How to Turn on a Samsung Phone Without a Button

For example, the power button of a smartphone does not work. It crashed, broke, etc. And now the question arises, how to turn on a smartphone without this button itself?

How to Turn on a Samsung Phone Without a Button

Old and new, expensive and cheap, on Android or iOS, fashionable and not so. all smartphones and tablets can break.

Not in the sense of bogging and freezing, namely, failing, as a rule, as a result of sudden mechanical and other adverse effects. Sometimes. to smithereens, but more often with less tragic consequences, one of which is just a mechanical failure, due to which the power button does not work.

It’s a shame, annoying. It turns out that the device does not seem to have suffered much, but it suddenly became much less useful.

In fact, if you are “lucky” to, say, drop your smartphone (or tablet) so filigree that the power button has got the most, then this adventure, as practice shows, can develop for you along two story lines: the smartphone remains turned on, but you can’t unlock it, or it turned off completely, and now it’s not clear how to turn it on, because the power button does not work.

Actually, the conditions of the problems are formulated. Now you can try to solve them. So:

how to turn on the smartphone, if it is turned off, the power button does not work

The current situation, of course, is not encouraging, but there is still hope. However, success is not guaranteed, since it will depend on the brand and model of a particular device.

First thing (and this Option No.Raz) try to connect the smartphone to a standard charger. This is in case it does not turn on due to battery drain. Some models may automatically turn on already at this stage (although, unfortunately, the likelihood of such a quick solution to the problem is extremely low). We connect to the charger and hold the sound control button for a while, suddenly the boot menu appears on the smartphone screen.

Option number 2. If the battery is not completely discharged (at least 5%, or better, the charge indicator is displayed even if the smartphone is turned off), disconnect the device from the network charger and connect it to the computer or laptop through USB cable. Our Motorola Moto G then turned on immediately without any buttons.

If your not turned on, that is still option number 3. In fairness, let’s call it a chance. Since it can work only if, before turning off the smartphone, you activated USB debugging mode on it, and now you can try to turn on the device through the computer’s command line. In general, if the conditions are the same, then we install ADB on the computer and open a window with the command line. After that we connect the smartphone via USB, at the command line we write adb reboot and click Enter.

how to turn on the smartphone if the screen is locked and the power button does not work

As they say, already lucky, so lucky. If the power button stopped working, but the smartphone did not turn off, then everything is somewhat easier. But you still have to be quick and turn off the device screen so as not to waste battery power in vain (just in case).

Owners of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone-s can not be very nervous at all, because even with the smashed power button to smithereens, they can then unlock their smartphones Home button. In addition, many modern models, including those for which the Home button is not designed, can be woken up by tapping the screen twice (of course, if this option is active).

Another thing is when Home is not there, and the screen does not want to turn on (or cannot). Then you need to either connect the smartphone to the charger, or ask someone to call him. Also. if the power button does not work, you can press the physical key of the camera, if there is one, start the corresponding application in this way, and then simply exit this program to the main menu. This is not very convenient, but then you can download a suitable program to quickly unlock the screen, which for a while will greatly simplify the problem. The main thing is not to forget in all this fuss about the battery level.

For example, the application Power button to volume button allows you to emergency transfer the function of the power button to the sound adjustment button; from Gravity screen the smartphone automatically turns off if you put it on a flat surface or in your pocket, and turns on if you take it in your hand; Shake screen on off. the screen can be turned on / off by simply shaking the smartphone, if the power button does not work. This should be enough for a while until you get to the nearest service center.