How to unlock Samsung screen lock with drawing

How to unlock Samsung if you forgot the pattern key: all ways

This article will help unlock your smartphone or tablet if you forget your pin code, password or pattern.

If you remember your pin code, password or picture, but can’t remove the lock, read the article Can’t remove the password, pin code or picture from the lock screen.

If your device locks up after a data reset and asks for a Google account, read Samsung Galaxy locks up and asks for a Google account after a data reset.

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Find My Mobile service. Will delete your Pattern, Pin, Password, Fingerprint. Works via internet.

Additional pin code or Google account. Will delete only graphical key. Works only for Android 5.0 and below.

Data reset. Will remove the pattern key, pin code, password, fingerprint and clear the memory of the device.

Key Assignment

This is a type of password that doesn’t use letters or numbers, but a user-defined geometric shape. Setting a graphical code on Android is very simple. You need to select the “Settings”, “Security” and “Screen lock” options in sequence. When selecting the key, the user must draw a figure containing at least four dots. After that the code should be repeated, and the system will accept it. If you want to hide the password from outsiders, you can disable the “Show key” option.

As a result, when unlocking the device, the display will not show traces of your finger. Most often the default lock type is “Slider”. To gain access to the device, you only need to pull a finger on a certain area of the display.

In the latest firmware, there are several kinds of passwords:

To disable the graphics key, you need to enter the appropriate menu in the settings, and then select the option “Security”. After that, you need to click on “Lock screen” and enter the existing code. Then you can choose a new way to lock the display or not use this feature.

How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy main screen

Samsung Galaxy

Hi! Here’s info-effect.Ru. Today you will learn how to unlock the home screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Many people have probably encountered this problem, when you try to delete or move something from the home screen, a notification appears: Home screen layout is locked. How to disable this lock? It’s very simple and very fast. See the instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Let’s go to !

See, there are two ways to disable this option.

1 way. Open the home screen and click on any empty space and hold down.

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Then at the bottom right, click on the Screen Settings tab.

2 way. On your home screen, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

Next, click on the Home screen tab.

Conclusion. Path 1 and 2 will take you to the Lock Home Screen option. This option should be disabled, then your problem will be solved.

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I bought a new Galaxy A10 s phone and immediately bought a phone book case, now I can not turn on the phone with the ON. The side button before using, before this J2 prime was ON on the front panel and everything was fine. Now the agony of turning on this A10 s, even if you throw it in the trash and so QUESTION.How else can you control from the front of the panel, just don’t suggest fingerprint and face?

Special programs for unlocking

There are many third party programs that are used to unlock phones. Each of them has peculiarities of use.

Samsung Galaxy A11 Reset password, pin. Pattern. Locked screen, hard reset

Using ADB

You need a computer and ADB Run preinstalled on it to implement this method. Its main function is to ensure the interaction of two devices. You can use it to reset your settings to factory defaults or simply remove the password from your locked Samsung.

For your information!

When downloading the software, take into account the model and type of smartphone, because each device has a unique version of the utility.

Samsung Find my mobile

Reset the password using official Find my mobile service without losing personal data. But this method is suitable for users who have previously been activated in the Samsung service and have an account.

  • On the official page of the application, enter the e-mail address that is connected to the account.
  • Choose the smartphone from the proposed list.
  • In the list of possible operations find “”, in the list that opens click on “Unlock my device.
  • Confirm the selected action to start the unlocking.

After opening access the user sets a new protection.


A special program that helps unlock the Android smartphone if the user has forgotten the Samsung password. Download the product from the official website of the application. After installation, perform simple steps.

  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Open the application.
  • Select “Manage Android Lock screens”.
  • In the section responsible for data recovery choose the “Reset password” procedure.

If the procedure is done correctly, nothing will be deleted except the pin code or the graphic key. All personal data remains intact.

To note!

Samsung A6 A605G Hard Reset And Lock Reset New Way 2019

Incorrect manipulations lead to the fact that instead of resetting the password users select the restore to the factory settings, and this leads to a total erasure of internal memory.

How to cancel lock using “Screen timeout” function

This option allows you not to enter the security code to unlock your Samsung phone, keeping your personal information protected.

  • In the menu that appears, you need to find ” Screen timeout “. There are several time periods, from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The best solution would be to put 1-2.

The device will not enter lock mode for the specified time or until you manually turn it off. If your device’s display is off, you still need the password.

How to remove the PIN code from your Samsung Galaxy Android phone

Samsung Galaxy

Hi, today you will learn how to remove the PIN code from your Samsung Galaxy Android phone. The pin code is designed to protect your smartphone. When you turn on the screen, you are asked to enter a four-digit code. Without the code, you won’t be able to access the phone and its data. If you don’t need this feature, you can disable the PIN code on Samsung Galaxy any model A, S, M, J, Note, Z Flip, Fold. Watch the instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions.

On the home screen, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

In the settings, click on the Lock Screen tab.

Next, click on the screen lock type tab here.

In the window that opens, click on the tab Delete data.

Please note, using fingerprints for phone unlocking and identity verification in applications will not be possible. If you want to use the unprotected type of lock screen, it is recommended to remove your fingerprints, if they are not password-protected.

Confirm the action in the window that appears, and press Delete.

All done, you’ve disabled the screen lock on your smartphone. Now you can turn on your phone without entering a pin code.

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Variety of lock screens

There are many ways to protect your Android device. The most effective of these is considered the method of locking the display. Modern devices have a choice of how to protect personal data from getting to unauthorized people. In this case, the user can determine the desired degree of protection.

The human being is a surprising creature of nature. He can remember the most complex formulas and perform calculations in his mind, but forget the necessary passwords. This is quite a common problem, so there have been a few effective ways to deal with it. In order to unlock the Android, you need to use one of the methods.

Through a Google account

This is the easiest way to remove the lock, but it requires certain conditions. In order to use it, you need to have a Google account and always have mobile Internet or Wi-Fi on.

The procedure for unlocking:

  • Any password or graphic key is entered until the display shows the thirty-second gadget locking.
  • After that the “Forgot your password” button will be displayed?”.
  • Clicking on it will redirect you to the Google account.
  • There you need to enter your email and a valid password.
  • Once the action is confirmed and the account is logged in, the screen is automatically unlocked.

This way works only for those gadgets that have an older version of Android installed. Starting with Android 5.0, such a possibility of unlocking the display has been eliminated.

Using the ADB program

This way can be performed only after the device is connected to your PC via USB. The name of the program ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It has several useful functions, including password removal. In order to use it, you need to turn on the USB debugging on your gadget. The function is set by default or activated when the device is connected to the computer.

Sequence of Operations:

  • ADB is part of the Android SDK, so you have to download it first.
  • Once this is done, the smartphone or tablet is connected to the computer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and find the ADB program.
  • Then open a command line. To run it, click on the “Start” menu and select “Run”.
  • In the window that opens enter the “cmd” combination of characters.
  • After pressing the enter key, write the path to the folder containing the Android Debug Bridge program.
  • In the line that appears, type: cd /data/data/com.Android.On.Settings/databases.
  • Press Enter and reload the gadget.

Reset to factory settings

This easy way allows you to quickly unlock the screen of your device. However, this has a significant disadvantage. All the information contained in the internal memory of the gadget will be erased. In this case, the files stored on the SD-card will remain in their original form.

To unlock the card, do the following

  • The first thing to do is to press and hold down a certain combination of buttons. This combination will be different for each tablet and smartphone. The most frequently used combination of the volume key and the power button. In some cases, the combination can be complemented by the “Home” button.
  • After that the device will enter Recovery Mode. Any action can be performed using the volume keys (move up and down) and the power button (confirm selection). In some modern models the Recovery Mode can be controlled with the sensor.
  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset” menu item.
  • Confirm the action in the window that appears. To do this, press “Yes-delete all user data”.
  • Data deletion process will start and after it is finished you will have to press “Reboot system now”.
  • The device will reboot and all settings will be reset to defaults.

Delete files

This unlocking method is available only for devices which owners have administrator rights and have Aroma file manager loaded. The method is based on finding and deleting files that store information about set passwords and picture keys.

  • In order to remove the screen lock on Android, you need to disconnect your device.
  • Then press the standard key combination and enter Recovery Mode.
  • In the menu that opens select “Install zip”.
  • In the next section select “Choose zip from/sdcard”.
  • Put the cursor on the line with Aroma file manager and open it.
  • In it find the folder “data” and the subfolder “system”.
  • In it look for and delete the following files: gesture. Key, password. Key, locksettings. Db-shm, locksettings. Db-wal, locksettings. Db.
  • After this procedure it is necessary to restart the gadget.

In the mobile service

Google has created a special mobile service “Find Your Device” which has the ability to reset all the settings of your gadget. This application allows you to unlock the phone display and allows you to set a new password. Only works if the device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

To remove the lock is the following way:

unlock, samsung, screen, lock
  • From any other device you need to enter the “Find device” service page on the Internet.
  • After authorization procedure you will be redirected to the Google map.
  • Then an automatic search for the location of the gadget will start. The last place you entered the Internet will be the same as the last place you went to.
  • Once the device is found, it will be possible to select one of the options.
  • Select the “Erase data” function and confirm the action by clicking again on the same link.
  • In the window that appears, press the “Clear” button.

What else to try

If none of the listed methods helped to solve the problem, address to the specialized forums, where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Applying to the service is usually considered the last resort to solve problems with unlocking. But few users know that they can count on fast, professional help when they show documents for the phone and receipts from the outlet that sold it. In certain cases, the work is done for free.