How To Turn On Bluetooth Speaker Sony

How to enable bluetooth Windows 7, Vista

Necessary steps to enable bluetooth on a laptop:

1. Go to the menu “Start”, find there “Control Panel” and follow the link.

How To Turn On Bluetooth Speaker Sony

2. Find in the control panel “Device Manager”.

3. In the list of devices, find the line “bluetooth radios”. Right-click on the relevant model (highlighted in yellow) and select “Properties”.

4. Go to the tab “Driver” and if it is missing then go to “Refresh”. If everything is ok, close the window.

Windows 10

  1. In the Start section, open Settings.
  2. Then open Devices.
  3. Choose “on bluetooth”.

Features of selected laptop models

On ASUS or Acer laptops there is a light that tells us that bluetooth is on. On them, a burning light bulb carries completely different information. On laptops there is a sticker on the case showing the main characteristics of this laptop. On these stickers we can see either just an icon in the form of a letter “IN” or the full word bluetooth goes. Turning on is done by clicking on the button above the keyboard in the upper left corner.

There are two more options:

  • F6 button;
  • Right-click on the bluetooth tab by selecting “Enable”.

5.In “control panels” follow this link “Network and Sharing Center”

6.In “Network and Sharing Center” go to “Change adapter settings”.

7. Select with the right mouse button “Bluetooth network connections” and select “turn on”.

Enabling Bluetooh on Laptop: Step by Step

To enable Bluetooth on your laptop, you need to do a few fairly simple manipulations. First, make sure your laptop supports this technology. Second, identify your operating system: Windows or Mac. After that, go to the appropriate section in the table of contents and go through the step-by-step instructions for turning on this device.

How to turn on bluetooth on a Sony speaker

Installing drivers and Bluetooth enable buttons

Phones, communicators and smartphones are practically not produced without bluetooth. Laptops are still lagging behind, but in new models it is quite common. Otherwise, I bought a laptop, for example, but you can’t connect and upload pictures to it. Here I am talking nonsense. But there is a way out in an external device, but more on that another time.

And now we will talk about who just has built-in BT on a laptop and cannot turn it on, but the problem is.

In order to enable bluetooth on a laptop and fully enjoy all these amenities, you must first configure it.

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that it is still present on your laptop. There are very similar models of laptops, which have different possibilities in an identical case, and it is bluetooth that this may concern in the first place. Even the presence of the bluetooth power button and the provided indicator are not evidence of its presence in the laptop. The fact that the laptop model is equipped with a bluetooth module tells us a sticker on the underside of the case with a marking confirming BT licensing.
    Another reliable sign of the presence of bluetooth can be such a sticker, prevalent on ASUS laptops.
  2. So bluetooth is present. We are looking for a bluetooth enable button on a laptop. It often turns on with the same button as Wi-Fi (with an antenna icon). Here is another photo for clarity.

These buttons are rigidly attached to the body, you can’t confuse them. And there are also buttons that you may not even notice.

There are instances with a button with a bluetooth image.

Buttons of this kind may not be immediately noticed. And if you see, then do not rush to press. In this case, the F3 button has two meanings, and in order to use the second, you need to press the auxiliary Fn key (usually located between Ctrl and Alt). Those. Fnf3 combination in this example enable BT.

You can enable bluetooth only programmatically, for example, by right-clicking on the corresponding tray icon and selecting Enable.

  • Of course, all these button manipulations require drivers. They may be present on the CD (included with the laptop). If necessary, use the laptop manufacturer’s website.
    So when installing these drivers, as you may need to press the BT power button, for further installation. This is exactly what most of the problems with installing and enabling bluetooth on a laptop lie.
  • It remains to turn on bluetooth on the phone or other device, detect available devices from the laptop, and you can establish a connection between the devices: select the device by the network name, specify the code for communication, after which the bluetooth connection is established and information can be exchanged.

P.S. If a program for information exchange is still present with the drivers, it is better to use it than the standard Windows tools.

ATTENTION! Enabling bluetooth in Windows 8.

1 Move the mouse to the right corner of the screen;

2 Press the parameters;

3 Click to change computer parameters;

4 Find the item wireless;

5 Find bluetooth and set the slider to on.

Please do not write stupid comments like: how to turn on bluetooth, this is already described above. Better read it again in full and turn on your brain!

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

Possible connection errors

First of all, you should pay attention to the driver. Since it is he who controls the operation of the wireless module. In other words, if it does not work correctly, then the connection will be unstable or you will not be able to connect the devices at all.

In addition, Windows built-in tools may sometimes not work correctly, especially if you are using a pirated version. In this case, it is recommended to install the Bluesoleil program. It provides users with several important benefits:

  • Intuitive interface (working with the adapter is now even easier).
  • Stable communication without interruptions.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple connections.

In addition to connectivity, you may have to tweak the system a bit. To do this, right-click on the speaker icon in the tray and select the Playback device item. Here you just need to turn on Audio Bluetooth. However, usually everything is set up automatically.

Now you know not only how to connect headphones to a laptop via Bluetooth, but also how to eliminate the most common mistakes. Absolutely everyone can cope with this, since this technology is the most simple and convenient to use.

Process for connecting a wireless headset to a laptop

Now let’s take a closer look at the steps on how to connect wireless headphones to a laptop:

  1. This tool is launched as follows: press the WindowsR key combination. In the window that appears, write devmgmt.Msc and click OK. If everything works fine, you will find a Bluetooth adapter. After that, you can move on to the question of how to connect bluetooth headphones to a laptop.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the headphones until the indicator blinks red and blue (depending on the model, colors may differ, for example, green and red).
  3. Find the Bluetooth icon on the laptop in the system tray (in the lower right corner of the desktop). Click on it with the right mouse button.
  4. Select Add Device. After that, a window will appear in which the computer will offer a list of available connections. Select the name of your headphones and click Next.
  5. Now just follow the prompts on the screen. If the system asks for a confirmation code, then enter 0000. This is the standard password for such equipment.

Now you know how to connect a bluetooth headset to a laptop. As you can see, there is nothing difficult. If you need to connect a wireless headset to your phone or tablet, read this article. It is worth noting that sometimes errors and difficulties can arise.

Why the phone does not see the Bluetooth headset

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How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

Many nowadays are wondering how to connect wireless headphones to a laptop. And this is not strange. Wireless technologies are constantly evolving, improving and becoming deeper and deeper into people’s lives. This is due to its high convenience. You must admit that it is much more pleasant to listen to music or talk with people, for example, on Skype, and at the same time have complete freedom of action, knowing how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop.

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As a rule, connecting Bluetooth headphones to a laptop does not cause difficulties and any problems. Everything is very simple here. over, headphones usually come with instructions that detail the process of connecting to a PC. But, often users lose it. In addition, certain difficulties may arise not only with installation, but also with the use of a wireless headset.

We recommend reading:

  1. How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your computer
  2. How to connect a Bluetooth wireless mouse to a laptop
  3. How to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset to a computer
  4. How ELM327 Bluetooth connects to a laptop

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Yeah, the connection button on the headphones, of course. With this button, it connects to someone who knows where, and catches a sound that is not from my computer

Thank you, everything worked out the first time!

Hello. Instructions are included with your headphones. Here in this manual, everything is detailed, where to press, how much to hold, and so on. If the instructions are not on hand, then it can be found (by the headphone model). I don’t know the model of your headphones, so I cannot describe the detailed algorithm of actions. The fact is that different models from different manufacturers have their own nuances, subtleties and secrets.

Well, yes, but if they are defined as a bt headset, and in “playback devices” they are not showing how to make them work as a headphone and not as a headset?

The problem is the same as in your last screen. Writes connection interrupted press connect but nothing happens. What to do?

Hello. And what is the difference between headphones and a headset? The connection process is no different and everything else is no different. The only difference is that the headset has a microphone. But, initially, a headset is a headset. If everything works, then what difference does it make to you what to name the device, the main thing is that the sound goes to the speakers. I don’t understand what’s wrong with you? What is the problem? When headphones are connected, a computer (phone or tablet) automatically detects the type of equipment being connected, and immediately uses this equipment for its intended purpose. That is, if these are headphones, then the computer plays sound in the headphones immediately after pairing and connection. Another thing is that some programs may require additional configuration. That is, for example, Skype itself does not determine where to send the sound. Even with headphones plugged into Jack 3.5″ when making a call, the sound can go to the built-in speakers of the laptop, and the music will play in the connected speakers. To assign the desired playback device, you need to enter the Skype settings, go to the section “Sound” and there already assign a microphone and speakers for playback (with headphones connected, the list of available devices will be wider). And this applies not only to Skype. Many games and communication programs need manual configuration. And regarding the connection, instructions are attached to the headphones. It describes in detail how to connect to a computer or phone (tablet) and how to use them. Therefore, read the instructions. All the information you need is there.

Hello. This indicates that you do not have drivers for Bluetooth or headphones installed. Some devices connected via Bluetooth require the installation of additional drivers, and sometimes control programs. In general, all devices require drivers, but most drivers are in the operating system itself, and when connected, WIndows itself detects the necessary software. But, it also happens that the necessary software is not in the system and it simply cannot determine what to do when connected. In this case, an automatic disconnection occurs. The solution for you is to try to install the drivers for Bluetooth, and also check if there is a driver disc included with the headphones (the disc will contain drivers containing all the necessary protocols for streaming data). If there is no disk, then again on the Internet you can read the description of the headphones and find instructions specifically for your model of headphones. The instructions will tell you if you need to install any drivers. If not necessary, then simply install the appropriate drivers for Bluetooth. Such drivers must have all the necessary protocols to support all Bluetooth communication functions. In your case, I cannot specifically describe the instructions, since I do not know the model of your headphones.


  1. Hold the power button on the speaker for a few seconds until the indicator starts to glow actively.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on laptop / computer.
  3. Call the context menu on the Bluetooth shortcut.
  4. In the context menu, select the Add device option.
  5. In the window for adding a device, select a column and click the Next button.
  6. Then select the speaker in the list of paired devices and click connect.

Wiring instruction

  1. Turn on the bluetooth speaker.
  2. Connect one end of the wire to the speaker and the other end of the wire to your computer or laptop.
  3. If necessary, specify the type of connection of the device in the appeared window of the sound card manager.


  1. In Windows, open the Start menu, then click on the Settings button.
  2. Open the Device settings section.
  3. Under Bluetooth and other devices, tap on Add Bluetooth or other device.
  4. Hold the power button on the speaker for a few seconds until the indicator starts to glow actively.
  5. In Windows OS, in the add device window, select Bluetooth.
  6. Then select a column from the list.
  7. Once connected, open the Sound Settings section and adjust your preferred volume level.

Wireless connection instructions in Windows 10

The first connection requires pairing. In the future, pairing is not required.

Connection methods

The speaker is connected to a laptop or computer in two ways:

  1. Wired.
  2. Wireless.

A wired connection uses a cable where one end of the plug connects to the device and the other to the speaker. This option provides the fastest and most reliable connection, but limits mobility. In this case, connection is possible provided there is an audio output on the speaker.

The wireless connection is via Bluetooth. The connection requires a Bluetooth module, and the first time you connect, you must pair with the device. It takes some time to connect, and if there is interference, signal loss may occur. For that wireless connection does not restrict mobility.

How to connect speakers to your home computer

Author: Anastasia · April 19, 2018

To watch a movie with sound or listen to your favorite music on a computer, you need to connect speakers or headphones to it. Let’s figure out how to connect speakers to your computer. The connection method depends on the type of audio playback devices wired or wireless.

With wire

Wired speakers can be both very inexpensive and advanced music centers. Wires can get in the way on the table, but such devices reproduce sound without problems even on old PCs.

How to connect speakers to your home computer or laptop:

  1. Place the speakers on the table. For harmonious sound reproduction, place the right and left parts correctly, they are usually marked by the manufacturer in the marking with the letters R and L, respectively. If there are no markings on the right hand, place the speaker from which the power cord goes.
  2. Plug the power cord into a power outlet if you have miniature USB speakers connect them via a USB cable.
  3. Start connecting the speakers directly to your computer on the right side. Insert the tulips of the cable into the speaker connectors, observing the color matching of the sockets white place in the port with white outline, red with red outline.
  4. Insert the third end of the cable into the computer’s audio connector on the back or front panel. The corresponding slot is highlighted in green.
  5. Connect the right speaker to the left speaker using a wire in two tulips.
  6. It remains to turn on the music to check the functionality of the devices.

Along with the speakers, you can also use a microphone, transmitting an audio signal from it. How to connect a microphone to a computer and at the same time output sound to the speakers, insert the cable from the microphone into the correct socket on the computer. It is highlighted in pink and marked with a microphone image or caption mic.


Wireless speakers are connected via Bluetooth. On laptops, the Bluetooth interface is usually built-in by the manufacturer, but for a computer you will most likely need an adapter, a small device in the form of a flash drive, inserted into a USB port. Here’s how to connect bluetooth speakers to your computer:

  • Activate the speakers;
  • On the column, hold down the network connection button;
  • On a laptop, to turn on bluetooth, press the FnF4 or Fn key combination with another function button marked with a wireless connection icon;
  • In Windows 10, click on the networks icon in the tray, turn on Bluetooth in the menu;
  • In Windows 7, find and activate the pluggable speaker under Devices and Printers in the Start menu.

Also, in any version of Windows, you can launch the Device Manager and click on the Bluetooth section. In the module properties select Enable. A wireless connection icon will appear in the tray, click on it and go to the Add device mode. The computer will find the source of the audio signal and offer to connect to the equipment.

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If no sound is heard after connecting, check the bluetooth drivers. You can update them through Device Manager. Some manufacturers protect the speaker connection with a password, which must be entered when connecting to a PC. The required combination is given in the documents for the device, if you lost it, try simple sequences like 0000.

Solution of problems

If there is no sound on the PC after connecting, it means one of the following problems:

  • The sound is turned off in the settings, click on the speaker icon in the tray and look at the volume level. If set to 0 or muted, just turn up the volume.
  • If the speakers themselves have a physical shutdown button, press it to activate the device.
  • Check that the wires are connected correctly by checking the colors on the sockets and plugs.
  • Check the drivers for your sound card in Device Manager, reinstall them if you have problems.

Sound settings

After successfully connecting the speakers, you just have to adjust the sound parameters. How to set up speakers on a computer in Windows: right-click on the volume icon in the tray, go to Sounds. On the Playback tab, check that the correct device is selected for your speakers’ audio transmission. To ensure that music is always transmitted to the speakers, below click on Default.

In the same window, additional tools are available that will help in case of problems. Right click on your speakers, from the submenu select Test to test devices. Also from here you can turn off the equipment.

Music Center

If you have a music center at home, you can easily output sound from your computer to it without spending money on buying additional speakers. How to connect the music center itself to the computer:

  • You will need a special wire, on one end of which there is a minijack 3.5 connector, on the other a white and red tulip;
  • Insert tulips into the jacks of the music center of the corresponding color;
  • Place the other end into the PC audio output, marked in green;
  • Turn on the center, select the AUX mode play from an external source.

You can output sound to the 5.1 speaker system in the same way, observing the colors of the plugs. But the computer must have a discrete sound card with an increased number of connectors. In addition to the usual outputs for the microphone and front speakers, it has inputs for additional speakers and a subwoofer, digital S / PDIF.

Bluetooth speaker connection

Let’s consider how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. This method is very convenient, since you do not have to use wires when connecting.

In addition, unlike ordinary speakers (for example, a computer, or a music center), Bluetooth speakers are usually small in size and stylish in appearance, such as this small model from Nokia:

A big plus is also the compatibility of almost all wireless speakers and smartphones with each other, regardless of the manufacturer. For example, you can easily connect a Sony Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung phone.

Connecting bluetooth speakers on smartphones with Android and iPhone is carried out in the same way:

  1. Turn on the speaker and activate Bluetooth on it (if it does not start automatically);
  2. On your phone, go to the Settings (or Options) menu;
  3. Open the Bluetooth section;
  4. Move the slider of the same name to the right to activate the wireless connection and start searching for available devices;
  5. After the list of devices is displayed, find the name of your speaker in it and click on it within a few seconds, a connection should be made, and the speaker should make a sound or change the color of the indicator (depending on the model);
  6. Try playing music on your phone. The sound should play from the speaker.

If you have JBL models, read a separate instruction on how to connect a JBL speaker to your phone

How to connect a speaker to a phone via Bluetooth, USB and AUX

Want to enjoy your favorite music on your mobile device, but the volume and bass are not enough for you? Read our instructions and you will learn how to connect the speaker to the phone in three different ways:

  1. Via bluetooth
  2. Using a USB cable and AUX (if the speakers do not have their own power supply)
  3. Using the AUX cable (if the speakers have their own power supply)
  1. Bluetooth speaker connection
  2. Connecting a wired speaker to the phone via USB and AUX
  3. Connecting a speaker via an AUX cable
  4. If the speaker does not connect to the phone

Connecting a wired speaker to the phone via USB and AUX

If the speakers do not have their own power source (for example, some ancient Sven speakers) and can only be powered via USB, then to connect you will need an adapter from ordinary USB to mini or micro USB (depending on your phone model), USB cable and AUX cable.

The connection is carried out as follows:

  • Insert the adapter into the phone jack, and into it the USB cable from the speakers. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the speakers themselves. Thus, the phone will be used as a power source
  • Connect devices with an AUX cable.

With this method of connection, it is better to use speakers with an amplifier so that there is no extraneous noise and low-quality sound.

Connecting a speaker via an AUX cable

To connect the speaker to the phone via AUX, the speakers must have their own power source (battery or plug for connecting to an outlet). The procedure is as follows:

  1. Include columns
  2. Insert one end of the cable into the headphone jack on the speakers
  3. Insert the other end into the 3.5 mm jack on the phone
  4. An icon or signature with the text should appear on the display of the mobile device Audio connector is connected.

Done. You can enjoy music!

If the speaker does not connect to the phone

If the speaker does not connect to the phone via Bluetooth or the connection is made, but the sound from the speaker does not come, then try the following recommendations:

  • Restart your phone first (it helps a lot)
  • Make sure the speaker is in Bluetooth mode correctly. Usually this can be seen by the indicator on the dynamics, but to be sure, look at the instructions.
  • Make sure there are no other Bluetooth connections (such as headphones) at the moment. The phone can only connect to one gadget at a time.
  • Some speakers have a weak Bluetooth module and only work in close proximity to the smartphone. To eliminate the influence of this fact, try connecting two devices at a minimum distance from each other.
  • Reset the speaker settings. It is usually done by pressing multiple buttons at the same time. The combinations vary from model to model, so see your speaker manual.
  • If the connection was made, but the sound does not go, then try to break the connection, and then, in the Bluetooth settings menu of the phone, click on the name of the speaker, and then select the Forget this device item. After that, search for available devices again and try to connect.
  • Try connecting your smartphone to another device. If it also does not connect to it, then most likely there is a software malfunction. In this case (if a reboot or system update did not help), do a factory reset on your phone.
  • If none of the above helped us, then there may be a malfunction in the Bluetooh module of one of the devices. In this case, it is worth contacting specialists.

Found a solution to your problem? Please share it in the comments.

JBL Connect app

The speaker functions are controlled not only with buttons. The manufacturing company has developed a special application that can be installed on an Android or iOS smartphone.

What can you do with the app?

  • Connect / pair together multiple wireless speakers from two to 100.
  • Tune audio channels to enjoy stereo sound from JBL grouped speakers.
  • Change the LED lighting scheme on some JBL speaker models (Pulse 3, Pulse 4).
  • Upgrade the firmware of portable speakers.

How to use the jbl column: instructions in Russian

Why are JBL bluetooth speakers so popular? The answer to this question is obvious. Portable speakers from this brand are available in different versions and formats, from a mini speaker that you can put in your pocket, to a powerful speaker of impressive size with a large, comfortable handle. But most of these devices are quite compact, and when going on a weekend somewhere on vacation, they can easily fit in a backpack or small suitcase.

Even the most demanding user in the JBL product line is sure to find the model that best suits his needs. These speakers are simple and reliable to use. Perhaps the only downside is that the user manual that came with Jibiel’s products is written in English. We will fix this issue by offering instructions in Russian.

Brief technical characteristics and connection interfaces

When choosing wireless acoustics, it is important to consider such characteristics as battery capacity, weight, operating time of the device without recharging the battery, power, ease of connection to a phone or computer.

ModelPowerBattery lifeCharging timefrequency rangeSignal strengthWeight
Boombox60 watts24 hours6.5 hours5,020,000 Hz80 dBA5.25 kg
Xtreme40 watts15 hours3.5 hours7,020,000 Hz80 dBA2.112 kg
Charge 430 watts20 hours5.5 hours6,020,000 Hz80 dBA0.965 kg
Pulse 320 watts12 hours4.5 hours6,520,000 Hz80 dBA0.960 kg
Flip 520 watts12 hours2.5 hours6,020,000 Hz80 dBA0.540 kg
Go 23 watts5:002.5 hours18,020,000 Hz80 dBA0.184 kg
Clip 23 watts8 ocloc’k1 hour12,020,000 Hz80 dBA0.184 kg
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It is also important for speakers to have a protected case, a Bluetooth version, the ability to charge other devices, when the speaker can be used as a power bank.

IPX7 protection is available for all models in the table above, except for the Xtreme. This speaker has an IPX5 degree of protection. The bluesub version is mostly 4.2, only for Go 2 and again for Xtreme it has version 4.1. Boombox, Chardzh 4 and Extreme can be used as an external battery.

The standard set of connection interfaces includes microUSB, USB Type A. On Flip 5, this is a new USB Type C, which is also available on Charge 4. Connecting an external power supply (DC5V) to the corresponding connector is provided only on JBL Xtreme and JBL Boombox, the rest speakers connect to USB for charging.

Connecting to a smartphone or laptop

In order to output sound to wireless speakers from a phone or computer, the Bluetooth protocol is most often used.

How to pair the speaker and phone:

  • On the smartphone, go to the settings, turn on Bluetooth;
  • Now you need to turn on the JBL speaker itself with the power button, and then press the bluetooth button;
  • The search mode for a device for connection is usually accompanied by light or sound signals from the speaker;
  • The name of the column should appear on the phone screen in the list of devices (Bluetooth section). Click next to it on the Connect button.

How to connect to a speaker from a laptop:

  • The first thing to do is turn on bluetooth on your computer. On many laptops, this is done by pressing a key on the keyboard. Or it can be done using Windows tools from the notification panel or control panel;
  • Then turn on the column and on it we hold down the button with the bluetooth icon, the light indicator of the button should start blinking;
  • If the automatic connection is successful, the connection confirmation should appear on the laptop screen.

If this does not happen automatically, open the Device Settings Connected Devices window. We are looking for our portable speaker in the list of devices. If it is not there, in the same window under the Add devices item, click Add a device. The search starts, and as a result the column name should be displayed on the screen. Next, click Connect (or Pair).

This is the algorithm of actions for Windows 10, it works on other OS versions, but it may differ slightly.

Wired connection of mobile phone, laptop and portable speaker is possible. To do this, use a USB cable (microUSB) or a cord with an AUX interface. AUX audio line-in is available on Boombox, Charge, Xtreme, Pulse, Go and Clip speakers. After that, you need to configure the parameters on the computer for sound output (right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows Sounds Playback tray, mark the JBL speaker as the default device).

Panel with controls (buttons)

On all models of portable acoustics Jibiel, without exception, the control elements are almost the same. These are the on / off buttons, next to it JBL Connect (these two elements are usually located on one solid panel of plastic. In the active state, they are illuminated by LEDs. The rest of the bluetooth, play / pause, volume up and down buttons are located on the speaker’s mesh casing.

Some audio speakers (Go 2) have a speakerphone option. When a phone that is paired with JBL receives an incoming call, you can answer it by pressing the play / pause button. And, for example, on Clip 2, a separate button was made to answer calls, it is marked with an icon with a handset.

Most of Jibiel’s speakers have a Connect button. It is used when you need to connect 2 or more speakers to one phone (Connect or Connect mode). And on the latest generation of speakers (Pulse 4), this mode has given way to PartyBoost technology, which provides much better quality of communication between speakers in a group.

The state of the column is monitored by the light indication system. Both the control buttons themselves (both on Clip 2) and separate indicators are highlighted. Their number is different on different models. On Go 2, for example, there is only one indicator, and on Charge 3 as many as 5. They show the battery level and the inclusion of various modes (street mode or low frequency mode).

Potential problems with JBL speakers and their solutions

Common problems with JBL acoustics include the following:

  • Battery charging problem;
  • Disabled buttons;
  • Bluetooth connection problems.

Use a proprietary USB cable and charger for charging. Check if there is a contact when connecting the cable to the connector on the speaker, whether the charger is working properly. If the cable shows signs of damage or wear, it should be replaced with a new one.

Accumulated dust and dirt can cause the buttons to become stuck and not work. Turn off the column and carefully remove any debris. The problem may be a torn rubber membrane under the button or loose contacts. In this case, the column needs to be repaired at the service center.

Bluetooth connection cannot be established for several reasons:

  • Too many devices are already paired with the speaker. Disconnect unused devices;
  • Defective Bluetooth module in the speaker. Return the device to a service for repair;
  • Software error. To fix it, you need to reset the settings. Press and hold the Play and keys simultaneously for 5 seconds. The speaker will reboot, after which you will need to reconnect it to your smartphone or laptop.

In general, original JBL wireless speakers are technically reliable devices that, if properly used and treated with care, will delight their owners for a long time.

Setting up a speaker as a phone speaker

Now with the help of a bluetooth speaker you can not only play music that is played on your smartphone, but also receive calls. By default, it is in the speaker of the wireless speaker that the sound will go during a conversation when it is connected to the phone.

In order to redirect the interlocutor’s voice back to the phone speaker, you need to click on the Bluetooth icon on the screen and select the device to which the sound will go:

  • Column
  • Ear speaker smartphone
  • External loud speaker

Connecting Wireless Speaker to Android Phone via Bluetooth

Hello! I don’t know about you, but personally, I have long given up in my house from conventional wired speakers in favor of wireless ones. And today I decided to make for you a small visual instruction on how to connect bluetooth speakers to an Android phone via Bluetooth, you guessed it. As experimental we will use portable acoustics from the MySound series from Rombica, which we already had on our review. And the Xiaomi smartphone, which I have specially for tests and writing such practical guides.

Activating bluetooth on an Android smartphone

Moving on to the smartphone. Any modern phone model, including those under the control of the Android system, has a built-in bluetooth wireless module. To activate it, go to the Settings menu

Open the Bluetooth section and move the slider to the on state

How to connect a bluetooth speaker to a phone

Now the phone should see our column, which will be displayed under its name in the list of devices available for connection via Bluetooth.

Click on it, after which the speaker produces a sound signal, and the light on the case stops blinking, which indicates the successful connection of the speaker to Android.

Turning on Bluetooth on the speaker

First of all, make sure that your speaker has bluetooth, and not just the ability to connect via an AUX cable. It is easy to determine this by the presence on the body of a characteristic Bluetooth icon or a button for turning it on, indicated by the same icon.

We need to turn on the column with the Power button

And then separately activate the wireless signal, if required by your speaker model.

After which it will switch to discovery mode for other devices. This is usually indicated by a flashing blue indicator on the panel.

How to disconnect a speaker from an Android smartphone to forget the device Cancel Bluetooth pairing

What to do if you need to break the connection to the column?

  1. If you just want to disconnect, then just deactivate the bluetooth connection on your phone. The column in most cases, if the connection is lost, it turns off after a while, but you can also do this manually with the power button.
  2. Alternatively, you can simply click on the column name in the Android settings menu.

In this case, the speaker will disconnect, but the bluetooth itself will not turn off. You can connect something else to the phone, such as headphones.

And then select Unpair.

A characteristic sound signal will notify about the disconnection of the connection with the smartphone.

By the way, here in the last section it is possible to set what functions the smartphone will delegate for this speaker. You can set the sound to go into it only for playing music or, or for receiving calls.