How to unlink the Xiaomi fitness bracelet

This information also applies to fitness bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse and Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Regardless of whether the smartphone runs iOS or Android, the process of unlinking the bracelet is the same.

You need to launch the Mi Fit app and go to the Profile section. Next, in the list of connected devices, you must click on the name of the sports bracelet Xiaomi.

The list of available settings will open, and at the very bottom of it a large Disconnect (Unpair) button is placed. Click on it and confirm your intention.

It is worth noting that in order to unlink the tracker from the account you will need the Internet, otherwise you will not be able to carry out this procedure.

What is it for? Not detached from your smartphone is one of the reasons why the Mi Band does not connect to your phone, as it considers it used on another mobile device. You can read more about possible problems when buying this accessory in the article:

In case you sold (lost, broke) your smartphone without detaching the bracelet from it, you need to install the Mi Fit app on any other device and detach the accessory from it. Unfortunately, the Mi Band 2 bracelet cannot be unlinked without the Mi Fit.

Using the official Mi Fit app is the easiest way to detach the bracelet from your phone. To do so:

  • Log in to the app on your smartphone;
  • Open the tab ” Profile “;
  • In the list of used devices, find Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or 4;
  • Click on the ” Unlink ” button at the bottom;
  • Confirm the action.

For Android and iOS the procedure to disconnect the bracelet from your smartphone via the application is the same.

How to unlink Mi Band 6 from the phone

If you decided to tie the smart bracelet to another phone, you first need to unlink it from your previous smartphone. To do this unlinking, launch the Mi Fit app on your old smartphone, in the “Profile” tab click on the “Mi Smart Band 6 Fitness Bracelet” line, scroll through the menu and find the “Connection Restriction” line there. It must be disabled, because when it is turned on, the gadget will not be able to connect to another phone. Now at the very bottom of the menu find the “Disconnect” button and press it. Confirm your action and wait for the unlinking to take place. Keep in mind that the fitness bracelet will be reset to factory settings, which means that all your settings and all data stored on it will be deleted. You’ll have to go through all the steps you did when you first connected the Smart Band out of the box.

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Now you can connect the wristband to your new smartphone. If you have forgotten how to do it, the “Instructions for connecting and setting up the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet” will help you. Please note that before you can unlink a device, your bracelet and phone must be paired.

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How to unlink Mi Band 4 from the phone

To make your phone “forget” the gadget, all you have to do is unlink it. To do this in the Mi Fit app, open the “Profile” tab, click on the line with the name of your bracelet, and at the bottom click on the “Disconnect” button. In this case the data stored in the internal memory of the bracelet will be erased. After unbinding it will have to reconnect it to the phone. The described actions will occur if the Smart bracelet was near the phone and paired with the phone when you reset it. Otherwise, the bracelet will still work, but without synchronizing with the phone. To reconnect it to the phone, you will first have to do a reset through the bracelet menu (see above).

Connecting the fitness bracelet to your smartphone

To connect the Mi Band 3 to your device, visit the app catalog and download Mi Fit. This is a proprietary Xiaomi app specifically designed to sync with bracelets. Then follow the instructions:

  • Launch Mi Fit.
  • Log in with your Mi account or with Google. WeChat.
  • Choose a bracelet among the offered options of the connecting device (smart sneakers and Xiaomi watches are also offered).
  • After that, start the synchronization. To do this, if Bluetooth on your smartphone is not running, turn it on.
  • Start in the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone to connect a new device, select your Mi Band 3.
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How to detach the Xiaomi fitness bracelet

It is known that for the full operation of the fitness bracelet requires synchronization with your smartphone, but periodically it is necessary to disconnect it to sell or reconnect to another mobile device. So how do you detach the Mi Band 4 from your phone and put it on standby for a new phone?

Open the Mi Fit app, in the Profile tab select the name of the bracelet and at the very bottom of the menu click Disconnect.

After that, in the window that opens, click again on the Disconnect button and confirm your intentions by clicking on the same-name button.

If at the moment of disconnection the bracelet was in the range of the smartphone Bluetooh-module and synchronized with it, then in the app Mi Fit information about the bracelet will disappear, and on Mi Band 4 will be displayed Pair first, which means that the device is disconnected from your smartphone and needs to connect to the new (or to the same) smartphone.

If at the time of unlinking Mi Band 4 was out of range of the smartphone and was not synchronized with it, then the bracelet everything will remain in working order, but you can no longer synchronize it with the phone.

Reconnecting or tethering to another smartphone will require a reset via the smartwatch settings menu. You can learn more about this in this article:

After resetting the bracelet will go to Pair first mode and wait for a new connection.

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Can I do a full reset and why do it?

Reset to the factory settings is necessary for the device to work in normal mode. Sometimes a fitness bracelet may not correctly measure steps taken or display other “fake” readings. To fix this problem and will require some manipulation to restore the original settings.

Please note that officially zeroing to the factory level is not provided by the manufacturer itself.

The device contains only a minimal amount of information, for example, statistics, not yet synchronized and account information. To delete the data, you will need to unlink the Mi Band 3 from the profile, after which the information will disappear irretrievably.

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The method assumes that the device has previously synchronized with the smartphone.

If at a certain point Xiaomi Mi Band 2 simply refused to connect, then you need to act as follows:

  • Next you will see a message that the bracelet is not connected, so you need to scroll down the window and press one of the buttons: “Cancel connection” or “Unpair”. Press “ok”.

How to Remove MI Band 3 fitness Tracker from Wrist band

  • We close the application and, having restarted it, try to synchronize again. As soon as the LEDs on the Band’s tracker start flashing, you need to select the connected device on the smartphone, after that the connection will be completed.

Since authorization is done with the same data, all statistics collected by the tracker before it is unlinked will be saved and will continue to accumulate after successful synchronization.

Reset via Mi Fit

So, as we know from the previously written articles on the subject, connecting and changing settings of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi is made through the application Mi Fit, downloadable from Play Market or App Store. Provided that you are holding the reset bracelet and the device it is attached to, you can proceed to the procedure.

Further actions should be carried out accurately according to the steps in the instruction:

  • Then in the list of devices you need to select the Mi Band 2 and, by clicking on it, go to the point of unlinking the device.
  • The last action to reset the device is to confirm its unlinking from the smartphone.

It is worth clarifying right away that this way we do not delete the statistics from the user profile, but only make the bracelet independent of the particular phone. You can easily link it to a new account to start recording stats from scratch.

If deleting the settings is due to problems encountered in operation, then you can perform a Xiaomi phone reset, sometimes it helps.