How to Unlock Icloud Iphone 6s

Hello! Today we will touch upon one important and painfully painful topic, namely, we will talk about what to do (or not to do) when your (or not yours) iPhone locked with iCloud Activation Lock or in Settings iCloud Entered Apple ID data of the old owner.

There can be a lot of varieties of this problem, but one big question unites them: what to do when the iPhone asks for a PASSWORD from Apple ID, which you do not know?

Starting with iOS 7, Apple has provided Find my iPhone new opportunity iCloud Activation Lock, which automatically turns on when setting up Find My iPhone. The Activation Lock function makes it much more difficult or impossible to use or resell the iPhone and iPad if it is lost or stolen.

When the Activation Lock function is activated, you will be asked for your Apple ID and password every time you try to disconnect Find My iPhone, exit iCloud on your device, clean and reactivate your device.

Over the past month, more than 10 people have approached me asking for help with iPhone unlocking advice. In each case, there were some nuances and reasons that led to the block. For a more detailed understanding of this issue, I think it is right to consider the most common cases and decide what to do in each specific situation.

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Hacked Apple ID Account

Increasingly, I hear that someone’s Apple ID account has been hacked. This happens as a result of a weak password for the mailbox used during registration. Hackers very often use Brute Force attacks and guess the password by simply enumerating possible options.

A weak password is easy to pick up if you did not know. Having gained access to the mailbox, hackers recover (change) the password for Apple ID and then “your days are numbered”.

Having acquired the data of your Apple ID, attackers usually block the device using iCloud Activation Lock. At the same time, a message is sent to the screen of the blocked device prompting you to contact by e-mail a certain person who, for a small fee of 1000 rubles, will inform you of a four-digit unlock code.

Therefore, be careful when you receive a letter in your inbox stating that changes have been made to your Apple ID account. Perhaps this is phishing (a fake email with a link to the double site), but there may be a real situation when someone tries to change the data in your account.

What to do when hacked Apple ID? In any case, you should try to access your mail and Apple ID account and replace the password in both places. If you are unable to log in to your inbox, try recovering the password for it.

Usually there is a link “near the input boxes of the login-password linkForgot your password?”, Click on it and try any possible methods from entering the date of birth to answers to secret questions. If you were able to log into your inbox, immediately change the password.

After that, try to regain access to your Apple ID account. Do not know how? Here’s an article on password recovery. If the letter for recovering the Apple ID password does not arrive on either the main mailbox or the backup, there is only one way out. contact Apple Support.

Perhaps someone will ask the question “Or maybe you should pay 1000 rubles for unlocking?”. I would not advise doing this. You should not go on about people who have already tried to squeeze money out of you. Where is the guarantee that for one thousand they will not require another.

I talked with one girl who still bought the iPhone unlock code, but the Apple ID password was not able to recover on her own. Therefore, immediately call customer support!

IPhone has entered Apple ID of previous owner

Quite often, people who use an iOS device without access to iCloud capabilities turn to me. For some reason in Settings iCloud someone else’s Apple ID is entered.

If you still do not understand what this is fraught with, here’s a short list of potential threats to your iPad or iPhone with someone else’s Apple ID:

  • your iPhone can be locked at any time using iCloud Activation Lock
  • all information that is synchronized in the iCloud cloud (contacts, photos, calendars, notes, etc.) is available to an unauthorized person
  • the same person can track your location with Find My iPhone
  • your iPhone can remotely wipe
  • in the end your device is completely beyond your control

How to replace Apple ID for iCloud services? First of all, you should know that nothing will work without the correct password. You simply can’t log out of your old account at Settings iCloud. Only one piece of advice follows from this. LOOK FOR THE PREVIOUS OWNER, well, or that friend who helped you set up the device.

Even Apple support will not help you, because this is the whole point of Activation Lock. Do not know the password. recover it! You can’t restore (no access to mail, etc.). then this is not your device.

You found or bought a locked iPhone or iPad

Imagine a situation. you find (or you sold for a penny) a brand new iPhone on the street, but it doesn’t let you go beyond the lock screen. The question immediately begs: “How to make this wonderful device work?”. I’m afraid to upset. But there are not so many options in this case. Firstly, the iPhone you bought may well be stolen from the previous owner.

Even if he is lost, this does not change the situation. Secondly, if the iPhone is locked, you can’t make a full dialer from it. Therefore, I offer your choice of 3 options:

Option 1 If you found the phone, then the most correct thing, from my point of view, is to try to find the real owner. It happens that a message appears on the iPhone screen with the host number and a request to call back. At least the Find My iPhone locator allows you to display a similar message remotely.

I also want to warn you that the police and intelligence agencies are actively using modern technological advances to track stolen phones. I know a couple of people who were caught by the hand. Although they themselves did not steal. Then trips to the police, writing explanations, etc. Why do you need it?

Option 2 Since you can’t fully use the locked iPhone or iPad, one of the options is to disassemble the device into parts. Or sell it for parts to people who are engaged in repairs.

Option 3 On YouTube I came across instructions on the so-called Activation Lock bypass. Typically, the headers sound promising, but in fact, all of the proposed instructions only slightly “add functionality” to a locked device. If you, of course, succeed. Search YouTube for “Activation lock»And see what foreign bloggers offer.

Usually the whole method comes down to entering a specific DNS server in the Wi-Fi settings, which allows you to get to the player, camera, browser and some other device features. All functionality works through a server on the Internet, i.e. Without a connection, your iPhone will also remain a brick. In general, this option is a complete trash! I do not recommend it to you.

Rebooted iPad, Apple ID password no longer fits

Do you believe in miracles? I, too!
Most likely something happened with your password or account. Or maybe someone has successfully changed it? Or did you forget him? In any case, now your task is to regain access to the Apple ID and regain control of your phone (tablet).

The first thing that comes to mind is to reset your Apple ID password. Follow the link and act as written in the instructions.
If you can’t recover the password, contact support. After confirming your identity, they will certainly help you.


BYPASSING ICLOUD ACTIVATION LOCK IS IMPOSSIBLE. Lock information is on Apple servers and until the correct password is entered, this information can neither be changed nor deleted.

At the moment, no cracker program or tool has been created that would unlock the iPhone or iPad for full use.

You can spit in my face, but I think that is SO.