How To Unlock Iphone If You Forgot Your Password

How To Unlock Iphone If You Forgot Your Password

An effective way to unlock an iPhone without a password

If you are among those who do not remember the code from the iPhone, then, having learned how to unlock an iPhone without a password, you can easily cope with this task. To do this, you need to be able to connect to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed.

Even if you have not entered the password correctly and the iPhone is blocked, you can still synchronize it through iTunes. Before changing the code to enter the device’s menu, connect it to the USB port using the supplied cable (disconnected from the charger). Be sure to synchronize your data so that you have the opportunity to recover it in case of loss in case of incorrect recovery.

To use a locked iPhone, you must enter DFU mode. To do this, reboot the device as follows:

To unlock an iPhone, if you forget your password, you need to wait a few minutes before the end of synchronization. The iPhone will return to DFU mode, but there will be no security code on it.

The procedure for unlocking an iPhone without a password is simple, but quite lengthy. Often, users can not stand it and disconnect the device from a laptop or computer. This should not be done, since if you restore it incorrectly, all your data may be completely lost. In addition, in the future, software malfunctions of the device may occur.

If you have forgotten the password for an iPhone and don’t know what to do with it, use the suggested method, since unlocking an iPhone without iTunes is impossible.

Other ways to unlock an iPhone if you forget your password

So that you can navigate the inactive ways to restore an iPhone without a password, pay attention to the following.

On various sites it is reported that there are errors in the operation of the iOs operating system that allow circumventing password protection if an emergency call is made. However, Apple has finalized this gap, so breaking the iPhone without a password in this way will not work.

There is a method when it is recommended to delete the file with the security code from the iPhone via the IExplorer browser, however, such an option is also unlikely to lead to the desired result.

Some inept users claim that changing the password on an iPhone, if it is locked, can be done using the Find My iPhone application. However, such a method is doomed to failure.

If you come across instructions that claim that you can unlock a password on an iPhone without iTunes, then you should not waste time using them, as they will be useless.

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The content of the article

In fact, there are 2 ways to recover a forgotten password from an iPhone or iPad. Let’s start with a more advanced one, simply because you don’t even need a computer for this.

The first way to recover password on iphone

So, let’s say you forgot the password for your iPhone or worse, entered it incorrectly several times and the device was blocked. In this case, you can remotely erase the device, of course, along with the password. But for this it is necessary that the “Find iPhone” function is enabled and the device itself is connected to the Internet. You need to use the “Find iPhone” application from any other iPhone, iPad, iPod, select your device, press “Actions” and select among the options “erase”.

Or, you can go to from your computer, enter your Apple ID, go to the “Find iPhone” tab, select your device here and also click “Erase” among the options that are offered. Please note that this will delete all data, including the password. If you do not have a backup copy of the device, then you can no longer restore them. But, even if you do not have a backup, then without panic, you should have a computer with which you already synchronized your device (when you first connected the iPhone to the computer, clicked “trust”) Through it, you can backup and reserve files.

After you remotely erase the data on your iPhone, it will be restored to the factory settings, you will be greeted by the first launch screen and right here, you can set a new password. The main thing is not to forget it a second time. And then they will offer you a choice of either setting up your iPhone as a new one, or restoring it from iTunes or iCloud backup, in order to restore your smartphone to its old look, along with all the files and most importantly with a new password.

The second way to bypass iphone lock

Well, and method number 2. Connect the device to the computer, then force the recovery mode by holding the Home and Power button on iPhone 6s and below and Power and “Volume Down” on the new iPhone 7-10 and do not release these buttons even when the Apple logo appears, but hold them until you see the iTunes icon. Then a window will appear on the computer where you will be prompted to “restore” or “update“. Choose “restore” and wait until iTunes does everything you need. If something goes wrong, then just repeat the procedure that was described earlier.

Then the same result, we have a completely restored device and either we need to configure it as new and lose all the files or recover from the backup and continue to use our iPhone or iPad as before, with a new password.

If you are not one of those, we hope that you will go right away and enable automatic backup in iCloud, or at least manually back up data to your computer via iTunes. Just in case, there will definitely be no harm from this.