How to turn on the ice backlight in LG TV

How to properly adjust the picture on your LG TV

Many users wonder if they need to adjust the picture on their TV after purchasing. LG manufacturers, despite the high volume of production, are fine-tuning all functions of televisions. But nevertheless, it is worth considering that factors and conditions in which your LG TV will be operated play an equally important role. The source of the signal, the height at which it will be installed or hung, the distance from which you plan to watch TV, the size of the room and even the level of light in the room. Everything is capable of playing its part. So you can adjust the image “for yourself” only at home after installing and running your TV. It is easy to do it yourself without calling a technician at home.

As with any appliance, you should start setting up your LG television picture by reading the User Manual (instructions).

All modern models of LG TVs work on the Web OS operating system, which makes it intuitive to manage the options. The easiest way to adjust the image. Turn on the “Intelligent Picture Mode” function. When this mode is active, the TV selects the best picture settings for each broadcast.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control. Locate the “Settings” (Gear icon) menu and then select the three dots in a row on top of each other in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find “Screen” in the list that opens, and there you will see the “Smart Picture Mode” line.
  • Activate the “Smart Picture Mode” by pressing the “On” button.

Important: This option is not active in all regions.

turn, backlight

If Smart Mode is not active in your country, you can also adjust the picture on your LG TV manually.

  • Press the Home button on the remote control. Find item “Settings” in the menu (the icon “Gear”), then in the upper right corner of the screen, select the three dots, located in a row above each other.
  • Find the “Screen” line in the menu that appears. “Picture Mode Settings”. “Screen Mode.
  • All you have to do is decide which mode you want depending on what kind and genre of content you’re currently watching.

Image setting modes in LG TVs

“Standard”: Brightness, contrast and sharpness settings in standard mode.

“Vivid”: Once you turn on this mode, the picture on your TV will be brighter, contrastier and clearer due to the increased performance of these settings.

“Eco / APS” (depending on the model): When you activate this mode, picture settings save power consumption.

“Movie”: A mode designed for watching movies and TV series.

“Sports / Soccer / Cricket” (The availability of the mode and its name depending on the model and country): Image settings allow you to watch sporting events in the best quality, including increased sharpness of high-speed moving objects.

“Games”: The mode is designed specifically to connect LG TV to game consoles. In particular, the picture is displayed without a delay.

“Photo (Only supported on Ultra HD TVs): A mode optimized for viewing images with minimal color loss.

Isfccc “Expert”: A mode reserved exclusively for ISF certified image adjusters.

This mode allows you to adjust the image with the help of test tables and patterns.

What other picture settings you can adjust on your LG TV

In the “Picture Mode Settings” menu (see “Picture Mode Settings” for how to open it), you can adjust the picture with the help of test tables and samples. Above) you can also adjust other picture settings:

Backlight: The stronger the backlight, the brighter the picture on the screen.

“OLED light”: Adjusting the brightness of the OLED panel backlight.

“Contrast”: Adjust the contrast of the light and dark parts of the image.

“Brightness: Adjusting the brightness of the screen image.

“Sharpness”: Adjust picture sharpness.

“Color”: Adjusting the intensity of the colors in the image.

“Tints”: Adjusting the RGB color balance. The closer to R50, the more red tones are pronounced. The closer to G50, the more saturated the green tones.

“Color Temperature”: Adjusting the color balance from cool to warm hues.

Also in the “Picture Settings” menu there is a sub-item for “Advanced Settings” / “Advanced. Settings.”. A number of other settings can be adjusted here:

“Dynamic Contrast”: Correct the difference between light and dark areas of the screen.

“Dynamic Color”: Correction of color saturation and brightness on the screen.

“Color Corrector”: The optimum color ratio on the screen for the viewer’s visual perception.

“Preferred Color”: Correction of individual image settings according to the owner’s individual wishes.

“Super Resolution”: Increase the clarity of a cloudy picture.

“Expand Edge: Increase the detail on the edges of the screen.

“Sample”: Tables for adjustment used in “Expert” mode.

“White Balance”: Corrects the image in warm or cool tones.

To reset the selected picture settings, you need to select “Reset” in the “Picture Mode Settings” (how to open it, see above”.

Causes of failure backlighting in LG TVs

LED illumination became so called because of the use of LEDs as lighting. Many parameters affect the quality of the matrix, namely: the rate of shadow tones, viewing area, contrast, refresh rate and response time to the command. There are several technologies by which the production of liquid crystal matrices. The most popular are TN, IPS, PLS. The advantage of using LED-lighting in the LCD TV is that it saves up to 40% of electricity compared to its analogues.

There can be several reasons for backlight failure:

  • LED lineup burned out. Leds are connected in series, so if one element fails, others stop working as well.
  • Troubles in the work of the LED-driver. There is no voltage to the LEDs, so they do not light up.
  • Possible defect in the manufacture, which does not work one LED, and the screen is still not lit.
  • Maximum screen brightness leads to higher voltages and, consequently, burn out of diodes.
  • Bright screen. The result of improper settings in the store, where they are trying to attract customers in this way.

Such problems require repair of LG LED-TVs by specialists. But with the correct settings and compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can extend the life of your TV device. Masters can determine the causes of the problems, using special equipment.

Is it possible to replace the backlight yourself?

Backlighting is a fairly simple electronic component. It consists of a few dozen or hundreds of white LEDs. Typically, these LEDs are combined into ribbons, arranged horizontally or vertically with the same distance between them. For example, the picture below shows the backlighting module in LG 42LA6230 TVs:

Each of the 5 LED strips has 10 LEDs in their design, t.Е. There are 50 of them in total. The ribbons can be unsoldered from the backlighting module and then also easily replaced with new ones.

A common case of backlight failure. Burnout of one or more LEDs. Is shown in the picture below:

From here you can see that the LED strips are located behind the TV screen module. Т.Е. They can be repaired or replaced at any time. But doing it without experience in the repair of delicate electrical equipment is not recommended.

Repair of LG 32LN541U Led TV backlight

Well, here is the first dead Led TV came into my naughty arms from my relatives. LG 32LN541U. No backlight, there is picture and sound. TV has already been repaired once in the studio (repair cost 3.5p) for the same reason and died again, bought another one, this one was accidentally offered to watch me. Youtube videos on repairing this or similar TVs are several pieces, and it seems to tell you everything, but but some points are not quite detailed. In some videos, unobtrusively, it is advised not to repair it yourself. Not to spoil the matrix, but to give it to a master. Yeah, let’s have a look at the repair “masters” from the TV shop.Disassembling.

I did not even poke the power supply with a voltmeter, went straight to the backlight diodes. Three bars of 7 diodes, all connected in series, each diode is a stabilitron, if the crystal burns out, the stabilitron works, if it burns out, the circuit is interrupted in the whole chain, the light goes out at the speed of light. On the top ruler I found two wrongly sewn buttons, abundantly smeared with superglue. Diodes in TVs come in 3 and 6 volts. Started to check the whole rulers. The power supply is 21 volts and the current regulator is turned to the minimum. The bottom ruler lit up completely, the middle one at 5 diodes, the top one did not light up at all. Started to check with 3 volts one by one, found a completely burned out case in the upper ruler, and a diode and stabilitron, it by the way even managed to look through the compound later. A black burnt out dot next to the crystal.Unscrewed the lenses from the top ruler, not to spoil the lens legs they must be heated with a hair dryer, then gently pry with something thin. The reflectors are normally removable if there is no hurry. Under the two lenses opened the results of the previous repair:

LG 65″ LED TV Not Working. How To Fix No Backlight Issue. (6916L-2305A/6916L-2306A) 65UF6 65UH6

Diodes can be called with a tester. On the arrow device in one side is 40Ω, in the other. Infinity. So on the top range diodes were calling at 100Ω, and 200Ω, and about one kilo ohm, despite the fact that they were lit, and the bodies were dark spots, I poked one. There was a blown resistor.

All native diodes found hardening and cracking of the yellow compound over the crystal, the new ones are soft.

I decided to change everything (a similar case was shown in one of the repair videos), maybe I screwed up so much, the hell with it, with this compound. At this moment I’m already thinking that it wouldn’t take long to take apart and solder the diodes again.I need a 35×28 3v 1w diode with a large positive contact (35×28 is its size 3.5mm for 2.8mm). In the repair video on youtube, there is some nonsense in the links, or not at all, or very expensive. After searching aliexpress were found necessary diodes, the normal price (110pcs for 230r), with good reviews, however, long delivery (4 weeks).Here is the link ru.Aliexpress.Com/item/50=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.I walked for interest to one of the local radio equipment stores. They have several varieties, not more than 5 pieces each in number, I do not need, and the price tag is 35r/pc.Diodes came almost exactly as the original, only a slightly smaller minus contact and the inscription is different on the back side. Here is a picture of new diode (it is a little bit scratched by experiments) and original.

Took off all the bars, lens, soldered off all the diodes with a hairdryer (heated the top of the crystal at 460 ° C). Used a Lukey 701 station. I tin-plated the pads and soldered the diodes (400°C for the ruler). Rulers glued to the body on double-sided adhesive tape, and even on top of another adhesive tape, which I trust more =). By the way, from the factory rulers were glued very unreliably, basically they were hanging in the air, maybe because of this poor heat transfer to the body, and the “craftsmen” glued the top ruler on the superglue in three places, better would have left the old adhesive tape.

I put spacers in the places of the legs torn off by the “craftsmen”. For this case, I think you can use a laminate lining of the right thickness. You have to be very careful not to get them aligned, I put them in the removed sockets, then glued them in the same places, and still had to straighten some of them, they were a bit crooked. Alignment, if anything, is done by the matte screen on the legs.Well, on the recommendation of the video from YouTube reduced the current on the diodes, soldered off one of the circuits in the ballast kit.

All, the TV works, now let’s see how long it will last.

After run, the matrix had a dull spot and the pixel is glowing under it. Either the polarizer was torn off or the pixel was damaged when it was hit, I painted it black.).

Good luck with repairs.P.S. And another thing, try to make the brightness less, in the stores is everything at maximum, people bring home so and races, on this TV was at 100% backlight.

Setting the current limit on the LEDs

Often manufacturers overestimate the backlight level by setting it almost to maximum. This is done for advertising purposes to attract customers with a bright image. Over time, however, this can serve poorly and cause the LED to burn out. LG TV owners can independently reduce the current by increasing the value of the resistor. A special current sensor in a chain of LEDs connected in series. The principle of calculating the resistor rating is as follows: the resistor rating will be equal to the value inversely proportional to the current flowing in the diodes.

To reduce the current it is necessary to increase the resistance of the current sensor. They usually consist of pairs of low-resistance resistors. By removing one pair, you increase the value of the sensor, thereby increasing the PWM (PWM driver with negative feedback) and reducing the current in the LED. If you remove two pairs of resistors, the current is almost halved, and this has a significant effect on the brightness of the screen.

For televisions with two 6V LEDs, you can reduce the current. The current sensor consists of six resistors connected in parallel: 1 Ohm, 1 Ohm, 1 Ohm, 1 Ohm, 2 Ohm, 8.2 Ohm. The total resistance in this case is calculated inversely to their conductivity. It will be 0.22 Ohms. If you remove one 1 ohm resistor, the total resistance is increased to 0.28 ohms, the current will decrease proportionally from 250 mA to about 190 mA.

How to check the backlight

The simplest and most effective way is already mentioned above. If you can see the image on the screen by shining a flashlight on it, you can not even look for other problems. The decoders, power system, signal loops, graphics processors and other key nodes work fine. The problem is in the backlight or its control unit.

Lg 47ln5400 tv wont turn on led backlight replacement repair service

To check the backlighting, you need to remove almost everything from the TV. But this can be done neatly and quickly. Checking the backlight consists of two steps.

  • You need to make sure that the diode structure is energized. This task is solved by the LED driver, a separate circuit of the TV power supply. If there is no voltage at its output, the backlight will not work.
  • If there is voltage at the driver, inspection does not reveal places of local overheating, loose conductors and damage of current-carrying paths, proceed to check each of the crystals.

Although the work will require special equipment, it requires only minimal knowledge and skills. The list of devices includes a multimeter, a soldering iron (air soldering station) and sharp probes. But the scope of knowledge is somewhat more extensive. The repairman will need to be able to check the parameters of the circuit sections. Knowledge of the basic voltage values with which semiconductor crystals work is not superfluous. You’ll also need accuracy, skill and confidence in soldering with an air dryer. So if you don’t have all this you are not recommended to do the repair yourself. It is better to apply to the service for professional help.

Comment 94

A lot of net articles: Myself! And as a result. Like that, not for a long time. And 30% is nothing at all. The matrix is ruined! ( Of course they are silent about it. Embarrassing to admit: the TV is only 32 inches, and the “ear” was torn off, or the corner was broken off!). I do TV repair myself, and I’ve been doing Soviet VELS, Rubin, Beryozka, Gorizont and other TVs for a long time, before the LCD. There are two options: to make a long, high quality, with a guarantee. Go to the master; or, if you are not sorry (well, for fun, where will pop out, add posts). To open yourself. Make up your mind. I can be found in contact.

Can you advise illiterate: in this TV set, is the backlight connected in parallel or in series??I was given a TV with a malfunctioning backlight. Disassembled. Somebody already did it before me. I rewired the LEDs, checked them, and the strip is all lit up. Started to assemble, two chips are missing, which are connected to the lines.How to hook it up, who can advise?? TV konka kl32as528

It’s nothing. I lowered the current, but still half a year later returned to the TV with 7 burned out LEDs! I had to replace it under warranty.

Yeah. I was on fire, too. And with the new strip and the lower current. Nothing lasts forever

Help if you can.The problem is this. Turn on the TV (LG42LF620V), c remote control, it turns on, but no image and no sound. And turn it off with the remote control I can not.Let’s say it stays on for two days, nothing happens, then it may suddenly appear.Today, for example, I turned it on at 11 a.M., it started working at 6 p.M.

All this time, while it is turned on without display, at certain intervals the diode flashes and on the screen at the same time appears the logo of LG

Hi. The problem seems to be in the power supply. One of the voltages can not start. Check the PSU and the main board. It looks like one of the inverters isn’t starting

turn, backlight

Reading the coffee grounds. Too bad I do not do fortune-telling. For sure would have been gold by now. Without measurements, t.Е. Without diagnostics, you can assume the motherboard is faulty. But there are a lot of buts! And t.Д., etc.П.

I hate to disappoint you, but you still haven’t fixed the TV. Soon the rest of the diodes will die too.

Yesterday I turned on my lg42la615v blinks once and then dimly and so blinks with the frequency of a second) TV in 2014, we god only watch it for an hour 3 times a week) I think to take the whole strip on or replace all. It’s easier than buying them.У., because the rest of the ribbon is also unclear.Is it worth reworking the power supply, removing the resistor? Or maybe just watch TV in a dimmer mode, in movie mode instead of dynamic mode?)

It’s definitely better to replace all the strips with new ones. And remove the shunt resistor.

Yesterday turned on my lg42la615v blinks once and then dimly and blinks with the frequency of a second) TV in 2014, we look at it God only an hour 3 times a week) I think to take the whole strip or replace all. It’s easier than buying b.У., I don’t know what the other tapes are either.Should I modify the power supply to remove the resistor?? Or maybe just watch TV in a dimmer mode, in movie mode and not in dynamic mode?)

Replace the faulty one and be sure to reduce the backlight current.

You have to change everything! Leds. The putty on them cracks, the wires going to the crystal contact with air oxygen, oxidize, thin, burn out.

Hello ! Help to understand the cause of the TV MYSTERY MTV-4031LTA2 breakage. The top of the screen is dim, as if the brightness is half off. The backlight, i.E. LED strips are working (not 100% sure). I opened the lid of the TV, wiggled the plugs, reassembled as before, the screen worked. The next day the problem appeared again and then two days later everything was fine and the next day it happened again and has not disappeared. I took it to a mechanic, they said the backlight is not working, the repair is 8000 tons.Р. I blame the power supply ( I may be wrong ) I wanted to order the power supply board in China for 700 p. But I’m not sure (maybe the problem is not in it). Help please !

It is very likely that the tape, or tape top does not light up from time to time. I need to figure out how they are connected. And draw a conclusion.

Hello ! Here are all the parameters of the TV.Tel-spb.Ru/remont-TV-lcd/mystery-mtv-4031lta2

It looks like the ribbon, or ribbons on top don’t light up from time to time. We need to figure out how they are connected. And draw a conclusion.

There are 4 strips of 12 LEDs, each 3 volts. The diodes are connected in series of 2 x 24. At 2.X tapes. If the reason is in the upper bands of backlighting, the upper part of the screen should completely go out and it only shows a weak brightness. Or am I wrong ?

It’ll show. Just like yours. That’s because the light at the bottom of the screen shines on the top. The problem is most likely with the tapes. Some kind of diode is broken.

Thank you ! That’s right, the problem is with the ribbons. Disassembled the TV again, swapped the plugs on the board, the top did not light up and does not shine. After reassembly, turned it on, it has been fine for 2 days. It’s a mystery. I just swapped the plugs and put them back on, and remove the board inspected the solder on the pins. Thank you very much for the tip. I will try to remove the matrix to get to the ribbons.

Power Supply Repair

The TV power supply is one of those parts that fails most often and PSU repair is among the pressing needs of most consumers. A sign of its failure is that the device simply refuses to turn on. Over, the TV set not only does not show the image, it does not show any signs of life. In this case, the only effective way to fix the failure is to replace the unit with a new one. A Smart-TV repaired in this way often lives even longer than one that still has its factory power supply.

turn, backlight

The principle of operation of the matrix of modern TVs is important to know for one reason. A failure of the backlight is not such a serious problem. The very screen of the receiver is made of millions of colored LEDs of low-brightness. To be able to see a picture on the TV screen the matrix is equipped with a bright white LED backlight. It is this light, colored by the LEDs/OLEDs of the matrix, that we see in the TV. The design of the LED screen module of modern TV receivers looks something like the following: You can see from the diagram that the backlight is an auxiliary component of the TV screen module. The failure of this device has no effect on the functioning of the screen itself. You can easily make sure of that. Turn the TV set on (preferably without any light in the room) and point the flashlight to the screen. In the place where the light from the flashlight falls, the picture currently displayed on the screen will be visible.