How to turn off the sound on your Samsung

How to turn off the voice alert on your Samsung TV? Samsung Electronics

Audio accompaniment, also known as TalkBack, is intended for people with visual impairments. It will be useful to know how to disable the voice guidance on Samsung TV, if the user does not need the help of the virtual assistant, but has accidentally activated this option.

The procedure to disable TalkBack depends on the TV-series, which can be identified by the code name of the Samsung electronics.

Most of the names of modern models of TV from the South Korean manufacturer begin with the symbols “UE” and the diagonal of the device, followed by the letter designation of the series: for example, the TV UE49MU6100U belongs to the “M” series.

To set up or turn off the sound signals you will need to use one of the following instructions.

M, Q, LS series (latest models)

You can deactivate audio in the TV menu by clicking on “Menu” on the touchscreen remote control or selecting “Settings” in the lower left corner of the home screen to access the device settings.

  • Go to “Sound,” then to “Advanced Settings.
  • Open the “Beeps” tab and manually set the volume to the desired level.
  • Save the new settings and exit the menu.

If you can’t find the section you are looking for by yourself, you can use the system search function by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon on the right side of the “Settings” tab.

You can also disable TalkBack in another way:

  • Enter the “Menu” of your TV. using the appropriate key on the remote control or the icon on the “Home” screen.
  • Open the “Special Features” tab under “Device”.
  • Go to “Voice Instruction” and deactivate the option by setting the “Off” option.
  • Save the created settings.

After the user performs any of the presented algorithms, voice accompaniment will be deactivated. It should be noted that this instruction is relevant only for models of M, Q, LS family, as well as devices of related series.

K-Series (2016)

K-Series TVs are characterized by a dark, minimalistic menu interface, so you can’t confuse this family of devices with another.

To deactivate or change the soundtrack settings on 2016 models, you’ll need to:

  • Open the “Menu” item on the TV screen.
  • Go to the “System” tab (the icon shows crossed working tools).
  • Select “Special Features” and open the “Voice Guide” section.
  • Set the desired volume of the voice prompts using the proposed equalizer or completely disable the voice action.
  • Save the selected settings and exit “Settings”.

An alternative solution to the problem is to disable all system sounds from the “Advanced Settings” section, which is indicated by a loudspeaker icon, or to reset the audio parameters.

J, H, F, E series (models released before 2015)

To disable voice-activated user actions on Samsung TVs released before 2015, you must:

  • Open the Menu. Press “Menu”, “KeyPad” or “” button on the remote control or a similar button on the side touchpad, depending on the year of manufacture of the device.
  • Go to “System” (gear icon).
  • Select “General” section.
  • In the list that appears, find “Sounds” and click on the confirmation key.
  • Set the optimum volume of the voice prompts or set the “OFF” option.
  • Save the settings.

It should be noted that there is no universal instruction to disable TalkBack on premium “S” series TVs. the owner of the device of that year of production will have to find a solution to the problem himself, or to seek help from Samsung Technical Support.

For more information on how to disable voice guidance, see the official Russian-language manual that comes with every Samsung TV.

In case of any difficulties it is recommended to call toll-free number 8 (800) 555-55-55.

Modern smart TVs have not only a wide range of features, but also a number of special chips. These include TalkBack, which provides audio support for the actions of the person controlling the device. Not always such a feature is convenient, then the question arises. how to disable the voice assistant on Samsung Smart TV? Especially useful if you accidentally activate it by yourself or after children have played with the remote control.

What is a voice assistant

Voice Assistant (or Virtual Assistant). is a set of software that helps to use the device remotely. Commands are given by voice. when they are executed, the device usually also plays some kind of voice response, which creates the illusion of a dialogue between man and machine. Each voice assistant has its own “personality” and optionally some self-training abilities. Voice assistants are an integral part of the “smart home”, finding its application in the management of almost any home devices. In modern Samsung TVs, voice control by default works thanks to the efforts of the “native” Bixby or the “Alice” system developed by Yandex, although you can also use the more well-known Alexa if you want.

In this article, however, the term “voice assistant” does not refer to a virtual assistant per se, but to the Voice Guide feature (which, in its literal translation, unfortunately, causes a lot of confusion), which is designed to help visually impaired users to control their Smart TV.

This is one of the most prominent “voice” features of Samsung TVs, which appeared even before the emergence of full-fledged voice assistants. As a rule, this option is more modestly named in the Russian localization, so we can separate it from the functions of the virtual assistants. the corresponding setting is likely to be called “Voice Guide. On TVs from other manufacturers, this option will be called differently. for LG, for example, it’s “Audio Guidance” (or “Audio Descriptions”), although they are exactly the same in functionality and principle of operation.

Deactivate Google Assistant with Home key

A simpler way is represented by eliminating the helper via the standard Android navigation key. This will not subsequently display a message regarding the fact that you need to run the assistant. To perform the task, a number of items are offered:

  • Hold down the Home key on your smartphone display when Google Assistant is displayed;
  • Next, at the top right you can see an icon in the format of a box, on which you need to click once;
  • In the new menu, select the settings option and then “Phone”;
  • The lever next to the Google Assistant option should be moved to the opposite position to deactivate. When finished, the voice assistant will be stopped.

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How to disable Talkback on Android?

It’s unlikely that the Talkback feature, which is primarily used by people with visual impairments, can be turned on by accident. No, because you have to go into the settings and delve into the maze of menus. Nevertheless, users are not so rarely talk about turning on this function. most likely for the sake of interest. What’s more interesting is how to turn Talkback off, because it’s not so easy to do? The thing is that when using this feature, each action must also be confirmed, that is, you pressed the button, then you press it one more time, and this is inconvenient. How to be?

First, you need to disable Talkback temporarily. this functionality is provided by modern versions of Android. But let us first show you a screenshot of when Talkback is running:

The button we’ve pressed is highlighted in green. we didn’t press it in the editor, the system did. Press again to open the Phone application. It’s awkward to get to the Talkback settings by repeatedly pressing the buttons, so we’ll take a different route.

Press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously.

If you see the sound bar on the screen, press again until you see “Pause Talkback?”. Highlight OK and press again to confirm.

The function is temporarily suspended. Great, that’s what we need.

Now tap on “Special Features”.

Here, as you can guess, you need to select Talkback.

Confirm that Talkback is off by tapping OK.

Now the function is completely disabled.

Specifics of Talkback control on Samsung

For Samsung‘s TouchWiz user interface, you must first go to the My Device subsection of settings to open the Special Features and Talkback customization panel.

The Talkback service is managed in a standard way. It can be easily mastered by the owner of the phone without any experience in using Android OS.

If your smartphone has an activated voice assistant feature, such as O’key, Google, Google Assistant or Alice, your device can respond to your voice at any time and thus accept voice commands. You can use it to create new appointments in the calendar or to request the weather forecast, but sometimes this invisible life companion can be riddled with. In this case, you can easily disable it.

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How to find voice guidance on Samsung 2018 TVs. Samsung TV Setup Guide: What to turn on, turn off, and configure

How to find voice prompts on Samsung 2018 TVs

“Why is my TV talking to me? ?!” If you’ve ever accidentally turned on the Voice Guide on your TV, you know this. This feature, designed to help visually impaired people navigate TV, adds audio to every on-screen display, from the channel you’re watching to the highlighted app.

These same menus are used to turn this feature on, which is great for those who can’t make out the letters and on-screen prompts that are so common on today’s TVs.Whether you’re setting up your TV for an elderly loved one or want this feature to be useful to you, it’s a godsend for anyone who needs it. Here’s how to access voice help:

Go to “Special Features Settings.”. Samsung smart TVs have a number of features that improve the experience for users with visual or hearing impairments, and you can find them under “Special Features” in the Settings menu.

Enable or disable voice guidance. In the “Voice Help” menu, the first option. is a simple switch to enable or disable the voice guidance function. Under there are settings that allow you to fine-tune the voice prompt, with options for volume, speed and pitch of the narration.

How to enable caller voice on a pure Android system or any other system with the latest versions of Google’s Phone app

All it takes for your phone to tell you who’s calling you is not even the original and clean Android system, but using Google’s original and updated Phone app as the default caller app. The steps to turn on will be as follows:

Note: While writing this piece, I encountered that the Phone app had not been updated, and after updating through Play Market, the feature did not appear. The solution was to completely close the application and restart it.

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