How to turn on sony Playstation 4

HDR mode in 4K-TV Sony Bravia 2016/2017 release

Sony‘s HDR mode masks behind the name “Enhanced format”, and must be enabled in the settings:

  • open the menu, go to “Settings”, select “External inputs” and there. “HDMI signal format”;
  • turn on “Extended format” (the default is “Standard”).

HDR mode in 4K-TV Philips 2016/2017 release

The current Philips also has HDR turned off by default. Therefore, we press “Menu” from the remote control, then go to “Settings”. “Preferences”. HDMI mode. select the port you need. switch the signal to “Normal”.

HDR mode in 4K-TV LG 2016/2017 release

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LG has released a lot of HDR models over the past two years. But their interfaces, if not the same, are very similar, and the image mode we need for those models that support it is called HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color in the settings. And it turns on like this:

  • open the “Settings” menu, then. “All settings” and “General”;
  • press HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color and in the list of available ports indicates the one to which the Playstation 4 is connected.

How to enable HDR support for Playstation 4 on your TV

Since you found this page on the Internet, it means that you already know that your Playstation 4 supports HDR mode. And it does support it. However, if everything is clear with the console in this case, then with the TV to which it is connected (or not yet connected) it is a little more complicated.

The essence of the fable is that they (TVs, that is), even in the form of very fresh models of the past or before last years, in which HDR support is definitely provided, for the most part are produced with basic settings, and they need to enable this HDR mode, so to speak, manually. And to turn it on, you must first find where exactly in the “Settings” it turns on.

Actually, we will talk about this now.

But first, let us slightly recall how HDR is turned on on Playstation 4 game consoles (by the way, in more detail about this. in our previous publication). So, very briefly:

# 1. check for the latest firmware (you need at least version 4.0, newer is possible, older HDR is not supported);

# 2. then open the video output settings menu (“Settings”. “Sound and Screen”. “Video Output Settings”), where we set the “Automatic” mode for the “HDR” and “Deep Color Output” options.

Here, we figured out the preliminary setup of the Playstation 4. Further, based on the fact that we already have a) TV with support for 2K / 4K HDR and HDR10 format, b) Premium HDMI cable for connecting the console to this TV, and c) access to real HDR content (toy, video or stream ), we proceed to the next stage of the event, namely:

turn on the HDR mode on the TV

And since we do not know what kind of TV you have, we tried to collect some useful information on all the most popular brands in our area. In general, further. in order of priority. So:

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HDR mode in 4K-TV Panasonic 2016/2017 release

Panasonic calls this mode “HDMI HDR” and is also enabled for each individual port. This is done as follows:

  • press the “Menu” button on the remote control, open “Options”;
  • select “HDMI HDR Settings”, mark the desired port and click “On”.

HDR mode in 4K-TV Samsung 2016/2017 release

You will not find this in the settings of your new Samsung. In the sense of HDR, it also supports, only this mode is called not HDR, but HDMI UHD Color. So you need to look for it and turn it on, not forgetting that most modern TVs, including Samsung, have HDR turned on separately for each port, i.e. in our case, for the port to which you connect your Playstation 4. To do this:

  • open “Settings”, go to the “Image” section, scroll down and click “Additional settings” (“Additional parameters”);
  • press HDMI UHD Color and activate the mode for the port to which the Playstation 4 is connected.

HDR mode in 4K-TV Vizio 2016/2017 release

Vizio supports HDR (in the settings, the mode is called HDMI Color Subsampling) is provided for the models of the P and M series. However, when setting up, one important nuance must be taken into account: of the five available 4K HDR ports, you can enable only the first four, the fifth picture in HDR does not display. How to turn on:

  • launch the SmartCast application (you can directly on your smartphone), go to Settings, tap Inputs;
  • click “HDMI Color Subsampling”;
  • available HDMI ports in the list are displayed automatically, select the one to which the Playstation 4 is connected.


Can Playstation 4 be connected to laptop via HDMI?

The game console really provides this connector, as well as the PC itself. There is only one important nuance. there are HDMI IN and HDMI OUT. Standard consoles and laptops have connectors that work “out”. Accordingly, it is impossible to connect in this case.

However, this does not mean that the question of how to connect the Playstation 4 to a laptop via HDMI is closed. Laptop computers designed for games and equipped with a powerful processor and a gaming video card are often equipped with the necessary connector, so in this case the connection is very simple: you just need to connect the console and select the appropriate mode on it.

turn, sony, Playstation

Nevertheless, the cost of such PCs is very high, so it is worth considering how to connect the Playstation 4 to a laptop via HDMI using an additional adapter.

Playstation 4 connection

In order to connect a game console to a computer or laptop monitor, it is enough to purchase two inexpensive adapters: for video and audio. Next, you need to do the following:

  • Insert HDMI into USB adapter and plug into the corresponding video output on the laptop.
  • Reset game console settings. To do this, you must press the on / off button on the console and wait until it emits the appropriate sound, indicating it is turned off.
  • Connect the white and red tulip wires to the audio jack on the speakers. For this, an av-jack adapter is used.

How to connect Playstation 4 to laptop via HDMI? PC and TV connection options

Game consoles have become part of the life of gamers. Like many years ago, console fans are divided into two camps. The former are in favor of the Xbox, while the others believe that nothing can be better than the Playstation. Nevertheless, fans of the “curling iron” are still the overwhelming majority.

However, despite such popularity, this console often throws its owners into a stupor. Most often, gamers are wondering how to connect the Playstation 4 to a laptop via HDMI. This is not surprising, because today most computers, laptops and TVs are equipped with a similar connector. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. First, you should pay attention to a few points.

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We connect the console to the TV

Even a child can cope with this task. To connect a game console, just connect HDMI to the TV itself and the game console. After that, you need to turn on the console and go to the TV settings, where it is enough to select the AV mode. The game console will automatically connect to the TV and start broadcasting the image. You can also connect the console to the World Wide Web.

Connecting the Playstation 4 to the Internet

To make such a connection, you need to connect a network cable to the console and follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of the game console and find there the options responsible for the network settings.
  • Click on “Configure Internet Connection”.
  • Select the mode of using the network cable.
  • Click on “Simple connection type”. In this case, the game console will independently determine the necessary network parameters and automatically connect.

If the TV works via a wireless connection, then in the Internet settings, you should select the available Wi-Fi connections from the proposed ones. After that, it will be enough to enter the password to connect to the Internet and start using the set-top box in real time. However, it should be borne in mind that with a wired connection, the game console will work much more productively, more stable and faster. This is especially true if the gambler downloads “heavy” games, the download of which can take several hours. In doing so, it is very important that the network connection is not interrupted. Under the condition of wireless connection, one-second failures occur quite often, which are enough for the downloaded game to not start.

The article covered ways on how to connect Playstation 4 to laptop via HDMI. If the set-top box cannot be connected to the PC, then the easiest way is to use a TV equipped with the corresponding output.

a list (not complete) of games that already support HDR, as well as games that will soon support HDR

Games with HDR / 4k update:
Battlefield 1
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dishonered 2
Driveclub VR
EA Sports Fifa 17
Hustle kings
inFAMOUS First Light
inFAMOUS Second Son
Mafia iii
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
NBA 2K17
Playstation VR worlds
Ratchet clank
Rez infinite
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Robinson: The Journey
Super stardust ultra
The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The last of us remastered
The Last Of Us: Left Behind
The Playroom VR
Titanfall 2
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Viking squad
VR Worlds
World of tanks

Games that will soon (or not soon) receive an HDR / 4k update:
Days gone
Final fantasy xv
For Honor
Gran Turismo Sport
Gravity rush 2
Horizon zero dawn
Killing Floor 2
Resident evil 7 biohazard
The last guardian
Watch dogs 2

Such a gimp. But if you have overcome it, then now there is only.

When and how to enable HDR on Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro: adding life to your gameplay?

In the High Dynamic Range (aka HDR) mode, the artificial image on the screen is supposedly so realistic that it is very similar to the real picture of the surrounding world, which we see with our own eyes. The detail is the highest, the colors are the deepest, their range is the widest and, most importantly, the image really changes like a living one. In games, this technology is pure treasure. True, if it is not difficult to turn on HDR, then to see and appreciate its full effect, it will take more than just desire.

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In the sense that the matter here is much larger than changing the default settings of your game console.

As you already know, with the release of the new mega-firmware 4.00 (Shingen), the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro consoles now support this very high dynamic range technology, that is, HDR.

But, as we said, it’s not that simple.

Console alone will not be able to realize all the HDR capabilities. No way. And to do it, you need a whole set, namely:

  • installed firmware version 4.0 or higher;
  • Premium HDMI cable
  • TV with support for 2K / 4K HDR and HDR10 format;
  • real HDR content, that is, games, videos and streams.

That’s so modest. In other words, in order for your Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro to display a real HDR picture, you still need to add at least a serious HDR screen to the console itself (in the form of a 2K, or better, just a 4K TV or monitor capable of high-quality processing of 10 bit signal and display black pixels and bright pixels equally well) with the proper level of HDMI cable and install a toy that has received an HDR / 4K update. It’s minimum!

Further, the nuances begin. At first. The Playstation 4 must be connected to HDMI version 2.0a and higher (we recommend that you check the TV manual, since some models support only one port, and some. all ports).

Secondly. for the connected HDMI, you need to activate the corresponding function on the TV (see How to enable HDR support for the Playstation 4 on your TV). Let’s remind:

Samsung calls it HDMI UHD Color;
Sony has an extended format НDMI (HDMI Enhanced format);
… At Panasonic. НDMI HDR Sеtting;
. for LG. НDMI Ultra HD Deep Cоlоr.

Thirdly. it should also be borne in mind that if there is a receiver in the connection chain between the Playstation 4 and the TV, then it may not transmit HDR data.

Fourth. As of the time of this posting, HDR output is still not supported by all game engines. By the way, under the cut.

enable HDR on your Playstation 4 (or 4 Pro).

  • we connect the Playstation 4 to the corresponding HDMI port of the TV via a Premium HDMI cable (only directly, i.e. without a receiver or switch);
  • turn on the Playstation 4;
  • then open the video output settings menu (“Settings”. “Sound and Screen”. “Video Output Settings”), where we set the “Automatic” mode for the “HDR” and “Deep Color Output” options, something like this:
  • now you can start the game (or other content), but do not forget that you also need to enable HDR mode in the game (in the “Settings”), and in streaming applications it is also enabled separately (a special icon should be displayed on the panel).

And one more important point, if in the game the picture has become too dark, then you can resolve the problem by changing the RGB range, for which we open the Playstation 4 “Settings” again and click “Sound and Screen”. “Video Output Settings”. RGB Range. “Full”.