How to turn on the dual screen on a Samsung

The best answer: how to make a split screen on my Android?

Tap and hold the “Recent” button on your Android device. you will see the entire list of the most recent applications, listed in chronological order. Select one of the apps you want to view in split screen mode. when the app opens, press and hold the last button again. The screen will split into two parts.

  • To access the multiple windows mode, open the first app and tap “Recent,” which is to the left of the home button.
  • Tap the icon of the desired application and then tap “Open in split screen mode”
  • To open a second app in the bottom window, simply open the desired app from the list on the right.

How to use multitasking. Method 1

As mentioned above, Samsung has changed the way users access the split-screen feature to use two apps at the same time. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps.

  • First, launch the two apps you want to use together.
  • Open the “Recent” menu, and then tap on the icon of any app you want to use in split screen mode.
  • Then tap “Open in split screen mode”. This option will only be available if the app supports multitasking. Otherwise, the function will not be displayed.

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How to enable auto-rotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G?

How to Enable AutoRotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G? How to Disable AutoRotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G? How to Turn On AutoRotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G? How to Disable AutoRotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G? How to Turn On AutoRotate in Samsung Galaxy A51 5G?

If you have ever had problems with Automatic Screen Rotation on your Phone or if you don’t know how to Enable rotation to watch movies more comfortably, it’s great that you are here because I will just show you how to Enable it correctly.

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Make your Android screen stay on in some “Android :: Gadget Hacks” apps

The default screen timeout on most Android devices is 30 seconds. This usually provides a good balance of usability and battery saving, but sometimes you want the screen to stay on longer. For example, almost every time I try to show something on my phone to someone else, the screen locks before they see it. But increasing the system-wide screen timeout is also not a great solution, because it can lead to unnecessary battery drainage and even screen burnout.

Set “Wake up. Do not turn off the screen.”

To try this, start by going to Download in the Xposed Installer app and search for Wake. Keep the screen on.From here, tap the top result, then go to the Versions tab and tap the “Download” button next to the most recent entry. After a few seconds the Android installer should appear, so click “Install” when you see this screen.

When this is complete, be sure to activate the module and restart it to complete the setup.

Disable screen timeout for each app

Immediately after rebooting, you will be ready to try out the new feature.The way it works is simple: when you use an application and you want the screen to stay on indefinitely, just press both volume buttons at the same time, then you will see a pop-up message saying ” KEEP_SCREEN_ON is right “.

From there, as long as that app is in the foreground, the screen timeout will be set to infinity. You can switch to any other app on your phone, and the screen timeout will be the same as before, but when that particular app is in the foreground, your screen will stay on indefinitely.

If you want to turn off infinite screen timeout for that particular app, just make sure it’s in the foreground, then press both volume buttons again. You’ll see the same toast message, but this time it says “Lies.”. Alternatively, you can simply press the power button to lock the screen, which serves as a manual change, meaning that all screen timeouts for each app are reset to their default values.

(1) Screen timeout is disabled for Chrome. (2) And then turn it back on.

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What is multiscreen mode and why do I need it?

Split Screen, called Split Screen, is an Android device’s multi-window mode that allows you to work with different apps at the same time. The ability to split the display into parts eliminates the need to switch between windows and involves the performance of both related and unrelated tasks.

You no longer have to prioritize your goals and give up one application in favor of another, because you can, for example, watch a movie and chat in a messenger on the same screen simultaneously. Supports multitasking and some games, so you can perform tasks without taking your eyes off the fun.

The display of an Android device is literally divided into two parts, and the windows of running programs are equally active and do not overlap, so you can interact with them simultaneously. The split screen feature basically provides a multitasking capability and can be used by users for a variety of purposes, including transferring data from one application to another.

Unfortunately, not every software supports this mode yet. For example, you will not be able to perform such Focus with the built-in camera or phone book. If multi-window operation is not possible, the application will notify the user about it.

Do the same thing: press the “Menu” button, choose an application and click on its icon. A menu will appear and you should select the “Open in pop-up mode” option.

In the settings, you can even adjust its transparency! Closes by clicking the cross in the corner of the window.

How to disable split screen

There are also several ways to disable split screen on your Android device. When all tasks have been completed and you no longer need multi-window mode, you can disable it using one of the following methods:

  • Long hold on the multitasking button closes all active tabs in the mode.
  • Separator can serve not only as a means to determine the boundaries and adjust the size of the windows, with it you can remove the separation of the Android device screen, simply by moving to the limit up or down the display (left, right in the case of horizontal orientation). One of the applications, depending on which way you pulled the split bar, will be closed, and the other will expand to full screen.
  • On Xiaomi devices there is an “Exit” button which, when pressed, deactivates the mode.
  • You can also simply close the running applications to exit multi-window mode.

The possibility of multitasking is implemented in all modern generation mobile devices, the latest Android versions include the option by default. Different devices use gestures and swipes, sometimes there is a need to activate developer mode, in other cases the function is active immediately.

The above ways of using Split Screen are suitable for different Android devices, including tablets, so depending on the version of Android and the shell you can find the best option for you to enable split screen for any task.