How To Turn On The LG 32 Tv

Since you found this page on the Internet, it means you already know that your PlayStation 4 supports HDR mode. And yet it supports. However, if everything is clear with the console in this case, then with the TV to which it is connected (or not yet connected). A little more complicated.

The essence of the fable is that they (TVs, that is) even in the form of completely fresh models of the past two years ago, for which HDR support is definitely provided, for the most part come with basic settings, and you need to enable this same HDR mode, so to speak, manually. And to turn it on, you must first find where exactly in the “Settings” it turns on.

Actually, we will talk about this now.

But first, slightly recall, how HDR is enabled on PS4 game consoles (by the way, in more detail about this. In our previous publication) So, very briefly:

# 1. Check for the latest firmware (at least version 4.0 is needed, newer is possible, is not supported in older HDRs);

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# 2. Then open the output settings menu (“Settings.” “Sound and screen.” “output settings”), where we set the mode “Automatically“For options”HDR“And”Conclusion Deep Color“.

Here, we figured out the PS4 pre-configuration. Further, based on what we already have and) 2K / 4K HDR and HDR10 TV, b) Premium HDMI cable for connecting the console to this TV and in) access to real HDR content (toy, or stream), we proceed to the next stage of the event, namely:

Turn on the HDR mode on the TV

And since we don’t know what kind of TV you have, we tried to pick up some useful information on all the most popular brands in our area. In general, hereinafter in order of priority. So:

Samsung HDTV 4K-TV 2016/2017

In the settings of your new Samsung, you will not find this. In the sense of HDR, it also supports, but this mode is called not HDR, but HDMI UHD Color. So it is necessary to look for it and turn it on, not forgetting also that for most modern TVs, including Samsung, HDR is turned on separately for each port, i.E. In our case, for the port to which you connect your PS4. For this:

  • Open “Settings“, Go to the section”Picture“, Scroll it down and press”Additional settings“(“Extra options”);
  • Click HDMI UHD Color and activate the mode for the port to which the PS4 is connected.
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2016-2017 LG HDR mode in 4K TV

Hdr models LG Over the past two years, managed to release quite a lot. But their interfaces, if not the same, are very similar, and the image mode we need for those models that support it is called HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color in the settings. And it turns on something like this:

  • Open the menu “Settings“, Further. “All settings“And”General“;
  • Click HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color and in the list of available ports indicates the one to which the PS4 is connected.

Sony Bravia 4KR TV HDR 2016/2017 release

Sony’s HDR mode disguises as “HDMI Extended Format»(Enhanced format), and it must be included in the settings:

  • Open the menu, go to “Settings“, Select”External inputs” and there. “Hdmi signal format“;
  • Turn on “Extended format“(Default is”Standard”).

Panasonic HDTV 4K-TV 2016/2017

At Panasonic, the mode is called “HDMI HDR” and also turns on for each individual port. This is done as follows:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, open “Options“;
  • Choose “HDMI HDR Settings“, Mark the desired port and click”On“.
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2016/2017 Philips HDR mode in 4K TV

For current Philips, HDR is also turned off by default. Therefore, we press the “Menu” from the remote control, then go to “Settings.” “Preferences.” HDMI mode. Select the port you need. Switch the signal to “Normal”.

Vizio 4K-TV HDR 2016/2017 release

Vizio has HDR support (in the settings the mode is called HDMI Color Subsampling) is provided for models of the P and M series. However, there is one important nuance to consider when setting up: out of the five available 4K HDR ports, you can enable only the first four, and the fifth picture does not display in HDR. How to turn it on:

  • Run the application Smartcast (you can immediately on the smartphone), go to “Settings“(Settings), tap “Inputs“(Inputs);
  • Click “HDMI Color Subsampling“;
  • Available HDMI ports in the list are displayed automatically, select the one to which it is connected PS4.