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How to set up a joystick (gamepad) on PCSX2 emulator

Attention! For the joystick to work in the emulator, you first need to make sure that the joystick is connected and detected by the operating system.

For the PCSX2 emulator, wired universal joysticks with a USB output are more likely to be used.

Once the joystick is detected by the computer, you can proceed to setting up the emulator. As in the case of setting up control with the keyboard, go to PCSX2 in the menu Settings. Joysticks (PAD). Plugin settings.

Attention! In the settings window, make sure that the emulator sees the gamepad device as shown in the figure.

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Now go to the Pad1 tab and set the values: click on the button with the designation in the settings window and press the corresponding key on the joystick.

Note. Not all joystick models support the full set of buttons in the plugin settings.

Analog sticks may not work. That is, when assigning them, other buttons will be overwritten. In this case, do not assign buttons to analog sticks. However, in most PS2 games, analog sticks were not used as separate controls.

First launch and setup

Open the Pcsx2-r folder and run the pcsx2 file.

In the drop-down list of languages, select Russian and click Apply. Then click Next.

We are waiting for the plugins to be loaded, then the plugin selection menu will open.

Please make sure that all lines are filled in as shown. Attention! Plugin version numbers may be different depending on the release version of the emulator. The main thing is that the names of the plugins match. Select the CDVD plugin Linuz Iso CDVD. in order to run games from images. Click Next.

In the next window, you need to select BIOS. It is recommended to use BIOS Japan v01.00. Select it and click Finish.

Finally, the main window of the emulator and the PCSX2 Program Log window open in front of us. The latter can be closed, we do not need it now. It remains to tell you about some more settings.

Click Settings. Emulation Settings.

Leave the default values ​​in the first three tabs. On the GS-window tab, you can make settings for the game screen. Set the resolution convenient for you. You can set the automatic opening of the game window in full screen, hiding the mouse cursor, etc. I will set the resolution to 1024768.

Go to the Speedhacks tab. Thanks to speedhacks, you can speed up the emulation of the game. If your computer has a powerful enough central processor, you can generally uncheck the Enable speedhacks checkbox. Everything will work comfortably anyway.

If your computer is not powerful enough, leave the checkbox. In case the games slow down, you can set the values ​​of the EE Cyclerate and VU Cycle Stealing sliders to the extreme right position. This will maximize the speed of work, however, some glitches with sound and other bugs may appear. In this case, you should select the values ​​of the sliders so that the glitches disappear.

To exit and save the settings, click OK.

Let’s move on to the video settings. Go to Settings. Video (GS). Plugin Settings.

The video settings window opens. Here we set the following values:
Renderer: Direct3D9 (Hardware). for Windows XP operating system
Direct3D10 (Hardware). for Windows 7 / Vista operating systems
Direct3D11 (Hardware). for Windows 8 operating systems
Interlacing (F5): Blend bff (slight blur, 1/2 fps)
Original PS2 resolution: uncheck Native
Custom resolution: set values ​​1260. 1260
Note. Checking the Enable HW Hacks checkbox activates the settings specified in Configure…. Setting different values ​​in the window that opens by clicking the Configure. button can help get rid of graphical bugs and glitches in games. But here, each game requires an individual approach.
To save the settings, click OK.

It remains to specify the settings for launching game images. We will use the plugin.

Click CDVD and install Use plugin.

Installing the PCSX2 emulator

Note. For this action you need an archiver. If you do not have an archiving program installed on your computer, then first download and install one of the free archivers (for example, 7-zip).

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The Pcsx2-r folder (where the release version number) should be placed in the directory, IMPORTANT! not containing Cyrillic characters.

That is, the path to the folder where the emulator will be located may look like this:
Correct placement example: C: / PCSX2 or D: / PCSX2
Misplaced example: C: / emulator

I will do the following. At the root of the local drive D, create a PCSX2 folder. I move the Pcsx2-r folder into it. Also, in the PCSX2 folder, create a Games folder. where I will place images of games for Sony Playstation 2. Image files are also better stored in folders whose names do not contain Russian letters.

In addition, for the emulator to work, the following components must be installed on the system:

Instructions for setting up PCSX2. SONY Playstation 2 emulator. Installation, configuration, launch.

As you know, PCSX2 is an emulator that allows you to run games for Sony Playstation 2 on your computer. However, the emulator needs to be configured before use.

PCSX2 is a very flexible emulator with many customization options. In fact, every game needs a certain approach to itself and a selection of unique settings. The compatibility of different games with the emulator is also different. Some games are going very well, some are completely inaccessible to play yet. This article will show you a PCSX2 configuration option that will work well for most Sony Playstation 2 games.

Setting up keyboard controls

To configure the control keys, go to the Settings. Joysticks (PAD). Plugin Settings.

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In the window that opens, go to the Pad 1 tab. Here we set the values ​​of the keys on the keyboard, which will correspond to the buttons of the console’s joystick. (By the way, if you wish, you can purchase a real joystick that connects to your computer via USB). On the Pad2 tab, you can customize the buttons for the second user.

To assign a key to the cross, click the Cross button with the mouse. then on the keyboard the desired key. A matching entry will appear in the left column. Likewise with other buttons.
Cross. cross, Square. square, Triangle. triangle, Circle. circle.
D-Pad. arrows, Left and Right Analog Stick. respectively left and right analog.

The figure shows my example settings. To save the values, click Apply. then ok.

Launching the game

To start the game, click Start. Run CD / DVD (fast).

We select the image of the game by going to the folder where you placed your images. I have it D: / PCSX2 / Games

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