How To Turn On I11 Wireless Headphones

The i11 TWS Wireless Headset is one of Apple’s most successful AirPods prototype clones. They can boast of a touch control panel, protection against IPX5 water flows and a quick connection to smartphones based on Android OS and iOS. If this is your first time using the device and don’t know how to connect the i11 TWS wireless headphones to your phone, then our material is for you. In it we will tell you what kind of gadget it is, how to charge it and pair it with a smartphone.

I11 TWS Wireless Headphone Specification

Technical characteristics of the device are as follows:

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 EDR;
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.4 GHz;
  • Bluetooth range: 15-25 meters;
  • Battery capacity: headphone battery (30 mah), charging box (300 mah);
  • Hours: playing music. 2-3 hours, talk time. 4 hours;
  • Standby time: 100 hours;
  • Boxing charge duration: 1 hour;
  • Touch control panel;
  • The presence of a microphone in each earphone.
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I11 TWS headphones fully loaded

The kit includes two inserts, a box and a cord for charging.

How to charge a bluetooth headset

Before you start connecting i11 TWS headphones to your mobile device, you need to fully charge.

There are two options for such a charge:

Since the battery capacity of the box is 300 mAh, you can charge the headphones in the box 4 times.

How to Turn on I11 Wireless Headphones

Headphone charging time is 1-2 hours

How to connect i11 TWS to a mobile phone

The procedure for pairing i11 TWS wireless earbuds with a smartphone is as follows:

  1. Remove the wireless bluetooth headphones from the charger. You will see that the indicator on the headphones alternately flashes blue and red;

The indicator on the headphones flashes red and blue. Open the “Settings” in your phone and turn on the Bluetooth function;

Turn on the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Your smartphone will go into the search mode for available Bluetooth devices, after which it will find the headphones we need;

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The phone will go into the search mode for available devices

  • Select “i11 TWS” in the list of available devices to start pairing;
  • After successfully connecting the wireless headphones with your smartphone, the indicator on them will stop flashing.
  • After connecting, the indicator will stop blinking

    Features of managing i11 TWS Wireless Headphones

    I11 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with touch control without the use of mechanical buttons.

    Therefore, many functions can be carried out using various touch operations without using the phone after connecting:

      Answer or end a phone call a. Touch the touchpad on either side of the headphone once;

    Touch the touch panel

  • Playing a track or pausing playback: tap the i11 TWS touchpad once;
  • Volume decrease: double-click on the left earbud;
  • Volume up: double-click on the right earphone;
  • Play the next song: tap the touch pad of the left device three times;
  • Play the previous song: tap the touch pad of the right earbud three times;
  • Wake up the assistant (in the presence of): long press on the touch panel for two seconds;
  • Turning the device on or off: keep the touchpad pressed for five seconds;
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    Above, we looked at how to connect i11 TWS wireless headphones to a mobile phone. And also what is the sequence of steps to perform this operation. Use the tips listed by us to pair the headset with your gadget. As well as convenient device management when listening to music and answering voice calls.