How to turn on your tablet if the power button is broken

Ways to turn your tablet on if the power button is broken

The second way is via USB cable. At first it may seem that it is not practically different from the first. But in fact there is a big difference. Through the charger the tablet gets the rated current, but if you connect the device to a PC via a USB cable, then the received current will be limited to 0.5 amps. So with this method can be difficult. The success of this approach depends on the tablet itself. According to expert advice, this identification of connected devices is possible as a result of data exchange via DM DP (differential lines Data Minus and Data Plus). A workaround to this problem is possible by turning on the mode from the regular charger. Here there is no universal solution. Solutions are exclusively available for certain groups of devices, which have been determined by experiment, so they are left to your own risk. You can find tips about shorting the DM DP for devices running the Android operating system. For devices from Samsung can help by applying 2.5 volts to the Data Minus and Data Plus. As for Apple products, it is 2 volts on the iPhone, and on iPad for Data Minus. 2, Data Plus. 2.5 volts.

If the tablet does not turn on, what to do?

If suddenly the tablet, which has been working steadily up to that point, does not turn on when you next turn it on by pressing the power button (Power), many people get desperate. They really wanted to chat with friends or browse the Internet. The first thing to do is to calm down and analyze the situation to determine the possible cause of tablet failure.

The tablet may not turn on for one of the following reasons:

  • The battery is empty.
  • Power adapter breakage.
  • Improper operation of the software.
  • Failure of the Power button, battery and other components.

The list of faults are listed in order of frequency. Let’s look at how you can determine the cause of your tablet’s failure and how to repair it.

The tablet battery is dead

If the tablet has been in use for a long time and is not turned off with the power button, it is possible that it cannot be turned on next time. Although the tablet automatically goes to sleep after a certain time, it still consumes a small amount of electricity. If the battery is completely discharged during the interruption of tablet operation, the tablet automatically shuts down and cannot be switched on by pressing the power button.

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To reactivate the tablet, you must plug in the power adapter and hold the power button depressed for more than three seconds. The tablet must turn on and the software must be loaded.

The power button may not respond if the tablet has been outdoors in sub-zero temperatures for an extended period of time. This is because at subzero temperatures, any battery loses its ability to fully output electricity.

Do not operate the tablet immediately after a forced cooling. It is necessary after bringing the tablet from a frosty street into a warm room to wait for at least half an hour until the tablet warms up and the condensate on its surface evaporates. Moisture on electronic components can cause the tablet electronics to malfunction.

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The tablet may not turn on without connecting the power adapter, if the battery is out of order. The battery may fail prematurely due to poor battery quality, deep discharge for a long period of time, or exhaustion of its service life. Good-quality batteries have a service life of 3 to 5 years, while the battery ageing gradually reduces the battery life over time.

Tablets installed lithium-ion batteries, which are poorly tolerant of prolonged deep discharge. Such a battery condition reduces battery life very much and can even destroy the battery completely. Therefore in the case of displaying a message on the tablet screen about the need to connect the charger, you must do it at the first opportunity. The battery also needs to be fully charged before leaving the house or before taking a long break from using the tablet.

On the screens of any battery-powered electronic devices, there is always a dynamic icon that shows the degree of charge of the battery. The icon is a partially or fully white shaded battery, as shown in the photo to the right. When the battery is all shaded, the battery is fully charged.

Troubleshooting and repairing your tablet power adapter

The power adapter of a tablet is an electronic unit, which converts the AC voltage of 220 V household network to DC voltage of 12-18 V. Voltage value depends on the tablet model.

The adapter is also designed for a certain load current and therefore it is unacceptable to use a power adapter from other devices instead of the regular one, even if the connection plug fits, as you can damage the tablet.

There is a frayed wire in the tablet power adapter

Despite the high reliability of power adapters of tablets and laptops, even Chinese, it happens that they fail. In most cases this happens due to violation of operating rules. Some users, when working on the tablet with the adapter connected to the mains, because of the insufficient length of the wire, pull it like a string. Pets can also chew on the adapter wire.

As a result, the wire is frayed where it comes out of the connector, or the contacts in the socket of the tablet are deformed, and the power supply to the tablet is intermittent and eventually stops altogether.

If while working on the tablet with the power adapter connected the lightning symbol on the battery symbol occasionally disappears, it testifies that the wire is partially frayed or the contacts in the socket of the power adapter connector are deformed.

In order to determine where the contact is missing, we need to insert the adapter plug into the tablet and, pressing it against the tablet, make sure that the battery icon shows lightning. Then crumple the wire. If the lightning disappears, then the wire is to blame. If the lightning will not disappear, then the cause is poor contact of the plug connection. The plug should be inspected. If there are no outward signs of mechanical damage, it means that the pins in the connector, which is installed in the tablet, are deformed. The tablet connector can only be replaced in a service shop.

The tablet’s power adapter is not delivering voltage

If previously when the tablet was working, the battery was charging steadily, and suddenly the charging stops, although the battery is not fully charged, it means that the adapter was inserted into a dead or faulty socket, or is broken.

Option 1. Using the charger

This is the most reassuring scenario. Most smartphones are activated when we connect them to a power source and the battery level is shown.

Some manufacturers add a power button to the phone from the charging screen. Others make support for a feature that automatically turns on your Android phone immediately or some time after you’ve plugged it in to the charger. Which case you get with your particular model is a matter of luck. If that doesn’t work, use the method below.

Please note! If your phone’s battery is completely dead, you’ll probably have to wait a while for it to charge to the minimum mark before your device shows any signs of life.

Putting the phone into Recovery Mode

You have to try to turn the device on through Recovery Mode. But how to enter the mode, you say, if for this purpose most Android’s use a combination of the increase or decrease the sound button, “Home” and power on, which actually does not work in our situation?

  • If you need to hold down the volume up and power button to launch the Recovery menu on your device, then you need to hold down the volume up and, while holding it down, connect the charger to the phone.
  • The actions are the same in the second case, but here you already use the volume down key. That is, you hold it down and without releasing it, you connect the phone to the charger.

After these actions, the Recovery should start. It can be stock (normal factory) or custom (third party recovery menu).

If you have the stock Recovery

As a rule, it is controlled with the volume keys and the power button. The sensor does not work here. You should find the “Reboot” or “Reboot system now” section in this menu, which means to reboot the system.

Since the confirmation of the operation is done by the button “Enable / Disable”, which does not work, immediately restart the device does not work. But there is a way out. In these circumstances you just need to select this menu item and wait a few minutes, sometimes more than 10 minutes, but the smartphone should reboot.

The phone is off

If the lock button on your device does not work, and the battery has already had time to run out, it will be a little more difficult to bring the phone “back to life”. Some phones turn on automatically when the charger is plugged in. If this does not happen, you can try pressing the on/off button and holding it for a few seconds or a minute.

The second option is to connect the phone to your computer via USB cord and repeat the same steps. If USB debugging is enabled on the device, the ADB app will be able to reboot it even with minimal charge.

So, there are plenty of ways to turn on your phone if the button doesn’t work. Have tried all the proposed options, but none of them worked? Your device probably needs a professional handyman consultation followed by repair or replacement of the power button.

Whether it’s old or new gadgets, they break, and smartphones are no exception. A simple drop on a hard surface is enough to cause damage. Smartphones are inherently fragile. Even if they don’t break, they are prone to many problems. One such problem that is very common among Android users is when the power button stops working.

Think about it, the power button. The button we press countless times a day. Stops working. It’s enough to create havoc in our lives. When you press a button over and over again. What can you expect. It will stop working one day. It does not happen to everyone, but those who encounter this problem know how it complicates the phone. Here are some solutions to this annoying problem.

Automating the on/off feature with the Gravity Screen.

Gravity Screen is an amazing app. Using different phone sensors turns the screen on and off. A feature such as a or desk sensor involves detecting when you’re holding your phone and when you’re not. It learns to understand when you are going to use your phone and according to that, turns it on or off, honestly, it works all the time, but the accuracy can vary from device to device.

If you’re not particularly interested in how the app works and just want it to turn your phone on and off, then go ahead and download it and it will work perfectly without draining your battery too much if you set it up correctly.

The app is limited in that it can only be used by Motorola device owners, but we had to add it to the list because it’s awesome. With the Moto display you can see your notifications without turning the phone on. But you can use it not only for viewing notifications. Simply leave the phone idle for a few seconds and then pick it up and you’ll see the Moto display turn on. At this point, you can swipe down toward the lock icon to unlock it. Works fine.

Moto dispay doesn’t lock the phone, you have to do it manually. But since the power button does not work, we recommend you to set the sleep time to the minimum, i.E. 15 seconds.

Move Power On/Off to the volume button

Yes, you read that correctly, there is an app for that too, and the best part is that it works even if the phone is not rooted. This app is called Volume Unlock Power Button Fix, which means “volume unlock, power button fix”. It is a very, very long name, but it completely defines the purpose of the application.

turn, your, tablet, power, button, broken

First of all, install it on your phone. Now open the app and give it admin rights. This is necessary, otherwise the app will not work. Open the app and enable “Enable Volume Unlock” and “Screen off” using the switches on the right. If you’ve enabled both, you’ll be able to turn off the screen on the notification bar and turn it on with the volume button. In the app settings, you can also enable features such as auto start on startup and auto on/off, which will work in a set time interval. For example, by setting the time from 06:00 to 04:00, the app will only function during that time. We have used it for 2 days and have not found any unnecessary battery drain. It’s an amazing app.

The power button on your phone is one of the most important and commonly used external elements. Depending on the phone model, it can be located on the edge of the case, on top, or on the back panel.

Even the most reliable smartphones are not immune to breakage of the power key, which causes certain inconveniences in use. However, this does not mean that the device should be immediately taken to the service center.

Trying to turn the device on

A functioning power key should not lean, drop or “walk” in the groove in any way. If the mechanism is broken, you will not hear a characteristic light click. Pay attention to this, before you turn on the tablet without the power button. If the key is responsive and no mechanical damage is observed, it is most likely in the “brain” of the gadget. To solve this problem, you will need to arm yourself with a lot of patience.

First of all open the user manual of your device and look for the “hot” and “cold” start (Recovery section) for your device. As a rule, it is a standard combination. The volume up with the pressed shutdown key. This method is not very flattering, because in this case, all the insides of the gadget are subjected to a strong “shaking”. If you can not enter the “Recovery” mode, then you are likely to have to go to the service center.

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How to turn on a Lenovo tablet

Tablets have become commonplace gadgets. In fact they are compact computers, which can solve a variety of tasks. In this article we will talk about how to turn on your tablet, if it does not turn on, if the power button is broken, etc.Д.

The solution to the problems

It would seem that it is not difficult to turn on the tablet Lenovo, because you only need to press the power button and after a few seconds on the screen should appear the familiar logo of the manufacturer. But if the device is damaged, or the programs were previously incorrectly installed, the gadget can not turn on. Here are the ways to solve the problems with the tablet. Perhaps one of them will help restore normal operation of the device.

Power button is broken

The power button on tablets usually performs several functions: turning off the device, as well as unlocking it. If it is out of order, there are several ways to try to turn on your gadget.

  • The easiest solution is to connect the charger. Lenovo tablet should automatically turn on. If the power button is broken, it is worth disabling the screen lock, as the gadget can not be unlocked and you will have to constantly connect the charger to it.
  • If the power button is sunk inside the case you need to remove the back panel and try to replace the key. It is worth noting that you should do this only if you are confident that you can cope with this task.
  • If you can’t repair the button yourself, you must take your tablet to the service center. Qualified specialists will solve the problem in a short time. The cost of replacing or repairing the button should not be too high, because the repair is in fact simple.

The tablet does not turn on

Lenovo gadget may not turn on for a number of reasons. You can try to connect the charger, if it will charge, then perhaps the battery was just completely discharged. Two more possible solutions. Boot your tablet in safe mode and reset it (more details in the paragraph below).

If all attempts to restore the device work in vain, it is necessary to use the services of the service center.

Endless loading tablet

The reason for this in most cases is a software failure. When you turn on your gadget the loading usually stops at the Android logo. You can try to remedy the situation by resetting.

Hard Reset on different devices may vary, so the instructions below may not work for any particular tablet. Resetting deletes all data and files.

  • Turn off the tablet, remove the memory card and SIM card.
  • Hold down the volume down or volume up button and the power key for 5-10 seconds.
  • A special menu should appear, where you need to select the item “Settings”. “Format System”. “Reset Android. You must use the volume buttons to switch between items.
  • The Lenovo tablet will reboot and if you are lucky, it will work normally.

You can write your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Also if you know other methods of solving tablet problems, be sure to share this information, as it will be useful to other users.

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Other ways

Some tablet manufacturers provide additional hardware functionality to turn on when something happens to the main button. For example, Lenovo tablets can be turned on by holding the “Home” button. It is also possible to turn on the screen with a double tap on it or call it from another device.

Android Tablet Won’t Turn On FIX!!

Important! Do not disconnect the battery from the tablet until the problem is solved!

This way you can get to the settings of the device and assign the “Power” function to another button. If the above methods did not help, then you will have to turn the device on by short-circuiting the contacts. To do this, you should go to a service center or try to do it yourself (at your own risk):

  • Open the back cover with a small screwdriver.
  • Find the pair of signed pins at the top right.
  • Using an insulated screwdriver handle you can short out the battery.

Replacing the power button

To fix the power key, either the power key itself or the electronic key on the internal board that transmits the signal must be replaced.

Replacing the outer element may help if the element has fallen out of the case, cracked, or has a cavity at its base where the stiffeners are broken. Procedure is only available if user is able to disassemble the case on his/her own. To do it you need to have a similar physical key from the donor device or purchased in the store. Simply disassemble the case and install the button in the appropriate slots.

If the problem is in the electronic component, or the body of the smartphone is not disassembled at home, it is better to contact a specialist.