How To Unlock Iphone (Iphone) 4 Easy Ways

How To Unlock Iphone (Iphone) 4 Easy Ways

The longer and harder the password, the more secure your iPhone is from unwanted access. But such protection can work against you if you forget your password one day.

What if this happened? The main thing is not to panic: you can easily unlock the iPhone if you know how to do it.

Unlock via iTunes

Unlocking iPhone using Aityuns is possible with or without data storage.

The first way is possible when iPhone normally loaded and connected to the service through a computer, and the second. if during loading any problems occurred.

For example, the device freezes on the screen saver or only the cable is displayed on the screen iTunes.

Data Recovery

To reset your password while saving all other information, open the “Devices” section in iTunes and find your iPhone in the list.

Next, expand the “Overview” tab in the right half of the window and click the “Restore” button.

The password will be reset, and all other information will remain in place.

To additionally save a backup copy of settings and other data from your device to iTunes, click the “Copy” button.

Recovery without saving information

If the first method fails or the iPhone does not fully load, you will have to sacrifice personal data. the settings of the device will be reset to the state, as after a purchase.

  • Download iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version.
  • Enter the iPhone in DFU mode: connect the device using the USB cable to the PC and turn it off by simultaneously pressing and holding the “Home” and “Power” buttons. After turning off the screen, release the “Power” button while continuing to hold “Home”.
    It should be a few seconds before a message appears in the iTunes window that the connected iPhone is in recovery mode. The smartphone screen will still remain off.
  • Click the Restore button in iTunes. The program will download the latest firmware and restore the iPhone. During recovery, the logo and download bar will be displayed on the screen of the device.

When the recovery is completed, iPhone can be downloaded without a password.

If you previously saved a copy of the settings and personal data in iTunes, you will have the opportunity to transfer them to your phone.

In this way, you can unlock iPhone of any version. 4, 4s, 5 and the rest.

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Unlock via iCloud

The next method also erases all user data from the smartphone. You can restore them only if you have not forgotten to save the backup in iCould or iTunes first.

In order to be able to unlock iPhone via Iklaud, you must first install the “Find iPhone” program on your device.

To unlock it directly, you will need access to the Internet. on the device itself (via a SIM card or Wi-Fi) or on the computer to which it is connected.


  • Make sure that the blocked iPhone has Internet access.
  • Go from any device connected to the network to the “Find Iphone” application on the iCloud website and make sure that the service “sees” your device and is in the “online” status (there should be a green circle in front of the iPhone model in the “All devices” section).
  • Click on the icon of the locked phone and select the option “Erase iPhone” in the menu that opens.
  • In the confirmation window, click the “Erase” button again.
  • In the next window, enter the password for your Apple ID and click “Finish.”

After that, the process of erasing the settings will begin. On the screen of the iPhone at this time, the download bar and the bullseye will be displayed.

Find My iPhone helps unlock as IPhone 6, as well as older models.

Unlock iPhone after jailbreak

Both of the above methods, most likely, will not suit the owners of “jailbroken” smartphones, since they are associated with the installation of official firmware.

And this leads to the inability to connect the device to your mobile operator and the loss of other advantages of jailbreak.

Fortunately, it is possible to unlock iPhone with iOS version 5 and higher without updating the firmware using the free SemiRestore application.

The SemiRestore utility is installed on a computer (the manufacturer claims support for Linux, OS X and Windows XP (SP3).8.1 operating systems).

In the process of resetting the settings, it deletes all the personal data of the owner of the iPhone without losing the jailbreak.

Unlock Order:

  • Download SemiRestore from the official website and install on your PC.
  • Use the USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Launch SemiRestore and wait for it to recognize your smartphone.
  • If the recognition was correct, click on the “SemiRestore” button in the main window of the utility. this will start the data cleaning process on the iPhone.

During recovery, the iPhone screen can turn on and off several times. this is normal.

After a few minutes, when the smartphone is fully loaded, you will see a clean desktop and initial settings.

However, the Cydia application will not disappear anywhere. by its availability, as well as using it whenever possible, you will make sure that the jailbreak is preserved.

After that, you can set a new password and transfer settings and data from the iTunes backup to iPhone.

Now you know how to unlock iPhone, if you forgot your password, using three free tools.

The instructions were concise, but in fact, resetting and restoring all the settings can take a decent amount of time.

Therefore, when installing long and complex passwords on devices, you should not rely on memory. it is better to write them somewhere and store these entries in a safe place.

How to unlock iPhone without password

How to unlock iPhone (iPhone): 4 easy ways

After reading the material, the impression remains that there is nothing complicated in the process of unlocking the iPhone. Everything is done simply, clearly, no extra actions are required. Yes, of course, there are some nuances with the new models of Apple products, but if you think about it a little, everything becomes clear.