How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Password

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Password

I forgot my Samsung Galaxy password (Pattern / PIN). This is the most popular issue you can hear from many people. Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones that offers a wide range of features. These exotic Samsung device features allow users to do just about anything they really want. How to reset Samsung if you forgot your password?

But problems arise when some adverse conditions occur and lead to undesirable results. For example, forgetting the Samsung Galaxy password of your phone (Pattern / PIN). Currently, there are many users who are looking for an effective way to unlock their Samsung Galaxy password.

For different Android phones, methods for bypassing a forgotten password are different, see all Samsung unlock methods.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy password to factory settings?

Have you forgot your Samsung Galaxy password? Actually forgetting your screen lock password is a common thing. There are many ways to help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy password, pattern, and any other PIN codes on your smartphone. All you have to do is just follow these simple methods to unlock Samsung Galaxy. Hard reset is one of the main effective and quick ways to unlock a Samsung smartphone.

If your smartphone is very slow, it lags, and also does not respond well to tapping. You can’t remember the Samsung Galaxy password of your phone, then this method is for you. If you encounter a big problem when accessing factory data. By resetting the alternatives, you can also perform a quick reboot on your Samsung smartphone. Just follow the methods below to quickly reset your device.

Method 1:

There are many people who suffer from problems, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy password? So, for your help, just follow this step when your Samsung smartphone is turned off, then gently press and hold the volume down and volume up keys at the same time. After that, hold down the power key until you see the test screen, it usually takes 13-18 seconds. When you see the test screen, simply press the volume down button to easily navigate through the parameters. Until you see the option data cleaning / factory reset, and then just press the power key to select this option.

Method 2:

The second way to recover your forgotten Samsung Galaxy password is to simply unplug your phone. Then press the volume down button, then release the power button, but hold down the volume down button for about 8-14 seconds. When you see some additional options appearing on the screens of your device, you can easily go to the next step. Press the low volume key to easily navigate through all parameters until you find the reset option, usually showing the factory reset option. Just press the power key to complete this process.

Method 3:

When your device is turned off, press the home button with the power button. When the home key appears on the Android recovery screen, press the volume up and down button. Remember that you must simultaneously press these two buttons. When you are on the screen of the Android recovery system. You must press all the keys and then press the volume down button to go to the option to reset and clear data. Once you find it, just press the power button to start this process.

Method 4:

To perform a factory reboot using this method, simply turn off the device. Then press the home key and slowly release the power button while continuing to press the home key. Select a search key using the Android screen recovery system. Press factory reset / erase data and select OK using the power button. Select Yes and delete all user data. Now it will reboot your device, and the factory reset process will be performed on your device.

Unlocking your Samsung phone with factory settings is not ideal, as it will erase all your data on your phone. Although dr.fone is one of the best tools you can use to get your forgotten Samsung Galaxy password. This will not lead to data loss when unlocking your Samsung phone, it is safer, easier, no matter what media, etc.

How to unlock samsung phone with google account?

  1. If you enter the wrong Samsung Galaxy password, pattern, PIN or fingerprint. After about 20 seconds on the lock screen, you will be prompted to enter your Google account credentials, which will unlock the phone.
  2. If you use 2-step verification, you need to visit the Google security site on your computer and create a one-time password to log into your phone.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know the password for your Google account, you are unlucky to try other methods.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy via Samsung Find My Mobile?

Alternatively, Samsung also has its own remote device management service. Among many other things, it can also unlock your phone.

  1. You will need to register a Samsung account the first time you set up your device for this.
  2. Visit the Samsung Find My Mobile website ( in your browser and log in with the credentials of your Samsung account.
  3. Click “Unlock my deviceOn the left sidebar.

Your phone will connect to the website and unlock.

Set password easier

As soon as you recover your password, you will want to make sure that your next unlock code is a little easier to remember.

  1. Scroll down at the top of the screen to remove the notification tray.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings.
  3. Click Block and Security.
  4. Click “Lock Screen Type” at the top and select a new unlock style. View your fingerprint for convenience and security.