How To Unlock Apps On Huawei

“How to block applications on Honor and Huawei?”. An important question when you want to restrict access to other folders with personal information. To prevent the unauthorized use of your smartphone, you can set a password or request a fingerprint. Or immediately lock separately selected folders. This is done so that the child, asking to play games on the phone, does not accidentally delete important files. And also for corporate gadgets that are used by several people. About how to do this in this article.

How to lock applications on Honor and Huawei

Putting a password on the applications on Huawei and Honor will not be difficult. User needs:

  • Install and launch Smart AppLock
  • enter 7777;
  • open the tab “Applications”;
  • add the name of the folders for which you want to set the code;
  • click on it so that a checkmark appears in front;
  • select “Add”;

In the future, to open, enter the standard combination. 7777. Since such a banal combination of numbers has a low level of secrecy, replace it.

  1. Launch Smart AppLock.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on “Security Settings”.
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At this point, you can change the password to any combination convenient for it for Android.

To lock on Honor and Huawei, you must:

  • press “Password”, enter the numbers;
  • save the settings.

The second way is to use CM Security, a program that works similarly to Smart AppLock. Feature. the ability to remove notifications on Android at the request of the owner of the smartphone. But CM Security hides access for longer and offers the user to watch internal advertising.

Huawei and Honor have a built-in system. Private Space, which provides protection for internal files after creating a second user on the gadget. Use the other finger to activate partitions.

You can take a completely different approach. to identify programs that are available to another person without unlocking the screen. That is, all others, except for the selected programs, will be inaccessible to him.

  1. Attach the app.
  2. Press the back key and the multitasking key simultaneously.
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Android will request a template. After these actions, all programs on the phone are blocked, except for the fixed ones.

How to unlock apps on Huawei and Honor

Removing Smart AppLock on Huawei automatically removes the installed protection. To remove the restriction, the user needs:

How to Unlock Apps on Huawei
  • activate the “phone manager, whose shortcut is on the home screen;
  • open “Lock”;
  • find the desired shortcut, go to “Password”;
  • enter previously used secret code, unlock.

Confidentiality is one of the main values ​​of the smartphone owner, as people do not want personal data to become public. Manufacturers of gadgets even in low-cost models set the protection option. Therefore, it is important to understand how it works.

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