How to turn on a reminder on iPhone

How to enable geolocation on iPhone?

The algorithm for how to turn on geolocation on the iPhone differs only slightly from the method described above for turning off. The user also needs to follow the path “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”. In the last section, he will see that there is only one slider (main), and there is no list of applications using geolocation.

It is necessary to activate the toggle switch, then disconnect from geolocation those applications that do not really need this function.

How to enable / disable geolocation on iPhone?

Geolocation is the process of locating the location of the iPhone. Unfortunately, it is customary to underestimate the importance of geolocation, despite the fact that without it you will not be able to use the navigator, attach geotags to a photo, or find an iPhone using the function of the same name. Users are more aware of the negative characteristic of geolocation. “gluttony”: by disabling the function, you can significantly increase the duration of the battery life of the gadget.

Fortunately, the procedure for activating / deactivating geolocation is quite simple. you can turn it on while using the navigator, and keep it off the rest of the time.

What to do if geolocation doesn’t work?

If geolocation does not work, it is hardly a matter of mechanical failure of any part of the iPhone (for example, the GPS module). Most likely, the problem lies at the software level. What to do if a function refuses to function?

Go to the “Geolocation Services” section and make sure that geolocation is activated for a specific application.

Check if the Internet is turned on on the iPhone. The network makes it possible to more accurately position the device. Go to the “Cellular” section of the settings and make sure that the “Cellular data” slider is in the active position.

If the above steps do not work, reset the settings after creating a backup copy (instructions for creating copies are located here). Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset” and select “Erase content and settings”.

Doing so will erase all data from your iPhone.

You need to check if geolocation works on a “clean” smartphone, that is, before restoring from a backup. If the function still does not work, you should contact the service.

How to turn off geolocation on iPhone?

The user meets a request to activate geolocation during the initial setup of the iPhone and, as a rule, unknowingly confirms it. Therefore, the question of disabling geolocation is more pressing than enabling it. You need to deactivate the function like this:

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In the “Settings” find the “Privacy” section (on some versions of iOS. “Privacy”) and go to it.

Go to the subsection “Geolocation Services”. it goes first in the list.

Toggle the toggle switch “Location Services” to the inactive position.

Confirm your intention to deactivate geolocation. click “Disable”.

Please note that the iPhone has a flexible setting: you can allow some applications to use geolocation, others. prohibit. To do this, you need to adjust the sliders located in the block below.

For example, with the configuration as in the figure, you can use navigation, but geotags will not be attached to your photos.

With flexible configuration, the main toggle switch “Geolocation Services” must be turned on.

Do I need to disable geolocation of system services?

The subsection “System services” is located at the very bottom of the block with a list of applications that need geolocation.

A user who visits this subsection will see the following:

Before deciding whether to disable geolocation for system services, you should figure out what functions are designed to perform at least some of them.

    Geolocation iAd. iPhone sends information to Apple about where and how quickly the user is moving. This is necessary so that the owner of the gadget can receive only those advertising offers that are relevant to him from a geographic point of view. Popular nearby. The iPhone periodically shares information with Apple about the places where the user made purchases. The information is anonymous and is required solely for statistical purposes. Traffic jams. iPhone sends GPS coordinates and speed information to Apple. This is needed to replenish the traffic database.

The listed system services are common to most versions of iOS. There is no need to describe all the services. and it is clear that their main purpose is to collect sensitive data about consumer preferences and send information to Apple. People who claim that Americans are spying on Russians through smartphones are not that far from the truth.

How To Use Reminders On Your iPhone

If you do not want Apple to replenish its statistical databases by tracking your movements and purchases, turn the toggle switches in the “System Services” section to the inactive position. It is recommended to do this for all Yabloko users: the iPhone owner does not benefit from the services, but the charge is consumed faster because of them.

Geolocation and GPS are one and the same?

However, in order for geolocation to be available, it is not at all necessary to turn on GPS. other methods of calculating positional data are possible:

    Via bluetooth. The location of the object is determined using special Beacon beacons, which are located in public buildings. airports, hypermarkets. In terms of accuracy, this technology is inferior to GPS, because it provides a reliable result only if the object is stationary. Based on mobile stations. The smartphone knows from which station the GSM signal is sent to it and where this station is located. Therefore, using a special application containing a database of stations, you can use geolocation without GPS. Using this method, reliable results can be achieved in megalopolises where the network coverage is high, but in small cities it is problematic to determine geolocation through stations. Based on the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Navigation based on the planet’s geomagnetic field is the idea of ​​Saratov scientists. Each point on the Earth has a unique set of characteristics by which it is possible to determine the location of an object (including the iPhone). The technology is still being tested, but already now it is being given big advances.
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Despite the fact that geolocation and GPS are different concepts, and there are several ways to calculate positional data, at the moment it is possible to accurately determine the location of an object only through GPS.

If you do not know what geotagging to a photo is, and you think it is an overkill to navigate on an iPhone, most likely you do not need the geolocation function at all. It is recommended to turn it off. thanks to this measure, you will be able to achieve that your gadget “lived” in offline mode longer. Do not forget about the deactivation of system services, which do not bring any benefit to the owner of the gadget, but the battery is planted faster.

How to set a birthday reminder on iPhone?

How to set up birthday reminders on iPhone or iPad

  • Open Settings.> Calendar.> Default Alert.> Birthdays.
  • Specify the desired interval for the reminder:
  • Go to Settings → Notifications → Calendar.
  • Turn on system calendar notifications and customize the display.

How to set a reminder on a Windows 10 computer?

In the program window, click the “Add” command and click “Remind something”. Indicate on your computer the audio file that will accompany the reminder, check the box “Show your reminder event” and enter the text of the reminder. Specify the date and time of the event and save it.

How to send a reminder on iPhone to another person?

How to share a list of reminders on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?

IOS 13: How to Set a Reminder Alarm on iPhone 11 Pro

  • Launch the Reminders app on your iOS device.
  • Select the list of interest.
  • In the upper right corner, click “Edit”.
  • From the list, select the Share menu.
  • Click the Add Member button.
  • Tap on the “” button and select a contact from the list.

Where is the reminder on the phone?

Push ☰. This icon is in the lower right corner of the screen. The Settings menu will open. Click Reminders.

How to create a to-do list on iPhone?

  • Open the Notes app.
  • Click. to create a note.
  • Enter a title and press Return.
  • Click the checkmark button. to create a list. Each time you press Return, a new item is added to the list.
  • To mark the task as completed, click the empty circle.

How to make a birthday reminder?

We’ll tell you how to make a birthday reminder on Android.

  • Go to “Calendar”.
  • Find the required day in the electronic calendar and click the “Add event” or “”.
  • Enter a convenient time for a reminder, write a short note.
  • Select the frequency of reminders, for example, annually.

How to make a reminder on iPhone on the locked screen?

  • Open smartphone settings.
  • Go to the Notes menu.
  • Scroll down to the Notes on Blocked submenu. screen “and go to it.

How to enable birthday notification?

Click in the upper right corner and select Settings. Click Notifications in the left column. Click Friends Updates. Next to Allow notifications on, click On.

How to make a reminder in the mail?

Add reminders for email messages

  • At the bottom of the screen, select Mail.
  • Select message.
  • Click Home Follow Up Add Reminder.
  • In the Custom dialog box, select or clear the Reminder check box.

How to set a reminder for every day?

  • Open the Google Calendar app.
  • In the lower right corner, tap Reminder.
  • Enter a reminder or choose an automatically suggested option.
  • Specify date, time and frequency.
  • In the upper right corner, click Save.
  • The reminder will be displayed in the Google Calendar app.
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Setting up MMS on iPhone

MMS for many mobile users is an important component of comfortable communication and work. With multimedia messages, you can send photos, videos, and audio files. However, in order to use this function, you need to make the correct settings. So how to enable and configure MMS on iPhone? We will talk about this further.

Additional settings

After the profile for MMC has been configured, experts advise you to reboot the gadget. Then you will need to indicate the shipment number or enter the number:

  • you must enable “Settings”;
  • go to the “Phone” section;
  • at the next stage you need to choose “My number”.

After that, you will need to enter the number of the SIM card that you are using. For numbers registered in Russia, all numbers start with 7.

When the subscriber makes the necessary settings, you will need to restart the smartphone again. Otherwise, the function will not be enabled and the subscriber will not be able to receive and send MMS. Only after the next reboot will you be able to fully enjoy multimedia messaging.

It should be noted that when the subscriber sends each message, the camera icon should be displayed to the left of the text input field. If there is none after the next reboot, then you will need to enter all the settings again from the beginning. The phone will automatically detect the type of message being sent. And if there is no photo in it, then it will be sent as a standard SMS message, and if a file is added, then it will be designated as multimedia.

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MMS setup process

This article will focus on general MMC setup on iPhone. In this case, for each individual operator, settings are made that differ from each other. You can find them on the official websites of mobile operators.

How to Use Reminders App on iPhone Effectively (Minimalist Approach)

Below is an example of basic MMS settings on iPhone:

  • you need to go to “Home” and select the “Settings” menu;
  • after that you need to click “Basic”;
  • then you need to go to the “Network” section;
  • after that you need to enable the option “Cellular data network”.

At the final stage, the settings of your operator for MMS are made. Subscribers can find out the settings for their operator on their official websites of cellular companies.

Sending MMS

To add, for example, a photo to a message, the subscriber must click on the camera icon. When sending a file, the subscriber is offered “Select available” or the second option. “Take a new picture”. The user just needs to choose the appropriate option, for example, he can take a new picture. After that, a new window opens, or rather the camera window. After the shooting process has been completed, and the result suits the user, just click the “Use” button.

In MMS, you can also include any text and click the “Send” button. After that, the download time will expire. If the message has not been sent, an icon with an exclamation mark will be displayed next to the photo. By clicking on it, the subscriber will receive information with the reason for the impossibility of sending a message.

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