How to Unlock Lenovo Yoga Tablet

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How to Unlock Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Unfortunately, such protection does not always benefit the tablet owner. Sometimes he himself cannot access the stored data. There are several reasons for this. Perhaps the code or pattern has simply been erased from memory, or maybe the children have taken over with the device. Regardless of the reasons, you need to look for options on how to unlock a Lenovo tablet. There are several ways to do this.

How to unlock a Lenovo tablet using a Google account?

Everyone knows that Android is under the scrutiny of Google. Most tablet users have an account there, because without it all the features of the device are not available. Owners who are faced with a device lock problem probably know that this account helps restore access to stored data.

It is enough to enter the wrong code five times and the screen will finally lock. However, from the edge, as a rule, from below, you can see an inscription with a proposal to restore access. To do this, after clicking on the inscription, the user will be prompted to provide a Google email address. If authorization is successful, you can rejoice. It is enough to specify a new password to provide valuable data with new protection. Forgetful users are advised to do without blocking. Better to carefully monitor your own device.

“Call a friend”

For owners of devices where the installation of a SIM card is provided, there is another way that will help unlock the Lenovo tablet. However, there is one condition: a special application must be installed on the device that allows you to make calls.

You need to install a SIM card in the slot, then call the number attached to it. This can be done from a landline or mobile phone. In other words, you need to make a call to your own tablet and accept the call. When the handset is off, the lock does not work. It is enough to minimize the phone application and you can cancel the protection.

It is worth noting that this simple method is not suitable for everyone. Modern tablet models are thought out in such a way as to protect data stored on them in case of theft.

Data reset

For those who are finally disappointed in the possibilities of unlocking, there remains the last, most extreme way. It consists in dumping all data, including important data. Thus, access to the tablet will be obtained, but the stored information will be deleted. Returns to factory settings. That is, the tablet will be the same as it was immediately after the purchase.

You must start recovery mode. Depending on the tablet model, the starting method may vary. However, most often you need to simultaneously press all the function buttons (not to be confused with the touch on the screen). Holding them for a while, you can see that the start of recovery mode has begun. When the menu appears, select Wipe data / factory reset in it, and then confirm your own actions. In the end, you will have to reboot the device.

If the data is so important that you can’t lose it, and other methods do not help, you should consult a specialist. They can help unlock the Lenovo tablet.