How To Unlock A Remote Control From A Samsung Tv

How To Unlock A Remote Control From A Samsung Tv

Modern man is used to living in comfort. and more we are surrounded by household and electronic devices that make life easier. Now, it’s even hard to imagine watching TV without a remote control. If you accidentally blocked the remote control. unintentionally pressed yourself or children played, this seems like a huge problem that we will help you solve in this article.

Ways to unlock the remote control from a Samsung TV

Important: if the methods described below cannot be used to remove the lock from the remote control, you should seek the advice of experienced craftsmen at the Samsung TV repair service center.

Method one

Samsung TVs have a very useful mode for hotels. “HOTEL MODE”. It blocks any actions from the remote control. A sign of enabling this mode, most often, is that you can only switch channels, but you can’t perform other actions from the remote control. To unlock it, you need to go to the service menu. The combination of keys to enter this section is different for different models and, as a rule, is prescribed in the documentation for the TV. If the information on entering this menu is not reflected, then you should use the following combinations:

  • On the remote in standby mode, you need to press the DISPLAY, MENU, POWER buttons in turn. This must be done sequentially and with a minimum time interval between clicks
  • If that doesn’t help, try pressing the following keys in sequence: “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER”
  • As a rule, the following combination is suitable for TVs of European assembly: “STANDBY”, “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER”

Having entered the engineering menu, reset all hotel settings.

Second way

Also, the remote control can be blocked in another way. Some remote control models are blocked due to falls, or mechanical damage. To unlock the remote control, locked for this reason, you need to get the batteries out of it, hold down the ROWER button, and without releasing the button, insert the batteries back. After performing this action, the lock must be released.

If the remote control does not respond to button presses, then the batteries may have run out on it. If replacing the batteries did not solve the problem, then it is most likely faulty. In this case, it is better to contact specialists for testing it.