How to turn on sony bravia TV

Wi-Fi Direct. Personal Computer


For newer models, the supported file format for playback via USB / DLNA / Wi-Fi Direct is available in the i-Manual.

We connect a regular TV via Wi-Fi without a wireless adapter

If you don’t have a Smart TV, but a regular TV, but equipped with an HDMI input, then you can still connect it wirelessly to your computer. The only detail is that you need an additional small device for this purpose.

  • Google Chromecast, allowing you to easily cast content from your devices to your TV.
  • Any Android Mini PC (USB-like device that connects to the HDMI port of the TV and allows you to work in a full Android system on TV).
  • Coming soon (presumably early 2015). Intel Compute Stick. a mini-computer with Windows connected to the HDMI port.

I described the most interesting options in my opinion (which, moreover, make your TV even more Smart than many of the Smart TVs produced). There are others: for example, some TVs support connecting a Wi-Fi adapter to a USB port, and there are also separate Miracast set-top boxes.

I will not describe the work with each of these devices in more detail within the framework of this article, but if you suddenly have questions, I will answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Playing movies from a computer on a TV via Wi-Fi (DLNA)

For this, the most common method of wirelessly connecting a TV, in addition to the presence of a Wi-Fi module, it is also required that the TV itself is connected to the same router (i.e., to the same network) as the computer or laptop on which video and other content (for TVs with Wi-Fi Direct support, you can do without a router, just connect to the network created by the TV). I hope this is already the case, and no separate instructions are needed. the connection is made from the corresponding menu of your TV in the same way as connecting to Wi-Fi of any other device. See separate instructions: How to set up DLNA in Windows 10.

The next point is to set up a DLNA server on your computer or, more clearly, to share folders on it. Usually it is enough for this to be set to “Home” (Private) in the parameters of the current network. By default, the folders “Videos”, “Music”, “Pictures” and “Documents” are publicly available (you can share a particular folder by right-clicking on it, selecting “Properties” and the “Access” tab).

One of the quickest ways to enable sharing is to open Windows Explorer, select Network and if you see the message “Network discovery and file sharing are disabled,” click on it and follow the instructions.

If this message does not follow, and instead computers on the network and media servers are displayed, then most likely you have everything set up (this is quite likely). If it did not work, then here is a detailed instruction on how to set up a DLNA server in Windows 7 and 8.

After DLNA is enabled, open the menu item on your TV to view the contents of the connected devices. On Sony Bravia, you can go to the Home button, and then select the section. Movies, Music or Pictures and watch the corresponding content from your computer (Sony also has a Homestream program that simplifies everything I have written). On LG TVs. the SmartShare item, there you will also have to see the contents of the shared folders, even if you do not have SmartShare installed on your computer. For TV of other brands, approximately similar actions are required (and also have their own programs).

Additionally, with an active DLNA connection, by right-clicking on the video file in the explorer (we do this on a computer), you can select the “Play on TV_name” menu item. When you select this item, the wireless video stream from the computer to the TV will start.

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Note: Even though the TV supports MKV movies, these files do not work for “Play To” in Windows 7 and 8, and they do not appear in the TV menu. A solution that works in most cases is to simply rename these files to AVI on a computer.

How to set up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

Before you start setting up your IPTV, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. Without an Internet connection, digital TV from the network will not work.

turn, sony, bravia

How to connect Sony Bravia TV to IPTV, setup and problem solving

Classic television, as a rule, is accident-free, and this is its disadvantage. To access a large number of channels, you need to be connected to cable or satellite TV. For some reason, not everyone has the ability or desire to install a satellite dish or run a cable into the house. Service providers know this and have come up with the perfect solution. IPTV. Next, let’s talk about installing IPTV for Sony Bravia TVs.

How to install Vintera TV

If for some reason the previous option does not suit you, then you should install Vintera TV. The functionality is almost identical, so you can consider this option.

  • Either in PlayMarket or Opera TV, in the search engine write “Vintera TV”.
  • Click the “Install” button.
  • Once the application is installed, go to it and apply the necessary parameters.

Installing SS IPTV

So, after turning on the Internet connection, you can start setting up your IPTV. To do this, you need:

  • In the settings menu, go to the “All applications” section.
  • Launch the “Opera TV” application.
  • In the program settings, enable the “Developer section”.
  • Find and select the “Generate ID” option. Once the key is generated, write down or remember it.
  • Next, you need to go and register on the website, indicating your email there.
  • You will receive a letter with a link to this mail, you need to go to it.
  • A window will open where you need to enter the TV model and ID-key.
  • As soon as the data is entered, the TV will start syncing.
  • After the end of pairing, go to the “Developer” section.
  • There, select the item “URL Loader”, then enter into the line.
  • Finally, you need to agree to the user agreement, specify the country and provider.

Installation of SS IPTV is completed, now you can watch TV through the program, you do not need to purchase a set-top box.

How to connect to WI-FI

Thanks to Smart technology, Sony BRAVIA TV can be connected to a wireless network. This is done as follows:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” item. “System settings”.
  • Use the down arrow button on the remote control to scroll to Network. Then press the “OK” button.
  • Next, select the “Network Settings” option and press the “OK” key again.
  • Select the “Configure network connection” settings item.
  • When prompted how you would like to set up your network, select “Specialist”.
  • After that, click on “Wireless Setup”, then select “Wi-Fi Network” to check for available wireless networks.
  • After a short pause, all available wireless networks (SSIDs) will be displayed. Select yours from the list and click “OK”.
  • Enter your password in the access field.
  • When the TV is successfully connected to the Internet, select “Exit network settings”.

Your Sony Bravia TV should now be connected to the internet wirelessly. Select Applications to test your connection. “Internet browser” and find something in the search engine.

Some information about IPTV

IPTV technology, or Internet Protocol Television, is the transmission of a television signal using an Internet connection. It’s important to note that IPTV is not a streaming service like Netflix, for example. This means that to receive this type of transmission, you need a special set-top box or a Wi-Fi connection.

The biggest plus of this connection is interactivity. Due to the fact that playback is recorded, almost all broadcasts can be paused, rewound and re-started. By connecting IPTV, you no longer need to adjust to the channel’s schedule, you yourself control what you want to watch.

Depending on the service provider, the service part makes it possible to group channels by playlists to make navigation more convenient and take less time. You can also connect additional packages of TV channels, usually they are sorted by subject.

How to set up digital TV on a Sony TV?

We have already touched on how to tune channels on a Sony TV. but did not delve into the specifics of the choice of parameters. Now we will indicate those parameters that can be useful when searching for TV channels. If you have selected the “Air” mode, scanning will start automatically. In the “Cable” option, you need to make additional settings.

  • Operator selection. In this line it is better to set the option “Others”.
  • Fast or full scan. The first option is preferable for those who know the network frequency of their own provider. In other cases, it is better to run a full search for all networks.
  • After completing the search, some of the TV channels may be of poor quality. If all the settings are correct, and the signal is still weak, it is better to filter out unnecessary channels. We can add them to the end of the list during sorting or simply delete them, it is unlikely that there will be a desire to watch channels with strong noise.
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How to get online on a Sony TV?

Before you can use all the advantages of the Internet, you need to configure access to it. In the case of a cable network, everything is quite simple, just connect the wire to the corresponding port on the TV, and the network will become available (if you do not need to enter a password). The wireless connection is a little more difficult to set up.

  • Click on the Home key on the remote.
  • Open “Settings”, and then. the “Network” tab.
  • Click on the “Network Settings” option.
  • Go to the “Wireless configuration” section. Here we can also “Configure a network connection” if you need additional parameters for working with a cable network.
  • Select the “Easy”, “Automatic” mode or press the WPS key.
  • Follow the wizard’s prompts to connect.

If you need to specify auxiliary network settings, then in the fifth step, select the “Expert” or “User” mode.

Setting up your Sony Bravia TV

The modern Sony Bravia series TVs allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of progress. They have easy access to the Internet, a wide range of technologies, productive hardware, etc. Thanks to the use of the universal operating system (OS) Android, set-top boxes and TVs support the installation of additional applications, have extensive opportunities for flexible personalization, and much more. Sony Bravia TV set-up is in the spotlight today.

Tips for setting up your TV before use

If we are tuning channels on a Sony Bravia TV for the first time, you should follow a few simple procedures in advance that will greatly simplify your life in the future.

  • At the first start, we select the language. If it was not installed during the initial setup, we can do this in the “Settings” menu on the “Language” page.
  • We set the location. In order for the TV to process the signal correctly, display TV programs, and display the correct time, we recommend setting real geolocation. In some cases, you need to switch to another region, for example, in some devices, the high-frequency Wi-Fi range in Russia is not available, but after switching to America everything works fine.
  • We set a password. We can do this in the settings. This setting of the Sony Bravia Smart TV will allow you to block channels with content not intended for children.
  • We check the correct connection of the antenna, HDMI cable, power supply and other cables.
  • We insert the batteries into the remote control. Navigation will be easier and faster with it.

There are many more parameters that are useful to adjust on Sony Bravia Smart TVs, such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, calibration, sound, but they are all done in a similar way. Part is located in the TV settings, the other can be adjusted directly on the remote control.

Tuning channels on Smart TV Sony Bravia

At the initial stage of using TV, it is not easy to figure out how to set up digital TV on a Sony TV. The reader does not have to do everything by trial and error, since we have made detailed instructions.

How to set up digital TV on a Sony TV:

  • Open the main menu and click on the item “Installation”.
  • Go to the internal catalog “Digital Configuration”.
  • Select and click on the link “Digital setting”.
  • We activate the action under the option “Autosearch numbers. stations “and confirm the manipulation.
  • We set the mode “Ether” or “Cable” and indicate other basic parameters.
  • Click on the “Quick Scan” mode.

IPTV on Sony Bravia TV

There are many options for setting up IPTV, but the most practical one involves programming. Opera TV (VEWD) is a worthy representative of the niche, so we will take this software as a basis.

How to set up IPTV on your Sony Bravia TV:

  • Go to the “All Applications” section, look for Opera TV and launch it.
  • We go to “Settings”, and then to the development section, where we press three times to the right.
  • Click on the “Generate ID” button and remember the displayed code.
  • We go to the website and go through the registration procedure.
  • We activate the account through the letter that will come to the mail.
  • Enter TV model and ID, then confirm the action.
  • Go to the “Developer” section.
  • Run the URL Loader, specify in the line and click “Go”.
  • We agree to the terms, indicate the country and provider.
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A slightly easier way is to use the Vintera TV app. Its functions are similar to the previous program. You just need to open Opera TV, enter “Vintera TV”, press the “Install” button and start the program. After specifying the basic settings, everything is ready to go.

The above is a basic minimum that any Sony Bravia TV user will need. We learned how to search for digital, cable and IP TV channels, as well as connect TV to the Internet. Most of the other actions differ little from similar procedures on Android smartphones, so they should not cause significant problems.

Color palette saturation

Colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.

Preparatory work

Save the diagram below to calibrate the image to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Connect the storage device to the TV via the USB connector. Open the picture for customization through the media player.

On newer models running on the Android TV platform, calibration files are played from a DVD or Blu-ray player. Since it is impossible to change the settings through the Album application.

First, we set up the main indicators. To do this, you need to disable advanced options. Open the main menu and go to “Settings”, and then to the tab “System settings” and subsection “Eco”, here turn off the light sensor.

Return to the main menu and again go to the “Settings”, and then to the “Image” tab to deactivate the following functions: creation of reality, smooth transition, noise reduction.

For highlight, set the value to 7 or 8 points. Select Standard for Picture Mode. When these changes are made, switch to the “Advanced” tab to deactivate all features.

Access the settings menu only through the HOME button. If you edit the settings using the Options button, the set parameters will be applied to one signal source, and not to the TV as a whole.


Increased sharpness is the cause of unnatural images. To avoid this, adjust the sharpness. There should be no light outline along the intersecting lines in the calibration chart. Reduce the sharpness until the outline is completely lost.

Sony TV won’t turn on Fix it Now


Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.


Find the lightest part of the diagram. Adjust the contrast until the right side of the screen is as bright as possible. The difference between the left and right side of the diagram should be palpable.

Sony TV set-up tips

Correctly set up the TV is within the power of each user. Just follow the advice from the professionals. Setting the sound (volume, volume) is easier. Go to the corresponding tab of the main menu and select the optimal parameters.

It will take more time to adjust the image. In order for a clear and rich picture to appear on the screen, you need to adjust a lot of parameters. Now let’s look at the basic subtleties of setting up a Sony TV.

Extra options

Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector. Select the signal source “Antenna”. Disable additional devices. TV is now ready to search for TV channels.

How to connect a TV to a router? This option is available only to owners of TVs with support for Smart TV. Synchronization is carried out via a Wi-Fi router or by connecting a cable to the LAN connector.

I can’t turn on my Sony TV