How to understand the headphones original or not wired. Where you do not buy the original

Anatomy of fakes. Headphones

In today’s article, the first of the cycle, we understand how the fakes differ from the original and why they are cheaper.

And we will start with a portable sounding theme with me.

As always, various unpleasant situations occur at the most inopportune moment. So it happened this time. my girlfriend’s headphones failed. As often happens, the cable broke off at the plug, and one ear is deaf. To the question “what headphones do you want” the answer was expected. the same (turned out to be very convenient for its ears shape).

In the search process, I remembered that not so long ago I came across exactly the same headphones at a price of more than three times less than the average market. I decided to go in and check again if I was mistaken. I was not mistaken.

As a result, curiosity prevailed. acquired them to find out what such a low price is due to the fact that the appearance at first glance did not allow to recognize the fake on the move.


The only thing that embarrassed me right away is the box.

understand, headphones, original, wired

The original, sold in it looks different.

But the box may be different due to the fact that it was this example that was intended for sale in the market of another country.

In fact, the fact that this is a fake became clear when I decided to listen to the headphones. a flat, inexpressive sound of very low quality.

Well, let’s find out what the Chinese saved on. For this, the headset will have to be disassembled, but this is later. Before analyzing, we will examine the headset from the outside.

Types of headphones EARPODS

There are two similar species of earpods headphones, but they still have small differences.

Earpods headphones with a regular plug:

  • Connected to the device using a plug in 3.5 mm
  • Have a half.closed type of acoustics
  • The microphone in them is located on the wire

Earpods headphones with a regular plug

EARPODS with Lightning connector:

EARPODS with Lightning connector

How to distinguish Apple Earpods for iPhone from fake

Apple electronics, as well as accessories for it, are considered a premium level. Not every person can afford to buy products of the California corporation. It is for this reason that many manufacturers recreate copies of brand devices, subsequently issued for the original. Most often, you can encounter replicas of Apple headphones, EARPODS, implemented not only through Internet trade, but also on the windows of city stores.

The equipment is as follows:

  • A box consisting of 2 parts-white cardboard and transparent cover-wall cover
  • Two documents. instructions for the type of thin books
  • Case
  • Naushnikov

Earpods headphones

The appearance of a plastic case (if any)

Fake on the left, the original on the right

It is sometimes possible to distinguish a fake from real headphones by case if in the purchased version of the headphones it was generally provided for. For example, headphones from the iPhone set have long have no case, but only a cardboard holder.

Case Earpods Naushnikov

Additional headphone packaging, that is, the case resembles a capsule. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish a high.quality fake case from the present.

The plastic of the original case has a slightly bluish tint. The material is absolutely smooth to the touch. Chinese fake capsules have a yellowness, rough surface, burrs along the edges.

The case consists of two parts. a transparent cover and bottom of white plastic. The second part has nests in which the headphones themselves place. This part of branded goods has a uniform white color, symmetrical nests with clearly verified sizes. The headphones are well fixed in them.

The second half of the fake capsule is painted unevenly. On the surface of plastic, gray stains can be observed. And the nests are larger in size than it should.

Fake Case Earpods Headphones

In the brand version, the white part of the capsule is exactly the same color and shade as the headphones themselves. In fakes, the tint of the plastic capsule differs from the one from which the headphones themselves are made. Just the replicas of cases are made separately from the headphones themselves. Different production is engaged in this, so it is not possible to achieve the same shade of plastic.

The back of the capsule must be polished, have shine. It is not polished in fakes, so it remains matte.

If there is no Apple logo on the back of the capsule. a certain 100% fake. But, some fakes have a logo.

How to distinguish a fake case ERDS

Distinctive features of the logo on the original case:

The logo on the replicas is squeezed out in a completely different way. The depth of extrusion of the image is not observed, so its edges can be blurred. It is noticeable both visually and to the touch.

Capsules are placed in protective packaging in the form of a transparent film. But, on fakes glue a sticker with a barcode and other information. In the originals, the protective film goes without any stickers.

EARPODS stickers

Case transparent cover should be without defects. There are scratches, influxes in fakes. She can bend if you press it with a finger.

Case Case Case Case should be without defects

In fakes, this cover flies or, on the contrary, it is very difficult to remove. The original case breaks off and closes easily.

Joints (!), cracks and gaps

In fakes Earpods are often noticeable gaps and cracks. in the joints between the cable and the connector, or the cable and the headphone itself.

It is according to rude and crooked joints that the most easily of all is to recognize the fake.

And the clone may also differ in the length of the wire of the right and left headphone. The original has everything clearly.

The divider

The decapiter of the wires in fakes can have defects, usually in the form of burrs and noticeable joints. It is poorly rubberized and hard to the touch. The originals have a soft and durable brancher.

The divider on the original and fake

The fake can have the inscription “HTP” on the decapiter. The originals do not have it.

Wires and serial number

Brand headphones have a soft, elastic wire and has a fairly thick rubber coating. And in copies it is tougher and thinner. Therefore, fakes quickly fail, as the wire is bend, cracks and breaks at the place of fastening to the metal plug.

If you strongly bend the wire at the fake, then an additional plastic pad can crack.

The wire at the “spring” copies, and because of this, headphones can fall out of the ears, twist, confuse.

Diffusors check

Another way to distinguish a fake Airpods Pro from the original is to check the diffusers of the headphones.

On fakes around the black diffuser of devices, there is often a metal gray circuit. The original has never had such a circuit, and it cannot be.

On the outside, the fake diffuser looks larger and massive in comparison with the genuine device.

Also, note that in genuine devices a diffuser will always be located on the same level, as well as on one line. Copies are often curved and uneven.

Do not forget about the side internal diffusers. The copies of a different color of a rectangle with rounded edges. In real headphones, these diffusers are always black, give in brilliance and are reflected in the sun. Parodies of dark gray color, and also do not reflect the light.

Designations of the left and right headphones

Noticeable component. But sometimes AirPods Pro has the original difference and fake is in front of his eyes. On the very surface.

Genuine devices are necessarily marked with letters R and l. With their help it is indicated where the left and where the right headphone.

It is strange that some manufacturers are not so rare past such components.

If you do not see the inscriptions of L and R on headphones, then the conclusion is obvious. It’s a fake. Originals always go with such markings. It does not happen otherwise.


Original earpods can serve their owner for a long time if they treat them carefully. The life of copies. from several weeks to a couple of months.

The shape and length of fake headphones may differ from the original. This can only be found out if there is an original on your hands for comparison.

There may be differences in weight. Usually the original weight is greater.

Height headphones differences


The headphones indicate the left or right. At copies of the letter “r” and “l” are applied poorly, the paint is erased very quickly. The fakes also have black letters, and the original is lighter-closer to the dark gray.

The headphones indicate the left or right

Sometimes there are fakes on which markings are not indicated, that is, the left or right given headphone.

Serial number (IMEI)

With doubts about the originality of the product, a poor-quality headset can be checked by the serial number Earpods and the barcode on the package. It is enough to enter a barcode or a series of headphones into the register of manufactured products (they can be found in a check, on a box, in an invoice) and determine:

EARPODS IMEI Verification will allow you to quickly block the phone when loss and restart it. IMEI is sewn in every phone on the manufacturer. To find it out, you need to dial #06 #. After a short free operation, a fifteen.digit number will be displayed. This is the identifier (serial number) of cell phones.

How to distinguish original EARPODS from fakes and Chinese copies: Sound of melodies

If you take headphones from hand, except for the above, you need to listen to the sound of melodies. The original headset has a base, even, pure, harmonious sound. If the sound of music is muffled, you are in front of you a copy, albeit a box from real branded headphones.

Apple fakes can differ greatly in the process of playing music. Extraneous sounds, hissing, pauses will immediately allow you to know that you have acquired a falsify. Sometimes the original Earpods headphones sit poorly in the ears, so this indicator does not indicate falsification.

Characteristic features

This headphones are produced by Apple for its iPhone smartphone. Yes, EarPods are made by official partners of the American company. And it happens in China.

But there is a difference when you have a Chinese fake, as well as the original in China. Technologies are different, as well as the quality and sound of the headphones themselves.

The price is not always a characteristic feature. A brand is applied to both types of headphones, as well as a symbol of an apple company. But some points give a fake.

To understand how to distinguish the wired Apple headphones from a fake, you need to look at:

  • case;
  • cable;
  • joints;
  • the wire;
  • shape and weight;
  • frame;
  • inscriptions;
  • a net of speakers;
  • Remote Control;
  • Sound, etc.

Now on the main points separate instructions, as well as recommendations.

What about the case

Not the most obvious option for how to find out the original Apple headphones from the fake. But from this you can start.

Look at the case if it is provided for in configuration.

Some fakes go without a company logo. This is a clear puncture of scammers.

Plastic of the original bluish shade, and the copies are more yellowish than white.

When viewing a transparent cover in the light, you can notice waves. This is a sign of unfair copying. In the original, the case has perfectly even outlines.

We study the cable

A good option on how to distinguish Apple’s headphones original from a fake. This is a cable, as well as its thickness.

Copies have a thin cable. Fakes have a smooth and even surface of the wire. Originals are made from the same materials as the Lightning cable. To the touch it will be rough, as well as matte.

No breaks. If the cable is easy to break, then this is a copy.

There are burrs, pieces of plastic and uneven joints on the plugs. A sign of hasty copying. This does not happen in genuine headphones.

Take a look at the joints and gaps

Fakes give noticeable joints, cracks, as well as gaps. They are between the cable and the connector, or between the headphone and the cord.

Curved and rude joints give counterfeit accessories.

Another feature is a different length of wires for the left and right headphones. In genuine products, everything is perfect, as well as strictly symmetrically and the same.

What is written on wires

Look carefully at the cable? What is written on it? Nothing? Then there is a cheap copy in front of you.

The original has the inscription. They write Designed by Apple California, and then Assembled and the name of the country. It can be China, Vietnam and Brazil. The inscription ends with a unique serial number.

Windows 10 not detecting headphones when plugged in fix

Copies of such inscriptions may not have. But if you have an inscription on the cable, do not rush to buy an accessory. This does not guarantee 100% protection against fake.

Look at the headphones themselves

The fake is given by a more elongated, oval form, as well as the minimum weight. They seem weightless, some kind of air.

The original weighs 32-36 grams. You can weigh.

The shape is rounded, and the front part does not act much.

Incorrect form is characteristic of outright counterfeit. Skillful underground manufacturers of the case make the correct shape and size.

What are the joints

Genuine earpods look like a single whole element. No joints are visible. They are not there.

Fake accessories have extra joints. They are noticeable on the case. Look at the site where it is rounded after the wire.

What they write on headphones

On fakes from the Middle Kingdom, they may not divide devices into the left and right headphones. There are no corresponding inscriptions.

There are also curves, uneven inscriptions, as well as made by unusual font. The font uses dark and rude.

In genuine devices, these are neat and even letters R and l. Gray. Do not erase during the years of operation. You can rub with fakes with a fingernail. The paint will begin to easily get off.

Dice in speakers

When copying, other diffusers and nets on the speakers are used.

The original has a metal net. Some copies are made of plastic. There are those who use metal nets. But they are thick, rude, and also shine.

What about the control panel

They don’t always look at this element. And in vain. It is easy to identify for fake original headphones.

understand, headphones, original, wired

When copying, the image of the microphone make a pronounced black color. The original has a gray color. Any other characters and inscriptions on the control panel are absent.

Feel the button of the remote control. In the originals it is soft, and the click is muffled. Fakes click so that the neighbors hear. Plus you need to make more effort so that the button is pressed.

Before buying, check the operability of the buttons. On some cheap copies they do not work. And made simply for the species and external resemblance to genuine accessories.

Listen to the sound

You can never buy headphones without listening to first how they work, and also sound when talking.

And then EarPods immediately make it clear where the fake is, and where the original. The difference in sound is huge. And not in favor of fakes.

Copies differ in the absence of bass. Often wheezing, and also sound quietly.

In Chinese fakes, a microphone is not always provided. Either works quietly and hoarse. It is impossible to conduct a conversation.

Summing up

The market was massively flooded with cheap Chinese accessories for mobile phones.

You cannot hide, and also deny that some of them have a decent quality.

But for the iPhone take the original. You now know how to identify a fake. And copies from the Middle Kingdom are terrible. In quality, sound and durability. It’s a shame to take fake earpods, put on fake New Balance 574. and apply counterfeit paraum Jo Malone to the skin. And all this at the same time.

The easiest way is to buy a genuine mobile accessory through Apple’s official store. There are enough of them. If the official is far away, then check the headphones in the store before buying. There are no guarantees that real devices are being sold there.

What headphones do you use? How they decided to equip their iPhone to listen to music and conversations? Have you met fakes? Felt the difference between them and the original? Who did win?

I am waiting for your answers, as well as stories in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

I have everything, and therefore thank you for your attention!

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Fake or original?

To find the difference between these Airpods and a copy, you need to conduct a comparative analysis, pay attention to the following:

  • Assembly. The original version of shaking the case does not talk. Otherwise. fake.
  • Sound. Real teds are distinguished by even sound, pleasant hearing, without frequency interruptions. Replica is not able to convey continuous sound. Chrying with high volume can listen to it through it and after a minute it becomes unbearably listening to the music.
  • Click when opening, closing the case. You can also determine the originality of the case by branded click while opening the case. The click is barely caught by ear. At the fake, the case opens with a loud noise.
  • The weight. The original product weighs from 46 g, and the copy is no more than 40 g. To check, use portable weights.

A buyer who has not previously used wireless headphones, external data and a sound comparison of the gadget will not help. Doubts can cause the price. If the product is much cheaper than on the official website of the manufacturer, then this is a copy. The original device instantly connects to the iPhone, and the serial is checked using the Apple website.

How to distinguish branded products from a replica outwardly?

The difference between the air subs and the fake can be identified by the above indicators:

Logo and prints

In the brand version, the headphones are portrayed on the packaging with slightly convex outlines. They are easily felt with fingers. There are smooth drawings in Chinese analogues. In original products, the inscription shimmers when light enters it, and the replica does not have such an effect, an apple is drawn.

Stickers on the package

Chinese boxes without stickers, which are confirmation of the originality of the goods. The company Airpods indicates the place of manufacture, the serial number of the gadget. They are easily checked by Apple service.

Box geometry and equipment

Branded goods are placed in a strong box. The gadget does not easily fall out of it. The packaging is made without inner cracks. The lower part occupies the tray, on top of the headphones in the case and instructions. Lightning cable is placed under the tray. The copy has fewer such details. The case is covered with a film, under it there is an instruction, a poor-quality Lightning cable. The replicas do not have a tray for the device.

The dimensions of the charger

Apple’s products were a prison for innovation in the manufacture of wireless headphones. This is the most miniature model. Compared to her, copies are much more in size. The dimensions of the original accessory:

Joints, cracks and gaps

Branded headphones have no gaps, differ in a continuous body. There are small cracks in the fake model. Therefore, before buying, you should check the gadget with a flashlight.

Inscriptions on the case

On the case of branded products from the back, the inscription is visible. Designed by Apple in California, the device is noted on the device. R (right) and l (left). It is not indicated on fake headphones that this is Apple’s product. However, the designations R and L may be present.

Feature configuration, case

The case of this device is slightly rounded on the sides, there are no sharp transitions from one edge to another. The fake is made in rectangular form. There are models with rounded sides. Chinese manufacturers have learned to copy AirPods well. Therefore, apparently such a device is distinguished in size.

High.quality set

In the manufacture of the case and headphones, Apple uses high.quality plastic, covers the material with glossy. The fake is distinguished by the use of low.grade plastic, the presence of burrs, irregularities of certain parts of the device.

Dynamics grid

The company product is represented with a metal mesh on dynamics. It is durable, does not deteriorate and does not collect dust. Chinese manufacturers produce models with a cloth grid. It easily accumulates dust, ear sulfur and over time the sound in headphones decreases. Therefore, cleaning the device is required. However, this can lead to damage to the net.

The information provided will help the buyer find the difference in the external, internal indicators of the gadget. In order to avoid buying fake products, you need to check the serial number of the device on Apple.

Apple headphones: 5 ways to distinguish the original from a fake

Buying a brand device, I want to be sure of the quality of the purchase. But the popular gadget is often faked, and there is a risk of getting a copy at the cost of the original. But the price of Apple headphones is several times higher than similar devices. Uninterrupted user can easily run into scammers. But the original has a number of features that will help to convict an unscrupulous seller in deception and make a choice in favor of this device.

You can encounter a copy of brand devices not only when buying via the Internet, but also in a regular store. What to pay attention to when buying Apple headphones and how to purchase the original of the corresponding quality? There are a number of features that allow you to evaluate the device.


Earpods box can be cardboard or plastic. At the same time, in original headphones, packaging is made of high-quality materials with a clear engraving of the manufacturing company, which is easily felt by the fingers. The lower part of the case has a bluish tint. In a fake version, plastic is not of high quality, it can have a yellowish tint, inaccurate performance.

The wire

The wire should fit tightly to the base of the device. The fake may have a gap or gap, which usually leads to damage to the accessory element. The “natural” earpods cable is soft and flexible, with a braid of rubberized plastic, which is slightly springy and very elastic, and also has an inscription indicating the serial number. The presence of errors in writing is possible only in a copy of the headphones.

Remote Control

If when you press the button on the control panel, you have to make some efforts, and a characteristic click is heard, then you have a fake in front of you. In the original headphones, the button is pressed smoothly, soundless. The color of the marking on the remote control should be light gray. In low.quality fakes, the functions of the remote control are not recreated, it is worth paying special attention to this.

Sound quality

Surely to distinguish the original Apple headphones, you can listen to how they sound. The brand accessory has a pure, bass sound, without extraneous noise. Fakes are characterized by poor.quality, muffled sound and poor noise reduction.

Assembly and speakers

Be sure to pay attention to the marking. The original Apple Earpods provides for designations on the inside of each headphone l/r (left/right). There is no such marking on the fake. The mesh on the speakers of the original is dark blue, metal, and in fake-cheap fabric.

Alternative options with a similar sound

Headphones are very popular with the headphones of the plugs, because they provide complete sound insulation from extraneous noise. But wired headphones are appreciated by many users for sound quality and good ergonomics. The following models serve as excellent examples:

Sony STH32 Black have a protected case, high.quality sound combined with good bass. The control panel combines all the necessary functions.

JBL T205 is a good accessory that has a rich, pure sound. Nice bonuses will be the presence of a case for storage and a separate key on the remote control to accept the call.

Fraudsters try to copy the design and characteristics of Apple Earpods, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish a fake. But the listed features allow you to determine the original and refuse to buy a fake in time.

And what other distinctive features of Apple you know?

Feature headset: wired or wireless?

Which headset for the phone to choose, wired or wireless? Is the Bluetooth Feature really better than the wired or is it a marketing trick?

The modern Bluetooth protocol, which will be equipped with a wireless headset for the phone, works well enough so as not to have a negative effect on the quality of speech and sound transmission and sound.

But such a model will cost more than a wired model, The wire is much cheaper in cost than a wireless module.

If you need to get rid of the interfering wires that stretch from head to phone, then, of course, it is better to choose a Bluetooth headset for the phone.

Modern models can work out the whole working day without requiring charging, and in the evening it can be set to charge for the night and take it with a full charge in the morning and work again all day.

The only advantage of the wired telephone headset is that it is cheaper, and in rare cases it works more efficiently than a wireless analogue. However, imagine how you will annoy you an ever.hanging wire, because the headset is a working tool, you need it either all working days, or a considerable time and the wire can deliver very unpleasant moments.

Pet Peeves with Giancarlo Esposito and Gus Fring

The advantage of a wireless headset for the phone:

  • Lack of wire
  • Convenient planting in the ear, the wire will not delay it and you will not often have to correct the device
  • The ability to connect to two phones at once (not all models, the presence of a multipoint function is necessary)
  • General high level of comfort

Advantages of the wired headset for the phone:

  • No need to charge it every day
  • Sometimes a better speech transmission through a microphone (depending on the model)
  • Compatibility with old phones not equipped with Bluetooth module
  • Lower price

Features for a computer: how to choose the best model?

When selecting a headset for a computer, there are several points that differ from the selection for the phone or other device.

It is believed that the computer is stationary, which means that the requirements for mobility and compactness are fading into the background.

The main thing becomes convenience with prolonged use and the quality of speech transmission. Typically, a computer is able to provide better sound and speech transmission, It is directly connected to the Internet on the cable while the phone works with the help of radio waves that constantly experience from other radio waves, interference from obstacles, they are affected by the weather and other factors. Therefore, if you compare the computer and phone on a long period of time, the computer will be able to provide a much more stable and high.quality connection with the interlocutor.

Before buying, make sure that the computer has an input for a microphone.

Separate connection: this is when there is a separate headphone nest to hear the interlocutor, and for the microphone to hear you.

Combined: this is when there is one nest in which you need to connect a headset with a combined jack, which simultaneously takes sound and transfers your speech to the interlocutor.

There is no need to worry about this about this, For any of these two types of connection, there are cheap adapters that do not affect the quality of sound transmission and even if you are mistaken with the purchase, you can correct the error without difficulty. But it is better to foresee everything in advance.

To achieve high comfort, I recommend choosing a headset for a computer with two headphones, which are equipped with soft outpatients and folding, or adjustable, microphone. Of course, there must be a wired connection. Usually, such headsets have a rather long wire, it happens up to 3 meters and therefore this should not cause problems.

Be careful if you need an office model, you should not consider numerous representatives of game options. Game sets are intended for a different task and are not suitable for office use, moreover, they will be much more expensive, but the quality of the voice transmission will not differ much from ordinary office models.

Brands that make good headsets for the computer are the same: Jabra, Logitech, Sennheiser, Sven, Creative, Plantronics. Just now you need to choose not a mobile, but a stationary model from the assortment of these companies.