How to turn off the touchpad on HP PROBOOK. In Windows 10 parameters

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Before moving on to the question of how to turn on or disable the touchpad on a laptop, you should clarify what it is. a touchpad. Laptops, netbooks and other similar portable devices (for example, a tablet computer) usually have a computer mouse in their composition. This mouse is not at all like a familiar computer mouse that can be moved on the table and press on the buttons.

The mouse built into portable portable computers has a completely different device. If an ordinary mouse moves on the table, then the mouse of portable computers is worth it, as they say, tightly. But you can move your fingers on it, which, by response, is completely similar to the movement of a regular computer mouse on the table.

Pluses of the touchpad or why the touchpad is needed?

Such a fixed device of a mouse is convenient for portable computers, where you need to have as few moving parts as possible. It is precisely due to the fact that the computer itself is figurative, it is not desirable to have something else moving in it.

On this mouse, you can not only move your finger, but also perform many other actions. For example, you can tap on the mouse, which will be similar to pressing the left button of a regular computer mouse. In more developed computers, especially in the MAC production of Apple, on the mouse you can turn the image with movements of several fingers, increase or reduce its scale and perform many other convenient actions.

Also, mice of portable computers have the left and right buttons, completely similar to the left and right buttons of an ordinary computer mouse.

Actions on the computer mouse of portable portable devices are most often performed by touching fingers on a rectangular platform on the computer’s body. Therefore, such a mouse was called “touchpad” from the English words “Touch”. to touch and “PAD”. a platform. In a simple language

“Touchpad” means “touching the fingers of a special site”.

The disadvantages of the touchpad or as a touchpad interferes with the user

Any convenience can always have the opposite side. inconvenience. This “law of harmfulness” did not go around the touchpad (a touch panel, a mouse of portable computers).

The fact is that usually this touch panel is structurally located just below the computer keyboard (laptop, netbook, tablet computer, etc.P.). When working with the keyboard, you can imperceptibly affect yourself by accident and touchpad, the same panel (site) located below the keyboard.

Touchpad any touch not only with a finger, but also, for example, a shirt with a cuff can perceive as a signal to action. According to this false signal, a signal will go to the computer from the touchpad, for example, to move the mouse cursor up, down, left or right.

And now imagine, for example, that you are printing text. And suddenly at some point the mouse cursor “moves away” to a completely different place of the text where you continue, without suspecting anything, to print the text further. Not everyone has the method of blind printing, so when printing all attention is usually directed not at the screen, but at the keyboard. And you just do not notice that the cursor has long “moved out”, and the text is printed completely not where it should be.

Unpleasant? Still would. And then you have to edit everything, look for where the text “left”. Extract it from there, move to where this text is a place. For a long and sometimes tedious one has to fix everything.

Therefore, the developers of portable portable computers have long been concerned about the problem of temporary shutdown of the touchpad, a touch panel, a mouse. Unless, of course, the user needs it. This shutdown function (and, of course, turning on, if the touchpad is again in demand) is very convenient. Therefore, it is useful to know and be able to use this function.

At home, where a laptop can be put on a table, many prefer to use a regular computer mouse. Only in this case, the inclined touchpad can greatly interfere, so the question arises: how to turn off/turn on the touchpad?

Manufacturers have worried about the function of turning off the touchpad. For this, the laptops provide a special key or a combination of keys. You do not need to resort to any special technical or software.

option of how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop or disconnect it

Some laptop models have a small recess in the corner of the touchpad. This is the on/disable button of the touch panel. By pressing it twice, you activate the touchpad or turn off if it was turned on. This is very convenient, although such a button is not provided in all models of portable portable computers.

The HP laptop may have a sensitive place on the left in the upper corner of the touchpad. If double pressing does not help, try another option. Hold your finger for a few seconds in this place

2 hot keys to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop

In other laptops to turn on/off the touchpad, click a combination of FN keys and one of the upper row F1-F12. The FN key is usually located in the lower left corner of the laptop keyboard. Which of the F1-F12 keys to press, you can judge by the pictograms applied to them, which are made in the same color, style as the FN key.

The icon of turning on/off the touch panel usually has the appearance of this touch panel. a rectangle with rounded corners (image of the “site”), under which two small rectangles are shown (as if buttons, left and right mouse button for cam. rice. 1) and above all this is a cross, like the letter “x”, meaning “turn off”. But there may be other mnemonic pictures of the sensory panel. Here, computers’ manufacturers are trying as they can.

For the Sony VAIO laptop, turn off/turn on the touchpad using the FNF1 keys. Once pressed on two FNF1 keys and thereby turned off the touchpad. With repeated press on FNF1, the touchpad will be turned on again.

Hot keys for turning on or disconnecting a touch panel for different models of laptops:


Lenovo Ctrl F6, or FN F6 or F5 F8

Option 3: turn on/disable the touchpad through parameters in Windows 10

In a laptop with Windows 10, you can use another possibility of turning on and disconnecting a touch mouse. To do this, open the parameters:

Number 1 on rice. 3. click on the icon with a magnifying glass to search for parameters on our device.

2 in Fig. 3. we collect “parameters” without quotes.

Number 3 on rice. 3. the result of the search will be visible from above. these are “parameters”. Click on the inscription, a window of parameters presented below:

We open the “devices” in front of us will appear a window with a list of devices in the left column:

Click the “touch panel” (1 on rice. 5). Then it should be checked so that the switch is in the “v.”(2 on rice. 5). Then the panel will be enabled.

Also check for the presence of a checkmark opposite the option “Do not turn off the touch panel when connecting the mouse” if you need. If you remove the box, then the touchpad will be turned off automatically, without warning when connecting to the outer mouse laptop. In principle, someone can be useful for someone to automatically disconnect the built-in mouse.

And if the touchpad needs to be turned off, the switch is transferred to the “Otkl.”(2 on rice. 5).

Option 4: We are looking for a touchpad in the BIOS settings

If for some reason the described methods cannot turn on or disable the touchpad with a special button, or using functional keys, or using Winndows 10 settings, then this can be done through the BIOS settings.

To access these settings, you need to pinch the F2 or DEL key during laptop starting. As a rule, when the screen is turned on, a hint is displayed which key to press. It must be remembered that this hint appears for a very short time. And you need to press this key at the moment when the hint is displayed. Otherwise, it will be impossible to go to the BIOS settings program, you will need to restart the laptop.

In the BIOS settings we find the Pointing Device. Change its value to Enabled (literal translation of “inclusive”) if you want to turn on the touchpad, or on Disabled (literal translation “turned off”). to turn off the device. Then go out with the preservation (as a rule, this BIOS settings menu look like “Save Exit” or “Exit with Saving”) so that the changes come into force.

With the BIOS settings you need to be careful, especially if you don’t know what this or that option is for. You can even rebuild the computer settings to such an extent that it will not be possible to fix it. Here he is, this BIOS “insidious”.

5 Instructions for the laptop to help

Another way to find information on the question of where you can disable/turn on the touchpad on a laptop. For this, an instruction for your laptop may come in handy. It is usually stored not in paper, but in electronic form. You can find the instructions on the hard drive C: the laptop, as a rule, in the Documentation folder, but not necessarily in it.

When all 5 options do not work

So, the touchpad is easy to turn on and disable. But if the described methods of the touch panel cannot be turned on, then probably,

  • The device is faulty,
  • either drivers have not been installed, for example, as a result of reinstalling the operating system. I wanted to, instead of the “native” XP (that is, “sewn” by the manufacturer in the device at the time of its sale), install the seven, or instead of the “native” seven. an eight or ten.

Shutdown using functional keys

Manufacturer Keyboard shortcut
HP Separate button, double click on the touch panel itself
Asus FN F9 or FN F7
Lenovo FN F8, FN F5 or just F6
Dell FN F5 or FN F7 less often FN F3
Acer FN F7
Samsung FN f or fn f5
Sony (VAIO) FN F1, VAIO Control Center
Toshiba FN F5

Now in all models of laptops, there is a functional key “fn”. It is specially created to expand the possibilities for setting up and managing a laptop. To do this, press FN some other button.

In our case, to disable TouchPad, the FN F9 combination is most often used, but many manufacturers also use other keys from F1 to F10. Very often, a symbol of touchpad with a crossed touch panel is applied to such a key.

Recently, I see laptops more and more often, where the F6 key has been involved in the touch panel.

Turning off using a separate button or touch panel itself

On some advanced game models of Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo and Acer activation and deactivation of the touchpad, separately.

The method of turning off TouchPad using the sensory panel itself is significantly more common.

For example, to turn off the touchpad on the HP Pavilion, you must press the area in the upper left corner of the touch panel twice. The blue indicator strip around the touchpad will become red. This means that the touchpad turned off. Repeated double pressing will lead to its inclusion. On my laptop, there is no functional key to turn off the touch panel.

There are also models where not double pressing, but holding the finger in the corner of the panel for more than 5 seconds.

I also have an old Sony vaio laptop. Official drivers are installed on it and TouchPada is turned on and disconnected through the VAIO Control Center panel in the “Keyboard and Mouse” section.

How to disable and enable TouchPad in Windows 11/10

To enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop with Windows 11 and 10:

Windows 11: Open the Bluetooth parameters and the touch panel device and turn off or turn on the touchpad using a slider.

Windows 10: Open the parameters of the device touch panel and turn off or turn on the touchpad.

How to turn off the touchpad on different brands of laptops

Before you climb into the register and understand the intricacies of the system settings, you should try to solve the problem with sensory input with the simplest methods. Then we will consider the most common (and working!) Ways to turn off the touchpad for cars from the most popular brands.

Most often, you can turn off the touchpad in ASUS by a combination of keys FN and F7 (or F9). Indication of settings changes is displayed on the screen.

Fix the TouchPad on HP Notebooks in Windows 10 | HP Notebooks | @HPSupport

The HP company tries to make the life of its customers easier, therefore, in many modern models of laptops from this company, the sensor is disconnected by a special double touch of the upper left angle of the sensor.

Determine whether it is possible to disconnect the touchpad on the HP laptop in this way is very simple: if there is no special icon with a touchpad on the F1-F12 keys, then the shutdown with a double slippage is valid. If it is present, you should use this button in combination with FN.

Another method available to owners of models from HP: press on the upper left corner of the touchpad and hold a finger on it for at least 5 seconds. This option is available only in laptops with a pre.installed OS, since such superstructures are not included in the standard Windows supply kit.

Here is a small guide for those who want to know how to turn off the touchpad in Dell laptops with OS Windows version at least

  • Open the settings of the touch panel (in the search line “Start” enter the “touch panel”).
  • Disconnect the sensor using a special switch (if any).
  • If there is no such switch, enter the menu “Additional mouse parameters“.
  • Activate the Dell Sensor Panel and click on the sensor image.
  • Find the touch panel activity switch there.
  • Save changes.

For Windows systems, whose version is below 8.1, follows:

  • Go to the “Dell Sensor Panel” tab and click on a picture with a touch panel.
  • Turn on or disable the touchpad using a slider.
  • Save the entered settings.


Before you turn off the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop, find the desired icon on the keyboard. Combinations that work for Lenovo laptops most often: F5 or F8 in combination with FN.

ASER company prefers stability, so if you do not know how to disable the touch screen on the Acer laptop, try FN F7. Most models of their production use this combination.

In this article, we tried in a simple and understandable language to tell about such a complex and multifaceted process as turning off the touchpad on the laptop. Use one of our advice and make your life even a little easier and more convenient!

Through the dispatcher of the devices

Press the Win R keys at the same time and enter the command. DEVMGMT.MSC

In the devices dispatcher opened, open the “Mouse and other indicating devices”. Find the device here with the word TouchPad or Pointing, click on it with the right mouse button and turn off.

Important! In some cases, it can simply be called a HID-compatible mouse or PS/2 mouse. In this case, you will have to turn off the poke method. If you accidentally turn off the mouse itself, then just open the device by pressing the Enter key, switch to the Driver tab and turn it on back. To move on points. press the Tab key.

In the task dispatcher

In this case, everything is easy, we will simply complete the process of software for the touchpad, and it will stop working.

How to disable touchpad on laptops

Click on the mouse button on the taskbar and open the task manager point.

Sort column by name. just click on the word “name”. Find one of the processes: “Synaptics” or “ETD Control Center”, the latter for ASUS laptops. Click on it with the right mouse button and complete.


It is standard if you have the official Sony programs installed, you can configure the touchpad, including disconnecting it through the VAIO Control Center, in the “keyboard and mouse” section.

Also, on some (but not all models) there are hot keys to turn off the sensory panel. in the photo it is FN F1, however, it also requires all official drivers and utilities VAIO, in particular Sony Notebook Utilites.


On Toshiba Satellite and others, the F5 key combination is usually used, which is indicated by the touch of the touch panel.

Most TOSHIBA laptops use the Synaptics touch panel, respectively, setting up using the manufacturer’s program.

Through the control panel in mouse properties

Many modern laptops are equipped with Synaptics sensory panels. If so, a special driver is most likely installed in the system, and a special “device parameters” tab, marked with a characteristic red icon, will be available in the window of the mouse. Through the parameters application or the classic control panel, open the mouse properties.

Switch to the tab (if it is available) the “device parameters”, highlight the device unnecessary to you, in this case, the touchpad, and turn it off with the corresponding button.

Yes, you can also choose the average option by installing the bird in the checkbox “Disconnect the internal indicating device when connecting the external indicating device to the USB port”. This action activates the function of automatic shutdown of the touchpad when connecting to a portable mouse computer. Again, all this implies the presence of the necessary drivers on the PC. Now let’s see how to turn off the touchpad on the laptop if they are not.

Shutdown of the touchpad through the device manager

You can turn off the touch panel through the Windows Device Device. Open the equipment with the DEVMGMT command.MSC and expand the branch “Mouse and other indicating devices”. If you see a PS/2 mouse on the list, then this is most likely a touchpad.

Click on the PKM device and select the “Disable” item in the menu. The touchpad can also be in the “HID” device and be called either a USB mushroom, or TouchPad, or somehow, you will have to experiment here, turning it off sequentially and including devices.

What to do if the options are “disconnected” in the context menu not? In this case, the device can be removed, and so that when the system is rebooted, it is not installed again, the GPEDIT command.MSC Open the editor of local group policies, go to the location of the computer configuration. administrative templates. system. installation of devices. restrictions on installing devices.

In the right column, open the policy “prohibit the installation of devices that are not described by other politics parameters”, install the radio clip in the “inclusive” position and restart.

After that, the remote device will not be installed again.

Note: on the disks supplied along with laptops, there are often “native” programs for controlling the touchpad, for example, Smart Gesture in ASUS. If such a program is installed on your PC, the touchpad in the device dispatcher will be called not “Microsoft PS/2 mouse”, but somehow otherwise.

In this case, it is better to use the program to turn off the touch panel, probably there is an appropriate function in it.

Tachpad disconnection with special combinations

Most laptops have similar functional buttons, the disadvantage is that for each manufacturer and even model they are individual. Nevertheless, the vast majority of combinations for an individual manufacturer can be distinguished, which we will learn further.

To use the following methods, you must have installed drivers from the manufacturer, you can easily perform an action if you have not changed the OS installed when buying. Otherwise, you can always upload on the manufacturer’s website. Without such a program, you cannot use the buttons as intended.

How to turn off the touchpad on the ASUS laptop?

Typically, the manufacturer uses FN plus combinations or F7 or F9. accurately, you can find out just by examining the keyboard in detail, a crossed out touchpad should be drawn on an active button.

How to turn off the touchpad on a HP laptop?

There is a slight variety of methods, in addition to active keys similar to the previous option, there is an additional opportunity, especially for new models, the use of the active zone of the touchpad. In modern HP, the active key may simply not be, but holding a finger for 5 seconds in the upper left corner or by pressing here twice, you will achieve the same effect.

The touchpad is a convenient thing for use in a mobile environment to quickly open several files. The problem happens when by connecting the mouse and using it as the main source of management, from time to time touch the touchpad. In this case, the cursor jumps and it interferes hard.

How to turn off the touchpad on the HP Windows 10 laptop?. there are 2 fastest and most effective ways. The first is provided by the manufacturer, you just need to slip twice on the left upper corner, usually there is a tangible notch there.

In the Windows 10 systemic environment, you can also achieve the task. You should click on the start and select “Parameters“. Click on the tile “Devices”. Go to the mouse tab of the same name and expand the full list of settings. Follow the Elan tab and install the flag, which indicates the shutdown of the device when connecting the mouse.

How to turn off the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop?

There are also individual models with separate combinations, but for most laptops, it is enough to press FN F5 or F8 or another button with the corresponding icon.

Other manufacturers and their set of active combinations

Also, if you do not work such buttons, then you should pay attention to their possible disconnection in the BIOS, in this case the name will be approximately the next “Function Key”. Another logical option, if you have installed drivers before, then you just may not work any keyboard keyboards.

Tachpad shutdown with the Mouse menu

Here the action has the following meaning. to completely remove the activity of our device from the corresponding menu. Also one of the best ways, as it allows you not to search for active keys that are used in your model or if it is not possible to use the past method. You should:

  • Go to the “device parameters” tab;
  • Here, at your discretion, you can: just turn off the touchpad or make it in an inactive state when connecting an external mouse. Select the desired element using click.

In theory, the obscurity is how to turn off the touchpad on the Windows 10 and older laptop should be eliminated, although even this method may not work in some cases.

Klavi combinations

The presence on the laptop in full of original drivers significantly expands the possibilities of managing the device, including the touch panel, to turn on and disconnect which you can press the appropriate key combinations. This method is not universal, since the keyboard combinations in different laptops line uses their own.

How to turn off the touchpad on ASUS, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, MSI, Sony

  • Asus. You can turn on and disconnect the touch device on ASUS laptops by pressing FN F9 or FN F7. In some models of the line, FN F6 is used.
  • Acer. The keyboard combination of FN F7 is responsible for the control of the tachpad on the laptops of this vendor.
  • HP. On the HP laptops for the indicated purposes, a special hardware button is located at the upper boundary of the touch panel. If there is no such separate button, which can also take place, slip several times to turn off the touchpad along a certain likeness of the button in the upper left corner of the touch panel itself.
  • Lenovo. Depending on the model, for the target on the laptopes of this vendor, combinations of FN F5 or FN F8 can be used.
  • Dell. If you want to turn off the touchpad on the portable computer Dell, click the FN F3 keys combination.
  • MSI. As in the case of Dell laptops, on MSI laptops, the touch panel is turned off by pressing FN F3.
  • Sony. In the production laptops of the company Sony, the input sensory device is disconnected by pressing FN F1. The touchpad can also be disconnected in the VAIO Control Center control panel, in the “Mouse and Keyboard” section.

If you have a different laptop model, look carefully at its keyboard: as a rule, the key responsible for the disconnection and inclusion of the touchpad has a characteristic icon, so finding it will not be difficult. applications

Finally, you can turn off the touchpad in Windows 10 using utilities like TouchPadpal, Touch Tamer, Touchfreeze or Touchpad Blocker. Being running, they automatically block the touch panel during the set of text, that is, pressing the keys. They are very easy to use and practically do not need settings, the exception is only that TouchPad Blocker, which is characterized by the presence of additional functions. Although, all the necessary options in it are already on by default.

TouchPad Blocker also supports a complete shutdown of the touchpad, however, the Enable/Disable TouchPad option is only working with Synaptics equipment. applications also have their own shortcomings, for example, they may not work if the original Drivers of the sensory device are not installed on the computer.