunes using a USB cable. As soon as iTunes finds your device, you can click the icon to enter the menu list.

Click on the conclusion of the menu on the left side, you can choose the option back in the backup copies.

Just touch the restoration of the iPhone button to unlock the iPhone, and then you can unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button. (The “Home” button on the iPhone got stuck?)

How to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “Home” button via icloud

Go to the official ICLOD website and enter the iCloud account using your Apple ID and password. (Find other unlock iPhone online)

unlock, iphone, button, does, work

Press the Find My iPhone button and select the iPhone device from all devices.

After that, you can click the iPhone icon to unlock the iPhone without a remote press of the “home” button.

How to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button

What to do to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button in iOS 14 after several incorrect attempts? Wip password unlock Apeaksoft IOS allows you to remove the forgotten Apple ID to activate iPhone. It allows access to Apple ID and related functions and iCloud settings for several clicks.

Iphone Power Button Not Working! �� [HOW TO FIX ON/OFF BUTTON!]

Wipe the iPhone access code to enter the device blocked on the screen.

Remove the forgotten Apple ID to activate the iPhone as new.

Access to Apple ID and related functions and ICLOD settings.

Update the iPhone or iPad until the latest version of iOS without wires.

Connect your iPhone to a computer to a computer. Launch iOS Unlocker and select Passing Password to remove the IOS screen lock password before pressing the Start button.

After that, you can confirm the information on your iOS device. After that, you can confirm the information on your iPhone and press the Start button to continue loading the firmware package.

After you have completely loaded the firmware, click the button to unite the button to erase the access code from the screen. Then you need to enter 0000 to confirm the unlock iPhone without the “home” button.

Frequently asked questions about unlocking iPhone without pressing the “Home” button

Is it possible to slip to unlock the device instead of pressing the “Home” button in iOS 10?

Not. The slide unlock function is not available for iOS 10 and later versions. But if you just need to return this function back to the latest IOS version, you can make a jailbreak iPad or iPhone to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button.

How to easily fix the errors of unlock iPhone?

unlock, iphone, button, does, work

If you cannot press the “home” button to unlock the iPhone, which is associated with iOS or software, you can use the advantages of a multifunctional device. IOS recovery to correct the related problems.

What are the important tips for unlocking iPhone?

If you need to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “home” button, you should know that when removing the screen password, all your data will be removed. Ios can be updated to the latest version.

If you need to unlock the iPhone without pressing the “Home” button, you can choose the parameter “Auxiliary touch” or “Put your finger to open”. If you just need access to the iPhone, you can also drop the iPhone instead use a new password. As for the broken iPhone, Apeaksoft IOS Unlock should be a universal solution that you can take into account.

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How easy it is to unlock the iPhone with a non.Response screen

Conclusion How I can unlock the iPhone with a non.Response screen? This article provides several ways to unlock the iPhone if the screen stops responding to requests. They will definitely help you fix the problem with the response of the iPhone lock screen.

Recently, many iPhone users have reported that their device is blocked, the screen does not answer and hung up. They cannot enter an iPhone unlock password. Users who are faced with this problem usually use obsolete devices such as the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But some users say that the screen does not answer by chance. Regardless of the reason, access to the iPhone with an unresponsive screen. This is a problem that needs to be urgently solved.

“This morning my phone suddenly fell from my hand to the ground, and finally I got an iPhone with a broken screen. When I tried to unlock the screen password to access my contacts, I found that the screen did not react at all. No matter how I touch it. How to now remove a locked screen when there is no answer from the phone screen? “

“How to enter a password when the screen of my iPhone does not answer? I found that the screen of my iPhone 8 suddenly does not answer, I tried to perform a soft discharge, but it did not work. Now I cannot access my iPhone because it is impossible to enter the password for unlock on the screen “.

If you are faced with a similar problem and worry about unlocking the iPhone with a non.Response screen, here is an article to eliminate dislikes for unlocking the iPhone with a non.Response screen. If the touch screen of your iPhone does not react or does not work, we offered several working solutions. Both methods are simple, which allows you to unlock the lock screen when the iPhone touch screen does not work or does not work. So, let’s delve into the process of correcting the iPhone.

You better know about the unlock iPhone with a broken screen

Q1: how to unlock the off IPhone?

If your iPhone is disabled and you forgot the password, you can remove the iPhone from iCloud or restore it using iTunes. Or, if you want to quickly unlock the iPhone off with 100% success, you can choose Passfab iPhone Unlocker to understand how to unlock the iPhone phone. In addition, it is also useful software when you want to remove the Apple ID, go around the screen password and remove remote control.

Q2: Can I unlock my iPhone without itunes?

Of course you can. You can erase the data with the iPhone using iCloud if you turned on the “find iPhone” on your iPhone and you know the Apple ID and password on how to unlock the iPhone without a password associated with blocked iPhone. Just go into ICLOUD through any browser, select your device from the List “All Devices”, and then you can remotely erase the data from the iPhone. In addition, you can use Passfab iPhone Unlocker to unlock your iPhone without iTunes in a matter of minutes.

Q3: Can I unlock my iPhone with a voice?

Yva can use the voice control function to set the command and then enter the PIN code to unlock the iPhone.

What to do if the iPhone has turned on the “Find the Phone” function, and now it is blocked?

This situation is most dangerous. Suppose you bought the iPhone with your hands, and the last owner did not remove his attachment to the Apple ID.When trying to restore the phone, everything was blocked. In this case, it is better to contact the owner so that he still removes the lock. If this is not possible, you need to contact the Apple service center with a check or send documents for an electronics to the American office of the company through the official website.

In order not to be in an uncomfortable situation, when buying iPhone, we advise you to check if it is tied to ICLOD, this can be done on the site of the cloud system in the ActivationLock section. Checking is carried out by IMEI.

You can bypass the lock using Voice Over only on devices with the firmware version older than iOS 7.1 (on the top ten already stands iOS 12). But then the phone will not work with mobile networks.

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But such a function perfectly protects the owners from thief. With one click of the button, you can make the gadget absolutely useless for the robber.

How to unlock iPhone-IPad without pressing the Home button

In the previous instructions, we examined what to do with the iPhone 5 if it does not charge. You can read about this in this article.

In the firmware iOS 10, which appeared not so long ago on most devices from Apple, a function was introduced to significantly simplify the work of a phone or tablet on which the “Home” button is damaged or does not work.

This was not a radical change in the operating system, which Apple did not give much attention during the presentation of the new iOS, but it was able to fundamentally change the performance of the device and add a little comfort for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple has changed the method thanks to which we can unlock our gadgets. On iOS 10, you can unlock devices without pressing the “home”. This method is suitable for all Apple iPhone models, which have a fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Frankly, you probably get used to the new method of unlock iPhone soon. It is even more annoying when we believe that the iPhone 7 has a mechanical key “Home”. Apple programmed the gadget for vibration, which creates a feeling of the presence of a physical button.

The good news is that you can disable the requirement of pressing the “Home” button to unlock iPhone or iPad, it is very easy if you know where to look for a similar function in the settings.

To activate the unlock without pressing the home, activate the corresponding function in the smartphone settings, as shown in the images below.

In the section “Universal Access”, click “Home” and activate the function “Opening by putting a finger”.

From this moment, according to Apple, you can unlock the iPhone or iPad using only the fingerprint Touch ID, without the need to click on the Home button.

If you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

We advise you to use the hardened sapphire glass on the iPhone 7 from Banks. Glass has rounded edges along 3D technologies and increased strength, which will save the gadget display in the factory state.

People also ask

What should I do so that the iPhone does not turn off?

You should be more careful when entering a password. The best way to avoid all these bad opportunities. Remember your password carefully.

There are alternative methods for preventing the shutdown of iPhone.

You can use passwords, the length of which exceeds four digits, because for longer passwords, users should press more buttons before the device fails or you can save their password duplicate in case they lose them.

You can also use a complex password with a large number of characters, which is less likely to be entered by mistake. Otherwise, your iPhone will be disconnected. Iphone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock without loss, you need to erase your iPhone, which will delete all your data and settings, including password.

Can I unlock the iPhone off without loss?

Unfortunately, if you do not have a backup and your iPhone is blocked, there is no approved method of restoring your iPhone without destroying your data. You will need to load the iPhone into recovery mode, and then restore it using iTunes , or use the methods recommended in this article.

Does the IPhone password expire?

Use your password on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The password does not expire, since it is needed only for your education and understanding. Take precautions. How to reset the password on the iPhone if your company runs your phone, they can make you update your password every 60 or 90 days.

Is it possible to make a backup of data on my disconnected iPhone?

If your iPhone is disabled due to the fact that you have entered the wrong password too many times, but you have already synchronized the device with a computer, you can restore the iPhone disconnected using iTunes. Otherwise, you can use a professional third.Party tool to backup of the disconnected iPhone.