How to Turn on Timer on Samsung TV

How to Turn on Timer on Samsung TV

How to set up Smart TV and 3D? Everything is very simple! I give detailed instructions.

3D LED TV Samsung UE32H6200AK they took a son for the room. In my opinion, the ideal size of the device for a small room. Screen size is not small and not large, but medium: 32″ = 81.2 cm. The widescreen format is used here. 16: 9 with permission 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD), which complies with high definition television standards. The image quality is excellent. My old “Cannon” is not even able to convey all the realism of the picture:

The price of this pleasure was 19,990 rubles. I would not be surprised if at present she has risen.

About a complete set.

In addition to the TV in the box, you can find a user manual with a warranty card and regulatory information, a power cable, three-dimensional glasses, and a remote control.

The remote comes with two batteries in a set (AAA), as usual. Near the power, volume and channel buttons there are Braille points (for people with low vision). The only difference between this remote control and the TV remote control devices without Smart Technologies is the presence of a colored cube button in the center Smart Hub.

Also included in the package: power cable, CI Card adapter (the card is purchased separately and is used to view paid channels), an infrared adapter cable, cable holder.


Digital Noise Reduction. Yes

3D glasses model. SSG-5100GB

Type of glasses. LCD (active)

Power Consumption. 90 W

HDMI Version 1.4

USB 2.0 Type A port. 3

RCA audio input. 1

RCA composite input. 1

RCA Component Input YPbPr. 1

Optical Output (Toslink). 1

SCART Connector. 1

Connector for DVB CAM. 1

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Headphone Jack 3.5 mm. 1

LAN connector (RJ45). 1

Remote Control. Complete

Smartphone as a remote control. yes

OS support. Android iOS

Built-in clock. yes

On timer. yes

Off Timer. Yes

Convert 2D to 3D Image. Yes

Picture-in-Picture (PiP). Yes

Child Protection. Yes

USB media playback. yes

Playable formats: JPEG, MP3, FLAC, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, MKV, XviD

DivX Play. Yes

DivX Version. 3.11 and higher

LAN Connection. Yes

Wi-fi support. through the built-in module

DLNA Support. Yes

Stereo tuner. A2 / NICAM

Sound. DTS Studio Sound

Power front speakers. 2 x 10 W

Recording from TV to USB device. yes

TimeShift Function. Yes

Digital tv tuner. DVB-T2 / C

Analog TV tuner. PAL / SECAM

When installing a TV, you need to ensure that proper ventilation is ensured: the distance from the top and from the sides of the device to the nearest objects should be at least 10 cm. True, we got less distance from one edge. We set the TV on a stand. It can be hung on the wall, but the corresponding mount needs to be bought additionally.

Setting Smart.TV.

To use all the features SMART, you need to start connecting to the network. There are two ways to do this: wireless. using a wifi router and wired. using a cable.

We have a TP-Link router. Therefore, no wires are required to connect anywhere. All settings go through the TV menu.

So, you need to make sure that the router and TV are turned on. Press the button on the remote control “MENU”. Select tab “NETWORK” ˃ “NETWORK SETTINGS”.

Then, choosing your wireless network from the list of available ones, click on it, enter the password and you’re done. Manually dialing an IP address is not required.

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After turning off the TV or router from the electrical network, the next time you turn it on, you do not need to enter passwords, attendance, etc. Just in the absence of a network, check the connection and click “Update”.

Now entering the Smart interface is easy: just by pressing the button on the remote control SMART HUB. After connecting the network, you will notice that immediately when you turn on the TV, a small menu appears at the bottom, which disappears when not in use.

It should be noted that immediately after setting up Smart, it will not work to start using the built-in applications: they need to be loaded. This process is visible in the photo:

The basic applications are sites that allow you to watch movies, TV shows, educational programs, children’s channels, games, social networks, etc. online.

In fact, we use only one application: “You Tube”. I watch movies from a flash drive: I am too lazy to look for something in applications, and on these devices I have collected exactly those films that I want to watch.

By the way about USB drives. You can insert three flash drives into the TV connectors at the same time. The desired broadcast source (TV, USB, etc.) is selected using the button on the remote control “Source”. Safely removing a flash drive by pressing: “Tools” ˃ “Removing USB”.

3D setting.

So, first you need to collect points (they are included. 2pcs).

There is nothing complicated here: you need to insert the battery into the appropriate slot (considering the “” and “-”) and attach the removable temples of the glasses (until clicks).

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Using the button on the remote “MENU” select the tab on the TV Image 3D 3D.

Turn on 3D mode. In this case, the picture in your eyes will double. Do not be alarmed. We turn on the glasses by pressing and holding for 2-3 seconds a small button on the glasses. The indicator should turn green and turn off. We put on our glasses and come close to the TV. The distance from the glasses to the screen should be less than half a meter.

You will understand that the glasses are paired with the TV when the murky image takes on a three-dimensional shape, and the inscription appears on the monitor “3D glasses connected” and a picture of the battery indicator. This inscription disappears quickly (I do not have time to photograph).

Important information: Do not forget to turn off 3D glasses!

To do this, press the same button that was pressed to turn it on. The red indicator should light up and go out. Once I forgot to turn off the glasses. There, after all, the green light does not light up throughout the entire operation of the device. As a result, the battery has run out.

Finally, I also want to note such a useful button as “Football mode”. On the remote control, this is a button with the image of a soccer ball. This option makes the image brighter and the sound surround. True, while watching a on “You Tube” This function does not work.

Sorry that I wrote a lot of things: the talent sister did not visit me today.