How to turn off UPNP tp-Link. Activation on the router

How to open ports on the Router ZYXEL and Keenetic. configure the extension, redirect, redirection of the ports?

The use of UPNP implies three stages. activation of the desired function in the router, its inclusion on PC (if required), as well as the adjustment in the application. Consider each in more detail.

Inclusion in the router

First, consider how to turn on the UPNP on a router if the service is not activated by default or was turned off earlier.

Instructions for action (for example TP-LINK):

  • Enter any web browser and drive a router in the target line IP. Information for the entrance can be found on the label in the lower part of the devices.
  • In the identification field, enter the login and password. If earlier the user has not made changes, it is enough to enter admin twice.
  • Move to the additional settings section and find the necessary data.
  • In the bloc of advanced settings, find the NAT forwarding item and enter it to make an act in the installation of a router.
  • In the menu that appears, find the name of the UPNP service and click on it.
  • Move the sliders to the right and thereby turn on the option on the router.

In the future, you can turn off the upnp function by taking the same steps. The only difference is that at the final stage the toggle switch will need to be translated to the left.

For different routers, setting may differ. In particular, in ZYXEL you need to go to the home network section, and then find the UPNP mark and install the checkplace, and then save the changes.

Inclusion on PC

After making settings in the router, it is necessary to change the configuration on the computer. Below Consider an example for PC with Windows 8 OS installed on it. In other versions, the principle of action is the same, but with small features.

  • Click the launch with the right button, and in the window that appears, find the link control link. Go to this section.
  • Head to the section network and the Internet, where find the necessary settings.

Now the function is included in the router and on the computer.

Settings of programs

To use the service, you need to configure the programs used for the service. It all depends on what you plan to use. Consider several options:

Torrent client. Enter the software settings, select the connection, and then configure. At the next stage, click OK and apply so that the torrent works only with UPNP.

Make sure the correct entry of information. To do this, go into the properties of the connection in the gateway, click on the parameters button and make sure that the rules for utorrent appear. If the torrent is installed at two or more stations, each program sets its own port. In the future, in no case can you use random meaning.

Skype. Enter Skype settings and go to the section section. There remove the mark from the Enable Upnp item. In the future, it is necessary to ensure that the parameters of the port do not intersect.

By a similar principle, you can configure other programs for working with UPNP.

Pros and cons of use

In any technology, you can find advantages and disadvantages. Including UPNP.

  • High exchange rate between P2P clients. This indicator has long stepped over the mark of 100 Mbps/s.
  • The ease of configuration. After turning on the UPNP on a router, PC and other programs, you no longer need to manually configure the ports. This work takes place automatically, which saves time.
  • Errors in the program. The UPNP mode has been working for many years, so the developers are constantly engaged in its improvement. The main problems were removed during the first years of activity. Despite this, the risk of programming errors still remains. Attackers can take advantage of this to circumvent protection.
  • Connection to the public network. When connecting with such a network, a person should be careful in order to avoid loss of confidential information. Connection to a public network. always risk.

Despite a number of shortcomings, technology is considered one of the most popular in the router. It is not surprising that many users often include it on an ongoing basis.

Why is it needed

Using the UPNP service, automatic ports of ports occurs. Such an option is used in Skype, torrent clients, Xbox Live and T. D. After turning on the function, it automatically sets the required set of NAT and the inter.sequences, which saves the user time to configure.

For normal operation, UPNP should be active not only in the router, but also in the appendix for which ports are carried out. Rules for forwarding are formed in automatic mode by submitting a request through the mechanism of the service in question. The established rules work only during the session and exclusively for the host from which there is a request. After the session ended, the rule is removed.

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Turning UPNP in the router is necessary in the following cases:

  • connection of game consoles for transmitting online games;
  • organization of video surveillance at a distance;
  • using digital voice assistants;
  • connecting smart locks;
  • streaming of multimedia and t. D.

Knowing the features of UPNP IGD, and what is in the router, you can quickly activate the option and use its capabilities to connect several devices without entering manually.

What is UPNP?

Universal Plug and Play (UPNP). a set of network protocols. The UPNP goal is a universal automatic setting of network devices, both at home and in a corporate environment. Consists of a set of related protocols built on open Internet standards.

NAT (from English. Network Address Translation-“Converting network addresses”) is a mechanism in TCP/IP networks, which allows you to convert transit packages IP addresses.

How to find programs and components on Windows 10?

Enter the control panel in the search field on the taskbar, and then select the “control panel” in the list of results. Select program programs and components.

  • Press the start button and select the control panel.
  • In the control panel, select the installation and removal of the program click the Windows components installation button.
  • In the list of components, install the network network and click the composition button.

How to turn on UPNP on the TP-Link router?

This is usually the address http: //, or http: // In TP-Link: Go to the Forwarding-UPNP tab (forwarding-UPNP). There should be Enabled status (inclusive).

  • We go to launch. settings. control panel. network connections
  • In the window that appears, select network services and press the composition button.
  • In the list of network services, we mark the UPNP user integration service with a checkmark and click OK.
  • Press the button further.
  • And we are waiting for the end of the installation.

How to configure UPNP in Windows 7?

In the menu that appears, select the Network Management Center. Next, click on the lower line in the left side of the screen change the additional access parameters. In this menu we are interested in network detection. We note to include and confirm the changes by clicking.

NAT (Network Address Translation). This is such a mechanism that allows the router to determine which services are behind the router and should be available from the Internet so that users can use these services from there (I will not take the definition from Vika, t. to. it is abstruse and not clear to everyone).

What is NAT and how to set it up?

Network address broadcasts (NAT) are a procedure for replacing IP addresses and ports in the heading of IP packages. Most often, NAT is used to replace the IP address of the internal network in the external IP address, for example, router.

The router with NAT is a demarcation point between internal and external networks and between local and global addresses in this case, the router has changed the IPV4 source address from to External global address (Outside Global Address). addressee address visible from the external network.

How to protect yourself

Automatic connection of devices that are nearby can harm PC. If someone receives unauthorized access to the created network, the following actions will be available to him:

The standard way to protect the network is to use external drives to transmit information. The creation of a local compound entails the occurrence of failures and malfunctions in the work of gadgets “on both sides”. When using it, if it is possible to do without this data transfer format, it is better to use it.

The UPNP service provides the connection of several devices into a separately created network. This allows you to quickly exchange data (for example, watch movies and photos, play, perform other actions), but fraught with infection of PC viruses. To exclude possible unpleasant situations, you need to turn off the service (until the connection is required).

Turning the streaming of multimedia

If access to multimedia is not yet included, follow the following actions:

Setting the function of streaming of video and other files is implemented in Windows 10 in the best way, and therefore it does not work for some users. Most often, the problem arises due to the fact that the stream gear is simply not turned on. It must be activated in accordance with the requirements of the instructions from the corresponding paragraph of the material.

The difficulties with the detection of TV are due to the fact that the devices are connected to different local networks. Be sure to check the connection settings and repeat the operation. Also, users are faced with the problem when the server itself is displayed on the TV receiver, but there are no folders in it. In such a situation, it is recommended to manually configure the display of catalogs as it was shown in the previous paragraph of the material.

If you still do not succeed in eliminating problems, then try to contact third-party programs to configure the connection. This can be an application with the speaking name “Home media server (UPNP, DLNA, HTTP)” or an advanced Serviio utility.


“Additional settings”. “NAT ADVRESSION”. then select our function and include it in an additional window.

We go to the section “Predress”, find UPNP and include.

Settings of programs

In the end, we must configure “for service” and the programs themselves.

For example, let it be u-Torrent:

In the “Settings” menu. click “Program settings”. Select “Connection”. And set up. as in the figure. After “OK”. “Apply”, torrent will work with upnp.

You can make sure that you can go to the “properties” of the connection in the “gateway”:

In which, we see that the rule for U-Torrent has appeared automatically:

Note: If the U-Torrent is installed on several “stations” of the network, in each U-Torrent, you set your own port:

For example, values ​​are possible: 64400, 64399, and t.D. over, in no case should you use a “random port”.

Let’s start setting up the Skype program:

Here’s how to configure UPNP in Skype (turning on one checkmark. “UPNP”). As a result, we get a local network that works like this.

Your program will become available from the external network through the “external” IP address (pair of “external” IP: its “port”). It is only necessary to ensure that the values ​​of the “port” do not intersect (in different programs; on different PC). Perhaps this is the only thing that is required of the user.

Additionally: inclusion in the routers of the UPNP service

In Zyxel Keenetic (V1):

Home Network tab. “UPNP”, we need a checkbox. “allow”. By pressing “save”, you will save the settings without rebooting (which, it seems, is not required).

Or, in DIR-620:

Here UPNP. on the last bookmark of the “network” (put a checkmark, save, reboot).

In ZYXEL-E 330 W-EE:

Put a checkmark (“WAN” tab), and. save the settings (“Save”).

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List of models. you can supplement (leaving your message in the “Комментарии и мнения владельцев”). We hope all the information will be useful to our readers.

The principle of operation UPNP

The principle of operation Universal Plug and Play is the opening and closing of ports for connecting different programs and applications installed on IT devices. In order not to set up each device to set up separately, UPNP automated this process.

We will figure out the forwarding of the ports. All smart devices are connected to a single local network in one place. All of them work through a router, which is already connected to the global Internet. Thus, a Wi-Fi Roter is between the home and the global network of the intermediary.

Universal Plug and Play is necessary for all phones, computers, televisions and other gadgets to work normally, open their “ports” to each other, like automatic doors without the help of hands.

UPNP has a zero configuration. That is, each object located on the local network through the router does not need to be adjusted separately. Using the UNIVERSAL PLUG and PLAY smart service, this communication process is automated, and all objects on the network without additional settings manually are determined in the common network, find and are connected to other computer gadgets.

Personal computers in their basic settings already have the Universal Plug and Play function. It is, at the expense of it, when connecting any flash drive, PC automatically recognizes and makes it possible to read this USB device.

Universal Plug and Play combines several network protocols together. Due to this, different intellectual devices are connected automatically to each other, which avoids the installation of drivers for each device separately and the need to correct the configuration of networks disappears.

For automatic recognition of all devices, it is necessary to activate the UPNP protocol on all the gadgets of the network united in the system.

Launch UPNP in the router

UPNP by default is installed in almost all modern Wi-Fi-Routers. To activate the automatic connection of devices, you must enable UPNP in the settings. To enter the menu, you need to go to the router’s website at the web-intese address. The address is registered on the lower part of the router case and looks as follows: 192.168.0 or Consider the UPNP activation algorithm for different models of routers:


  • In the menu on the left, select the “Parameters” tab
  • Press the “Additional Settings” key
  • Choose “Internet”
  • On the right side of the menu opposite “Upnp FAQ” agree

UPNP in D-Link

  • In the upper menu, go to the “Advanced” section
  • On the left in the advanced settings menu select “Advanced Network”
  • Click on the window near Enable Upnp

UPNP in Tr-Link

  • On the left on the menu to go to the “Forwarding” section (“Forwarding”)
  • Fall into the UPNP subsection
  • Choose in the “Status” field inclusive (“Enabled”)

UPNP at Zyxel

  • In the menu, select “General settings”
  • Go to the “Change set of components” tab
  • In the UPNP service section, click on the “Install” button

Activation of the UPNP protocol on the router launches the automatic redirection mode of the ports.

How to enable the function in the router settings

In modern routers, this option is almost always available in the settings, regardless of the brand-it is present in TP-Link, in ASUS, in Zyxel or Keenetic. To activate it is necessary to go to the Router settings menu by introducing in the IP address browser in the address bar and authorized using a login and password.As a rule, the UPNP tab is located in additional settings (Advanced). It can be called the necessary section in different ways, but in any case, to activate it is necessary to install an Enable UPNP check.

After maintaining these settings, the device may require a reboot. I want to clarify that as a rule, this option is activated by default already “from the box”.

How to turn off. remove a checkmark or move the flag to the Disabled position. How to set up this option. there is nothing to adjust anything additionally, except for activation itself, there is no need: the technology is fully automated and requires the user of minimum intervention.

Changing the computer settings

With incorrect PC or laptop settings, the network is not available. In this case, it may be necessary to change additional settings. It is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Go to the control panel;
  • Open the “Networks control and total access” tab;
  • Select the “Change additional parameters” section in the menu on the left;
  • In the section “Network detection”, move the flag to the “enable” flag;
  • Click the “Save Changes” button.

In Windows 10, the procedure is performed similarly, except that a pair of points is called differently.

The option is not excluded that you will have to set up the necessary programs separately. for example, UTORrent or Skype. As a rule, the necessary option is in the section “Connection” or Connection. To activate, just install a checkmark or move the flag to the Enabled flag.

I hope you were interested. I also recommend that you read the publications about “WDS in the router. what kind of function” and “whether the firmware needs to be updated”, you can read here. If the article was useful to you, I will be grateful to you if you share this post on social networks. Bye!


“Administration”. “Management”. leaf on the very bottom.

In the necessary section, we transfer to the state: “Enable” (inclusive) or “Disable” (off).

The simplest utility for creating a home media server

Actually, here we are approaching the main issue of setting and including the UPNP server. To begin with, as already understood, you need to decide on the program (UPNP client). As the simplest, not requiring manual setting, the utility can be advised to Samsung PC Share Manager.

In this program, almost all settings are automated, the definition of devices and the connection method does not require the participation of the user, but the only thing that is required is to indicate the folders of general access with the multimedia files stored in them. By default, the application selects its parameters, but the directors who are preferred by the program can be deleted or their own instead of them can be removed instead.

It is important to check whether the same common access is open to them. This is done from the properties menu, which is caused by the right click on the directory. Well, after starting, the UPNP server will turn on automatically, and there will be synchronization of all devices currently present at the home network. Sometimes it may be necessary to make a program to the Firewall Exception list.

The only drawback of the application is perhaps only the impossibility of watching online television or listening to radio can be called. You can reproduce exclusively content stored in general access folders.