How to Unlink iPhone from All Accounts

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How to log out from a second account or if there are several of them on Instagram: on the phone

It is useful to know how to log out of the second account from Instagram. You will not surprise anyone with a social network account. Users try not to mix business profile, personal life, creativity with each other. It is more convenient to maintain several accounts than to search for the desired post every time. It happens that a person ceases to get involved in, for example, painting. The page with his work is no longer relevant. Or a new device was purchased and the account will be used on it. There is a need to remove the account from the phone. When he is alone, everything is clear. We will tell you how to unpin the second profile.

How to log out of an Instagram account on a phone if there are several accounts

The social network is targeted at mobile users. Therefore, it is more convenient to work using the application than from a computer. Many add several pages. After that, they are looking for how to get out of the second Instagram account out of five. The program interface implies performing simple actions. Take a look at the step by step instructions:

  • Open your social network profile.
  • Scroll down to settings.
  • You will see a list of available actions. Among them, choose “exit”.
  • Save your login details if desired.

In this way, you can disable all profiles at once. To do this, select the button “disable all”.


IPhones run on ios, so it’s a little more difficult for users to figure out the functions themselves. Nevertheless, there is nothing complicated. Launch the application, go to the profile and select the name of the desired account. The system will automatically offer a list of created pages. We mark the desired account, go to the settings, press the button “end session”.

How to unlink a second Instagram account on one phone

Suddenly, you will need to urgently add a sixth page in the application. Instagram allows the use of five pages at a time. We’ll have to urgently look for a way to disconnect the extra office. There is nothing complicated, just the functionality of the application is rather confusing, hence the incomprehensibility.

So, to permanently unpin a profile, you need to:

  • Go to the main page and open your personal account.
  • Click the checkmark next to the name. The screenshot shows the location of the checkmark in detail.
  • Choose what you want to remove. Go there.
  • Open settings and scroll to the very bottom.
  • Select “log out”
  • A window will appear asking you to remember your login details.
  • If you plan to go back, then click remember. If you want to permanently delete the profile from your phone, select “not now”.

How to log out of the second Instagram account on the phone

Above, we looked at ways to remove unnecessary pages from the device. Let’s see how to unlink the second Instagram account from the first when they are linked. There are usually differences depending on the operating system of the phone.

On Android

Android tends to be more loyal to its fans. In the case of exiting the application, the process does not differ from the above.

The network administration has thought over every little thing that can cause inconvenience to its fans. It is possible to create five profiles per number. Convenient navigation between them was invented. To remove the need to constantly enter data for each page, the system remembers them.

You can select one main profile, the rest can be linked to it. To do this, go to the settings. Select the desired “multi input settings” button. Then simplify the login procedure. This is easy to deal with. If you need to untie the profile from this bundle, then the path is the same. You just have to delete the unnecessary profile from the heap entered on the device.

How to unlink Apple ID from iPhone: two easy ways. [# Author’s instructions]

Many users purchase a used iPhone.

In this regard, the problem of decoupling the device from the accounts of the previous owner becomes urgent.

Possible problems

It is clear that if the remote smartphone does not have an Internet connection, then the command to clean up from iCloud cannot come to it either.

But in this case, you can still make a decoupling through the DFU mode.

To do this, do the following:

  • Repeat steps 1-5 of the previous algorithm.
  • Now, when a window with a list of your devices appears at the top of the device, click the one that you want to untie and click on the cross to the right of its name. Re-flash using DFU mode.

DFU flashing can be carried out only with the direct participation of the smartphone itself (on it, you must hold down the Home and Power On / Off buttons). That is, the method will not help if you have lost your smartphone.

Case 1: legal transfer of the device, there is access to the smartphone

The algorithm below is completely official. It assumes that the owner voluntarily unlinks all accounts from the device when it is transferred to a new user.

Such measures are performed when buying a smartphone from hand.

  • Open the Settings menu on your device, then tap on the iCloud item (in new versions there is no such item, then you need the iTunes Store and Apple Store).
  • Scroll down the page that opens and find the Exit button. tap on it. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decisions. again tap on the Exit item. Now the device will ask what to do with the data on the device. you can save or delete it (depending on the situation, select the option that suits you and tap on it).

You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password. enter your device activation data.

This will start the data deletion process. Wait for it to end. when this happens, you will receive a notification on the screen of your device.

The device is now cleared of your personal data and unlinked from accounts. You can pass it on to a stranger.

It is clear, however, that this method will not help if the smartphone fell into your hands already locked.

Decoupling methods

The main rule that you need to remember is that if you found or purchased a device that was subsequently blocked and asks for account data, you need to know this data to unlock it.

There is no other way to unlock other than entering the original activation account information.

This is mainly due to the work of the Find iPhone function. As soon as the user activates it online, the Activation Lock function is automatically turned on and the device starts asking for activation data when unlocking / restarting.

It is the activation of the Find iPhone function that you need in the event that you have lost your device. this will protect against your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Not so long ago, when buying a smartphone from Apple from the hands of the buyer, it was recommended to check the presence of the Activation Lock function on it, so that the seller could not lock the device remotely for fraudulent purposes (for example, extorting money for unlocking). There was even a special algorithm for checking.

Such a check was carried out by IMEI, allowing the buyer to protect himself from fraudsters, and also indirectly check whether the device is stolen. But starting in 2017, the possibility of such a check disappeared. Apple disabled the service, citing the fact that it increases the likelihood of hacker attacks on devices.

Case 3: you have a device linked to your Apple ID

When buying a device from your hands, make sure that it is necessarily unlinked from the credentials. it is better if the seller makes unlinking according to the above algorithm in front of your eyes. Otherwise, the device will become non-functional at the first update, not to mention that the seller will be able to block it remotely.

If you have found or purchased a device linked to someone else’s account, it is completely useless for you.

You can not install updates until a certain point, but the functionality will still be significantly limited.

In fact, for example, a found activated iPhone cannot be used, even if it has not yet been locked remotely.

In all other cases, you need to look for the account owner and act in conjunction with him as described in the first or second section. However, finding such a seller is often very difficult, of course, there are cases when the former owner did not untie the iPhone due to ignorance or inattention, but most often stolen devices are sold in this form, that is, the seller of the necessary information does not know himself.

The essence of the problem

If you purchased an Apple phone with an unlinked account of the previous owner, in the first days of use this may not be noticeable in any way. if you know the passcode (or it is disabled), there will be no problems with use.

However, even in this case, there may be restrictions on the use of some services.

The problem occurs, for example, after you have reflashed the device or installed an update on it. Now, to activate the device, you need to re-enter the credentials to which the smartphone is linked.

When you enter yours, an error appears, since the device requires you to enter the information that was entered when the iPhone was activated.

If you cannot reactivate with the same data, then in fact, your phone will not work. But even if you did not install updates, did not do a flashing, the phone functions, at first glance, normally, a number of problems are still possible:

  • Using iCloud and other Apple services.
  • Inability to work with iTunes, since it is impossible to initially install and run the program.
  • Defective functioning of some official applications.
  • Serious restrictions on all financial transactions, both online and in applications, and through the NFC system.

The second possible reason why you may need to untie is the device falling into the wrong hands.

If you lose your iPhone or have it stolen from you, you need to remotely unlink from your account so that a stranger does not get access to your personal data, financial procedures, cards, etc.

A specific problem is remote blocking. If you find a device on the street, then with a high degree of probability, the former owner has already blocked the smartphone, you cannot use it without entering your account credentials at the unlocking stage.

Important! The problem is typical for both iPhone and iPod, iPad, Apple Watch. The solutions are given on the example of a smartphone, but with the rest of the gadgets, about the same scheme works.

Case 2: there is no longer access to the smartphone

A number of sellers, when handing over a device to a new user, simply forget to untie it from Apple Cloud.

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This leads to serious restrictions on the use of the device by the new owner.

To unlink accounts from a device that is no longer in the hands of the owner, you can use the following algorithm:

  • Go to Log in using the credentials of the device you want to unlink from your account (password and Apple ID).
  • Find Find iPhone and click on it.
  • Then check the Find all devices option. A list of all Apple devices linked to this account will appear on the background of the map. in the drop-down list, click on the gadget that you want to unlink from the credentials.
  • A window with basic functions will appear on the right side of the screen. In its lower right corner, find the Erase iPhone button and click on it.
  • Another pop-up window will appear in which you need to confirm your decision. click on the Delete item.
  • After that, the window in the upper right corner of the screen will update and require you to enter the password for AppleID, even though you are already authorized on the site. enter it and confirm.

Since the unlinking occurs remotely, wherever the smartphone itself is, if it is turned on, dialog boxes will be displayed on its screen confirming the process. you do not need to take any actions in them. just click Next, then Finish.

If this is not done, unlinking will still occur, but this will become clear only after the device is rebooted.

All actions on the part of the initial owner of the device are completed, it is unlinked from all accounts.

The cleaning process on an untethered iPhone will start immediately as soon as an unlimited Internet connection appears on it. The user will not be able to stop the data process.

After cleaning is complete, the smartphone will reboot and require a new activation with new credentials. The method is very convenient not only for the legal transfer of the phone, but also in the event that it was stolen from you, or it was lost. timely taken, such measures will prevent your personal information from getting to a stranger.

Possible problems

In most cases, the steps taken are sufficient to completely unlink the device from accounts.

However, sometimes, even after carrying out all the described actions, the iPhone is still in the list of your devices on the website, therefore, for greater reliability, it is recommended to carry out a number of more actions:

  • Open the settings of your device, go to them to the General item. There, scroll down the page to Reset and tap on it.
  • In the window that opens, select Erase Content and Settings, then Reset All Settings.

Several pop-up windows will appear in turn, in which you will need to confirm your decision by clicking on Erase IPhone.

Some models and versions of updates also require entering a password code and / or activation data of your device (password, AppleID).

At this stage, the device is definitely completely unlinked from all accounts. The new user can enter new own credentials for the full functioning of the device.

Buying an iPhone off hand is a rather risky undertaking that requires great care and responsibility from you.

Check all the functions of the device with the seller, pay special attention to unlinking from old accounts.

When buying a used device, you are solely responsible for its continued functioning.

How to unlock a used iPhone (with check and box)

If the old Apple ID was partially deleted, there is a high probability of subsequent device lock (Activation Lock). This can happen after the next update or firmware of the gadget and will be a big surprise for the owner. Such blocking is activated on the company’s servers and at the stage of setting up the device requires an initial Apple ID binding. It will not work to avoid Activation Lock, because the system is very reliably protected.

IPhone Activation Lock by Apple ID

If this happens, the only way to help you unlock a used iPhone is to contact Apple support. During this request, you will be required to confirm the purity of the transaction.

If during the purchase the gadget was checked and you were given all the documents (cashier’s receipt, warranty, box). it will be much easier to unlock the iPhone.

First, you need to take clear photos:

  • The sales receipt is the main evidence of the official purchase of the iPhone;
  • the second photo of the check, where below write the serial number by hand (if it is not on the check)
  • devices with a blocking window;
  • back cover of the device;
  • boxes where information about the serial number and IMEI is pasted;
  • photo of the SIM-tray with the IMEI number indicated there;

Download these photos to your computer and additionally create a single zip archive with all attached photos. In simple words. zip the folder with the photo, sometimes support asks for a photo in this form.

Important: you must already have your own Apple ID activated before calling support. Immediately log in with him at Also open your work mail, which will receive letters sent by support. This approach will allow you to quickly carry out all the settings by telephone with a specialist.

  • After all the preparations, you need to call the official Apple support number 8-8800-333-51-73.
  • After connecting with a specialist, indicate the purpose of your appeal: unlinking the Apple ID of the former owner from your device.The employee will ask questions. tell everything as it is, where and when you bought it, what documents were given to you, what is the name of the seller. Point out the fact that all the necessary photos were taken to prove your words.
  • If you are convincing, the specialist will ask you for an email and send an email to it with a link to send files to the Apple website.
  • You will need to immediately follow the link in the letter and attach and send all the photos taken in advance on a special Apple page.
  • If you act promptly, the specialist will immediately view your photos and, if there is no doubt about their authenticity, will create a request to unlock the device. You will be additionally asked for a contact phone number and email.

Important! If you don’t have a receipt or a box, you don’t need to try to cheat Apple support. Any trick or substitution with a check will be detected.

How to Unlink iPhone from Apple ID Former Owner

Very often, when buying equipment from Apple, new owners are faced with a situation when it is necessary to properly unlink the old Apple ID from the device and log out of all related services. There are also situations when the purchased iPhone turns out to be blocked and for activation they are required to enter the login and password of the previous owner’s Apple ID.

Buying used iPhones requires careful verification

What should be a hand-bought Apple device

To begin with, let’s give a little theory and tell you what iPad or iPhone devices bought from hand should be like.

    By means of backups, it is desirable for the owner to save all data on the sold device in the iCloud cloud. After that, you must be signed out of accounts in iCloud, iTunes Store and App Store.

Sign out of your iCloud and App Store account

Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

Here is a visual instruction on how to untie the old Apple ID from the iPhone and reset it to zero:

When buying an iPhone or iPad, ask the owner for all the documentation on the device: a warranty card, a box and a cashier’s receipt (the most important document). The serial number (Serial No.) in the phone and on the box must match (sometimes the serial number is indicated on the check). Check the history of the gadget through the official service There is an IMEI on the SIM tray. it must also match the data on the box.

If a locked used iPhone has no documents

If you purchased an iPhone from your hands, there are no documents for it and the activation lock has arrived. the situation is quite deplorable. It happens that along with the phone, only the login-password from the Apple ID is transmitted and at first the device works normally. However, after updating or flashing iOS, you may be prompted for another Apple ID and the phone will be locked. In this case, you will not be able to prove the transparency of your purchase and, in fact, the smartphone will turn into a chargeable brick.

How to reset icloud on iPhone

For a person to be able to donate or sell their smartphone, they need to know how to delete an account from the iPhone. This can be done using a computer. The iPhone itself will need to be turned off or put into airplane mode (this can be done in the settings):

  • Next, on your computer, go to and enter your account information.
  • After that, the user will see on the screen a list of functions, among which you need to find the “Find iPhone” option.
  • You will need to enter your account password again.
  • Then click on the “All devices” tab and select the device that you want to untie.

You can also deauthorize using iTunes on your computer. To do this, you need to go to the program, authorize and go to the “iTunes Store” tab, and then click “Account”. After that, you need to click “Device Management”, select the necessary gadget and click “Delete” next to it.

How to delete an account on iPhone or iPad

It often happens that a person has purchased a used iPad, on which all data seems to have been erased. But after updating the firmware, an iron friend requires authorization in the Apple ID account. If this happens, it means that the Activation Lock function is enabled on the iPad, which can lock the tablet PC or deny access to the user if he does not enter a username and password. To prevent this from happening, the user needs to know how to delete an account on iPhone and iPad.

Find iPad function

To delete your Apple ID account on your device, you need to unlink your iPhone from the icloud. If the tablet is locked, then this can be done using The user needs to go to the site, and then log into his icloud account. There you need to find the “Sign out” option and sign out with your Apple ID by selecting the “Remove from iPad” command. You should also do a factory reset and delete all data from the device. After that, the tablet PC should be unlocked and the user can create a new account or log into an existing one.

If the owner has access to the login and password from Apple ID, then he can erase data from him using the device search function. This will require:

  • Go to
  • Go to the “Find iPad” tab. The map will show the current location of the tablet PC, as well as its coordinates.
  • The user needs to click on the designation of the iPad on the map, after which he will see a question about whether to erase data from the device.
  • You need to click “Erase”, after which the system will ask for a password from the account.

If a person has such an opportunity, then he needs to find out the Apple ID activation number from the previous owner of the gadget. You definitely need to know it, since otherwise it will be extremely difficult to unlink the device from your account.

Note! You can use the Device Firmware Update function, which will delete absolutely all data from the iPad and bring it to its factory form.

As a last resort, the owner of the iPad can contact Support. To do this, he must have a box from the device and receipts confirming the purchase. The support email address can be found on the official website. The letter must be written in English, it is also important to correctly indicate the subject of the letter, it must correspond to the reason for the request. If, after 7 days, a response from the support service does not come, then it is recommended to write again. You should write in support until the answer comes, since the letter can simply get lost among thousands of others. If the device is on the stolen list, then the user should definitely contact the previous owner. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the tablet.

How to untie iPhone from icloud

Before you start working with a new device, you should check if it is linked to iTunes, appleid and other accounts. The easiest way to do this is to ask the former owner to see if their accounts are linked to an iPhone. He can also untie them and clear the contents of the phone.

Otherwise, the person will have to cope on his own. To see if the iPhone was unlinked from iCloud, you need to go to Settings, then find the iTunes Store tab and sign out of your existing account. Next, you need to create a new one in order to use iTunes.

Unlinking an iPhone from iCloud is also necessary, but much easier to do. To do this, go to the settings, click on the Apple ID tab, scroll down and click the “Exit” button. It should be remembered that in this case, the cloud storage is logged out and the owner will not have access to it. Apps from iTunes store will be downloaded to the new account.

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How to untie iPhone from icloud

In order for all data to be saved in icloud, the user needs to create his own Apple ID. Every Apple service uses the same identifier. Therefore, you should not forget your username and password, as it is not easy to recover them.

Note! Apple ID is created when you buy a new iPhone, you can also do this in the App Store.

To create an Apple ID using the App Store, you must sign out of an authorized icloud. After that, go to the application and click on the profile icon, and then click on “Create a new Apple ID”. Next, you will need to enter a phone number, email address, and select a country. After that, you need to click “Next”, enter the date of birth and full name of the new owner.

How to Unlink iPhone from Apple ID

To sell your device, you need to know how to unbind an iPhone from Apple ID to avoid data leakage. To erase your data from your smartphone and get a new cleaned device, you need to log out of all accounts on the iPhone and reset the settings.

To do this, you must:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Apple ID” tab.
  • Scroll down and press “Exit”.

This way the device can untie the Apple ID. The user should also sign out of their icloud, iTunes and App Store accounts. But in order to exit, the owner will need to enter a username and password.

After all the steps have been completed, you need to go to the device settings again, select the “Basic” tab, where to find and click on the “Reset” button. This will reset the iPhone to factory settings and be like new. All data from the smartphone will be deleted, so if the owner is going to use them later, then he should transfer all important documents and files to the iCloud cloud storage.

Note! It is impossible to unlock, disable Apple ID, iTunes, iCloud when buying a used iPhone without the login and password of the previous owner.

How to unlink iPhone from icloud if you forgot your password

Often, users of Apple products have a need to sell their device or buy a used phone. When selling a smartphone, all data must be deleted from it so that the new owner cannot use it. Well, if it happened that a person bought a used iPhone, and the accounts of the previous owner were saved on it, then he needs to know how to untie the iPhone from the icloud.

How to sign out of Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

There are several ways to sign out of your Apple ID. For example, do this using the device itself, or using a computer. If a person has purchased an iPhone, and the data of the previous owner is saved on it, then he must be contacted. The previous owner must independently remove all information from the old gadget. It is advisable that the deletion of accounts occurs with the buyer, so that he makes sure that the gadget is not stolen.

To remove Apple ID from iPhone, you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the Apple ID tab.
  • After that, you will need to enter authorization data.
  • Sign out of your account.
  • Reset settings.

The algorithm of actions for all versions of the iPhone is the same, be it iPhone 7 or se.

To completely delete an Apple ID account, the user will need to go to the official website of Then you need to go to the “Confidentiality” section and log in. After a successful login, you can start deleting your account by clicking the “Delete” button.

Important! This method is only suitable if the Apple ID belongs to the person who is going to delete the account. It is impossible to carry out the deletion procedure without a username and password.

After the Apple ID is removed, the user can create a new account. It should also be remembered that the ID will be deleted completely and irrevocably, that is, it will cease to exist in the system. Therefore, if a person wants to continue using this account, then he does not need to delete it, it is enough to reset the data from the device.

Account destruction can take up to 7 days. All information regarding this process will be sent to the owner’s email address. When deleting, the user indicates the reason for this action, and also leaves his email address. The system will give a person a special code consisting of 12 characters, with which it will be possible to cancel the deletion of the Apple ID if the owner changes his mind. But after the end of the procedure, the destruction cannot be canceled.

Completely deleting your icloud account

What to do if you forgot your iCloud password on iPhone

Due to the fact that the user does not often enter the iCloud password on the iPhone, it is enough to simply forget it. In this case, there is no need to panic, the password can be restored.

Important! Only the original owner of the iPhone can recover the password from an iCloud linked to an iPhone.

To recover the password from the service using e-mail, the user needs to go to the settings and go to “iCloud”. After that, you need to click on “Forgot your password”. A letter with a special code will be sent to the mail that was linked during the registration of the icloud. If the owner indicated an additional mailing address, then a letter will also be sent to him.

If a person does not have access to e-mail or for another reason he cannot use this method, then there is another option for resetting the password. answers to security questions. This method will suit him if he gave answers to such questions during registration. To do this, you must enter your username from iCloud and select the “Answers to security questions” password recovery option. If the user answers everything correctly, he will be prompted to create a new password.

How to check if iPhone is untied from iCloud

To check if the iPhone is untied from icloud, you need to go to the main settings and click on the “iCloud” tab, after which the user will be shown all the information regarding linking accounts to this device.

If for some reason a person is unable to view information on the phone itself, then contact with the former owner of the device will come to the rescue. It is recommended to check with the previous owners before buying a used phone. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Before purchasing an old smartphone, it is better to ask the seller to unlink all existing accounts on the iPhone, and also turn off the Find iPhone function. This function can subsequently lock the device and only the primary owner will have access to it.

How to remove icloud from iPhone without password

Unfortunately, you cannot untie the icloud from the device without knowing the password. All Apple devices have good protection that will not allow anyone to demolish smartphone data. This can only be done by the owner of the gadget who knows the password for the iCloud account. Therefore, before buying an Apple smartphone, you should make sure that the previous owner has removed from all existing accounts on the phone and reset the settings and content.

Thus, it becomes clear that decoupling Apple products from Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes is not an easy matter. Only the original owner of the gadget can perform these operations. The advantage of such a security system is that iPhones and iPads practically do not steal, since they are quite difficult to hack. Therefore, before any purchase of a used device, you should check it for the presence of any accounts, data and other things. It is advisable to do this right in front of the seller, so that, if necessary, he can untie and remove everything unnecessary from the smartphone and the buyer does not experience any inconvenience in using the gadget.

What is Apple ID

Before analyzing all the questions regarding iPhone unlinking, we suggest learning in more detail what an Apple ID is and why you need it. Apple ID is a kind of unique iPhone user account that is registered separately for each device. This account allows you to fully familiarize yourself with all services from Apple.

To register, you need to specify a Gmail mailbox and come up with a password. Creating an Apple ID is mandatory for every iOS gadget, be it an iPhone 4, 5S, 6 or 10. it doesn’t matter at all. Consider the main functionality that opens up to the user after registration:

The Apple ID account collects data about the installation of games and applications and allows them to be installed in the future on another device from the “apple” manufacturer.

Via iTunes

To follow these instructions, you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

  • First of all, open the iTunes Store and scroll through all the sections. In the lower block “Management”, click on the first line “Account”.
  • We enter the account data and the program dialog box will open in front of you. We are looking for the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click on the “Manage devices” button, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • In the window that appears, click on “Delete” and confirm the actions.

Profile successfully deactivated.

Important! Only 5 computers can be linked to one device. The sixth binding will not be available.

Disconnecting an account

It is better to unlink the iPhone from the account in advance or immediately before the sale or purchase, so that in the future it will not cause any inconvenience to anyone. It is also very important to do it correctly so as not to delete anything unnecessary from the phone’s memory and not accidentally activate unnecessary settings or parameters. Let’s consider several options, using which you can easily untie the phone from Apple ID and log in with your own username.

Through the site

Now let’s look at how to remotely delete an Apple ID account through the site:

  • Enter the address in the browser line or follow the link
  • On the main page, you need to enter your account information. We indicate them and click on the arrow on the right side of the second line.
  • A notification will pop up on your device where the code will be written. It must be entered in the appropriate field on the site, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • The site will check all the data and ask for permission to use the current PC browser. We press “Trust”.
  • In the window that appears, click on the “Find iPhone” icon.
  • The system may ask you to re-enter the password. We enter it and click on the “Enter” button.

If the “Find iPhone” function is not enabled on the device, the following window will appear in front of you:

If the iPhone is connected, then you will see a list of available devices. You need to select your phone and press the “Remove from Find iPhone” button.

Through phone settings

For this step, you only need a phone with Wi-Fi and nothing else. This instruction is relevant for all models of Apple gadgets, as well as any firmware.

  • We turn on the device and wait for its full launch. If it is already enabled, then it is recommended to stop applications running in the background.
  • Go to the iPhone settings menu. Usually, the corresponding icon is located on the main screen of the phone.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes Store and App Store” column and click on it.
  • In the window that opens, at the top of the screen, there will be information about the user account currently registered. You must click on the “Apple ID” column, as shown by the arrow in the screenshot below.
  • Click on the “Exit” button and agree with all the actions proposed to us.

Following the steps above allowed you to sign out of your account in just a couple of minutes. For best results, you need to reset your phone to factory settings and erase all unnecessary data. To do this, use the instructions below:

  • Go to the iPhone settings menu by clicking on the corresponding icon on the main screen of the device.
  • Scroll through the menu until we find the line “Basic”. Click on it.
  • Scroll through all the settings to the end and at the bottom of the screen there will be a “Reset” key. Click on it.
  • You are presented with several parameters, by clicking on which you can return certain types of settings to the factory state. Since we bought a phone and want to customize it completely for ourselves, we click on the very first line “Reset all settings”. After that, we agree with all the proposed actions and wait for the gadget to restart. If you want to clear only individual sections, then select the appropriate option.
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The device will automatically restart. Do not be afraid that this may take too long. If restarting the phone takes 5, 10, 15 minutes, then this is completely normal and you have no reason to worry.

It is also very important to track the status of the Find My iPhone option. It should be disabled. Its inclusion is permissible only if you are logged in with your own username. In order to check the status of the “Find iPhone” parameter, use our instructions:

  • Go to the settings menu by clicking on the icon on the main screen.
  • The first window that opens will display the iPhone account block at the top of the screen. Click on it as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Click on the “iCloud” section.
  • Scroll down the screen to the “Find iPhone” column. We check that it is in the off state.

After checking all the above steps, you can be 100% sure that the iPhone is unlinked from the previous owner’s account. You can safely enter your data and download the necessary applications from your account.

Removing a device from an iCloud account

There are two options to remove your phone from your iCloud account. How to do this using the website is described above. Let’s see how to do this directly using the phone:

  • Go to the device settings and click on the account window at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to the very end and at the bottom we find the “Exit” button. Click on her.
  • Confirm the operation by pressing the “Exit” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Thanks to our quick guide, you were able to successfully remove the device from your Icloud account in two to three minutes.

Purchased iPhone is linked to someone else’s account. what to do?

The situation when you bought an iPhone and later found that it was linked to someone else’s account is pretty sad. There are not many ways out of this situation, but it is worth trying.

Perhaps the person who sold the iPhone just forgot to unlink it from their previous account. In this case, you should call him or contact him in another convenient way and ask for the password for the account. Or ask for a meeting so that the previous owner unlocks the phone on his own. In the optimal case, the person will kindly agree and help you in solving the current situation.

How to unlink Apple ID from iPhone

Author: rf-webmaestro Published 03.03.2018 Updated 08.02.2019

If you have decided to sell your apple device, then information on how to untie an iPhone from Apple id will be useful to you. A few simple steps can save you unnecessary hassle and trouble down the road. There are often situations when, when buying an iPhone and its subsequent firmware, the user is prompted for a password from the previous owner’s account. This can be prevented by deactivating the former owner’s account in time and creating your own.

Unlinking iPhone from accounts is a must when selling or buying an iPhone. This must be done not only for security reasons, because there is a risk of losing access to the device, but also for the comfort of use. After clearing the phone of old data, accounts and other files, a person who bought an iPhone from their hands gets a clean device with factory settings. It becomes possible to customize the system taking into account all the preferences of the new user. Above, there are several instructions to help you reset and delete unnecessary profiles.

How to unlink iPhone from all accounts?

First, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Then you should go to the “Find iPhone” section. In it, you need to select “All devices” and then. in the list that appears. find the smartphone that you want to untie. Click “Erase iPhone” and then confirm your decision.

How to clean iPad before selling?

Go to the “General” section in “Settings”. Go to the “Reset” menu. Select the option “Erase content and settings” and wait until the device is completely wiped. You can now sell your iPhone on the secondary market.

How to Delete iCloud Account of Previous iPhone User?

Disconnect Apple ID Account on iPhone

STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud. STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click Exit, then click Exit again. STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click Remove from iPhone, then enter your Apple ID password. May 4, 2020.

How to set up your phone like a new iPhone?

In the invitation window to configure the device (appears after deleting content and settings), select “Set up as new iPhone”. Next, you need to skip signing in to Apple ID, in order to avoid transferring the iCloud service settings to the device.

How To Completely Reset iPhone Before Selling?

Removing personal information from your old device

  • If your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch, unpair.
  • Back up data on your device.
  • Sign out of iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store.
  • Go back to the Settings screen and hit General Reset Erase Content and Settings.

How to remove the old owner’s Apple ID?

The previous owner is not near you

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Open Find My iPhone.
  • Click “All devices” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Click Erase [device].
  • Click “Remove from Account”.

How to transfer data from one iPad to another?

How to transfer data using iCloud

  • Open “Settings” on your old iPad
  • Click on the Apple ID icon.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Select “Recover using iCloud”
  • Click “Recover Now”
  • After you back up your iPad, you can start using your new iPad.

How to unlink iPhone from account?

Delete a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

How to Remotely Erase Data from iPhone?

  • Sign in to Find My iPhone on your device with the Apple ID you use to sign in to iCloud.
  • From the list of devices, select the device on which you want to erase.
  • Click Actions, Erase [device], then do one of the following:

Wipe Apple ID completely

There can be several reasons for permanently deleting Apple ID, most often it is connected with the user’s desire to clear his “history” on Apple servers and create a new account. What will be deleted in this case?

  • All personal data about the user without the possibility of recovery;
  • All purchases in iTunes, App Store and other Apple services are non-recoverable;
  • All data from the cloud service iCloud without the possibility of recovery.

Remove iCloud (Apple ID), or How to Unlink iPhone or iPad from Apple Account?

As you know, in all its devices and services, Apple uses a single system of user identification, which requires the latter to authorize using Apple ID to perform important actions. buying and downloading content, managing confidential data and settings, etc. At the same time, many owners of iOS devices and Macs often face the need to unlink or completely remove Apple ID.

How to completely remove Apple ID

To do this, you need to go to the special section of the Apple website dedicated to data privacy, log in with your Aplpe ID and answer security questions, select the “Delete account” item and start the process.

There are a few simple steps here, such as: specifying the reason for deleting an account, confirming that you have read the terms and conditions for deleting, entering an email address to receive information on the procedure.

This is followed by an important point. a 12-digit code will be generated, which will remain the only way for the user to confirm his identity if he changes his mind to delete the account. The procedure itself takes up to seven days, which are required by the support service to confirm the legitimacy of the request, after which the user will receive a notification to the specified E-mail or phone number.

How to Remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID to iCloud Remotely

Go to from your computer and log in with the Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad owner;

Select the “Find iPhone” section. Click on the All devices button at the top of the screen. a list of devices linked to this account will appear, select the one you need;

If the device is offline, click Remove from Find iPhone.

If the device is online. in the window that appears on the right, select “Erase iPhone”. Confirm the deletion and complete the procedure by clicking “Remove from account”.

Why remove Apple ID?

In fact, by “removing Apple ID” most users mean decoupling the identifier from a specific device. For example, when buying or selling an iPhone or iPad, so that the new owner does not get access to correspondence in iMessage, personal photos, contact list and in order to avoid problems in the future when using the device directly, it is necessary to unlink the iPhone or iPad from iCloud (delete Apple ID) and disable activation lock (Find iPhone, Activation Lock).

Another common case is the use of content from one account by multiple users. For example, there is a “corporate” Apple ID for which the necessary set of content is purchased (applications from the App Store, books in iBooks, Apple Music subscription, whatever), and ordinary employees at the right time (for example, to install updates) leave their personal Apple ID accounts and are authorized under the “corporate”.

However, there are also cases when Apple ID needs to be deleted irrevocably. The ability to do this without directly contacting Apple technical support has appeared only recently, and at the end of this article we will talk about how to completely destroy all data about yourself stored on the company’s servers.

How to remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID in iCloud if you have the device in your hands

When you sign out of Apple ID on your mobile device, iOS will ask you to delete data, while you can leave some of them (for example, Contacts and Notes) or not delete anything at all, saving all the content on the gadget. It is important to understand that we are talking only about the information that is stored on the built-in physical storage, while most users additionally sync Photos, Contacts, Messages and other data with the iCloud cloud. This allows you to completely erase and unlink your iPhone from your Apple ID, and then easily and quickly restore all content on another device.

How to Unlink iPhone from All Accounts

Open the Settings app and go to the Apple ID section (at the very top where your first and last name are listed).

At the very bottom, click “Exit”;

In the latest versions of iOS, the user is offered three options for logging out of the Apple ID account:

  • Sign out of iCloud and the Store. completely decouple Apple ID from the device;
  • Exit the Store. iCloud synchronization is still working, applications from the App Store, for example, can be installed from another account;
  • Signing out of iCloud. on the contrary, leaves the user with the current Apple ID in iTunes (App Store, Apple Music, etc.), but disconnects the device from the cloud service.

In the pop-up window that appears, select “Sign out of iCloud and Store” if you need to sign out of iCloud (unlink the device) and services from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, etc. Or the item “Sign out of iCloud”, if you just need to unlink the device from iCloud.

Enter the password to disable Find My iPhone and tap Off.

Now go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase Content and Settings.

After entering the password, click “Erase [device]”.

After completing the above steps, the iOS device will be removed (untethered) from iCloud with the activation lock turned off (Find iPhone, Activation Lock). Also, the iPhone or iPad will be reset to factory settings, deleting all data.

How to check if there are unfamiliar devices associated with your Apple ID account

To make sure that there are no devices that do not belong to you linked to your Apple ID account (perhaps, you are being followed), do the following.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apple ID section (where your first and last name appears).

You will see a list of devices that are also linked to the Apple ID that you are using.

Select an unfamiliar device that does not belong to you.

Click “Remove from Account” and then “Remove”.

Change your Apple ID password immediately, to do this:

  • launch the Settings app and go to the Apple ID section.
  • select Password & Security and then click Change Password.
  • Change your password. You can learn about Apple ID password requirements in this article. And we talked about how to come up with complex passwords and never forget them here.