How to turn off the headset on your phone

How to turn off headphones on a Samsung phone?

If silent mode is not turned on, and there is no sound exactly without headphones inserted, you should try the following:

  • with headphones connected, hold down the volume up button and remove the headphone plug from the jack
  • insert and pull out the headphone plug several times

How to remove debris from the headphone jack?

  • Soak a piece of cotton wool in an alcohol solution and attach it to a toothpick.
  • Insert the structure into the connector.
  • Make a few rotational movements and pull out the toothpick. Change cotton wool.
  • Repeat the second step until complete cleaning. In this case, it is important to change a toothpick with cotton wool.

What to do if the phone thinks it is wearing headphones?

If the phone, smartphone on Android or iPhone shows that headphones are connected, but they are not there, you need:

  • Clean the connector from ordinary dirt with a thin cotton swab. Attention. do not do this with a needle, so as not to damage the contacts;
  • Clean the nest from oxidation using the same cotton swab and alcohol.

How to turn off the headphone output on a laptop?

Open Start. Control Panel. Device Manager. In the list of devices, find the Sound, video and game controllers tab. Right-click on your codec (IDT or Realtek HD) and in the context menu that opens, try to disable-enable the device or update the drivers.

How to reset wireless headphones?

To reset both the over-ear and over-ear wireless headphones, unplug them. Then press the three buttons simultaneously (Call, Volume and Mute) and hold for 3-5 seconds. Wait until the indicator light flashes red or blue 1 time.

Where are the headphones in the iPhone settings?

Using iPhone to set up Airpods

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case that contains the Airpods and place it next to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
  • Click “Connect”.

Why iPhone thinks it’s wearing headphones?

There may be several reasons why the iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected: The headphones were disconnected at the moment when some internal system operations were taking place; Using a headset or headphones of poor quality, which adversely affects the operation of the device as a whole; 3.5mm jack defect.

How to reset wireless headphones?

Resetting Studio or Studio Wireless

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button.
  • All of the battery level LEDs will blink white, then one of them will blink red. This will be repeated three times. When the flashing stops, the headphone reset is complete.

What to do if the iPhone shows that I’m wearing headphones?

  • Insert and remove the plug from the headphone socket. There is a possibility that iOS did not have time to determine that the headphones were removed.
  • Connect other headphones. It can really help.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Check the headphone jack.
  • Restore or update iOS.
  • Service center

How to turn off speakerphone on iPhone?

  • During a call, activate the iPhone screen.
  • Press the Speaker button so it goes out of white.

What to do if there is no sound in the headphones on the phone?

You may have accidentally muted the sound. 2. Try plugging in headphones, holding down the volume up button, and pulling out the plug from the headphone jack. Also try pulling and inserting the headphone plug several times.

Why iPhone thinks it’s wearing headphones?

There may be several reasons why the iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected: The headphones were disconnected at the moment when some internal system operations were taking place; Using a headset or headphones of poor quality, which adversely affects the operation of the device as a whole; 3.5mm jack defect.

How to turn off Bluetooth headphones?

Disconnecting BLUETOOTH connection (after use)

  • When using a device with one-touch (NFC) connectivity, touch the device to the headset again.
  • Press and hold the button on the headset for about 2 seconds to disconnect the headset.

How to turn off the headphone mode on Xiaomi?

Open the settings, find the section “All applications”. Find “Radio”, click on the name of the application. You clear the data by clicking “Clear All”. Only then turn off the headphones.

How to disable headphone controls on iPhone?

How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone?

  • Reboot the device (in all incomprehensible cases I do this);
  • Mechanical damage to the socket or blockage. Inspect and clean with alcohol;
  • Turn on and off the speakerphone;
  • Press the volume buttons.

Why is the headphone icon lit on the phone when there is no connection

The appearance of the headphone icon on the screen indicates a malfunction in the system. Before carrying out repair work, it is necessary to determine the cause of the headset icon on the display.

Stroke is a common cause. After a fault, a malfunction may occur in the control of the device. It negatively affects the performance of a mobile device.

Excess moisture trapped inside the case can lead to a similar problem. If used carelessly, liquid spilled on the phone may cause a malfunction in stable operation.

ATTENTION! Excess moisture inside the device also occurs due to sudden and frequent temperature changes.

Mechanical damage to the connector appears due to careless actions and careless use. If the contacts are damaged, the stability of the headset will be compromised. After connecting, the headphones can work one at a time, when disconnected, the phone still “sees” the accessory.

REFERENCE! Accumulated dirt is also the cause of the problem.

This problem often occurs due to the appearance of a software glitch. In this case, in the absence of the necessary knowledge, it is recommended to contact a specialist for diagnostics.

How to remove the headphone, headset connection icon on the phone.

What is not recommended in this situation?

Do not apply mechanical force with a sharp tool: an awl or a screwdriver in the 3.5 mm mini-jack socket. And also wipe or clean the contacts with special means. By such actions, you can make the phone inoperative, with subsequent repair in a service center.

However, the needle helps very well, but you need to act very carefully.

How to turn off the headset on Android

turn, headset, your, phone

Does your phone have a headphone icon? You are not alone, people come across such a “glitch” quite often. This is not only an unpleasant fact that shows a temporary system malfunction, but also a very real reason for the further “freezing” of the device. That is why users of mobile devices are trying to quickly solve the problem that has arisen.

How to remove a burning icon from the smartphone screen

There are a few simple steps to take to solve the problem.

  • Reboot. This solves the problem 80% of the time.
  • Visual inspection of the entry socket. Even if contamination is not detected, it is worth “blowing” this nest and trying to gently “knock out” dust particles from it. After that, a reboot is also recommended.
  • Take out the battery and let it dry. This option should be tried last. If the device has not been flooded, and there is a suspicion of condensation, then it is enough to remove the battery and let it dry for 3-4 hours.

As you can see, there can be many reasons for failures. The main thing is to find the reason why this is happening and make the correct connection.

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Why is the indicator of the headset, headphones connected, and how to restore, to hear the sound from the phone speaker on the display?

What to do if the “headphones” icon does not turn off at the top of the screen, while the headphone wire is removed from the jack on the phone?

When the headset icon is on, you cannot hear the sound of the player, YouTube, as well as all incoming calls. And there is no way to call anyone yourself. In the latter case, you will be heard, but you will not hear anything.

Judging by the signs described above, this problem occurs due to damage to the headphone jack on the phone.

Possible causes of damage to the headset-headphone jack:

Pin layout on the mini-jack connector.

Common causes of malfunction

If you want to try to solve the problem yourself, then you should immediately turn off the smartphone, disassemble it by removing the battery, and let it dry in a warm place for about a day. If this method did not work, then you should definitely return the device for repair.

How to turn off headphones on your phone

In order to eliminate the headphone icon on the screen, there are several methods.

  • Connect the headphone plug several times. In most situations, after several such connections, the icon will disappear from the display.
  • Removing the battery briefly will help solve the problem. The battery should be removed from the socket, reconnected after about 30 seconds.
  • Clearing the cache in the “Radio” application.
  • Cleaning the headphone jack.

Each of the above methods can be handled independently. If after the measures taken, the headset icon does not disappear, you should contact the service center.

How to repair a smartphone, remove the headphone connection icon.

There are several ways to solve this problem at home.

Dry the gadget. It is best to do this on a windowsill with a not very bright and hot sun. You can also put a faulty smartphone on the central heating battery, provided it gets slightly wet or just fell into the snow.

If the phone is completely immersed in water and water gets inside the case, then such a phone is not recommended to be dried on heating batteries or a hair dryer. In this case, it must be disassembled and the electronic board dried, otherwise the oxidation process will take place on the contacts of the motherboard. That is, after the phone falls into water, it urgently needs to be carried to the service center for disassembly and drying.

2.After drying the smartphone for a long time, plug and unplug the headphone plug several times. If this action does not help, then you can try to insert it not all the way or find a position in which the sound in the headphones appears.

If possible, remove the battery from the phone for a couple of minutes, after turning it off. If the battery is not removable, restart the gadget.

You can return the phone to work programmatically. To do this, you need to install a special application from the Play Market or AppStore. For Android OS, we recommend Speaker-Headset Toggle and similar.

Reflash Android phone to a more stable OS version.

Mobile phones have long ceased to be exclusively a means of communication. They allow you to listen to your favorite music, save photos and videos, and create notes. Headphones are one of the must-haves when buying a mobile device. In the process of use, many users face the problem when the headset is displayed on the display when there is no connection. In some situations, you can fix problems yourself.


Often the cause of the malfunction is quite obvious to the user, but there are several steps that can be taken to more accurately diagnose:

  • If the icon appears due to inaccurate extraction, the user may not immediately notice the problem. However, he will be able to exclude other options for the error due to the fact that this is the only option in which the headphones were physically in the device at the time of its occurrence.
  • Moisture. If small condensation has accumulated on the device itself, then it is rather difficult to determine. A sign of such a problem can be a transition from a frosty temperature to a very warm room. At the same time, most devices tolerate such drops normally, but there are exceptions, whose malfunction is manifested through the headphone icon.
  • Pollution. It may not be obvious to the user. over, if it is available, the headset can be effectively used for its intended purpose, but if a similar problem appears, then it can be completely solved by simple manipulations.
  • Sloppy extraction. The “symptoms” of this problem are similar to those of contamination. In both cases, the definition of the problem occurs in the process of solving it.

What to do if it shows that the headphones are connected?

If the phone, smartphone on Android or iPhone shows that headphones are connected, but they are not there, you need:

  • Clean the connector from ordinary dirt with a thin cotton swab. Attention. do not do this with a needle, so as not to damage the contacts;
  • Clean the nest from oxidation using the same cotton swab and alcohol.

How to turn on headphone mode on iPhone?

If you do not have headphones with you to check, then unlock the screen and press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, while the volume indicator should be in the Call mode. If, when the headphones are disconnected from the jack, as a result of pressing the volume buttons, the indicator displays the mode. Headphones, then this is a failure or malfunction.

How to turn off Xiaomi AirDots headphones?

The headphones work with any voice assistant: Siri, Google Assistant, Alice. To disconnect and reset the headphones, you need to hold the touchpads for a few seconds until the red indicators light up. Pulling the earbud out of your ear during use does not stop playback like in Airpods.

How to turn off the headphone function on Xiaomi phone?

Open the settings, then enter the “All applications” section; Find “Radio”, click on the name of the application; Select “Clear all” and turn off the headphones. The icon should go out.

How to restart iPhone?

  • Quickly press and release the volume up button.
  • Quickly press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to mute the microphone in Xiaomi headphones?

To do this, go to the “Settings” menu. Sounds and Vibration. Noise Reduction and select Leave One Microphone.

Resetting Radio Application Data

Another useful option is to reinstall the system software on your smartphone. Many applications can cause malfunctions, so get rid of them.

The most common software causing headset problems is the radio. Find this software and erase it from your mobile. And after the problem disappears, you can download it back.

How to fix Headphone Mode on android within 60 Second

Reboot your smartphone

The most common bug is related to a bug in the phone. The fix is ​​pretty simple. A restart is required, and then the speaker will disappear from the screen. It is recommended that after turning off the power, remove the battery and wait a couple of minutes, and then insert it back. And only then turn on the device.

The headphone indicator appeared after the smartphone was dropped, how to remove it?

In this case, as a rule, the cause of the error lies in mechanical damage to the socket itself. Perhaps there was a short circuit of contacts or a complete disconnection of the connector from the board. You can try to disassemble the smartphone yourself or contact the service center for help.

So, we’ve covered how to remove the headphone icon from the status bar of an Android phone. Carefully read the presented methods and try to remember after which case the indicator was constantly displayed.

How to disable the headphone icon on Honor and Huawei if it is not removed

If the previous tips did not help to disable the headphone icon on your Huawei and Honor phone, use the following tips:

  • connect and disconnect the headset several times;
  • enable developer options (ROOT) and run a virus scan;
  • change the sound profile;
  • restart the device after all actions.

If these options did not help to solve the problem on the screen, you will have to resort to Hard Reset. This is a complete cleanup of custom presets on Honor and Huawei. Tips are suitable for both smartphone owners and owners of tablets or media pad.

Eliminate mechanical problems

Disabling the headphone icon, which is associated with mechanical problems, can only be done manually. You will have to try to remove any debris or moisture from the connector, and in extreme cases, even use a special cleaner. Everything in order and in detail.

How to solve a problem using a keyboard shortcut

The headset can be turned off by a combination of “hot keys” that are hard-wired into any modern phone. the on / off button is held down for a while, a few seconds. After that, a menu should appear, where the mode of operation of the device is selected, which is relevant at the moment. In combination, they are able to mute the sound and all applications associated with listening to music.

Removing SIM and memory card

This method does not have any scientific basis, but it helps many users to remove the headset icon from the Android screen. Everything you need to do is described in step-by-step instructions:

  • Turn off the device completely.
  • We remove the SIM and the memory card from the smartphone (if any).
  • We turn on the smartphone and check for a problem.

If everything works fine, then insert the SIM card back.

How to turn off headphone mode on Android?

There are several possible solutions if your phone is stuck in headphone mode on Android. It’s always best to start with simple solutions before moving on to more complex ones.

  • Unplug the headphones from the phone again.
  • Clean the headphone port.
  • Restart your Android phone
  • Soft reset
  • Use an app to override audio controls.
  • Hard reset or factory reset

Use an app to override audio controls

Android allows users to root their phones and take control of their administrative controls. Some applications give you root access, so you can run certain commands that are not available in the standard operating system.

You can use one solution called “Turn off headphones / turn on speaker”. This simple app allows you to manually switch between headphones and speakers whether they are connected to the headphones or not.

This app is designed for Xiaomi phones, but it also works with other Android phones.

You can also try Android Repair Tool, an app that diagnoses and fixes the most common Android problems for you. This is a simple one-click solution.

Disconnect the headset from the phone again.

A simple solution is to reconnect the earbuds to the phone and then unplug it again. The goal is for the Android phone to stop recognizing the headset.

If that didn’t work, you can look for other solutions.

Restart your Android phone

Sometimes all you have to do is a simple reboot. Restarting Android phones closes all background apps that might be causing problems.

  • Press and hold the power button. It is often found on the right side of the phone.
  • If your phone has a reset function, select it. Otherwise, click “Turn off”.
  • If your phone does not have a Restart option, press the Power button again to turn it on.
  • Wait for the phone to turn on and check if the headphone mode icon has disappeared. You can also try playing music to see if the issue is resolved.

How to turn off headphone mode on Android?

If you don’t know how to turn off the headphone mode on Android, we will help you. There are some quick and easy solutions you can do to prevent your phone from thinking that the headphones are always plugged in.

Hard reset or factory reset

If none of the solutions worked for you, you may need to perform a hard reset. A hard reset, unlike a soft reset, removes all of your apps, files, and settings. He restores the phone to the state in which it was shipped from the factory.

Warning: Never perform a hard reset without first backing up your data. You will lose all information stored on your phone if you do not create a backup.

  • Make sure your phone has enough battery for this process.
  • Open settings.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Advanced to expand the menu.
  • Go to reset options.
  • Tap Erase All Data.
  • The system will ask you to confirm this. Tap Clear all data again.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Confirm deletion of all data.

It may take a few minutes for the phone to complete this process. Once this is done, the phone will turn on again and will be like new.

Why Android Phones Get Stuck in Headphone Mode?

When you connect the headphones to your Android phone, the phone will automatically recognize the connected devices and enter the headphone mode.

Unfortunately, there are times when the phone freezes in headphone mode even after removing the headphones. The phone thinks that the device is connected, although it is not.

In this case, media playback stops after you remove the headphones. And it won’t play again unless you put your headphones on again. You will also see a headphone icon at the top of the screen indicating that the phone is still in headphone mode.

How to turn off headphone mode on Android?

Disabling headphone mode may require a combination of hardware and software solutions. This is because the problem can be caused by a combination of hardware and software issues such as:

  • Dust or dirt may enter the headphone jack port.
  • Phone setup issues.
  • Phone operating system problems.

How to remove the headphone icon on the phone. turn off the mode

Let’s figure out how to remove the headphone icon on the phone. This is typical for wired models. Headphones are turned off, but the icon remains? No problem. Below we will consider the main ways to turn off the headphones on the phone in this case. Each option takes 2 to 5 minutes.

Well, the “headphones” icon appeared, well, headphones without headphones are turned on. and what’s wrong? It would seem that nothing, but the sound during calls is not heard. Or they don’t hear you. And in general, most often the speaker of the phone does not work when the headphone icon is active.

  • As part of this article, we will figure out how to turn off headphones on Android. If you have this problem on iPhone, read our separate article.
  • The steps are performed sequentially; everything is optional. If already on the first or second the problem “the headphone icon is on” is solved, there is no need to move on.

Disconnect and connect headphones. the “headphones” icon appeared, remove

The first thing to do if the phone shows the headphones connected, although they are in a different place, is to insert the plug from them into the phone jack and pull it out. The action is simple, but it often helps. You can try using other headphones for this.

An additional option on how to turn off headphones on Android is to try connecting wireless headphones, if available. This can “dislodge the frozen Focus” of the system. Connection instructions. in our detailed article.

These are the main software tweaks that allow you to remove the icon of connected headphones on the phone. Let’s move on to physical reasons.

️ 5. Installing the switch application is a good way to remove the headphone mode

There are many different applications for Android. We are interested in those that forcibly switch the sound output mode: from headphones to speaker and vice versa. They usually look like toggle widgets. There are many options, here are a couple of proven ones:

We clean the connector from dirt and / or moisture

Dust got into the connector, you got caught in the rain with the headphones in the phone, or left them in the pool / sauna and other places with high humidity. These are very common reasons why the headphone icon lights up when it shouldn’t.

We look for dirt in the connector. It is best to illuminate with a narrow beam flashlight. If there is something, carefully remove everything with a toothpick. You can use, for example, a vacuum cleaner, or independently “suck” everything through a straw. The main thing is to be careful, otherwise you can break everything.

If the headphone mode is activated due to water / moisture, then you need to quickly dry the phone. This can lead to more serious problems. We take out the battery, if possible, and put it in a dry place. It can be relatively warm, but not in the sun in summer. The good old version. in rice. also works.

There is no need to climb into the connector with cotton wool, this can be more problem than good. You can use, for example, an eyelash brush. But it’s better to just try to shake out all the water (without fanaticism) and leave it in a dry place.

Restarting the phone. often removes the headphone icon from Xiaomi and other phones

The previous steps did not help. we are gaining momentum. You can just restart the phone. You can do more radically: turn it off, take out the battery (if possible), wait a couple of minutes, put the battery back and turn it on.

This is a very versatile way to defeat many software glitches. For example, not only when the headphone mode was turned on, but also when the headphone icon disappeared at the wrong time.

Why does the headset icon light up if there is no connection

The headset will be displayed if there are malfunctions in the phone’s operating system, regardless of the model (Android, fly, honor, huawei, LG, meizu, texet, Xiaomi, zte, iPhone, Alcatel, Lite, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Asus). Before starting the repair, it is necessary to determine the reason why the icon appears on the display.

How to remove headphones from the phone screen on Android

When self-repairing, it is recommended to determine the cause of the problem.

Excess fluid inside the chassis is a common cause of failure. Condensation may appear due to temperature changes, the phone getting wet under clothes during rainy snowfalls, if the phone is in a snowdrift. To stabilize the work, you need to perform a forced shutdown of the device, remove the battery and dry it for 5 hours.

After some time, the device is turned on, if the headset icon appears on the phone, it does not disappear, you need to contact the service, where they will make diagnostics through an engineering application installed on a computer or laptop. The laptop will show the type of the phone, draw the damage, determine its type, indicate the presence of a failure. After diagnostics and repairs, techno adjustment of the device operation is required

A reboot will help solve the problem. After disconnection, the battery is pulled out for a short time. After, you need to turn on the phone again.

The headphone symbol on the phone is glowing due to damage to the connector. As a result of inaccurate handling of the mobile and the headset, the headphone icon appeared on the phone and the speakers do not work, the jack socket loosens. Ultimately, the system experiences problems that negatively affect the operation of the phone.

Clean and dry the headphone jack

Modern smartphones are capricious. Despite the fact that most users write about unpretentiousness in using gadgets, this cannot mean that the device will work for a long time in a dusty room and this will not affect the operation of its mechanisms. Dust particles entering through the holes contaminate the contacts, and the Meizu phone may fail or be completely broken.

If no damage is found during visual inspection, it is recommended to clean the connectors and make a step-by-step repair. Cleaning should be done with a wooden toothpick, at the end of which a bandage is wound. The accumulated dirt must be removed with alcohol. The bandage is folded in several layers. Wound on a stick, pre-moistened with alcohol, excess liquid must be removed.

Important! Cotton wool is not used for cleaning. Excess material may remain inside, exacerbate the situation.

The icon on an Android phone may light up if the device is dropped or damaged. A simple and quick way to eliminate the malfunction is to contact the master, you cannot do anything on your own: diagnostics are required.


Intermittent malfunctions of a mobile device. the appearance of serious problems.

The user can master this operation on his own (there are nuances). How to disable the headset icon by drying and cleaning the connectors:

  • Drying of connectors is carried out when the phone is laid on a perfectly absorbent cloth in a ventilated room. Leaving the phone under a working air conditioner will bring the proper effect. The air conditioner mode is set to heating.
  • It is recommended to hold the smartphone in your hands to remove excess moisture, if possible.

Without proper preparation, you can cope with cleaning the device connectors. After treatment with an alcohol solution, it is recommended to dry the device for half an hour. If everything is done correctly, the phone will turn on, start working, and the icon will disappear.

Why doesn’t the headphone icon disappear?

When watching a video, it may hang. To return the phone to working condition, the device will have to be turned off periodically, turn on after a while.

  • Excess moisture accumulated in the case. If the device is used carelessly. Liquid spilled on your phone may cause a malfunction.

Important! Excess moisture occurs due to temperature fluctuations.

Mechanical defects of the connector may appear when Android is constantly connected to the battery for recharging.

Once connected, the headset will work separately, and if the phone is disconnected, the device will still show that the headphone function is working.

Attention! Dirt inside the connector can cause the signal to drop out, the speaker will be weak, or each speaker separately.

Reset data

Reinstallation of specialized software is used when the above methods did not give the desired effect. If the headphones are not responding, the app settings are reset.

In the future, you will need to download applications, and not use the firmware. Easier troubleshooting.

After the performed manipulations, the phone requires the installation of the application, or the icon does not disappear, it is necessary to reinstall the OS (a specialist can do it).

An alternative that can steer the sound of the headset in the right direction is to use an app. Often this method solves the problem.

Helps to troubleshoot the problem by recycling the application responsible for the operation of the radio. After solving the problem, if desired, it is reinstalled.

The principle is to eliminate everything that interferes with the correct operation of the headphones. After the defect is eliminated, the remote software is gradually installed.

How to remove headphones mode on Android if they are not connected

Mobile phones are not just for communication. With the help of them, you can listen to your favorite musical compositions, store photos and videos, and create notes. Headphones are a must-have accessory for your phone. When using the device, most users encounter a problem when the display shows a headset that is not connected. People don’t know how to turn off earbuds on Meizu phone. The user is unable to answer incoming calls, the player does not play sound. Even if you try to change the volume, you still won’t hear anything. Sometimes, you can solve the problem yourself.

How to solve a problem using a keyboard shortcut

The headset can be turned off by a combination of “hot keys” that are hard-wired into any modern phone. the on / off button is held down for a while, a few seconds. After that, a menu should appear, where the mode of operation of the device is selected, which is relevant at the moment. In combination, they are able to mute the sound and all applications associated with listening to music.