How to Unlock Phone Without Huawei Password

Installing new firmware

How to Unlock Phone Without Huawei Password

If a simple recovery does not help, you should try using Hard Reset.

Unlock iPhone via iCloud

After 9 incorrect attempts to enter the password, iOS will lock the smartphone to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data. You can unlock your phone using iCloud.

Important: This option works if the user knows his Apple ID, remembers additional mail and answers to security questions. You will also need access to the Internet via a PC or another smartphone.

Unlocking via iCloud will be successful if the “Find My Phone” option is enabled on the iPhone and there is a backup.

Algorithm of actions in this situation:

  • go to;
  • enter your Apple ID;
  • go to “All devices” and select the desired gadget;
  • select the sub-item “Erase”.

iPhone will work without a password, but there will be no data on it. The backup will return everything that was on the smartphone in less than half an hour. It is installed via iTunes.

How to Unlock iPhone: 5 Ways to Unlock iPhone if Password Forgotten

Cupertinos help Apple every year to justify its status as a tech giant that carefully cares about its customers’ data. For several years they have been working with biometric authentication methods. fingerprints and FaceID. But what to do if, for some reason, it is impossible to use them, and the password was successfully forgotten? About legal methods of unlocking iPhone. further in the article.

Resetting the counter of invalid attempts

The method allows you to remember the password an unlimited number of times. If after the Nth attempt the iPhone is locked, it is temporary. You just need to reset the attempts counter and everything will work again.

The method is intended for phones older than iPhone X, which do not have the ability to use FaceID to unlock. You will need:

  • Connect your smartphone via a cord to your PC with iTunes enabled.
  • Go to the “Devices” submenu and select the “Synchronize with” sub-item.
  • The counter will now reset to zero. It is enough to enter the desired combination. and the smartphone will work.

Important! It is impossible to reset the counter via Hard Reset! You need to remember your password, otherwise your smartphone will turn into a brick. Also, it will not work to connect it to someone else’s PC, since for this you need to confirm the connection. And this cannot be done due to the locked screen.

Recovery mode

The method is suitable for those who know their username and password in Apple ID. By unlocking without this information with Find My Phone enabled, it’s easy to turn your iPhone into a brick. Service centers won’t save him.

  • Disconnect smartphone and connect it to PC.
  • Launch iTunes on a PC or laptop. Click “Restore iPhone”. On devices with macOS Catalina 10.15 and earlier, just open Finder.
  • Check for updates and follow all subsequent instructions.
  • On the next screen, select “Restore”. The smartphone will delete all data stored on it.
  • Now you should wait until the current firmware is installed. It remains to set it up like a new phone.

Important: On some iPhones, after the procedure, error 3004 is displayed (it was not possible to restore the iPhone). Don’t worry, everything is fixable! To fix it, just exit all browsers and install Internet Explorer by default.

If the firmware was downloaded in advance, then when you click on “Restore iPhone” in iTunes, you need to hold down Shift. As a result, a window will appear to enter the path to the desired file.

Special programs (jailbreak only)

If there is a jailbreak on a locked phone, then the above methods will not work. They are created to install firmware from the manufacturer on a clean smartphone. This Unlock is not suitable for this phone, since there is already an unofficial firmware.

To unlock a Jailbreak device without a password, you need to download the Semi-Restore application to your computer. It won’t work if the iPhone is without OpenSSH and Cydia. They are? Great, then everything will go smoothly.

After that, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Download the application on a PC (e.g. DELL Inspiron 3582 or MacBook Pro 15).
  • Connect mobile phone via cord.
  • Turn on the application and click on the SemiRestore icon, after which the iPhone will clear.
  • Wait for the reboot and download data from the cloud back.

No need to worry if you forgot your iPhone passcode, and you can’t log in via FaceID or fingerprints. You can fix everything using the algorithms and instructions suggested above.

Unlocking Honor Smartphone by Factory Restore

The radical solution to how to unlock Honor 7a is to factory reset the phone. It should be noted that in this case, all data and user settings will be deleted from the device. To use this option, follow the steps below.

  • Turn off your Honor phone.
  • Hold down the power and volume up buttons to enter recovery mode. When the logo appears, release the power button. Leave the volume up button pressed until the recovery mode menu appears.

Use the power, volume up and down buttons (and in newer versions of EMUI. by touching the screen), select “wipe data / factory reset” (“wipe data / reset to factory settings”).

  • Confirm your decision by clicking on the “Yes” option.
  • Wait for the process to complete and then select the “reboot system now” option in the main menu.
  • After restarting the phone, the password will be deleted, and you can set a new password or use the phone without it.
  • How to remove the lock on Honor

    Starting with Android 5.0, smartphones have a Smart Lock function that allows you to leave the device unlocked or unlock it in user-defined conditions. For example, you can set up “smart unlocking” on your device in case of physical contact with you (when the phone is in your hand or bag); in the places indicated by you, determined by the device using geolocation; surrounded by trusted devices connected to the phone via Bluetooth or NFC; when the front camera detects your face or recognizes your voice. Thus, if you do not know how to unlock Honor 7, but the Smart Lock function is activated on it, just use the option you have configured to unlock your smartphone without entering a password. To enable this function, follow these steps (you should, of course, do this before losing your password).

    • On your Honor phone, go to Settings. Select the “Security” section (or “Protection and location”, and then “Security”) and then “Screen lock”.
    • Set up a screen lock (except Swipe), and then at the bottom of the section, select the Trust Agents menu. Here enable the “Smart Lock” option.

    Return to the “Security” section, select the “Smart Lock” menu and set up the auto unlock option you need.

    How to unblock Honor via Google account

      Enter the wrong combination on the lock screen of your Honor phone several times. Next to the “Emergency Call” option, another “Forgot Pattern?” Option will appear. Click on it.

    In the window that appears, enter your Google account information: login (email address) and password. In this case, the e-mail address is registered only up to the @ sign. Also, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet.

  • After successfully logging into your account, set a new device lock password in the settings.
  • You can then use the new password to unlock your Honor phone.
  • How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password?

    The password set on the phone lock screen is an integral feature of any modern gadget, including Honor phones. After all, this protection measure allows device owners to maintain the confidentiality of the data stored on the smartphone. But what if the user suddenly forgot the password for his own phone? Fortunately for you, if you find yourself in a similar situation, there are methods to bypass the screen lock. So, let’s see how to unlock Honor 7/8/9/10 if you forgot your password.

    How to unlock your Honor phone using the best program

    Perhaps the easiest option would be to use a specialized program to remove screen lock on Android devices. 4uKey for Android. The advantages of this method are high efficiency, the absence of the need for complex operations (the program itself will perform all the actions necessary to achieve the desired result) and efficiency: you only need a few minutes to unlock your Honor phone.

    Follow the steps below to unlock your Honor phone quickly and easily using the software.

    Download the installation file for the program and install it on your PC. Then open the program by double clicking on its icon on the computer desktop and connect the locked Honor phone to the PC with a USB cable.

    After the program automatically detects your smartphone, click on the “Delete” option on the screen.

    When prompted to delete all data stored on the phone, select “OK”. Wait until the process is complete, after which you will again have access to your smartphone. If you previously created copies of phone files on other media, now you can copy them back to the device.

    Thus, if you find that you have forgotten the password for accessing your Honor 7/8/9/10 phone, do not worry ahead of time. read our article from which you can learn about 4 different effective ways to unlock your Honor smartphone. One of them is guaranteed to help you in this situation. If you don’t have time to read the article, just download and run the 4uKey for Android program, and in a few minutes you will have an unlocked Honor in your hands.!

    2020-06-18 Update / Update for Unlock Android Phone

    How to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot your PIN

    If you have forgotten the screen lock password on your smartphone, the first solution that comes to your mind is, of course, restoring your phone to factory settings. This method removes all user data and settings, including the screen lock. Thus, you can return the device to its original state (and therefore unlocked) and again freely use it. However, many phone owners hope that there is a way that will solve this problem without resorting to the destruction of files, sometimes very valuable to the user. We hasten to please you. there really is such a way, and not one! It will not work in all situations, but, in any case, the choice of method depends only on you. Later in our article, we will take a look at some of the best solutions to remove screen lock on Huawei phone; some of which still provide for the deletion of phone data, and some allow you to save it.

    Change lock password through Google account

    Provided you have Android 4.4 or higher installed on your Huawei phone, you can unlock your device using your Google account. Please note that it is a prerequisite to use this method that you know your Google account details that you use on this Huawei phone. A big plus of this option is the fact that after unlocking the phone, all data stored on it will be saved unchanged, as well as the user settings of the device. In addition, this method does not require access to additional software and investment of funds.

    If you want to know how to unlock Huawei p20 Lite using this method, read the detailed description of the steps you need to take below.

      Enter an arbitrary password on your device several times, and then click on the appeared inscription “Forgot pattern”.

    Next, enter your Google account details: username (i.e., email address) and password.

  • After successfully logging into your account, set a new device lock password.
  • Now use the new password / pin / pattern to unlock your phone.
  • Using ADB to Remove Password on Huawei

    If you can’t remember the exact details of your Google account, but really want to take back control of your phone, try unlocking it using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) utility. This method, however, is only suitable for those who have some knowledge of information technology. Below is an instruction on how to use this utility to unlock Huawei smartphone without password.

    • Connect your phone to PC with a USB cable.
    • Open a browser on your PC, go to the page and download the ADB utility from it.
    • Run the installation and download all required packages to your computer.

    Open a command prompt window and type adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key and then press the Enter key.

  • Reboot your Huawei phone, then enter an arbitrary key. The device will be successfully unlocked.
  • Unlock with Find My Device

    If you do not know how to unlock a Huawei phone, the pin code from which you cannot remember, but, as in the previous case, you know the details of your Google account, then you can use the very convenient Google Find My Device function. In this case, your data will be deleted, but later you can restore it from a Google backup (if available).

    To use Find My Device to unlock your Huawei phone, follow these steps.

    • On any other device available to you (phone, tablet, computer) go to
    • To enter your account, enter the login and password of your Google account.
    • In the list of devices associated with this account (if there are more than one), select the locked Huawei phone.

    Select “Block” from the three available options.

  • Enter your temporary password and click on “Block” again.
  • Now use this password on your Huawei phone. After you get access to it again, set a new lock screen password or use the device without it.
  • How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Password

    Almost all modern smartphones have a screen lock password. The lock type can be anything depending on the personal preferences of the device owner: an alphabetic password, a digital pin code, a pattern or even a fingerprint. This measure is intended, first of all, in order to protect your personal data from being viewed by third parties. However, we are all human and often forget even the combinations we use every day. In case you forgot the unlock password for your Huawei smartphone, it becomes extremely important to regain control over your device. In our article, we will analyze in detail what can be done for you, as a phone owner, in such a situation. to find out the most effective and prompt solutions.

    Best Way to Unlock Huawei Phone without Password

    Let’s start with the most optimal option. referring to a professional program to remove the screen lock password on Android devices. 4uKey for Android. This method, firstly, is characterized by high efficiency of the result, that is, using this program you can easily unlock your smartphone. Secondly, you can do it in an extremely short time and without any special efforts. You will not need any additional knowledge or instructions, the program itself will show you further actions using the interface buttons.

    Why choose this program:

    • The result will not be long in coming: your phone will be unlocked in just a few minutes, and you will need to complete just three simple steps.
    • This program supports 99% of Android devices, which means that it can be useful if you have devices from another manufacturer or in the future when you change your phone to a device of another brand.
    • You don’t need to remember your Google account information to unlock your phone.
    • The process of unlocking your smartphone using this program is absolutely safe; for each Android device, the program automatically detects the system and prepares the corresponding test profile.
    • The program allows you to reset any type of screen lock: password, pin code, pattern or fingerprint. The program is available for installation in Russian.
    • To evaluate the interface and functionality of the program, you can download a free trial version from the developer’s website.

    To learn how to remove password from Huawei phone using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, please see the guide below.

    Download the installation file of the program from the official site of the Tenorshare developer, install it on your computer and run the program. Then connect your Huawei phone to PC with USB cable.

    After the program detects your Huawei phone, select the “Delete” option in the program window.

    In the appeared warning about deleting all data on the phone, click “OK”.

    Thus, the PIN code (password, picture) set on the lock screen of your Huawei phone will be deleted and you can use your device again. If you have a data backup, you can easily restore important data back to your phone.

    Unlocking Huawei Smartphone in Safe Mode

    And the last option, which we will analyze in our article, is to switch the phone to safe mode in order to unlock the screen. To do this, follow the attached instructions.

    • On your Huawei phone, hold down the power button until a menu appears on the screen with a list of available options.
    • Press and hold your finger on the Power off option.

    When prompted to enter Safe Mode, select “OK”.

  • Remove the screen lock and then restart your phone normally. The phone will be unlocked.
  • Forgetting your screen lock password is not difficult. It is much more difficult to restore access to a locked device without a password. However, if you have read this article, you now know some great solutions for quickly and efficiently resetting your password on your Huawei phone. Use any of them with the instructions provided by us, or simply refer to the professional Tenorshare 4uKey for Android software that will do all the necessary steps for you.

    Update 2020-05-15 / Update for Unlock Android Phone

    Recovery without data loss

    With all the restorative manipulations with the phone system, the question arises. is it possible to recover data and not lose important information? No, It is Immpossible. The exception is versions of Huawei smartphones with OS up to EMUI 9.0. On them, the developers provided the owners with the opportunity to remove the block from the phone, while saving the data. Newer versions do not have this option. If the graphics are forgotten, access can only be restored through a hard reset of the device. In this case, all information from the device will be deleted. It is not possible to return it. Exception. periodic backups.

    Recovery via Google account

    After repeatedly entering the wrong pattern, the system will suggest how to unlock your Huawei phone. An informational message will appear on the screen asking about the need to restore forgotten data. Next, you should follow the instructions of the system:

    • tap on the notification;
    • in the appeared ate to enter the current e-mail address. It must have been previously used on this device;
    • fill in the data fields;
    • choose your preferred recovery method from the suggested.

    How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone If Password Not Available?

    The smartphone is blocked if the owner has entered incorrect information or drawing more than three times. It may be worthwhile to pause and try to remember a combination of numbers or graphics.

    Smart look

    Some smartphones are equipped with additional software. “smart unlock”. The application allows you to remove the block, but without entering any data. To activate the option:

    • consistently go to “Settings”. “Security and privacy”;
    • if you need to activate access by fingerprint, move the slider opposite this method to the active position;
    • do the same if you need to protect data using a pattern or face recognition (Face ID);
    • there is an option to lock the screen using Bluetooth. To do this, go to the “Lock password” section and select “smart”.

    This option is more suitable for Honor phones, but Huawei will most likely require you to enter a password even if other protection methods are activated in the settings.

    How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone If Forgot Password?

    The modern world dictates its own terms, forcing smartphone users to protect their data by all available means: pin codes, pattern keys and other security tools. Situations often arise when important information is forgotten and the device cannot be unlocked. The reason for the block can be a sensor malfunction, bugs in the system, etc. What can be done if you forgot the password to unlock the Honor and Huawei phones?

    How to protect your phone from a similar situation?

    To avoid the complete loss of all data that is stored in modern smartphones, you need to take action immediately after purchasing a gadget. Recommended:

    • use a combination of numbers or a picture that evokes certain associations in the user and is easy to remember;
    • use Smart Look to unlock Honor. For example, you can use the option with a fingerprint or face recognition. Such data is always with the user and cannot be forgotten. However, equipment failure is not excluded;
    • periodically back up. If there is a backup copy, it will be possible to launch the most effective unlocking option. rollback to factory settings;
    • if a digital code is used, it is worth fixing it on paper and putting it aside in a place inaccessible to strangers;
    • activate a Google account on the device so that, if necessary, there are no problems with user recognition.

    How to act if you forgot your password?

    Ways to help remove the lock:

    • use of personal Google account data;
    • Hard Reset. deletes the data that the user downloaded and installed during the use of the device;
    • using a special application “Smart Lock”.

    Hard Reset via Recovery

    A universal but tough way. Suitable for all models of mobile devices, but leads to complete data loss. Opening access to the Huawei phone in this way means losing all personal codes, firmware and personal settings. Hard Reset returns the device to the state it had at the time of purchase.

    • Power off the phone.
    • Press and hold simultaneously: “volume up” and “power”.
    • Wait until “Android” appears on the screen, release the power button. But keep holding the volume button until a special menu is loaded. If you release it ahead of time, the system will boot as usual.
    • In the recovery menu, use the sound level adjustment buttons to move through the list to the line “Wipe data / Factory reset”.
    • Confirmation is carried out with the “Home” button.
    • The information message “Yes. delete all user data” appears. You need to confirm your choice and start the recovery procedure.

    The procedure may take about 15 minutes, the device will automatically reboot. The method is 100% successful, but after using it you will have to perform the entire setup again.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    Frequently asked Questions

    What to do when you forgot your Private Space password?

    If the secret code cannot be extracted from the smartphone files, you will need to give the correct answer to the proposed question. After the correct answer, you will need to generate a new code. If this option is not offered, you will have to completely delete the data.

    When entering Recovery, an error message appears. What can be done?

    It is worth trying to download and custom firmware from the site If the firmware does not help, you can unlock your Huawei phone by contacting the service department for repair.

    How can I clean up the folder with personal data if it is password protected and the code is forgotten?

    To delete, you need to go to the smartphone settings, activate the display of system files. Then go to the tab with internal memory, where the folder named “.File_SafeBox” is located. It should be removed.