How to unlock huawei

Unlocking Huawei smartphone without a password and a graphic key

You’ll need an active Google account linked to your smartphone and Internet access for it:

  • Enter the wrong picture key or password five times.
  • You will see “Forgot Pattern/Password?”, click on it.
  • In the window that opens, enter the email address linked to the phone.
  • Now enter your login information into your account.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password.

You can only unlock the lock this way on smartphones with EMUI 8 and below.

On newer smartphones an incorrect password simply locks the device for an hour. this is done in order to ensure the privacy of personal data.

How to set the lock screen on Honor and Huawei?

It is possible to lock the screen using a separate button. It’s usually located on the face of the device. You can turn it on in the security settings section. It’s a built-in feature of any phone.

Change the lock screen style

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This action changes not only the displayed picture, but also increases or decreases the amount of available functions. You can change the screen saver in two ways:

You do not need special programs for these options, because all the functionality is built-in. To work with the themes, you need a stable mobile Internet or Wi-Fi access point.

Through settings

Find the “Desktop and Wallpaper” section in the settings, there you choose the desired design by theme line. Usually the device offers the classic standard tones that come with the firmware.

Through the “Themes” app

The official store is pre-installed in all Huawei and Honor models. From there you can download any theme you like. Installing a new theme involves not only changing your screen saver, but also changing your desktop, menu icons, fonts. There are dozens of sections, in which each user is sure to find something he likes. Among the popular sections:

To download the new design, follow the instructions:

  • Tap on the theme icon in the main menu;
  • read the offer;
  • select the desired one;
  • put on download;
  • After downloading, click “Apply”.

It is desirable to restart the device after that. This algorithm is suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

Hide notifications

The menu of notifications hiding appears differently on different Android versions and EMUI shell. In the “Settings” option menu up to shell version 9.0.0 The “Notifications” tab is separate.

And on versions above 9.0 notifications are merged with applications. You can set a convenient view for displaying notifications by pressing the tab and selecting the necessary options.

If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

Ask a question

Set a changeable wallpaper

Older versions of the Emotion UI shell do not contain the “Unlock Log” function, so the ability to manage the log of such models is limited. If the option is simply disabled through the settings, you can enable it. In order to do this, you need to find settings in the themes tab and activate “Unlock log” or “Unlock log” item.

To change the wallpaper automatically, you should go to this section and select the photos to be used for the slideshow.

Move the clock

Move your watch across the display is available in all Huawei and Honor models. To do this, just change the theme with the placement of the time you want. It is also possible to drag the widget simply by clicking on it.

Make a signature

The location of the signature on the display is at the top, bottom, center or side. This parameter is adjusted in the settings.

Display the number of steps

The number of steps on the display is shown from the application “Huawei Health” or the classic built-in pedometer.

  • go to “Security and privacy”;
  • then look for the section that is responsible for locking the display;
  • You click on it;
  • Look for the line “Pedometer on lock screen”;
  • click on it.

Through the “Health” the presence of the icon is regulated directly in the program.

A few tips to avoid problems in the future

To avoid having to worry about how to unlock your phone if you forget your password in the future, set up memorable codes first: date of birth, phone number, and other things. things you can remember and won’t forget.

In addition to the intuitive memorized combinations of letters and numbers, it is recommended to:

  • Make a backup of the necessary smartphone data, this will also help in case of loss of the device. You’ll be able to transfer all your saved information to the new phone in its entirety.
  • Set up a smart unlock, i.e.е. Face unlock, fingerprint unlock, or by connecting another device to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Write down the pin code in a notebook, so it is always at hand.

There are no specific ways to unlock smartphones without losing the data, so it is better to be concerned about the security of personal information.

How to unlock HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02?

Before you know if your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02 is locked. You need to check if you can’t unlock your device using popular lock screen methods. As a rule, for extra security, your phone may have standard screen locking methods such as:

You can also use biometric methods. such as:

  • Fingerprint. Use fingerprint scanning to unlock HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02
  • Face recognition. Try using Face ID unlocking with the front camera
  • Rainbow shell or smart scan. you can try the advanced security methods available on selected devices.

So before moving on to unlocking methods for your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02, check the standard passwords, patterns and biometric methods to unlock your phone.

If your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02 is locked, the first thing you need to find out is the reason for the lock. We would like to introduce the types of locks that your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02 can have.

  • screen lock. Locked by password, pattern or face lock. To successfully remove such a lock, you need to use the Android Recovery Mode. Where you can successfully perform a full reset operation. Click here to perform a full reset using Android Recovery Mode to delete everything stored on your HUAWEI device.
  • Google Verification / Factory Reset Protection. In a situation where you have forgotten your Google account login details. You need to learn how to activate your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02 with a new Google account. Click here to learn how to bypass Google verification on your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02, or click here to view our website YT tutorial on how to smoothly activate your HUAWEI device without linking Google account to your HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02.
  • SIMLOCK Lock. If you want to check the SIMLOCK status of a particular device, we strongly recommend using the tool offered by Visit this website and check all the necessary details.

Here you can see some videos on bypassing Google verification. Try to find unlock method for HUAWEI Y6 PRO TIT-U02:

Unlocking Huawei P30 lite via Google account

We should note right away that this method is not actual for all devices. The list of tested models includes “pure” Android, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi.

If you enter the wrong key 5 times in a row, but the display will show a notification about the lock with a timer. Below is the “Forgot Pattern Key” button?Press and hold the “Enter key” button on your mobile phone. The system will automatically propose authorization in the Google-account, to which the phone is tied. You will be able to enter your own email and password only if you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. If there is a network and the authorization was successful. the smartphone will unlock and all the data will remain in place.

How to unlock Huawei phone without password

Almost all modern smartphones have a lock screen password. The type of locking can be anything depending on the personal preferences of the owner of the device: a letter password, a digital pin code, a graphic key or even a fingerprint. This measure is designed, first of all, to protect your personal data from being viewed by third parties. However, we are all human and we often forget even the daily used combinations. In case you have forgotten your Huawei smartphone unlock password, the task of regaining control over your device becomes extremely important. In our article we will detail how to unlock your Huawei phone if you forget the password To know the most effective and fastest solutions.

If you have forgotten the screen lock password on your smartphone, the first solution that comes to your mind is, of course, restoring the phone’s factory settings. This method deletes all user data and settings including the lock screen. This way, you can return your device to its original state (and therefore unlocked) and use it freely again. However many phone owners hope that there is a way to solve this problem without deleting files that are sometimes very valuable for the user. Let us make you happy. there is indeed such a method, and not just one! It is not suitable in all situations, but in any case, the choice of method depends only on you. Below in our article we will look at some of the best solutions for unlocking the screen on your Huawei phone; some of which do involve deleting phone data, and some of which allow you to keep it.

The best way to unlock your Huawei phone without a password

Let’s start with the best option. turning to a professional program for removing the lock screen password on Android devices. 4uKey for Android. This method is characterized by high efficiency of the result, that is, with the help of this program you can easily unlock your smartphone. Secondly, you can do it in a very short time and without making any special efforts. You do not need any additional knowledge or instructions, the program itself will show you the further steps with the help of interface buttons.

  • The result will not keep you waiting: the blocking of your phone will be removed in just a few minutes, and you will need to perform only three simple steps.
  • This program supports 99% of Android devices, which means it can be useful if you have a device from another manufacturer or in the future when you change your phone to a different brand.
  • No need to remember your Google credentials to unlock your phone.
  • The process of unlocking your smartphone using this program is absolutely safe; for each Android device the program automatically detects the system and prepares an appropriate test profile.
  • The program allows you to reset any type of screen lock: password, pin code, pattern key or fingerprint. Program is available for installation in Russian.
  • To evaluate the program interface and functionality, you can download the free trial version from the developer’s website.

To find out how to unlock your Huawei phone using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, please read the guide below.

Download the installation file from the official site of the developer Tenorshare, install it on your computer and run the program.

Then connect your Huawei phone to PC with a USB cable.

After the program detects your Huawei phone, select the “Delete” option in the program window.

In the warning message that appears, click “OK” to delete all data on your phone.

Thus, the pin code (password, picture) set on the lock screen of your Huawei phone will be deleted, and you will be able to use your device again. If you have a backup of your data, you can easily restore important data back to your phone.

Changing the lock password via your Google account

Provided that your Huawei phone has Android 4 version.4 or higher, you can unlock your device using your Google account. Please note that the prerequisite for using this method is knowing your Google account data, which you use on this Huawei phone. A big plus of this option is the fact that after unlocking the phone all the data stored on it will be left intact, as well as the user settings of the device. In addition, this method does not require access to additional software and does not require an investment of money.

If you want to know how to unlock Huawei and even how to unlock your Huawei p20 Lite phone using this method, read the detailed description of the actions you need to take, below.

Next, enter your Google account information: your user name (t.е., Email address) and password.

Unlocking your Huawei phone using the “Find device” feature

If you do not know how to unlock your Huawei phone, but you know your Google account data, you can use a very handy feature of Google “Find your device”. Your data will be deleted, but you can restore it later from a Google backup (if any).

To use the Find Device feature to unlock your Huawei phone, follow these steps.

What to do if you can’t unlock your phone

In most cases, the above methods are effective. But in some cases you may have some problems. If your Huawei smartphone is locked and you cannot remember the password, you can try to contact Support.

How to remove password from Huawei phone without reloading?

Here we’ve gathered 8 effective methods that will tell you how to unlock Huawei phones without resetting.

The best way to unlock Huawei phone without resetting password in 1 click

One of the easiest ways to unlock Huawei without resetting. Is to do it through third-party software. There are various software designed to unlock Android devices without losing data, and PassFab Android Unlocker is one of them. PassFab Android Unlocker. A great program with an easy to use interface and high success rate. With PassFab Android Unlocker you will have no problem unlocking your Huawei phone.

To understand how to remove the Pattern Lock on Huawei, follow this guide:

How to unlock screen lock with PassFab Android Unlocker:

Note: For some early Samsung devices, PassFab Android Unlocker supports removing screen lock without losing data in Windows.

Using “Find Phone” to unlock your Huawei phone without resetting

“Find My Device” formerly called “Android Device Manager”, which is a great tool to find your Android device in case it is lost or stolen. In addition, it is also a great option to lock your Huawei phone. To understand how to remove the screen lock on huawei, take the following steps:

Go to in your browser and log in to your Google account.

Select the Huawei phone you want to unlock.

Choose the “Lock” option from the three options.

Then you will be prompted to set a new password for the selected Huawei phone. Confirm your new password.

Then you can unlock Huawei without resetting, but with a new password.

Using Huawei Watch to Unlock Huawei Phone Without Restoring Factory Settings

Most people are familiar with Huawei Watch. However, the Huawei Watch has its tricks, even if it’s an Android-based smart watch.

  • Connect your Huawei phone to the Huawei Watch.
  • On your Huawei phone, go to “Settings” “Security and Privacy” “Screen Lock Password” “Smart Lock”.
  • Set a screen lock password and add the Huawei Watch as a trusted device.

Note: After this, you will be able to access your Huawei phone by swiping your finger on the phone screen without entering a password or resetting to factory settings. However, if your Huawei phone is not set up and connected to the Huawei Watch, this method does not work for you, and go to the following method.

Using Fingerprint ID to Unlock Huawei Phone Without Factory Reset

If you forgot your Huawei phone PIN /password /passphrase key, don’t panic. You do not need to factory reset your Huawei immediately. Try fingerprint recognition and see if it helps unlock your Huawei.

To set up the fingerprint lock in Huawei to how to remove the graphic key:

Note: If you have set up a fingerprint ID for your Huawei, you can unlock your Huawei phone with the fingerprint ID without having to reset it. Just place your thumb or finger on the fingerprint sensor to unlock it.

Remove Screen Password with Face Recognition

This method is similar to method 4, which means you can unlock Huawei phones without resetting and using facial recognition only if you’ve set up a facial recognition ID for your Huawei phone.

To set up Face ID on your Huawei phone:

Launch the “Settings” app in Huawei.

Go to Security and Privacy Unlock by Face.

Look into the camera and the system will create your facial recognition profile.

You can then unlock your Huawei phone with facial recognition without resetting. To do this, you can either instantly unlock your Huawei phone with facial recognition, or swipe the screen after facial recognition.