How to turn on the redmi 8 smartphone

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Volume buttons to wake up Redmi Note 8 Pro

Don’t just rely on the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s power button to wake up your device. Instead, you can also use the volume buttons for the same purposes. Just go to “Settings”. “Lock screen and password” and enable the option “Wake up with the volume buttons”.

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Mi Mover on Redmi Note 8 Pro

Switching to a new phone is always a painful process. Due to the poor Android backup and restore process, you need to manually download all your apps from Google Play again and then log into them. Fortunately, this process becomes a little easier with Mi Mover, which will allow you to quickly and easily transfer files and photos from your existing smartphone to the new Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Navigation gestures on Redmi Note 8 Pro

The navigation bar is a thing of the past, today more and more users prefer navigation gestures. The Redmi Note 8 Pro comes with navigation gestures, although they are disabled by default. You can switch to navigation gestures by going to Settings. “Full screen display” and go to “Full screen gestures” option.

When moving on to gestures, be sure to check out the initial guide to get an idea of ​​how navigation gestures will work in Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Screenshot on Redmi Note 8 Pro

Want to take a quick screenshot on Redmi Note 8 Pro? There is an old way to press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time, but there is a much more convenient gesture, which is to simply swipe the screen with three fingers from top to bottom.

This screenshot gesture has been available in MIUI for a long time, but in Redmi Note 8 Pro this feature is enabled by default. If for any reason this feature is disabled on your device, you can enable it in the Settings menu. “Additional settings”. “Gestures”.

That’s all, in future articles we will talk about other useful functions and capabilities of the Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, so visit our Computer Tricks website so as not to miss useful tips and tricks.

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Dual Apps on Redmi Note 8 Pro

With the dual SIM capability of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, many users would like to work with two copies of apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. With the Dual Apps feature in MIUI 11 on Redmi Note 8 Pro, you can easily create two copies of the application and use them independently of each other.

Go to Settings. Dual apps and turn on the toggle for any of the installed apps for which you want to have two separate copies.

Fingerprint scanner in the form of a shutter button on Redmi Note 8 Pro

Use the rear fingerprint scanner on Redmi Note 8 Pro for more than just unlocking your device. You can also use it as a shutter button in the camera app. A handy feature, especially when taking selfies where it is difficult to press the shutter button with your thumb. Be sure to enable this option in the settings menu of the “Camera” application.

Fast mute on incoming calls

In order to quickly silence Redmi Note 8 Pro on incoming calls, simply place the phone face down on a table, or turn it upside down if it is already on a flat surface. The mute gesture is disabled by default, so you need to enable it in the Settings menu. “System Applications”. Call settings. “Incoming call parameters”. Just toggle the Flip option to activate this feature.

Speed ​​Booster on Redmi Note 8 Pro

If you are a game lover, you should take advantage of the Game Speed ​​Booster option in MIUI 11 on Redmi Note 8 Pro. It helps improve the overall gameplay by killing unnecessary background processes and applications, thereby freeing up resources.

Once enabled, it will automatically clear the background cache to free up memory for games, improve CPU performance, improve game connection speed while limiting background download speed to reduce network latency, and disable notifications and disable some buttons to avoid accidental key presses.

You can find Game Speed ​​Booster in the Security app.


Xiaomi does not see the computer via USB: why and what to do?

A smartphone is usually connected to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. For what? The reasons may be different: to charge the device, to transfer photos, videos, music, and so on. Sometimes users complain that the Xiaomi smartphone cannot see the computer (or the computer cannot see the smartphone). With what it can be connected? There are several versions and we will start with the most common.

Enable USB Debugging

Let’s move on to other solutions. If the first case is not yours, try enabling USB debugging. To do this, in the “About phone” section, find the line “MIUI version” and tap on it exactly 7 times.

If everything is done correctly, the developer mode will open.

Open, activate this mode, then activate debugging about USB.

Read more about activating the mode on the next page.

Xiaomi connected as a digital camera

The case when the computer sees the device, but only photos are available. To fix this, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom.

The most common reason

So, you connected your Xiaomi smartphone to the computer, it is charging, the computer even sees it, but you, in turn, observe something like the following on the monitor:

However, if you open the device, the folder will be empty. Why? The fact is that the Android operating system by default blocks access to the device’s file system; access must be provided from a smartphone. Why is this done? Yes, so that no one else can access the files that are stored on your device. Of course, this rule works only if access to the smartphone is closed with a password or, for example, using a fingerprint sensor. If this is your case, you need to allow access to the system, for which, first of all, open the notification panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Here click on “File Transfer (MTP)”.

Thus, you gave the computer access to the device, when you open the device, you will see the file system.

Install the drivers

The computer automatically installs drivers for the smartphone if necessary, but sometimes this does not happen, the PC does not see the smartphone. In such cases, you need to install the drivers yourself. Drivers can be found on the forum. Please note that drivers may vary depending on the type of processor used in the Xiaomi smartphone.

Check the USB cable and connector on your phone

The cable can be damaged, alas, this is not uncommon. Use a different cable.

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Try cleaning the cable connector on the phone, it may just be clogged.

For MIUI below version 12

Next, at the bottom of the screen, select Reset settings.

Next, you may need to enter a pattern or password for your account.

Reboot phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone can be rebooted in two ways: normal and hard (hard reset). Hard reboot is applied when the smartphone freezes.

For smartphones with MIUI 12

Go to Settings About phone. Select Factory data reset. Click Erase All Data.

How to turn on Xiaomi Redmi 8A if the button does not work.

Many users of the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone complain that there is a problem with the power button, so it is not possible to start the device when necessary. If you need to turn off Xiaomi Redmi 8A, then this is not a serious problem, because the phone can be turned off using the touch keys. But turning it on will be more difficult. For this, the adjustment button should work.

Features of turning on the phone when the button is not working

If we have a switched off phone, it should be connected to a charger. In this case, it will not turn on, it will start, only charging. Now the adjustment button, which is available on the phones of the Xiaomi Redmi 8A model, will help us. Before connecting the phone to charging using a USB cable, you will need to press the volume up button, after that, connect the phone to the charger. Sign up for iPhone repair, phone touch buttons, competent specialists, we will consult by phone, here is our website! Until the “recovery” menu is loaded, you must hold down the volume control button.

Then choose Reboot. After completing this procedure, you will need to wait a while, because the Power key, in our case, does not work. After a while, the phone will automatically reboot in standard mode. It is necessary to remember such an important point that movement in the Recovery menu should be carried out using mechanical buttons. Many people ask the question why you need to use the volume button of your smartphone to turn on the device. This is due to the moment that when using this button it is possible to open Fastboot.

Navigation menu

How to turn on Xiaomi Redmi 8A if the power button does not work. Fell on the floor with a button, after that it does not turn on, help to solve the problem

My button is sunk inside Xiaomi, now it does not work. What solutions are there?

The start button on the Hiaomi Redmi 8a is not pressed, how to turn on the phone. Tried all the ways to push, what to do?

I repaired my Xaomi, the start button did not work for him. It turned out that the matter was in the battery charge, he completely sat down. Put it on charge for 3 hours, then calmly turned on the smartphone.

Deep discharge

The batteries used in smartphones have a special charge controller. When the battery is severely discharged, it shuts off the battery power supply circuit to protect against a decrease in capacity to a minimum value. In this case, when the smartphone is discharged, it may not turn on, even when connected to a charger. In this case, the LED flashes red.


Telephone repair

Xiaomi Redmi note 4 does not turn on after updating. What to do?

Navigation menu

Sometimes it is not clear how to turn on Xiaomi Redmi 9 after turning off the phone. Since he does not respond to the power button. There are several methods to launch Xiaomi.

The problem is very common.

  • Khiaomi stopped responding to the power button, pressed it with all his might, help fix the problem.
  • Put Redmi 9 to charge at night, in the morning it does not turn on, what to do?
  • My Xiaomi stopped working, and when I put it on charge, even after 5 hours of charging, nothing works.
  • Xaomi’s buttons are lit, and the screen itself is black, how to turn on a smartphone?

First settings

How to turn on Xiaomi Redmi 9, if this happened. Such emergencies are rare. It usually works on the first try. And after switching on, you should configure the smartphone:

Pressing the key and seeing the word MIUI 9, you should click “Next”.

Select the language for the system to work: “Russian”.

Connect the mini-computer to the Internet. To do this, select the Wi-Fi name from the list provided. Enter a password and allow Google search services to access the wireless network.

Accept the terms of use, having previously read the text and privacy policy, ticking the box “I have read”.

Connect the SIM cards that you installed before connecting the device.


Read and accept “Google Services” by clicking on the appropriate label at the bottom of the page.

Select screen unlock mode: by entering a password or placing your finger on the fingerprint reader.

Allow all “Advanced settings”, because they will be needed for further use of the smartphone.

Choose icon themes according to your personal preference.

It remains to wait for the download and you can chat with friends, informing them the great news about the purchase of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Redmi note 7 shut down and won’t turn on. Solution

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: fingerprint scanner. How to set up your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone: useful tips and features

Xiaomi has always amazed its own users with interesting features. The not-so-long-released Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone runs the latest MIUI 8 firmware, which contains unlimited new features. In this article, we will talk about more useful functions, as well as how to set up the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone.

Remote control of TV, player and other devices

Infrared sensor is one of the most pertinent features, but many phone manufacturers forget about it. In addition, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has such a sensor, so you can control your telecom, set-top box, fan, DVD-player, projector, camera and other devices with your own phone.

To do this, you need to install the Mi Remote App. The setup is very simple. install the application, launch it, later point the phone at the device you want to control (for example, a TV set), select it on the phone screen, and follow the simple instructions.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router AC2100 on a computer

If you do not want to use the mobile application, you can create the functions of the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router AC2100 via the web interface. However, in this case, you will encounter an obvious problem. the menu is in Chinese. Fortunately, the interface provides clear icons, so you can intuitively figure out the purpose of this or that button. Another way is automatic translation in the browser.

In the Wi-Fi settings, you will see an option to enable a common name for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. If you activate this function, the device will select the network without the help of others. There you will also find items for changing passwords, starting the MU-MIMO mode and setting the power level.

In the WAN port settings, you will find the following options:

Speed ​​characteristics of connected devices.

For owners of the “smart home” system, a feature with a permanent address reservation will seem useful, which can be found in the accessory binding menu.

The web interface has the ability to connect to VPN servers and the following work functions, there is also a function to control the router via VPN from the external network.

Thus, you can set up the operation of the router at any convenient method for you and make the most of the opportunities provided by the developer Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router AC2100.

Deep cleaning

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes with a built-in Security application. This application has a feature called “Deep Cleaning”, which removes unnecessary files, clears the cache memory, and more. Thus, you can free the memory on your phone from unnecessary garbage, and also increase the speed of the phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: unique features

Reading mode

If you use your phone a lot before bed, you should turn on Reading Mode. It makes the screen of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 warmer, thus reducing eye strain.

Reading mode is available in the quick options panel, also in the “Settings” section. “Screen”. Reading Mode.

Why Xiaomi smartphone won’t turn on

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Today we will tell you what to do if your Xiaomi phone won’t turn on. This problem can arise for several reasons. You can deal with some of them yourself, to eliminate others it is better to contact the service center and get qualified help from specialists.

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Equipment “Xiaomi” is considered one of the most reliable among Chinese manufacturers. But even with a brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note, problems may arise due to mechanical damage and the installation of uncertified software.

Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on: reasons

Xiaomi smartphone does not boot in such cases:

It is completely discharged and won’t charge due to a faulty cord, charger, or charging connector in the phone. Try using a different cord and charger to pinpoint the cause of the problem. If the charging process has started, leave the “Xiaomi” for 15-30 minutes and only then try to turn it on. If the device does not start charging, you need to contact the service center for qualified technicians to replace the charging connector.

Battery malfunction. The battery of a smartphone has its own service life, which is reduced after each full charge cycle. New models of Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with powerful batteries with an extended battery life, so they will not face such a problem for the first couple of years. However, it must be borne in mind that operating conditions can reduce the capacity of the battery. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and any contact with water and moisture.

The system freezes while the screen was inactive. You are trying to unlock your smartphone, but it does not respond to actions. In this case, you can try hard reset. This is a deeper (hard) reboot, in which the signal goes to the hardware of the smartphone. To initiate a hard reboot, hold down the power button for 20 seconds. When Mi Logo appears on the screen, release the button. If nothing happens, try holding the button for 25-30 seconds.

If the previous point did not work, you can try to enter fastboot mode. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power and volume down buttons. The corresponding splash screen will appear on the screen. If you then press and hold the power button, the normal boot of the operating system will be performed.

System crash due to the installation of non-certified applications or modified twrp recovery. In this case, you must completely reinstall the operating system. All user data will be lost. It is better not to take risks and not install questionable programs and applications, as well as regularly update the official firmware.

What to do if your Xiaomi smartphone won’t turn on

If your Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on and the problem is not related to complete discharge, as well as a malfunction of the charging or cord, contact the service center. Experienced technicians will quickly and accurately eliminate the problem without losing personal data (if possible). SC IPROFIX offers prompt and high-quality repair of Xiaomi in Kiev. The Xiaomi smartphone may not boot due to mechanical damage (the power button or charging connector does not work), contact with liquid, software failures. Our specialists will establish the cause of the malfunction after diagnostics and return the gadget to work.

How to solve?

  • Leave the phone on charge for a long time: one to six hours. This time should be enough to bring the gadget out of the state of deep discharge.
  • Try to connect the gadget to another, more powerful charger.
  • Force-charge the battery from a 5 volt power source, limiting the current to 300-350 milliamps.

If you have experience, it is recommended that you only remove the back cover yourself using detailed instructions.

Why Xiaomi phone won’t turn on?

Very often, some time after buying a new smartphone, the user is faced with a situation where the Xiaomi phone does not turn on. We turned to the specialists of the ASC (Xiaomi Authorized Service Center) to tell them how to restore the phone at home.

Software malfunction

Critical software bugs are a common reason why a Xiaomi phone won’t turn on. They appear for different reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Operating system crash at boot (system freezes).
  • An update was being installed on the device, and a shutdown occurred (the battery was discharged).
  • After installing TWRP.
  • The action of malicious virus applications.

Technical problem

Perhaps Xiaomi is completely healthy, but it is not receiving power due to a faulty cable or insufficient charging power? Test them on another device.

If everything is in order, then the reason may lie in the power button. Assess its serviceability realistically and visually. The button should be elastic, not crumpled, pressed with a slight subtle “click”.

Sometimes a non-original cover prevents the phone from turning on. Remove it from the smartphone case and try to launch again.

The microUSB socket often fails. With rough use, it wears out quickly, internal contacts move away from the landing pads on the motherboard.

How To Install Google Play Services On Xiaomi / Redmi Chinese ROM

Only professional repair in the service center will help here.

Xiaomi phone won’t turn on: 3 ways to solve

Practice has shown that the most common problem with a Xiaomi phone is the inability to turn on the device. If there was a mechanical impact, such as a strong impact, before the malfunction occurred, then everything is obvious. This is, with a high degree of probability, internal damage to the board.

But what if the reasons are not so obvious and the phone stopped working “by itself”? Let’s analyze the options why Xiaomi does not turn on, pointing out ways to solve them.

Deep discharge

Lithium batteries used in smartphones have a built-in charge controller. During deep discharge, it closes the battery power line. This is done in order to protect against a drop in capacity to a certain value so that the battery does not fail.

Therefore, when discharged, the phone may not turn on, even when connected to a charger. In this case, the signal LED will flash red. There are also times when the white indicator blinks when pressed.

Solution methods.

  • Force reboot. It is carried out by long (about 10 seconds) pressing the power button. In this case, the phone should emit a short vibration signal and start.
  • Reboot from the service menu. The engineering menu is entered by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons up. Next, you should turn off the device and try again to turn it on.

Re-flashing. Installing a new version of Android with MIUI shell solves software problems. In order to perform recovery in this way, you need to use special bootloader programs, for example, Mi Flash.

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Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. I share the latest news and exclusive materials.

High-quality solid instruction! It’s a pity she wasn’t there when I had such a problem with my phone. Bought a new Redmi 5 Plus phone. I had another phone in parallel. Therefore, I used the new one for a week and a half to get used to MIUI and explore the main features. As a result, I did not keep track that the phone was completely discharged. I undertook to include it, but it is not in any. I kept the button on for a minute. the result was zero. I put it on charge and did not react, although I got used to the fact that when you put the old phone on charge, the indicator immediately lights up. It turns out that a really deep discharge has taken place. It also helped to understand this by chance. Since it was a day off. I put the phone on charge and forgot, so it stood for 10 hours. Then I take it in my hand, press the button again and lo and behold, I feel the vibration and see the Mi logo on the screen. And then I already thought. the case is a pipe, 14 days have passed, but my phone does not work, what if the marriage is not returned and nothing can be proved. There was no limit to the joy of a work phone. )

I held it for 10 seconds and everything worked out. THX

I had a similar situation with the old Redmi 4. I sat shorter in YouTube, with charging. And she charged very sucks. the battery still sat on CHARGING. In the end, the phone went to zero (it was still working). The wire staggered. for a brief moment the charging was turned off. and the brick. I tried to cut it back, the answer is zero. even the indicator is off. I decided to leave it on charge for an hour. Did not help. Then I put on the charge from the camera, and left it for the night. I get up, I come to the phone. the screen is off. As a last resort, I held down the power button. After about 10 sec. he. finally. got it! Now it’s standing here, charging. And the instruction is one of the few that WORKS.

I now have exactly the same problem, (put it on charge, I will wait and hope)

Great article! I save to bookmarks. Prepared means armed)

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Thanks for the battery tip! I have an old Redmi 4x, and who knows the cover is conditionally non-removable. Holding the power button for a long time did not help. I had to carefully pry off the back cover to manipulate the battery. As a result, the old man turned on, showed signs of life, and I, happy, did not have to lose hope and carry him to the service, where they would take at least 400 rubles from me for thanks. Thanks from me!

Thanks a lot. Thanks to this article, I was able to figure out why my Redmi does not turn on and turn it on again. I was already afraid, I thought that it was broken and needed to be carried. And this is extra time, money, and I would still have to go without a phone. And it’s so nice, I figured it out myself and turned out to turn it on. Once again, I express my gratitude to the creators of the site and the author of the article.!

Hello. Nice article, informative. But unfortunately, it didn’t help me. I bought a new Mi8 when it went out. Became a brick. Any operations according to the article are ineffective.

The article describes solutions that help to turn on the phone 95% of the time. Please clarify what actions were performed with the phone? What firmware was it? By itself, for the phone to work like this, nothing was done, and as a result, it went out and stopped turning on. a rather extraordinary case. The phone may have been flashed?

Good afternoon, Redmi 6 pro is charging and does not turn on, Mi constantly lights up every 5 seconds, goes out again and so on in a circle. What to do?

Judging by the symptoms, after the update by air, they grabbed the bootlap. It is recommended to look at the 4PDA topic about remote recovery and EDL mode.

I have the same trouble with Mi A1, what to do.

I was helped by the option to stick out the battery cable.

I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 5a prime phone and when I want to turn on the phone I press the key from the right, the screen lights up after 5 seconds, and it happens that I have to press it three times. And still problems with the end of the call, I can not end the conversation until the subscriber disconnects himself, the screen does not light up (((

I have the same problem, the phone (Mi8) just lay on the table (did not fall, did not beat). At first, he stopped catching the network (he learned from people who could not get through to me). I turned it on, tried to call someone. it says there is no network. I pressed reset the phone, and most of it does not react to anything at all. The firmware version of miuay 10 was installed on Android 9.

You managed to break the screen, then you repaired it yourself and now you are surprised that the phone does not work?

Yesterday, while using the phone, it just turned off, although charging was normal. does not load when turned on. At the loading stage (KD built for people) something is written there), then nothing happens. I left it for the night to charge, but with repeated switching on and off, nothing happens beyond the above stage ((((

If you can’t reanimate it in any way, then you can somehow connect it to the PC, so that at least all the info can be saved? Just connecting to the PC as before does not work, does not see the phone ((

If the preservation of information is important, then it is better not to take drastic actions so as not to harm even more. In this case, it is recommended to contact the service center. Judging by the reasons described, the case is not entirely standard; disassembly and diagnostics may be required for resuscitation.

Yes, and it’s better not to do Factory Reset yet, that is, reset to factory settings, since all user data will be lost.

Good afternoon. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 turned off during use. the charge was sufficient. Does not turn on for charging does not respond indicator does not light

Such is the situation: Mi 4c took it from the repair, changed the battery. All the rules worked. I had beta 10 miui 8.9.13 like. So, the phone was lying for a long time before the repair, and I decided to check for updates to the firmware. It turns out there are no more of them, well, everyone does not release updates for it, but I don’t even know much about this native updater, also in English.

There was a download update button there. Well, I downloaded it twice, until I realized that there were still no updates and that I was installing the same version. Well, I left this venture, put the phone down, I think let it lie still, started downloading the firmware, I just wanted the Russian one, that’s the whole point. In the meantime. The phone went out and turned up. Without my influence.

Well, I think, okay, apparently the firmware has become crooked. I’ll put another one and that’s all. Fortunately, I have already got used to breaking the bootloader bolts, like in two fingers. But here the main pitfall was waiting for me. The phone is not detected by the computer. The option is this, he did not zakirpichilsya at all, but can not start. That is, the mi logo appears, it goes out again and again, I connect it to the laptop, it immediately goes out and I can’t turn it on all connected.

I must say right away that the battery was above 80%. So, in the fast mode, the laptop does not see it either. I thought that it might be in the laptop, I put yusbi there. Nifiga, the reboot did not work, I went to the PC and everything is the same there. OU and the phone in fastboot mode does not light up for a long time, it turns off immediately. It was already deep night and I decided that the morning of the evening was more intricate. I put my phone down and scored. I woke up in the afternoon. I’m trying to turn it on. And here …. NOTHING. Well, that is, absolutely no reaction.

I thought it would be an option to disconnect the battery physically, wait 10 minutes and connect it again. But I’m afraid a pitfall awaits me in the form of that…. Well, he zakirpichik about about and he does not accept yusbi. And yes, when charging or connecting to a laptop, the charging indicator does not light up. What is the actual question: What else can it be, besides my guesses? WELL before I take any action. I just don’t really want to open it, I have a minimum of experience with smartphones inside. I would not like to break the train. And I can’t give it back for repairs yet. A little later if nothing works.

You can try to do a factory reset, in some cases such a simple action makes the phone work normally again. It is only desirable that there is a backup copy of the necessary data, since “reset” deletes user data from the phone.

I almost have this situation) in general, after the street, I went into the apartment to visit a friend after the frost) I sat on the phone for a while, he sat down, put it on charge in an hour, I watch 2%, that’s all (I turned off the charging), the next day I come to myself and put it on charge. As a result, charging above 0% does not rise! I lowered the settings to the factory settings 2 times, I did the battery calibration the same way without changes. On the USB charge I put it on, you can sit, the battery charge shows 65429%)))) but the charge does not go, I remove the USB from the phone, it turns off immediately and that’s it! I do not understand how this happened, the phone was not damp. Clean in your on the street and after the frost street.

Interesting case. Thank you for sharing your information.!