How to Unlock Phone Huawei Pin Code

How to unlock Honor if the user suddenly forgot both the password and the pattern key? In 2019, there is no way to get out of this situation without data loss and complexity. But the above does not mean that the owner of the phone should give up and give up recovery attempts. It is much more reasonable to stock up on patience, since it will not work quickly to cope with an existing task. Additionally, you should prepare for the fact that a large number of files and contacts disappear without a trace. Losses can only be avoided by those people who have foreseen the occurrence of such situations and created a backup or recovery point.

In short, the solution does not seem as simple as users would like. They have to prepare for the fact that it will take some time to gain access to the account.

How to Unlock Phone Huawei Pin Code

How to unlock a Honor phone if I forget my password?

There are 2 main ways to unlock the Huawei, but both options have significant drawbacks that can put users in front of an insoluble task. To unlock Huawei smartphones, it is proposed:

  • use your Google account and change your phone access settings through your own account;
  • reset to factory level.

In this case, the first approach can be divided into 2 equivalent parts, which differ in the actions to be taken by a person faced with difficulties. Each option mentioned has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to start with the Honor unlock method that seems the simplest and most convenient. This will save time and instantly move to the second approach, if the first is not effective enough.

By logging in to your Gmail account

The first approach will require the following actions:

  1. First you need to enter the wrong password from the account 5 times in a row (all the more, there is a chance of accidentally entering the correct combination).
  2. Then use the link (inscription) that appears on the screen, offering assistance in recovering the password and unlocking the phone.
  3. The next step is to log in to the Google account associated with the smartphone.
  4. Then it remains to use the system instructions and make a new strong password.

The main disadvantage of this option will be the need to connect to the Internet. Sometimes locked devices cannot establish a connection. In this case, you will have to use alternative options for connecting to the network, which can cause difficulties for most people not familiar with smart devices.

Reset with Hard Reset

The next way to unlock a Huawei phone, if you forget the graphic key, is to reset the smartphone’s settings to the factory level. This will require:

  • turn off the phone by pressing the appropriate button;
  • hold down the power key and the volume up button until the Android icon appears on the monitor;
  • select the inscription Wipe data in the menu that opens;
  • confirm the decision in the next window;
  • restart the smartphone;
  • create a new pattern, password and pin.

Nothing additional is required, but it is important to remember the negative effect of such actions. It consists in the disappearance of everything that was stored in the device’s memory. It is not possible to restore files, contacts and information after resetting, the only exception is creating a backup copy. But you need to make a copy in advance, before an unpleasant situation occurs.

How to unlock a phone with a fingerprint?

The next way to unlock your Honor phone, if you forget your password, is optimal for smartphones that use fingerprint protection. It is extremely simple and does not even require the use of a telephone:

  1. The user is required to turn on any computer or other similar device and visit the Google site.
  2. Here you need to enter your personal account (it is important to ensure that it matches the account on the smartphone).
  3. Then you have to go to the tab and accept the terms of service.
  4. After that, it remains to press a button offering to lock and clear the pin code and digital graphic key.
  5. The last step will be to create a new password, with which you should unlock your smartphone.
  6. After unlocking, reprint the print.

Naturally, the described approach will not help if you forget your password and account from Google.

Nuances and problems that may arise

None of the above approaches guarantees the desired result, and smartphones do not have a special unlock or adb button, but users are asked to remember the pin code in advance, since it cannot be restored. The warning received should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

In situations where the proposed methods did not help or the owners of the phones are blocked from access to Bootloader and other mobile services, several options remain:

  • contact representatives of Huawei (on the official Russian-language website);
  • Contact the service center associated with the distribution network where the device was purchased;
  • Visit an independent repair shop and ask for an unlock screen.

There are no other acceptable ways to regain control of your phone.

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