How To Turn On Flash On Call On Huawei

How to turn on the flash on Honor and Huawei when making a call is interesting to those users who are uncomfortable using standard vibration and a sound signal. Therefore, the developers offer an alternative or addition. the light accompaniment of an incoming call on your mobile smartphone. Technology has appeared among the services in the last decade, but it has only been noticed in trends only now. Consider all the features and benefits.

How To Turn On Flash On Call On Huawei

Where on Honor and Huawei is the flash on call

In modern phones on the Android or Ayos platform, there are no autonomous light bulbs for indicating a call. Used for illumination are those located next to the central camera. That is, in a classic application, the light bulb performs the backlight option for snapshots and recording, but with special settings, the sensor blinks during an incoming call.

Where on Honor and Huawei is the flash on call

There are a number of models on which this feature is built-in. Then you can adjust it by adjusting the settings. If your version of Android does not have such an advantage, but the flashing light is working, then it is possible to download a special application. Third-party software from an official source also ensures the active functioning of the light bulb if someone calls you.

How to set a flash on a call on Honor and Huawei

As already mentioned, in the question of how to make a flash on Huawei and Honor, there are two answers:

  • systemically;
  • By downloading a third-party application.

Through settings

There is no built-in option on Honor / Huawei phones as of 2019.

Special application

Built-in functionality for activating a flashlight during a call on Android is relatively rare. Therefore, autonomous software is in demand. There are many of these in the Play Market today.

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Note that such software can be installed on incoming SMS and other notifications. After activation, test.

There are plenty of options for such programs on Google Play, but let’s look at an example of a fairly simple but effective application from our compatriot called Strobe on Call, which you can install by clicking on the link.

After installing and running the program for the first time, it should be given the necessary permissions. In the event that you are only interested in flash alerts for an incoming call, we give permission to make and manage calls, and you can prohibit sending and viewing SMS messages. If you need SMS notification, we allow them too.

Further, in the program settings, set the switches according to your preferences and wait for an incoming call.

It is worth noting that in addition to notifications about incoming calls and SMS, the application may flash in flash informing of new notifications of various programs (for example Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) that you select from the list. In the settings there is the ability to set the flashing frequency and flash time.

The program is under active development and it is possible that in the near future it will acquire new useful features and more flexible settings.

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Sometimes you want incoming calls or SMS not to be disturbed by sound signals. In some situations, it would be much more convenient to have a light indicator instead of a ringtone.

About ten years ago, on some phone models (for example, Samsung X100 or Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i) there were special indicators that began to flash not only when the battery level was low, but also when missed calls or messages were not viewed.

In modern Android smartphones, there are no separate “bulbs” for indication, but there are flashes near the cameras. The option of giving a light signal during a call using the built-in LED next to the main camera is available only in Xiaomi MIUI firmware. But in the EMUI from Huawei / Honor, unfortunately, it is absent. But, nevertheless, you can still put the flash on the bell. This is done in two ways:

  1. Using accessibility features in the Settings app.
  2. Installing and using a third-party application.

And now, first things first.

Turn flash on call through settings

Any phone running an Android mobile system has a number of settings designed for people with disabilities. You need to open this menu.

  • Open “Settings”, and then the “Accessibility” section. In some software versions, this section is located in the “Advanced” tab, related to the “System and devices” menu.
  • Among the additional options, select the item “Hearing”.
  • Next, we find the function “Notify by flashes” and mark it with a tick.

As a result of the settings, the incoming call will be accompanied by a flashing flash.

Select and install a special application

Google Play has a large selection of applications that turn any Honor’s LED flash into an indicator (flashlight) that notifies you of a call or message. Some of them are:

  • Call flash
  • Strobe on call
  • Beacon LED Notifications
  • Flash alert 2
  • Flashoncall
  • Flash notification
  • Flash on call and SMS

None of the applications will cause any difficulties, but at the same time they all have very useful functions. For instance,Flash notification offers to activate different sound profiles, depending on the situation and user preferences. You can associate these profiles not only with the standard “Phone” application, but also assign them to other programs that have the option to exchange calls.

Flash Call and SMS (Flash On Call), Depending on the phone’s hardware capabilities, it can activate any of the LED flashes. main, front, and even both. when making a call and receiving a text message. Also, “Flash” can work with programs such as Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook. It is only necessary to spend several minutes to properly configure everything, and give the application access to the required modules and software components.

Strobe on call. Another example of a well-proven specialized application. Here, too, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the settings, choose for yourself the most suitable notification methods and set checkmarks or radio buttons.

Call flash. the application is the simplest. In it, the flash can be set either only for calls, or only for SMS. This solution is perfect for those users who do not like the abundance of various settings and appreciate minimalism.

In conclusion, we say that the above methods of turning on the flash when making a call are suitable for any Honor model. 7A, 7C, 8X, 9 light, 9 pro, 10, etc.

The notification function using the LED indicator is useful for many users. During an incoming call, in addition to the sound signal, you will notice a blinking bright light and do not miss the call. For this reason, many are interested in how to turn on the flash on Honor and Huawei when making a call.

Where on Honor and Huawei is the flash on call

The presented option is available in all modern smartphones. But, if you use old Android devices, then you can install a third-party application. The main purpose of this function is to prevent the user from missing an important message or call. When setting silent mode on a mobile device, many people forget about it. With the flickering notification option activated, you will be aware of all incoming calls, even when the sound is muted.

The flash is located in the same place as the rear camera. When they call you, the phone will begin to sparkle from behind. This option is not only available on Android smartphones, it is also built into all iOS models.

How to set a flash on a call on Honor and Huawei

Given the usefulness of this notification system, many are interested in activation methods. There are currently two options for enabling the option. The first involves the use of parameters, and the second download and install the program.

Through settings

How to make a flash on a Huawei and Honor call:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the Accessibility tab.
  • Enter the Hearing section.
  • Next, go to the appropriate section and drag the slider to the “On” position.

Special application

Not all devices provide this feature. For example, if you use old models that do not support new Android updates, you probably won’t find the desired setting. Then you have to download the program from Google Play. One popular solution is Call Flash.

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Enter the name of the program in the search bar and download it. After launching the application, click Test Flash, which will launch a test mode and allow you to check the operation of notifications. Then click on the “Continue” button and mark the events at which the notification will start to work. Thus, you can set notifications not only on phone calls, but also on incoming SMS, etc.

The call notification function using the LED indicator is very practical and convenient. It will be useful in situations where you need a silent mode, and you can’t miss an important call. In this manual we will tell you how to turn on the flash when calling on Huawei smartphones.

  1. The first thing to do is find in the phone’s settings and find the “Special. opportunities”. Sometimes, to open it, you first need to click on “Advanced” in the “System and devices;
  2. Open the subsection “Hearing”;
  3. Check the box next to “Notify by flash.”

Using the app:

One of the most popular flash-ringtone apps on Huawei is Call Flash.

  1. Download and install this application on Google Play;
  2. Perform a flash test by clicking on Test Flash;
  3. Click Continue and check the boxes next to the events for which the flash will flash.

You can configure the notification indicator only for SMS or only for calls. You can also configure events in which there will be no flash.

As you can see, everything is simple. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.