How to Unbind Apple Iwatch From Phone

How to untie apple id from iphone? Answers to your many questions.

In version 7 of the Apple mobile OS, an advanced security system was introduced.

This step allowed substantially reduce the number of thefts. Owners of new devices have become less worried about the loss of their own phone.

However, there are also negative aspects to the innovation. They concern the secondary market.

There are fewer stolen devices on it, but due to sellers’ ignorance, more and more legitimate buyers are faced with the fact that their iPhones’s are locked tight after updating the system.

It’s good if in this case there is a connection with the seller or everything you need to contact the support service (box, check and information about the point of purchase of the phone).

Since it is impossible to untie the apple id from the iphone without a password in another way, the buyer receives a “brick”, which is suitable only for delivery to spare parts.

So, in order to avoid such cases, you should properly prepare the phone for sale.

In addition to pointing the external gloss and collecting all the necessary documents, you also need to untie the phone from the account iCloud and turn off the Find My Phone feature.

Phone account disconnection

So how to untie apple id from iphone before selling? Despite its importance, this process takes a minimum of time.

First you need to open the “Settings”, which should be on the main screen.

It requires a paragraph ICloud It is in it that the process of disconnecting the account occurs.

How to Unbind Apple Iwatch From Phone

In the settings menu cloud storage you need to move the slider “find iPhone” to an inactive state.

The system will require a security code. If the device is purchased in the secondary market, you will need to contact the seller and find out it.

Then on the same page you will need to tap “Delete account.”

For complete cleaning of all data associated with the account, you will need to select the option “Delete from iPhone” in the dialog box.

This will lead to the fact that all contacts, photos and other data will be deleted from the device.

Depending on the model and amount of data, the procedure may take about half an hour.

After this procedure, the phone will not yet be ready for sale. Information about him remained on the servers of the corporation.

Therefore, you will need to delete it from the account through the computer browser.

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Removing a device from an iCloud account

How to untie apple id from iphone 4 using iCloud services? Using this method, you don’t even have to delete the account on iPhone

This will require only access to the Internet (the platform and the operating system do not play a role).

First you need to visit and log in using your account.

First you need to create a backup copy of all data.

This process happens automatically, but to save the full amount of information it is better to carry it out manually manually.

You just need to connect the phone to the PC and go to iTunes

In the main menu, you will need to run “Find iPhone”. At the top of the screen, in the middle of the horizontal menu, there will be an item “All devices”.

Clicking on it will open a drop-down list of connected devices in which you need to select the one you need.

A small window with available actions will appear in the right corner of the screen. In it you will need to click “Erase iPhone”.

After that, the system will ask for confirmation of erasure.

Carrying out such a procedure requires entering a password from your Apple ID account. Without this, erasing the device is impossible.

Enter a message or phone number is not necessary. Just click “Next” and “Finish”.

The process of erasing the device will begin immediately after clicking “Finish”, provided that it is connected to the network.

Otherwise, the procedure will be delayed until the first connection. After these manipulations, the device can be activated with a different Apple account.

However, this is not all preparation measures.

To prevent the new owner from accidentally gaining access to some information of the former, you will need to reset the data and delete it.

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Reset and delete information

To perform this action, you also need to open the device settings menu.

In this menu you will need the item “General”.

Tap on it will open a menu of basic phone settings. Scrolling down the screen, you can find the item “Reset”. It is he who is responsible for restoring the initial state of the phone.

To delete all settings and personal information, select the “Erase settings and content” item. The system will require a security password.

After that, the erase procedure will begin. The time it will take to completely delete all data varies depending on the amount and model of the phone.

On average, such a process takes half an hour, but can take up to an hour.

It is not recommended to reset the jailbreak iPhone in this way. This will lead to the “brick” mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Therefore, for these purposes, it is better to use the recovery tool in iTunes.

It is important to remember that in the absence of a password from the account, the buyer has only two options. contacting the seller directly or to the regional support service with all related documents.

There are no other ways, and entering the password ten times is fraught with a “brick”.

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