How to unlock the graphic key on the HighScreen phone

How to unlock the phone if you forgot the password, pin code or graphic key

The Smart Lock function automatically removes the lock from the screen when a certain condition is met. For example, if the device is at your home or is connected to it via Bluetooth another device.

You can use the function only if you activated it in advance and chose the condition for unlock. In this case, just do it. For example, if you indicate automatic unlocking when connecting a trusted Bluetooth device, activate the wireless module on both gadgets. When the connection occurs, you will get access to the phone without entering the PIN code, password or key.

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Firmware, Unlocking FRP Account and Hard Reset Irbis SP510

If Smart Lock has not been configured in advance or you cannot fulfill a given condition, then this method is not suitable.

Forgot a graphic key on how to unlock Android

Forgot a graphic key on how to unlock Android:

Когда телефон или планшет подключены к мобильной сети или Wi-Fi, чтобы убрать блокировку достаточно просто указать e-mail и пароль. To do this, enter the graphic key to the appearance of a warning window for blocking the device for 30 seconds 5 times.

The button “Forgot the Graphic Key will appear on the screen?”, Clicking on which you can enter your data and unlock the device. Starting with Android 5.0 In most firmware, such an opportunity was removed!

If you forgot the password from the account, you will have to restore it. Go to this page from a working gadget or PC.

FRP Google to Android 5, 5.1, 6, 7 (Highscreen Power Ice)

Please note that this method requires mandatory access to the Internet. Therefore, open the “curtain” by making a swipe down and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device will connect to the access point if it worked in this network earlier.

If you want to prevent (Androd has not yet been blocked)!

You need ROOT rights! What is ROOT, how to get and why, you can find out in a special section of our site. How to get a ROOT Rights.

Allow the use of Root rights to this application!

By default in the application special text 1234! If suddenly Android was blocked by a graphic key, send from any SMS phone to a blocked device with text

After that, android reboot, after loading, enter any graphic password! Android is unlocked!

How to remove a graphic key on htc

As well as in the previous case, you should charge the battery, and then press the buttons below, and in the menu that appears to select a reset to factory settings. Factory Reset. At the same time, the graphic key will be deleted, as well as all the data from the phone, t.E. He will come to a state of new (in terms of software). The phone should be turned off.

  • Htcwildfires. Click the sound down and the power button until the menu appears, select the reset to the factory settings, this will remove the graphic key and generally drop the phone.
  • Htconev, htconex, htcones. Click the Sound decrease button and power button. After the logo appears, release the buttons and using the volume buttons, select the phone reset point to the factory settings. Factory Reset, confirmation. Using the power button. After reset, you will receive an unlocked phone.

Using the second user

This method works only on devices with a Root-mounted Supersu application and at least two registered users. It is also important that Supersu should include a multi.User regime.

In order to remove the graphic key from android, you need:

Open the established utility and follow the path “/DATA/System/”.

Blocked phone call

It is clear that this option of unlocking the graphic key is not relevant for tablets. But it sometimes helps owners of smartphones. Its essence is to try to call yourself from another phone, then answer on your device. Next, you need to reset the call try to turn the application and go to the phone settings. If this turns out, then turn off the option in the screenshot blocking parameters.

When discharge of the battery, Android gives out a warning window, in which there are two buttons. “OK” and “BATTERY USE” or “more”.

Click on the latter. If you are lucky and managed to go into the phone settings. Turn off the lock and rejoice that it was so easy to remove the graphic password.

Utilities for resetting a graphic key file

If none of the above methods has approached the user who forgot the graphic key. How to unlock Android remains an urgent problem. In this case, you can apply the utilities installed in the memory of the device. But for their use on your smartphone there should be an option for Recovery Mode. In official phone models, it is by default. To go to this mode, you must hold the power button and the volume control key.

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After you are convinced that you have this option, using a computer, move an archive from one of the programs as a computer memory:

In recovery mode, install the program from the archive. In the first case, you will have to manually delete the key file yourself, and Gest utility does this work automatically. It is good in that the recovery of the smartphone occurs instantly. After installation, reboot the smartphone. Do not be surprised if the screen again appears to enter the key. Draw on the screen to unlock the smartphone.


If the user has forgotten the Android graphic key, but not one of the listed options for resetting it has come up, then it is necessary to completely roll back the device to the original state. This can be done using the recovery mode. You can launch the mode in different ways, most often for this, the combinations of the inclusion and volume keys are clamped. Before moving to the debugging menu, it is recommended to pull out a memory card and SIM out of the device.

A long list of options will appear in front of you. Of these, you need to choose a Wipe Data Reset. After you select this option, confirm your decision by the inclusion button. Wait until the phone is rebooted, and after turning on, enter your data from the Google account. All files synchronized with it will remain in place, and the applications will recover. The only thing you will lose is user files for which synchronization was not configured.

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What is the benefit?

The invention of such passwords is a fairly useful thing and can be useful in a wide variety of situations. For example, he will be able to prevent from unexpected unlocking a smartphone in a purse,. Will save from irrevocable and overly curious employees and comrades and, of course, save personal information when loss. Important: Write down the password, because many people rushed into memory, or simply without attaching much importance to their actions, they simply swing the password, not suspecting that they may face serious problems after.

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So, suppose the key is lost or forgotten.

To the fifth version of Android There was an opportunity to restore the password after five incorrects of the code, then the operating system asked to wait 30 seconds, after which the “forgotten password” appeared at the bottom of the display, by clicking on which, the system proposed to enter Gmail mail mail.Com and, accordingly, her password. If all the data is entered correctly, then you can drive a new graphic key and continue to use the smartphone in the same mode. If the mail data is also lost, then the restoration was possible through a complete reset to the factory settings, with the removal of all data.

However, in modern versions of the operating system (from 5 Android versions), on which the vast majority of smartphones produced after 2015-2016 work, such a scheme does not work.