How to turn on Samsung A 30

How to set up camera on Samsung

The cameras of modern telephones have made the possession of soap-dish cameras meaningless. High resolution quality, automatic stabilization and HDR, flash and slow start, panorama and fast shooting mode. this and much more makes our phone an excellent tool for taking high-quality pictures. The phones of the South Korean company “Samsung” are famous for their pictures, but opening the “Camera” application on their phone, the user may be confused by the variety of available settings. What to do? Below we will analyze how to set up the correct camera on your Samsung.

Virtual keyboard

This is the keyboard you use when you type on your phone. Alternatively, you can use Google voice input if you have difficulty or reluctance to type. The Russian language is supported and perfectly recognized. To add / remove another keyboard, click on “Manage keyboards”.

Battery Percentage on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy phones have an integrated feature to turn on battery percentage display, but it’s not in the most trivial location for beginners:

  • Go to Options. Notifications. On the next screen, click on “Status bar”.
  • Turn on the item “Show charge percentage“.

After that, your Samsung Galaxy will show the percentage of charge next to the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen, as required.

Disable These OneUI Settings NOW | How to set up Samsung CORRECTLY. MY RECOMMENDATIONS

There are many such applications. I use Phone temperature. Simply and clearly indicates the temperature of the battery in the line

Explain, what does the gear mean to turn? Moto-g Android 5.1. I delayed, does not spin.

In the literal sense, start spinning when you hold it down (the truth may be hard to see under your finger). On Moto X Play, it worked exactly in 5.1.1 and 6.0.1

How to turn off the percentage of battery power I did not find the whole body

So exactly how to turn it on, i.e. everything is the same, but turn off in the System UI Tuner. Provided that you do not have any special firmware, where there is no shutdown ability.

After disabling the System UI Tuner, the percentage of charge is still not displayed, Android 7.1.1 help solve the problem

on the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (Android 4.2.2), this function is cut in a different way: you need to go to the options. screen. show the percentage of charging and put a tick

My gear does not spin, and in the application it says that it is successful, but the percentage does not indicate, help (Samsung Galaxy j5 2016)

Xiaomi Mi 2 Lite does not come out. Fucking nude Android you can’t even change the back buttons

On nude Android 8 and 9 works. Works on Moto C 4G too (Android 7).

I have a tablet megaphone login 3t, the gear does not spin, I can not set the percentage of the charge, how to be.

I have a megaphone login 3t on my tablet, this gear does not spin, how to make it show the percentage of charge on the screen.

I have a tablet megaphone login 3t gear does not rotate I can not set the percentage of charge, what to do.

Hello! It does not work for me! Android 5.1 version And not working What to do.

Thanks. Your website has the most complete and detailed answer. After the update, the battery level was not displayed. I was helped by the solution. Options. Notifications. Status bar.

Thanks for the help! I have a Samsung note 10, so that the battery charge is displayed as a percentage, you need to go through the “status bar” and enable this function. She herself would never have thought of looking there. There is a clear step-by-step annotation in the pictures. Thanks again!

A very clear annotation, the whole process of restoring the “visibility” of the battery percentage took several seconds. Thanks a lot!

Using the Battery Percent Enabler app

If for some reason you cannot turn on the System UI Tuner, then you can use an external application Battery Percent Enabler (or “Battery with a percentage” in the Russian version), which does not ask for special permissions or root access, but firmly enables the display of the battery percentage (at the same time, the system setting that we changed in the first method simply changes).

  • Run the application and check the “Battery with percentage”.
  • You can immediately see that the top line began to display the percentage of the battery (in any case, I had it), but the developer writes that you need to restart the device (completely turn it off and on).

Ready. With all this, after you have changed the setting using the application, you can delete it, the percentage of the charge will not disappear anywhere (but you will have to install it again if you need to turn off the charging percentage).

Language settings

By default, the language that you specified when you first turned on your new smartphone is selected. I have this Russian language, region Russia.

Additionally, you can add several more languages. This will allow the application to use the next language listed if your native language is not supported.

To add a language, click on “Add language”. than 100 options available, including Arabic languages.

To set the default language, just move it to the first position in the list.

To delete a language: long press, select and delete.

How to enable battery percentage in Android

On many Android phones and tablets, the battery status in the status bar is simply displayed as “fullness”, which is not very informative. With all this, there is usually an integrated ability to enable the display of the battery charge as a percentage in the status bar, without extraneous applications or widgets, but this function is hidden (except for the latest versions of the system).

In this annotation. how to enable the display of the battery charge as a percentage by the built-in tools of Android 4, 5, 6 and 7 (when writing it was checked on Android 5.1 and 6.0.1), separately. on the latest Android 9 Pie and newer, on Samsung phones Galaxy is also about an ordinary extraneous application that has one single function. it switches the hidden system setting of the phone or tablet, which is responsible for displaying the percentage of charge. Useful: Android battery drains quickly, How to find out the current Android battery capacity.

Note: usually, even without turning on special options, the remaining percentage of the battery charge can be seen if you first pull out the notification curtain from the top of the screen, and then. the rapid action menu (charge numbers will appear next to the battery).

How to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung phone, how to disable it

Auto-rotate the screen on Samsung is a basic function that is found on all devices of the brand. Explain how to set up, disable or enable screen auto-rotate on old and new Samsung models.

How to set up auto-popping

Users were given access to the image rotation settings. For this:

  • expand the curtain with a set of parameters again;
  • tap on the inscription “Auto-rotate” or “Book screen”.

The user will be presented with advanced options. Display rotation is activated in the category “Switch to landscape mode”:

  • on the desktop;
  • on voice calls.

For those who are uncomfortable when the orientation of the image changes on its own, pay attention to the category “Rotate manually”. After activating the “Rotation buttons on the navigation panel” when you rotate the case from the bottom to the right, an icon will appear with a proposal to rotate the image. When you are finished with enabling / disabling functions, do not forget to click on “Done” at the bottom of the page.

turn, samsung

Black Screen or Screen Won’t Turn On for Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

Do. for auto-rotate to work in the same way, you can use a tablet from Samsung, smartphone models S10 and A 70.

How to enable or disable the indicator

So, if a user is annoyed by a specific application, we wait for another light notification to appear, unlock the phone and drag your finger across the monitor from the top edge. When a list of recent events appears, look for the “Notification settings” line at the bottom and tap on it. Then turn off the function for the application on the Galaxy.

This comfortable functionality is not owned by all Samsung models, therefore, if you do not have the “Notification parameters” line, we follow another annotation:

  • Go to the directory.
  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • We are looking for the “Notifications” tab in the Samsung options menu.

The window that opens contains a list of all installed applications in which notifications are enabled or provided. Opposite each item on the list there are switches used to enable or disable the function. To change the parameters and move the slider, just touch it. Thus, Samsung owners can customize the smartphone for themselves, changing the standard settings, adding an indication for important applications. This simple method, how to turn on the indicator on Samsung, also works in the opposite direction, allowing you to remove annoying and distracting signals from the device’s functionality.

how to enable and disable, instruction

If you figure out how to turn on the flash when calling Samsung, you can get an additional guarantee that you never miss an important call. The light signal is very convenient if, for one reason or another, you have to turn off the sound and vibration. The function was originally created for those who have hearing problems. After you managed to put the flash on the call, with incoming calls and SMS, when the alarm goes off, the light signal will always turn on.

How to turn on flash when calling on Samsung

Sometimes it becomes necessary to completely turn off the sound signals in the smartphone, so as not to disturb people who are nearby, or, on the contrary, not to miss an incoming call in a noisy, cheerful company. In addition to vibration, another, no less interesting and convenient way of notifications can also be used as an event indicator. the blinking of a flashlight (flash of the main camera). How to turn on flash when calling Samsung?

Despite the fact that Xiaomi and Apple have long implemented this function in their mobile devices, Samsung is in no hurry with this business and additional software will need to be used to trigger the flashlight on incoming phone calls.

On the first launch, you will have to allow the application to receive calls so that it can track them and, accordingly, turn on the flashlight.

In addition to incoming calls, the application can inform about new SMS messages, as well as notifications that are created by various programs (the list of programs can be configured independently).

Call settings on Samsung Galaxy Android 2020 phone

Hey! The website is online. Today, you will learn how to set up calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily change your incoming or outgoing call settings. Missed calls, waiting, forwarding, second, voice, parallel call, ringtone, notifications, screen, call barring, sounds, blocking, etc. Everything is very simple and fast. See instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Drove!

On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Phone icon and click on it.

Further, on this page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you can customize your call settings. Below we will take a closer look at each parameter.

Blocking numbers. Here you can enable or disable blocking of unknown subscribers. You can add a phone number to the black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

Signals and melody of a call. Here you can customize:

  • Vibration when answering;
  • Vibration when finished;
  • Signal when a call is connected;
  • Signal at the end of a call;
  • Notifications during a call;
  • Set a ringtone for SIM cards 1 and 2;
  • Select vibration alert;
  • Vibration during a call;
  • Keyboard sounds.

Answering and ending calls. You can include:

  • Sounding out the name of the subscriber. With Bluetooth headset or wired headset only;
  • Answering a call by pressing the Home key;
  • Automatic call acceptance. Automatically answer incoming calls after a specified time if a headset or bluetooth device is connected;
  • End call. Power key.

Quick replies. You can create messages to quickly reply to SMS without entering text. Enter any entry in the field, for example: How are you? Click on the plus sign on the right to add a template.

Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

  • Service provider;
  • Voicemail parameters, number;
  • Notifications. Alert Style, Sound, Vibration, Icon Indicators, Lock Screen, Ignore Do Not Disturb.
  • Hide contacts without numbers. Display only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the Contacts tab;
  • Information about the subscriber. Displays the latest contact information for each caller;
  • Help with roaming. Roaming Assistant allows you to make calls to your home country while traveling abroad;
  • Choose a country automatically. Automatic application of the home country code when calling contacts you have already called before;
  • Always call to a roaming country;
  • Ask every time you call.

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A30 that won’t turn on

Information about the phone. Here you can find out:

How it works

The gyroscope built into the device is responsible for changing the orientation of the picture: it determines the position of the device in space and, after tilting the body by 90 °, horizontally changes the position of the image. The system works automatically. but the developers left the option to adjust the screen rotation manually.

How to forcibly turn off a Samsung smartphone

When you need to turn off your Android Samsung Galaxy phone in a normal situation, just press and hold the screen off button, and then select the desired item in the menu. However, the situation is complicated when you need to turn off a smartphone with an inoperative screen sensor, with a broken screen or without the ability to unlock it, a frozen phone, especially considering that the batteries in modern Samsung are non-removable. Some in this case wait for a full discharge, but this is not at all useful for the battery (see What to do if Android is running low). However, there is a way to shutdown in the described scenarios.

This short tutorial details how to force shutdown your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using only the hardware buttons on it. The method works for all modern models of smartphones of this brand, including for a locked device with a completely non-working screen or in cases where the phone is frozen. Unfortunately, the reason for writing the article was my own brand new broken Note 9 (but there are some pluses: thanks to Samsung Dex, full access to memory, data in it and applications remained).

Turn off Samsung Galaxy with buttons

As promised, the instruction will be very short, a forced shutdown consists of three simple steps:

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the charger.
  • Press and hold the power button and volume down button. If at this moment the creation of a screenshot occurs, do not pay attention, continue to hold the buttons.
  • Release the buttons after 8-10 seconds, the smartphone will be turned off.

By itself, the specified combination causes (after holding) a “simulation of battery disconnect” (Simulated Battery Disconnect. in the official formulation of the manufacturer).

And a couple of notes that might be helpful:

  • For some older models, a simple long hold on the power button works.
  • The official Samsung website says about the need to hold the indicated buttons for 10-20 seconds. However, in my experience, it works around the 7th-8th.

I hope some of the readers found the material useful.