How To Unlock 3g Modem Huawei E3131

In the previous topic, I described how to unlock, or otherwise flash a usb modem for all SIM cards from different mobile operators. Here I provide a new version of 3.0 modems from HUAWEI.

This program and firmware supports the following usb modems of the types: E-150, E-153, E-156, E-160, E-171, E-173, E-176G, E-188, E-1550, E-1750, E-1780, E-1820, E-220, E-352, E-353, E-367, E-369, E-392, E-3121 (program only), 321S, E3131 (420S, M21-1) , E3531 (423S, M21-4), E3272 (824F, M100-4), E3276 (822F, M150-1), (the list will be updated). It should be noted that it is not universal! To make sure that it works with your modem, install software on your computer and check its performance with your type of modem.

Unsupported Modems: E303

I also emphasize that the firmware not compatible with modem type E3121 (320S) from which he completely refuses to connect to the Internet. With E3121 (320S) you can use only software, which should be immediately understood and accepted. Therefore, the software package includes: the modem control program itself, specially prepared for the firmware of the device (Dashboard) and its version for installation under the Windows (Soft) OS on the computer. without writing to the device.

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The programs already have customized profiles for telecom operators: Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc. The software itself will determine the desired connection profile. You will have the ability to make voice calls, as well as sending and receiving SMS are also laid. Auto-connection will save you from unnecessary actions when disconnecting, it may be useful to constantly keep a history of all connections. It is very convenient to quickly check the balance and configure the most commonly used USSD commands. Type drivers are installed. for Windows from XP to 8.1. With all this rich selection of services, remember that not all of these modems support voice calling. Many more telecom operators connect several profiles and you will need to choose the appropriate one.

How to Unlock 3g Modem Huawei E3131

Please note the following: if your modem worked with only one SIM card of the operator, then reflashing it will not provide the opportunity to use any others. For the modem to work with all SIM cards of any operators, the device will need to be unlocked (unlocked)!

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Programs for flashing a usb modem can be downloaded here, as it suits you.

The size of the software. 42 Mb
Supported system. Windows
License. free.

How to unlock the USB modem, you can see the material in more detail.

Watch a detailed if something fails.

We will analyze these programs for what they are needed:

Driver HUAWEI. drivers folder for HUAWEI modems. It must be installed before starting the modem firmware program. If you install the Soft HUAWEI Modem 3.0.exe program in the first place, then you can not install the drivers, they will be installed by the program.

Dashboard HUAWEI Modem 3.0.exe. HUAWEI modem firmware program. It is flashed directly into the modem, from where it can be installed as is usually done with any operator.

Soft HUAWEI Modem 3.0.exe. The program for installation on a PC also installs all the drivers, only it does not flash into the modem.

Add. communication parameters of operators. A text file for entering operator parameters. If your operator is not in this list, you can get it directly from him. This is not always necessary, usually in the seven it is not necessary, and in Win XP the modem does not work without it.

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By unlocking the 3G modem HUAWEI E171. E173 can look in this article.

I wish you fast and high-quality internet!

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