How to turn on Xiaomi bracelet 4

After discharge

You should not bring the battery to a complete discharge, but if this happens, you will have to spend 2 minutes to restore work. Thanks to the changes in the shape of the docking station, the Xiaomi Mi band 4 is easier to charge than the previous model. With the “three” it was necessary to manually adjust the level of immersion in the contacts. It is especially difficult to do this when the bracelet has turned off and does not turn on.

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There shouldn’t be such problems with the Quartet. The capsule is easily inserted into the charger until it clicks. Next, we plug the cable into any power source and use a workable gadget. The activation of the watch usually takes place quickly, but sometimes there is no result due to mechanical damage to the gadget or cable. To analyze such situations, a separate article is needed, which will definitely appear on our website.

How to turn on the bracelet?

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not yet added the ability to turn on the device using a button or gesture. Most likely, this feature will increase the cost of production and affect the price for end users. The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch has the function, but its cost is twice as much as that of the budget tracker. Let’s hope that in future models, engineers will come up with some convenient implementation method that will not affect the price segment.

First time

To turn on Mi Band 4 for the first time after unpacking the package, you need to perform several steps. If the device came charged, just press the button. The display is activated and the functionality can be used. There is no difference with the Chinese or global version. Both gadgets start the same.

If the tracker does not respond to touch, then most likely the battery is at zero. Immerse the capsule in the “bath” and connect to Powerbank, computer or adapter. Wait a couple of seconds and wait for the screen to turn on. Sometimes the device does not respond immediately, but after a couple of minutes.

Users often write that even after connecting the cable, nothing happens. In each case, the cause of the problem may be different. For example, I often charge the tracker from a USB hub and forget that the computer’s system unit must be in active mode, otherwise there will be no power.

How to turn on Mi band 4

Xiaomi has made almost all the fans’ dreams come true in Mi Smart band 4. Enlarged display, switching music, resetting settings from the menu and rebooting. What is the opportunity to install one of 50 dials or create your own through special programs. The mechanics of working with the tracker have improved, but users still face problems.

In the new material, we will figure out how to turn on Xiaomi Mi Band, share our personal experience of use and try to answer users’ questions.

How to turn off?

We figured out the inclusion of the bracelet. Is it possible to activate the shutdown function?

You will not be able to completely deactivate the gadget. If the battery is even slightly charged, it will always be active. You can turn it off in two ways, but they are not entirely successful:

In the first case, the bracelet turns off literally for 2 seconds to restart. In the second, due to lack of energy, it turns off before connecting to the docking station.

The reboot function is needed by everyone to fix system errors. The owners of the new Xiaomi products are already reporting bugs. For some, the device freezes in swimming mode and “comes to life” after disconnecting in Mi Fit. Other users note that after discharging up to 10%, the device starts to vibrate constantly. In theory, all these problems can be solved with a reboot.

How to turn on Xiaomi Mi Band 4: for the first time

The first time when turning on the equipment is always special, because at the initial start-up, the user checks the device’s performance, sets the necessary modes, sets the correct settings. The user should take into account similar features before turning on Mi Band 4. Despite the seeming simplicity of the device, the importance of turning on for the first time should not be underestimated.

When purchasing a new device, users often seek to test it in action as soon as possible. There is a great temptation to use a newly purchased technical device. But do not rush to put it into operation: you must definitely follow the rules for the first time. They will allow you to take into account the nuances of the purchase, as well as avoid misapplication.

Mi band 4 not working

The Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is a companion and additional device for a smartphone. Xiaomi’s tracker works with phones of two main operating systems: Android and iOS. Regardless of the phone, when you first turn it on, you need to check not only the physical condition of the fitness bracelet, but also go through the procedure of synchronization with a smartphone.

How to turn on Mi Band 4

Before turning on the Mi Band 4 tracker for the first time after purchase, it must be charged. This rule applies to all sold equipment, which on sale has a percentage of charge of 1-2%, which is enough for demonstration purposes.

  • The metal charging contacts are located on the side of the fitness bracelet. They need to be placed in a special nest.
  • Connect USB cable to device and power point.

Before looking for ways to turn on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the user must download and install the Mi Fit app on their smartphone. This program serves as a link between the phone and the Mi Band. Installation of the application is quite possible during the charging time of the device.

To go through the synchronization procedure, you must first create a Mi account, which is done through the Mi Fit application or the Xiaomi website The registration process is standard, like for many other sites. Includes the indication of name, age, contact details, physical characteristics (weight, height), consent to the processing of personal data, consent or disagreement to the newsletter in Chinese.

First turn on

Turning on the Banda for the first time is preceded by three steps, after which you can start launching the fitness bracelet and synchronizing with the phone:

  • charger;
  • installation of Mi Fit;
  • account registration


The procedure for synchronizing the fitness bracelet Mi Band and smartphone:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • In the Mi Fit application, open the “Status” section.
  • We select “The device is not connected” and “Bracelet” in the list of proposed options.
  • We place the tracker and the phone as close as possible.
  • When the fitness bracelet vibrates, press once on the touch screen. this is confirmation of the completion of the binding.

For subsequent actions, the Mi Fit application is used, where the owner of the bracelet sets the standard values ​​for the daily number of steps. The watch on the bracelet is automatically set to the same time as the smartphone.

This completes the installation and the first power-on procedure. At any time, the user can make changes to the settings, as well as change the synchronized smartphone.

How to enable Xiaomi Mi band

Xiaomi fitness bracelets are especially popular among young people, people involved in sports and those who lead an active lifestyle.

We will be happy to help make friends with an unusual, at first glance, and practical gadget for tracking and maintaining statistics of your physical activity. In this article, we will consider frequently asked questions, tell you how the Xiaomi Mi band bracelet works, we will instruct the registration procedure, and the features of connecting the bracelet to a smartphone.

Preparing for the first use

Opening the box, you will find the tracker itself, instructions (in which you can learn in detail how to use the Xiaomi Mi band), a strap made of durable silicone and a USB charger.

Before using it for the first time, we recommend recharging the bracelet by putting it on charge for several hours, since most gadgets come with a battery charge of only 1-2%. Remember that you can charge the tracker only with the supplied charging cable, otherwise it can easily burn out.

First, you need to carefully remove the tracker from the strap and insert it into the charger. It is important to ensure that the contacts are in close contact with each other. Then you should find a free 2.0 USB port of your personal computer and insert the charger connector into it. You can also plug the charger into any other USB power adapter. no more than 1A (it is not recommended to use more powerful adapters, in order to avoid damage from excessive current). If you did everything correctly, the indicators on the bracelet will light up.

When charging for the first time, the device must be left connected to the network for 2 hours to pump the battery in the future. a full charge will take much less time. In order to find out how much the Xiaomi Mi band is being charged, there are indicators on the tracker indicating the battery charge level:

If the first one is on. this indicates a level of 30%;

When all three lights are on, this indicates a full charge;

Registration and installation of the application

In this section, you will learn how to connect Xiaomi Mi band to a smartphone by performing only 3 simple operations.

Second, after installing the application, registration follows to connect a personal account. We bring to your attention several options on how to register Xiaomi Mi band and start using :: through a browser or in a proprietary application.

To register in a browser, you need to open the official Xiaomi website and fill out a form. Optionally, you can register using a phone number instead of an email address, for this, at the bottom of the page, select “Create using a phone number”. Next, going to a new page, you need to come up with a password and enter it twice, it should consist of Latin letters and numbers (more than 8 characters), after that you will need to enter the text from the picture to confirm that you are not a robot.

That’s all, login. the specified phone number or email, and the password. a system password that was invented in advance.

When registering through the application, everything happens in the same way.

The third step is to connect the tracker itself to the smartphone. To do this, you need to turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings and go to the previously installed “Mi Fit”. In it, you need to go to the settings menu, find the “Pair” item, which is located at the very bottom, and create a pair with your bracelet. All pairing prompts will be cocked on the smartphone screen, you just need to follow them. In a matter of seconds, the Xiaomi Mi Band Black fitness bracelet will be synchronized and ready to use.

If you lead an active lifestyle, track the rhythm of your activity and count the number of steps taken per day. smart bracelet will be your best personal assistant in this.

Heart rate measurement

The “Pulse” tab is the second in the bracelet menu, after the “Status” button. By clicking on this item, the device will start measuring the pulse on its own, and after a while (about 30 seconds) it will emit a slight vibration and display the result obtained. If the measurement is carried out a second time or later, on the tracker screen after clicking on the image of the heart, the previous result will first appear, and only then it will be possible to carry out the next measurement.

It is important that when measuring your heart rate, the bracelet is correctly positioned on the wrist and snugly attached to the skin.

In the settings of the official Mi Fit application, it is possible to set up periodic automatic heart rate measurement. To do this, you need to go back to the tracker settings through the “Profile”, and then:

  • Open “Heart rate measurement”.
  • Press “Measurement method” and select the appropriate option.
  • Set the detection frequency (only for automatic measurement and automatic measurement of sleep monitoring).
  • If desired, activate “Activity detection” (measurements will be taken more often if the training mode is turned on) and “Heart rate notification” with the setting of the maximum allowable value (when the heart rate is above the highest limit, the device will start to vibrate).

The difference between the obtained results of heart rate measurements using the tracker and using normal palpation, as a rule, does not exceed 5 beats per second, which confirms the accuracy of the measurements carried out by the device.

Some sports applications support the connection of Mi Bend 4 in order to measure the heart rate during training. For example, MapMyFitness is one of the most popular. To synchronize it with the tracker, you will need:

  • Install and run the program.
  • Complete registration and grant all requested permissions.
  • Click on the three bars in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to “Heart rate, other sensors and devices”.
  • Scroll down a little and in the “Training Devices” category select “Heart Rate”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and click the green “Connect” button.
  • Select found Mi Smart Band 4.

After that, this application will also display the results of heart rate measurements during training. But for this it is important that the devices are connected to each other via Bluetooth.

View notifications

You will have to set up notifications using the application. There are several items in the bracelet settings:

  • Incoming call.
  • Notifications (from social networks and other applications).
  • Warm-up reminder.
  • Incoming SMS.
  • Goal notification.

All of them are included according to the same scheme:

  • Select the desired item.
  • Activate the slider on the first line.
  • Set vibration and enable other possible functions, if necessary.

The greatest difficulty for users arises with setting up notifications from applications. We will deal with it in more detail:

  • Go to “Notifications” and move the slider.
  • Optionally, activate the slider in the second line (so that notifications come to the tracker only when the smartphone screen is off).
  • Click on the bottom “Application Management”.
  • Check the boxes for the programs you want.
  • Click the back button.

Removing applications from the list is possible by unchecking the checkbox in the same tab. At the same time, actions are saved automatically, so after making a selection, you can simply exit the application.

You can read messages on the tracker screen. If the smartphone is synchronized with Mi Band, as soon as notifications arrive on the phone, the text is immediately displayed on the watch display, and also saved in the “Notifications” tab. it is the fifth in the gadget menu.

The fitness bracelet receives notifications only when it is connected to the smartphone and is next to it. Without a signal on the tracker screen, there will be no notifications.

Film sticker

The film can be sold in two variations:

  • ready-made (a small oval piece of the shape and size of a Mi Bend 4 capsule;
  • in the form of a sheet A5-A6 (from it you will have to cut out the part of the desired shape yourself).

Mi Smart Band 4 NFC в Украине! Как настраивается и работает!

When ordering a ready-made film via the Internet, you should correctly indicate the version of the bracelet, since the sizes of capsules of different generations are different.

The protective film should be glued onto a “bare” capsule, without a bracelet. It is better to do this on a flat surface, but you can also try holding the capsule in your hands. Work process:

  • Wipe the screen of the device with a damp cloth to avoid any streaks or fingerprints.
  • Detach one layer from the film and stick its screen, heading from bottom to top.
  • Smooth out the bubbles that appear.
  • Remove the top layer of the film.

Lock the tracker screen with a pin code

Mi Band 4 is the first Xiaomi tracker that can be protected with a pin code when removed from the wrist. Such blocking is enabled through the application. For this you need:

  • Go to Mi Fit, go to “Profile” and click on the name of the bracelet.
  • Select “Laboratory”.
  • Press “Lock bracelet” to enable the function.
  • Click on “Password” and set a four-digit pin-code.
  • Repeat the entered password and click the “Save” button.

Immediately after that, a pin code will be installed on the fitness bracelet, which will need to be entered to turn on the gadget if it is not on the hand of its owner. If you don’t like the set password, you can do the following with it:

  • Switch off. To do this, select the first item in the “Bracelet lock” tab and click “OK”.
  • Change. Here you need to click on the second item in the same tab and enter a new pin code twice.

In order not to accidentally press the wrong number when entering the password, you should click on the image of the eye on the side of it. then instead of asterisks in the input field there will be specific numbers.