How to Turn on the Screen on a Computer

How to Turn on the Screen on a Computer

For better or worse, we do not live in 1999, and most monitors do not have a screen off button. Over, I have never seen a laptop with a separate button to turn off the screen!

But do not worry, there are many ways to turn off the screen on a Windows 10 computer or laptop. We will tell you about 7 of the easiest and fastest methods.

1. Close the laptop cover

You can configure your laptop so that when you close the lid, the screen turns off, but the computer continues to work.

To do this, go to “Options” “System” “Power and sleep mode” “Advanced power settings” and select “Actions when closing the lid” in the left pane. Next, select “Do nothing” next to the option “When closing the lid.”

Done! Now, when you close the lid of the laptop, the screen will turn off, but the laptop itself will continue to work.

2. Use a script to turn off the screen

You can also use a special script, after which the screen will turn off, but the computer will work. Download this script and put it on your desktop. Double click on it and the screen will turn off.

3. Turn Off Monitor application

Another application called Turn Off Monitor performs one single function. Turns off the screen. The application is portable, so you do not need to install it on a computer.

4. DisplayOff application

If “Turn Off Monitor” for some reason does not work on your computer, try the DisplayOff application, which offers similar functionality. Turn off the screen. Over, both applications have an almost identical user interface.

Download: Displayoff

5. Monitor Energy Saver

Monitor Energy Saver is another program that, as the name suggests, offers more features than just turning off the Windows 10 screen. You can also pause the launch of applications and update the chat status to “Off”.

6. Dark

Yes, you guessed it! Dark is another application with one function. Just double-click the EXE file and your screen will turn off.

Download: Dark

7. BlackTop

This is something new! Instead of launching the EXE file, BlackTop suggests pressing a key combination to turn off the Windows 10 screen. The key combination is as follows: Ctrl Alt B.

Download: Blacktop

And how do you turn off the screen of your Windows 10 computer? Share your experience in the comments below.

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Watchings or images from smartphones is more convenient on large monitors. Making it simple is enough to stream content from the gadget to the display. Below, we will consider methods for how to display the phone screen on a computer via USB. There are several options for demonstrating the contents of the device.

Smartphone preparation

There are several ways to transfer the screen from your phone to Android OS. But before that you need to prepare the device.

  1. Go to settings and select the “About phone” section.
  2. Click 7 times on the version of the assembly or firmware until a notification about entering the developer mode appears.
  3. In the accessibility section, select an item for developers.
  4. Enable “USB Debugging” by checking the box next to the corresponding item.
  5. Finally, reload the gadget.

To display the smartphone screen, you must use a special utility that is installed in the computer’s browser.

Browser output

To control an Android phone from a computer when the screen is broken, a browser is often used. It replaces the need to download third-party applications and makes it possible to start broadcastings as simply as possible.

Next you need to configure your browser

After that, the program will be able to independently transfer the gadget’s screen to the monitor and give access to it. It is noteworthy that you can display an image, control the display and carry out other functions.

Using apps

If you need to synchronize the phone screen with a computer, you can use one of the programs offered by the developers. There are a lot of them on the Internet, each of them has its own method of work and connection.

Apowersoft phone manager

This tool is suitable for those who have broken the phone screen and do not know how to connect their gadget to the computer. It not only transfers data, but also restores content, manages files and much more.

The program displays the display of smartphones on Android, iOS. It makes it possible to take screenshots and records with sound.

How to watch a smartphone screen

  1. Download the program and install it.
  2. Connect the phone via usb and open the application.
  3. In the left panel, you will see the smartphone screen in real time.

Using this utility, screen management will be easy and simple. You can stretch it to the entire diagonal, do more or less.

Screen Droid @ Screen

The program helps to manage a phone with a broken screen from a computer. The tool is easy to use, can be freely downloaded. But, along with this, you need to try to use it correctly.

  1. Download the Android SDK Tool to your computer.
  2. Install the Droid @ app.
  3. Install the latest version of Java.
  4. Launch the Droid @ screen.
  5. Next, write the adb.Exe address on the computer command line: C: \ Users \ Your account name \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ android-sdk / platform-tools \ adb.Exe. Press enter.
  6. Connect the smartphone to the computer using the cord.
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To display and control the phone screen, you will have to run two different utilities. Also, a problem may arise when entering the address in the search bar, as it will be difficult for non-technical users to do this.

The application is a kind of mirror and does not provide any more functions other than connecting and displaying the screen.


This is a universal application for displaying a phone screen on a computer. It does not require additional knowledge to work and is quickly installed.

  1. Download the program to your computer and open the utility.
  2. Select a connection type.
  3. After connecting in the settings, select the option to display a screenshot.

With this program you can control your smartphone and even display the keyboard. Another of its features is the use of the mouse cursor. But how effective this function is for you to decide.

Output from a device on a Windows Phone

For smartphones on Windows Phone 8.1, displaying a picture is somewhat easier. If you are using a computer with Windows 7 or later, do the following:

  1. On the computer, install the official “Screen Projector” program.
  2. Connect your phone using USB.
  3. Confirm the permission of the application to work with the smartphone.

After that, you can connect the screen to view its contents.


To transfer the smartphone screen to the computer, special applications or plug-ins are used in the browser. Utilities help you quickly set up content translation and management.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to turn off the monitor without turning off the computer. The reasons are various, for example, you turned on the music and you no longer need a monitor or you need to leave the computer for 15 minutes. The WIN L hotkey combination will lock your computer, but the display will remain on and turn off only after the time specified in the power saving settings has passed.

The first thing that comes to mind is to press the power button on the monitor. This method is not always convenient, in addition, you will have to press it again to turn it back on. In addition, sometimes this method is not available at all, for example, the button does not work or you have a laptop. With laptops, a separate story, they have a Fn F key combination for this (F is different in different models), but on some laptops it is missing.

Therefore, locking the computer and turning off the monitor with one action can be quite convenient. Only, unfortunately, this cannot be done using regular Windows tools. You can only adjust the period of inactivity after which the monitor turns off, but you want to be able to turn off the display at any time. Therefore, you have to use third-party programs.

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We recommend using the tiny free Nircmd utility that does not require installation. Just download and unzip the archive to any convenient place on your hard drive. There is a version for x-32 and x-64 versions of Windows. Now you can go in several ways to turn off the monitor, but the most convenient way to easily turn off the display in the future is to create a special shortcut. Create a shortcut to the nircmd.Exe file using one of the described methods and add the following parameters at the end: monitor off.

Now, if you start it, the monitor will turn off, and if you move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard, it will turn back on. You can turn off the monitor without minimizing all open windows to get to the shortcut, it is enough to specify the desired key combination in the properties of the created shortcut.

Now, by pressing this key combination, the monitor will go into standby mode, which is exactly what was required. It remains to bring a little gloss. The default shortcut icon is pretty ugly to fix this, go to the shortcut properties and click the “Change Icon” button. We select the desired one from the proposed ones or assign any other present in the computer.

Lock your computer and turn off the monitor in one click

The question remained how to simultaneously lock the computer and turn off the monitor in order to protect your computer from prying eyes. After all, if you first lock the computer, then you can’t turn off the software display, and if you turn off the monitor first, then pressing WIN L will turn it back on. There are two ways out of this situation.

You can use the delay set in advance to turn off the monitor. To do this, you need to enter an additional parameter in the properties of the shortcut and the whole command will look something like this:

Where 3000 is the delay in milliseconds. Now if you just start the shortcut, then after 3 seconds the monitor will turn off, and if during this period of time you press the key combination WIN L on the keyboard, then the computer will be blocked at the same time. Delay can be chosen arbitrarily to your taste.

The second method involves creating a batch file. It will have only two lines of code, naturally, each will have its own paths.

Now, if you run this batch file or a shortcut on it, then we immediately lock the computer and turn off the display in one action, and the delay is useful in order to manage to remove your hands from the mouse and keyboard.

In conclusion, we want to note that Nircmd is a multifunctional utility and can perform a large number of other actions. If you are just bored with the display blank, you can use the screensaver command, which will launch a regular screensaver. You can read about all its other features in the help file.