How To Unlock Iphone If You Forget Your Password – All Ways For All Models

How To Unlock Iphone If You Forget Your Password. All Ways For All Models

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password? How often can you see similar questions in various forums. The terrible message “iPhone is disconnected”. few people are happy.

Many passwords are neglected, they say, what should I protect. Other users install it on all devices, including a smartphone, thus ensuring the security of their data. Despite the appearance of fingerprint scanners (Touch ID on the iPhone, starting with 5), the usual passwords are not going to go anywhere. We decided to help the poor fellow who, having forgotten the password, panic. Especially for you, we have compiled instructions for unlocking the iPhone.

Remember password

We are all human beings, it is common for all of us to forget, even seemingly simple combinations that should have already been eaten in memory. Try to remember your password to unlock your iPhone. Perhaps you have it recorded somewhere, peep.

Please note that you have 10 attempts, after which the smartphone will be permanently blocked. Therefore, do not try to enter the password over and over again in the hope that one of the combinations is correct.

Connect to iTunes

If you can’t remember the password in any way, then you need to move on to more radical measures. First, let us turn to the standard tools that Apple itself offers. iTunes, for help. In this case, the situation may develop in two scenarios:

  • IPhone unlocked, data saved
  • The iPhone is unlocked, but the data could not be saved

In the second scenario, which is rare, but happens, the iPhone cannot connect to the computer in normal mode, various errors that prevent successful synchronization are displayed on the screen. A more common reason is that the user has never connected a smartphone to a computer and, accordingly, did not enter a password in iTunes. In this case, your data will most likely not be saved. It’s good if you are one of those users who constantly back up important files and settings.

How to unlock iPhone with saving data?

So, to begin with, we will analyze a more pleasant situation in which the iPhone connected to the computer without problems, and was also detected in iTunes. This instruction works if you have already synchronized before. Otherwise, when pairing, iTunes will ask for a password that you, unfortunately, have forgotten.

  • Launch iTunes, connect iPhone.
  • Wait until the synchronization is complete (the program creates backup copies).
  • From the list of devices, select connected.
  • A list appears on the left, listing possible actions on the iPhone. To unlock the device, select “Browse.”
  • A new tab will appear, in which information about the iPhone (serial number, model, software version) is indicated. Below you will see the “Update” and “Restore” buttons. To unlock, we need a second.
  • Click on the button and wait until the password reset is completed. During the operation, a window may appear in which you must click the “Restore from iTunes Backup” button.

At the end of the unlock, you can enter a new password, all data will be saved.

How to recover access with data loss?

Now about a more unpleasant outcome, in which it will not be possible to save information on the iPhone. This is how events develop, usually for the reason that the user has never synchronized a smartphone with a computer. Therefore, iTunes simply does not know what kind of device it is connecting to, and even more so does not have its backups. In fact, we will reflash the device.

To unlock iPhone without a password in this way, follow the instructions:

  • We connect the iPhone with a working cable to the computer on which iTunes is installed.
  • Turn off the device. Make sure it is turned off.
  • Now we will transfer the device to DFU (firmware update mode). This is done by simultaneously pressing the buttons “Power” (power, on the upper end) and “Home” (“Home” on the front)
  • After 10 seconds, release the Power key while continuing to hold Home. Hold until iTunes detects a new device (about 10-20 seconds).
  • Your iPhone will appear in the list of iTunes devices from which you forgot your password.
  • As in the previous instructions for unlocking, go to the “Overview”, click “Recovery”.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process (downloading firmware from the Internet, which may take a long time).

As a result, the iPhone will be unlocked, but absolutely everything will be deleted.

In order not to encounter a similar problem, we recommend that you regularly sync your iPhone with iTunes. It will not be superfluous to store important data not only on a smartphone.

We install a new firmware

Not every user can use the iPhone unlocking described a little higher: iTunes during the recovery process starts downloading firmware for the device from the company’s servers, and this process, I must say, is not a fast one. Therefore, users have found an alternative. download the firmware separately.

  1. Of course, download the firmware. It has an extension.IPSW. The web is full of resources that present different versions for all models. Do not forget to install iTunes, if you have not done so already.
  2. We copy the firmware in the following way: C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.
  3. We pair the iPhone with the computer.
  4. We go to the “Devices” section, then “Browse”, then click the “Restore iPhone” button.
  5. A window will appear in which you need to specify the path to the firmware by selecting a file with the extension.IPSW.
  6. We are waiting for the end.

Since iTunes no longer needs to download the firmware on its own, resetting the password (and everything else) is many times faster.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud?

There is another way to restore access to the iPhone, if you forgot your password. However, for its implementation, some requirements must be met. Firstly, the “Find iPhone” function must be active on the smartphone (activated in the device settings). Secondly, the iPhone must be connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Again, all of your data will be deleted as a result.

So, the instruction:

  • To unlock your iPhone, go to: A window will open in which you need to enter your Apple ID account information.
  • A map will load, on which you will see the location of your device.
  • At the top of the “Device List”, select the name of your iPhone, from which you do not remember the password.
  • A window will appear on the right, which displays information about the device and the available actions.
  • Select the “Erase iPhone” item.
  • Enter your Apple ID password again to confirm.
  • The process of resetting and deleting data will begin, which is accompanied by an image of a bitten apple and a download bar on the iPhone, on the computer screen. “The erase procedure has started.”

It will take some time after which the password will be reset. the iPhone is unlocked. As already noted, all data is deleted. You can try to restore them using backups and the “Setup Assistant”, but, as you might have guessed, the success of the operation is not guaranteed.

How to unlock iPhone if jailbreak is worth it?

Not every owner of a “jailbroken” iPhone will go to reset the password with the loss of all the features that the option provides. In addition, users whose devices have received jailbreak, another way to unlock.

The procedure is doomed to failure if the iPhone does not have a special set of OpenSSH, which is downloaded from Cydia (an alternative to the App Store).

So, we proceed to reset the password that we forgot:

  • Download the SemiRestore program, which is available on Windows, Linux, and OS X (note that you need a 64-bit version of the operating system). Install it and run it.
  • We connect the smartphone to the computer. Wait until the program recognizes it.
  • You must click the SemiRestore button. Do not worry, you will find it quickly. the program interface is elementary.
  • We observe the strip that shows the execution process.

During the cleanup iPhone may restart several times, do not worry, this is in the order of things. As a result, you get a “clean” system, but the jailbreak will not disappear anywhere. It remains only to come up with a new password and restore the backups.