How To Turn On The Internet On An Ios 11 iPhone

How to set up Internet on iPhone (operator settings)

How To Turn On The Internet On An Ios 11 iPhone

Connecting to the mobile Internet of any operator on the iPhone is automatically configured by default. However, due to reset, including network settings, or accidentally indicating incorrect data, the Internet on the Apple smartphone is no longer available. This guide told how to manually configure mobile Internet on the iPhone, as well as the connection settings for leading operators.

How to set up internet on iPhone

To set up mobile Internet, you initially need to go to the menu for viewing and changing access point parameters:

Step 1. Launch the “Settings“.

Step 2. Go to the menucellular“→”Data options“.

Step 3. Select the “Cellular data network“.

You will see the page for managing the parameters of the access point, modem mode and other settings for connecting over the cellular network. To configure mobile Internet manually, you need to change the “Cell data“. It contains three fields: APN, “Username” and “Password”. The data must be specified in accordance with the settings of your carrier below.

Operator Settings

Note: if the “Username” and “Password” fields indicate “no login / no password”, then they must be left blank.


APN: internet
Username: (no login)
Password: (no password)


Username: beeline
Password: beeline


Username: mts
Password: mts


Username: (no login)
Password: (no password)


APN: internet.yota
Username: (no login)
Password: (no password)


Username: motiv
Password: motiv


Username: (no login)
Password: (no password)

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Turn on Internet on iPhone

The Internet on the iPhone plays an important role: it allows you to surf on various sites, play online games, upload photos ands, watch movies in a browser, etc. The process of turning it on is quite simple, especially if you use the quick access panel.

Internet inclusion

When you enable mobile access to the World Wide Web, you can configure certain parameters. At the same time, a wireless connection can be established automatically with the corresponding active function.

Mobile Internet

This type of Internet access is provided by your mobile operator at the rate you choose. Before turning on, make sure that the service has been paid and you can go online. You can find this out using the operator’s hotline or by downloading the proprietary application from the App Store.

Option 1: Device Settings

    Go to “Settings” your smartphone.

To enable mobile Internet access, you must set the position of the slider “Cellular Data” as indicated in the screenshot.

Going down the list, it will become clear that for some applications you can turn on cellular data transfer, and for others, turn it off. To do this, the position of the slider should be as follows, i.e. highlighted in green. Unfortunately, this can only be done for standard iOS applications.

You can switch between different types of mobile communications in “Data Parameters”.

In this window, select the option you need. Make sure that there is a daw icon on the right. Please note that by choosing a 2G connection, the owner of the iPhone can do one thing: either surf in the browser or answer incoming calls. Alas, this cannot be done at the same time. Therefore, this option is suitable only for those who want to save battery power.

Option 2: Control Panel

You cannot disable mobile Internet in the Control Panel on iPhone with iOS version 10 and below. The only option is to turn on airplane mode. Read how to do this in the next article on our website.

But if iOS 11 and above is installed on the device, swipe up and find the special icon. When it is green, the connection is active, if gray, the Internet is off.

Mobile Internet Settings

  1. Run Steps 1-2 of Option 2 higher.
  2. Click “Data Parameters”.

Go to the section “Cellular data network”.

In the window that opens, you can change the connection settings over the cellular network. When configuring, such fields as are subject to change: APN, “Username”, “Password”. You can find out this data from your mobile operator via SMS or by calling support.

Usually these data are set automatically, but before turning on the mobile Internet for the first time, you should check the correctness of the entered data, as sometimes the settings are incorrect.

A wireless connection allows you to connect to the Internet, even if you do not have a SIM card or a service from a mobile operator is not paid. You can enable it both in the settings and in the quick access panel. Please note that turning on airplane mode will automatically turn off mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. To turn it off, see the next article in Method 2.

Option 1: Device Settings

    Go to your device’s settings.

Find and click on the item Wi-Fi.

Move the indicated slider to the right to enable the wireless network.

Select the network you want to connect to. Click on it. If it is password protected, enter it in the pop-up window. After successful connection, the password will not be asked again.

Here you can activate the automatic connection to known networks.

Option 2: Enable in Control Panel

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control panels. Or, if you have iOS 11 and above, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Activate Wi-Fi Internet by clicking on the special icon. Blue color means that the function is turned on, gray. off.

On versions of OS 11 and higher, wireless Internet access is disabled only for a while, to disable Wi-Fi for a long period, you should use Option 1.

Modem mode

Useful feature found on most iPhone models. It allows you to share the Internet with other people, while the user can put a password on the network, as well as monitor the number of connected. However, for its operation it is necessary that the tariff plan allows you to do this. Before turning on, you need to find out if it is available to you and what are the restrictions. For example, for a Yota operator, when distributing the Internet, the speed drops to 128 Kbps.

About how to enable and configure the modem mode on iPhone, read the article on our website.

So, we examined how to enable mobile Internet and Wi-Fi on a phone from Apple. In addition, on the iPhone there is such a useful function as modem mode.

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Mobile Internet on iPhone how to enable

IPhone Mobile Internet is easy to set up manually. To do this, go along the following chain (in different iOS it is from):

  • iOS 6: “basic settings“→”Network“→”Cellular data network“;
  • iOS 7–9: “cellular“→”Cellular data network“;
  • iOS 10: “cellular“→”Data options“→”Cellular data network“.

It is in this menu that the user will need to enter all the parameters proposed by the network operator. The page for managing access point parameters, modem mode and other settings important for connecting the mobile Internet opens. To provide this service, you need to change the parameters in the “Cell data“.

You will need to fill in 3 different fields:

They must enter information that is provided by the operator. In each case, they are different, but the overall template is the same. In most cases, this is a static APN. When entering data, the user needs to be careful, as access to the network depends on this.

Mobile Internet Operators

Before you turn on mobile Internet on an iPhone, you should select the appropriate provider of this service. Most mobile operators currently provide mobile Internet. There are a great many of them in the world, but the following most popular ones operate on the territory of Russia:

The difference between them exists not only in the provision of various tariffs, the quality of communication in certain regions, but also in the settings. For example, to connect access to the World Wide Web, if you use the MTS operator, you must enter the following parameters: APN:, username and password are the same. mts. APN for Tele2 is also simple. Login and password for this operator do not need to be entered. If everything is correct and all the names are entered correctly, the mobile Internet will work in accordance with the tariff.

It should also be noted that in the case when the username and password are absent, the corresponding fields must be left blank. Before setting up any operator services, it is highly advisable to phone with a consultant and settle all issues regarding the rules and nuances of the settings.

Why Mobile Internet Doesn’t Work on iPhone

Despite the fact that Apple’s iPhone is of high build quality and software implementation, breakdowns and failures of these devices are not excluded. With correctly entered parameters, there are several common reasons why the connection to the World Wide Web through the operator does not work on the iPhone:

  • 3G or 4G connection error;
  • operating system system error;
  • SIM card malfunctioning.

Mobile Internet iPhone often does not work for cause of program malfunction. Hardware damage is extremely rare and requires careful maintenance by a qualified technician. Such work is carried out at service centers or (if the device is under warranty) at an official Apple repair center.

The user can fix software failures independently. over, in most cases they are called by the operator. Such a problem is solved by calling the hotline or by filing a complaint. Within the period agreed by the consultant, the connection must be restored

Another reason for the connection error is a hard restart of the system or a reset. Its feature is the missing LTE operation icon when the cellular antenna is displayed. The situation is corrected by the following actions:

  1. Go to “Settings»Smartphone.
  2. Select tab “Cell network“.
  3. On the menu “Data transfer»Re-enter the parameters, specifying them in advance with the operator.

Before performing these actions, you should also make sure that the corresponding tariff has been paid, there is coverage and the service is provided at the moment. To do this, just make a request by sending a specific combination of characters. The user can find out on the operator’s official website. You can also contact a consultant and find out his current account status and other important information.

Experts recommend, if there is no need for access, to block the connection to the global network. To disable mobile Internet on iPhone, just switch the slider “Cell dataLocated inSettings»Smartphone, in off mode (it will turn gray). In this case, traffic charges will not be charged. This saves money.