How To Understand That Iphone Is Charging

How To Understand That Iphone Is Charging

Greetings to all! After buying a new smartphone, the user inevitably encounters minor inconveniences and difficulties. First of all, these are the nuances of familiarization with the interface still unknown. Over time, of course, you get used to everything and orient yourself, as they say, on the machine, but at first, many happy owners of “apple” gadgets do not even understand. is their iPhone charging?

It is about how to understand that the iPhone is charging, it does not matter in which state it is on or off, I’ll tell you today. And believe me, the answer to this question is not so obvious as it might seem at first glance. this task has some important nuances. Well, let’s not talk further, it’s time to start!

Turn on iPhone for charging

The manufacturer recommends using only original accessories or accessories certified by Apple. Turn on the iPhone for charging as follows:

  • the smartphone is connected to the USB cable through the appropriate connector;
  • the free end of the cable is connected to an adapter for an electrical outlet, a computer, or an appropriate accessory (hub, dock, and so on).

Everything is very simple and impossible to make a mistake. For those who still doubt whether they did everything right, there is a special instruction. how to properly charge an iPhone or iPad! Read, learn a lot of interesting, unusual and useful.

How to find out what is charging on the iPhone?

Provided that the above actions are performed correctly, the smartphone battery will begin to charge. You’ll find out that the iPhone is charging by the lightning bolt icon. it will appear next to the battery icon in the upper right corner.

In the locked state, that the charging has successfully “gone”, the illuminated screen backlight and the large battery logo appear in the middle of the display.

If the iPhone is completely discharged and turned off, then the situation is a little more interesting and to determine whether it is charging, although it is more difficult, but it is still possible. Three options are possible:

  • After connecting the charging, the iPhone does not react for some time, either the display will glow black, or the red battery icon will appear on the screen. You just need to wait a while and the smartphone will turn on by itself. However, it is not always so simple, read on.
  • It may happen that the screen lights up and immediately goes blank. It turns out that charging is on, but it does not turn on. The case, though unusual, is easy to fix!
  • In addition to the red battery icon, the display also shows the image of the usb cable. Or just a black screen. We conclude. the charge does not go! And here there are already obvious problems with the charger and / or smartphone.

In the latter case, you should still wait a while, and if after it has passed, the iPhone still does not start charging, follow the instructions below.

Possible iPhone Charging Issues

In more detail, all the problems with recharging the battery of the iPhone have already been described in one of the blog articles (by the way, and a link to it). If you are too lazy to follow the links, then briefly go over the main problems with charging an iPhone, these are most often found:

  • The charge is too slow or does not go at all.
  • The “No charge” notification appears on the display.
  • A notification appears indicating that the accessory is not supported or not certified.

Briefly consider the procedure in each situation.

If the iPhone battery does not charge or the charge is very slow

  1. We check the condition of the adapter and cable for the presence of any kind of damage. If gaps, bent contacts and other similar phenomena are detected, we acquire a new accessory instead of a broken one.
  2. We clean the charging socket and directly the plug of the cable from dirt. We do this without the use of metal devices, otherwise we risk damaging the contacts.
  3. We are convinced of the operability of the outlet if the charging connection is made to it.
  4. We make sure the charger is working. just connect the charging to another iPhone.

That’s all you can do on your own.

If iPhone says “No charge”

This notification indicates that the output power of the charging adapter / USB port is too low to fully charge the iPhone battery. Low-power computers are unable to charge the iPhone when carrying out such a USB cable. Accessories of dubious manufacture without proper certification are characterized by the same problem.

Only one solution: use original accessories and modern equipment.

If the iPhone says that the accessory is not supported or not certified

The reasons for the appearance of this notice are several:

  • Broken / dirty port for charger.
  • Charging adapter / USB cable malfunctioning.
  • Lack of certification of the charger from Apple.

And these are only the most common options. What to do?

In principle, you can independently try to normalize the situation. How? So there’s a whole article on how iPhone and iPad work with non-certified wires. read here!

Now you know how to find out that the iPhone (turned off or on) is charging, what problems may arise during this process, and what actions must be taken to eliminate them.