How to unlock Nokia 101

Nokia secret codes for reset, verification and settings.

On this page are collected all useful secret and non-secret codes for Nokia phones and smartphones. Codes help to get some information about the phone, as well as change and reset settings. Here I have collected some of the most used Nokia codes in everyday life, if you know other useful codes, you can add them below and thereby help other phone users, maybe they are looking for the exact code that you will add.

For those who don’t know the Nokia factory protection code, this is 12345. If you bought a phone and don’t know which Nokia protection code or changed it yourself, but then forgot it, then you can try to look at the forgotten security code on your Nokia phone and change it, see this link.

1) # 06 # code displays the phone’s email (IMEI).

2) # 0000 # shows the phone model, firmware version, release date and some other information, depending on the Nokia model. Still, they usually look at the original phone or Chinese usually does not show anything in fakes.

3) # 92702689 # displays the full time of the phone; depending on the model, it can also show IMEI, release date, date of purchase. this field can be changed only once, the date of repair if it was in the service repair is also possible other information about the Nokia phone.

4) # 7370 # a full reset to the factory settings erases everything, including installed applications, files, it will become like new, so save what you need in advance. Perhaps it will ask for a security code, usually it is 12345, if it does not help, then it has already been changed. If you don’t know or forgot the security code, then you can see your forgotten code and change it to see the forgotten security code on your Nokia phone, see here.

5) # 7780 # reset to the factory settings of the Nokia phone, namely, all settings will become like on a new phone but at the same time installed applications, files, contacts are not deleted, everything is simply reset. For example, if you install a new theme, then after entering the command # 7780 # the phone will return to the theme that is installed by default but the remaining themes are stored in memory and you can install it at any time. The call log will also be erased, it may be necessary to reconfigure the Internet and all other settings in one word to customize the phone for yourself in a new way. Usually on Nokia asks for a security code, if you haven’t changed before, it’s 12345.

7) Here is another option to completely reset your Nokia phone to factory settings replaces command # 7370 #. Turn off the phone, then press and hold without releasing three keys; this is the first green call button, the second asterisk, the third key 3 in this state, without releasing, press the Nokia phone’s on / off button and wait a few seconds. If all four buttons are correctly done and kept pressed, a factory reset should occur, which will delete everything that is in the phone’s memory and restore the factory settings.

8) # 2820 # displays the address of the Bluetooth device on the Nokia display.

How to unlock Nokia 101

9) # 62209526 # shows on the screen “WLAN MAC Address:”.

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