How to Unbind Apple Id Macbook

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If you decide to sell your apple device, then you will find useful information on how to untie the iPhone from Apple id. A few simple steps can save you from unnecessary trouble and trouble in the future. Often there are situations when, when buying an iPhone and its subsequent firmware, the user is prompted for a password from the account of the previous owner. This can be prevented if you deactivate the account of the former owner in time and create your own.

Attention! If you have an iPhone in your hands, which immediately requires a password from your Apple ID account, then this phone is locked. You can solve the problem only if you know the account password.

What is an Apple ID?

Before sorting out all the questions regarding iPhone decoupling, we suggest that you learn in more detail what the Apple ID is and why you need it. Apple Idy is a unique iPhone user account that is registered separately for each device. This account allows you to fully familiarize yourself with all the services from Apple.

To register, you must specify a Gmail inbox and create a password. Creating an Apple Idy is mandatory for every gadget based on iOS, be it iPhone 4, 5S, 6 or 10. it does not matter at all. Consider the basic functionality that opens to the user after registration:

The Apple ID account collects data about the installation of games and applications and allows you to install them in the future on another device from the “apple” manufacturer.

Account Disconnect

It’s better to untie the iPhone from the account in advance or immediately before the sale or purchase, so that in the future it does not cause any inconvenience to anyone. It is also very important to do this correctly so as not to delete anything superfluous from the phone’s memory and accidentally activate unnecessary settings or parameters. Let’s consider several options, using which you can easily untie the phone from the Apple ID and enter under your own login.

Via phone settings

For this step, you only need a phone with Wi-Fi and nothing more. This manual is relevant for all models of Apple gadgets, as well as any firmware.

  1. Turn on the device and wait for its full launch. If it is already on, it is recommended that you stop applications running in the background.
  2. Go to the iPhone settings menu. Usually, the corresponding icon is on the main screen of the phone.
  1. Scroll to the column “iTunes Store and App Store” and click on it.
  1. In the window that opens, at the top of the screen there will be information about the user account currently registered. You must click on the column “Apple ID”, as shown by the arrow in the screenshot below.
  1. Click on the “Exit” button and agree with all the actions proposed to us.

The above steps allowed you to log out of your account in just a couple of minutes. For best results, you must return the phone to the factory settings and erase all unnecessary data. To do this, use the instructions below:

  1. Go to the iPhone settings menu by clicking on the corresponding icon on the device’s main screen.
  1. Scroll through the menu until we find the line “General”. Click on it.
  1. Scroll through all the settings to the end and at the bottom of the screen there will be a “Reset” key. Click on it.
  1. You are presented with several parameters, by clicking on which you can restore individual types of settings to the factory state. Since we bought the phone and want to configure it completely for ourselves, we click on the very first line “Reset all settings”. After that, we agree with all the proposed actions and wait for the gadget to reboot. If you want to clear only certain sections, then select the appropriate option.

The device will automatically restart. Do not be afraid that this may take too long. If the phone restarts for 5, 10, 15 minutes, then this is completely normal and you have no reason to worry.

It is also very important to track the status of the Find iPhone option. It must be disabled. Its inclusion is permissible only if you are logged in with your own username. In order to check the status of the “Find iPhone” option, use our instructions:

  1. We go to the settings menu by clicking on the icon on the main screen.
  1. In the first window that opens, the iPhone account block will be displayed at the top of the screen. Click on it, as shown in the screenshot below.
  1. Scroll the screen to the column “Find iPhone”. Check that it is in the off state.

After checking all the above steps, you can be 100% sure that the iPhone is untied from the account of the previous owner. You can safely enter your data and download the necessary applications from your account.

Via iTunes

To follow this instruction, you need to download the latest version of iTunes to your computer and install it.

  1. First of all, open the iTunes Store and scroll through all the sections. In the bottom block “Management” click on the first line “Account”.

How to Unbind Apple Id Macbook

  1. Enter your account information and a program dialog box will open in front of you. We are looking for the section “iTunes in the cloud” and click on the “Device Management” button, as shown in the screenshot below.
  1. In the window that appears, click on “Delete” and confirm the action.

Profile deactivated successfully.

Important! Only 5 computers can be attached to one device. Sixth binding will be unavailable.

Through the site

Now we’ll look at how to remotely delete an Apple Idi account through the site:

  1. Enter the address in the browser bar or click on the link
  2. On the main page you need to enter your account information. We point them out and click on the arrow on the right side of the second row.
  1. A notification will pop up on your device where the code will be written. It must be entered in the appropriate column on the site, as shown in the screenshot below.
  1. The site will check all the data and request permission to use the current PC browser. Click “Trust.”
  1. In the window that appears, click on the “Find iPhone” icon.
  1. The system may ask you to re-enter your password. Enter it and click on the “Enter” button.

If the “Find iPhone” function is not enabled on the device, then the following window will be displayed:

If the iPhone is connected, you will see a list of available devices. You must select your phone and press the “Delete from” Find iPhone “button.

Removing a device from an iCloud account

There are two options to remove your phone from your iCloud account. How to do this using the website is described above. Let’s see how to do it directly using the phone:

  1. We go into the device settings and click on the account window at the top of the screen.
  1. Scroll to the very end and in the lower part we find the “Exit” button. Click on it.
  1. Confirm the operation by pressing the “Exit” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Thanks to our brief instructions, you were able to successfully remove the device from your icloud account in two to three minutes.

How to check your iPhone for Activation Lock

We bring to your attention one of the most common ways to check your iPhone for Activation Lock:

  1. We go to the com / find site.
  2. Enter the details of the Apple Idle account and click on the “Login” button.
  1. If the phone is not connected to the “Find iPhone” function, a window will appear with information that all devices are disconnected from the network. If, in the window that appears, there is a list of available devices, then this indicates an activated function.

All the above instructions are relevant and will help you successfully untie the phone from old accounts.

The purchased iPhone is tied to someone else’s account. what should I do?

The situation when you bought an iPhone, and later discovered that it is tied to someone else’s account, is pretty sad. There are not many exits from this situation, but it is worth a try.

Perhaps the person who sold the iPhone simply forgot to untie it from the previous account. In this case, you should call him or contact in another convenient way and ask for the password from the account. Or ask for a meeting so that the previous owner unlocks the phone yourself. In the best case, a person will kindly agree and help you in solving this situation.


Unlinking iPhone from accounts is a must when selling or buying an iPhone. This should be done not only for security purposes, because there is a risk of losing access to the device, but also for ease of use. Having cleared the phone of old data, accounts and other files, a person who bought an iPhone from his hands receives a clean device with factory settings. It becomes possible to customize the system taking into account all the preferences of the new user. Above are a few instructions that will help reset the settings and delete unnecessary profiles.


This will show you several ways to untie your Apple ID iPhone. You can also see how to check if the Find iPhone feature is turned on.